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Because of the Lane's we have a history to look back on.  Because of their dedication and hard work, Jackie and Mike, Tas and Tex are never far away.

George Koyt Remembered

George Koyt (left) with Modified and Winston Cup driver Tighe Scott looking at photos from George's collection of the many cars Tighe had driven throughout his career in this 2008 photo from New Egypt Speedway.


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Fun With Single #/Single Letter combinations........Provided to The Vault by RuCU......
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Fun With Single #/Single Letter Combinations

New Release....
500 on (the INDY) 500

Tales, Facts and Figures on ‘The Greatest Race in the World’”

By Rick Shaffer with Foreword by Helio Castroneves


Newburyport, Mass., January 18, 2021 – Motorsports publisher Coastal 181 is pleased to announce the February 1, 2021 release of its most recent title, “500 ON (THE INDY) 500: Tales, Facts and Figures on ‘The Greatest Race in the World.’”

Penned by respected racing journalist Rick Shaffer, with a Foreword by Helio Castroneves, the book approaches the 500 from a different standpoint from other publications. Rather than a flowing story, it is a lively chronological compilation of little-known facts and rare photography, uncovering the true soul of this incredibly enduring event.

Shaffer explains, “I have read enough 500 histories and driver biographies to know what would be considered common knowledge. My inspiration was typical newspaper coverage of a sporting event, with a notebook featuring items that would not be in the main story but still possess interest for the reader. In a sense this book is a gigantic reporter’s notebook on 500 history, with an individual report on each race but with three to seven additional and unusual items for each of the 104 500s run to date. Some items are humorous, some tragic, and some simply unbelievable.”

The 280 pages are awash with nearly 200 B&W and color photos, some never published before, sourced from across the country as well as deep into the Indy Museum’s archives. The book is a captivating read for either the casual race fan or the diehard Brickyard aficionado.

“500 on (the Indy) 500” is the third title with an Indy connection to be published by Coastal 181 in recent years. “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines,” the famous volume written by Wilbur Shaw in the mid-1950s, was revised and updated by Bob Gates with Coastal 181 in 2018. In 2012, the company launched the very popular “As a Matter of Fact, I AM Parnelli Jones,” by Parnelli Jones with Bones Bourcier.

“500 on (the Indy) 500” is available in a hard-cover, coffee-table format for $39.95 plus $6.00 S&H by ordering online at
www.coastal181.com  or by calling Coastal 181 at 877-907-8181 toll free. All orders placed before February 28, 2021 receive free shipping.

Available at:

Front Page Features:

2020 Season Highlight Pictures
Thank you photographers...

Bob Yurko
Jack Kromer
Debbie Gastelu
Harry Meeks

...for providing us with some great images you captured during the 2020 season:

2020 Highlight Pictures
Photographer: by Harry Meeks

Click here for more 2020 images from photographer Harry Meeks

2020 Highlight Pictures
Photographer: by Debbie Gastelu

Click here for more 2020 images from photographer Debbie Gastelu

2020 Highlight Pictures
Photographer: by Jack Kromer

Click here for more 2020 images from photographer Jack Kromer

A Few 2020 Favorites
Photos by & provided to The Vault by Bob Yurko

Click Here for More 2020 Images From Photographer Bob Yurko

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