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Welcome to Mel's Photos... a page featuring images captured from one of the sport's best photographers, Mel Stettler.

In addition to being a great photographer and a dedicated race fan for the past 6 decades, I've learned from others that over the years, Mel provided some photography tips to other photographers who were "newer" to the sport, and who were trying to improve their skills.  That means that in addition to the great images produced by Mel, there are many other images that Mel had a hand in...., whether tips on shooting... camera settings, or even with help on developing prints.

We thank Mel for providing the images below, and for applying his photographic skills to the sport of automobile racing.

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Here's are the first few photos that Mel ever took of racecars....  from back in the early 60's.... when growing up on the family farm in Lower Nazareth, on Route 191.  Mel took these photos with his very first camera - a 127 black and white camera with a plastic lens as the cars went by headed for a night at the races!:

Lucky Jordan's #2

Cookie Hauze

Tommy Sheetz

Freddie Adam

Desantis #14

Elton Hildreth

Eddie Haldeman

Sammy Beavers

Bobby Weisenmeyer

Junior Nothstein

Smokey Dengler

Smokey Dengler

Deasey #707

Toby Tobias?

Mel Stettler photos from the 60, 70's & 80's:

Al Michalchuk

Al Kessler

Roger Laureno

...not sure

Larry Bowers

Bob Smith

Paul Kuhl's Chicken Car

Mike Grbac

not sure...

Howie Cronce

Del George

Gary Balough

Lew Hann

Bobby Allen

Mike Grbac

Glenn Fitzcharles


Harold Bunting

Whip Mulligan

Kozimore #37J & Dick Ween

Newt Hartman

Fran Callery

Joe Hall & Jay Stong

Tommy McConnell?

Frank Cozze?

Wilbur Force

Lenny Martin & Frankie Schneider

Maynard Troyer & Budd Olsen

George Oliver

Bob Fisher

Nick Piscitelli or Don Stives?

Walt Olsen (?)

Stan Ploski & ?

Bob Ayres & Phil Hare

Del George & Joe Conti

Billy Cannon

Billy Mathews

Fritz Epright

Len Seroka

Gary Balough

not sure...

Jimmy Horton

Fred Dmuchowski

Gary Iulg

Gary Bouc

Dan Curnell

Nick Schlaugh

Maynard Troyer

Trenton Speedway - 1972

Ken Brenn Racing

ID needed

Charley Gilmore?

Phil Youngs

Vic George

Jackie Evans

Sky Box at Pocono

A Real Big Block

Supercharged Supermodified

Jim Shampine

Hearn & Hoffman

Van May

$'s & Cents

Davey Brown Jr. & Sr.

Jack Johnson

Ken Brenn Jr.

Fill'er Up

Leon Manchester

Russ Hoek

Harry Steinkopf

Bill Wimble

Freddy Smith & Buzzie Reutimann


Richie Evans

Dick Anderson

Deasey #707

Frankie Schneider

Bob Rossell

Bill Deskovich

Elton Hildreth

Jackie Hamilton

Sammy Beavers

George Sleight?

Billy Pauch

Don Diffendorf & Buzzie

Roger Treicher

Sammy Swindell

Kenny Weld & Grant King

not sure...

Del George?

A.J. Foyt

Maynard Troyer

Carl Van Horn

Langhorne 1970

Chet Fehr

Lou Blaney

Maynard Forrette

Smokey Snellbaker

Marcel LaFrance

Mike McLaughlin

Merv Treicher, Maynard Troyer and Richie Evans

Nazareth 1/2 Mile Finale

Harry Charles

Whip Mulligan

Billy Deskovick

Elton Hildreth

Stan Ploski

Sammy Beavers

Pee Wee Griffin

...not sure...

...not sure...

Syracuse Inspection Line '85

Syracuse Inspection Line '85

Jim Shampine

Gary Bettenhausen

not sure...

not sure...

Merv Treichler


Kenny Brightbill

Doug Hoffman

Bob McCreadie

Sammy Beavers

Brett Hearn

Carl Reynolds

Shawn, George & Richie Smith

Howie Cronce

Frank Cozze

Jake & Carl Collis

Tighe Scott

Richard Jarvis

Siegfried & Hearn

Midgets at Nazareth

Jack Johnson & Dave Kneisel

Fritz Epright

Earl Kelly Racing

Davey Hamilton

Gerald Chamberlain

Charlie Shire

Danny Johnson(?) and Chip Slocum

Alan Johnson and Walt Olsen

Restored Weld

ABC Camera at Daytona

Driving on Daytona Beach

Super Mod at Syracuse

Charlie Jarzombek

Lee Osborne?

Kenny Brightbill

Johnny Bennett

Bridgeport/Heritages Pace Car

not sure...

Howie Cronce

Jim Horton Sr's #43

Richie (times 3)

Joey Chitwood Thrill Show

Clydesdales at Daytona

Kevin Collins

Sammy Swindell & ?

Billy Deskovick

Jim Bowen


Nazareth Expo 1993

Billy Osmun & Toby

Steve Chassey

Mark Smith

Marcel LaFrance

Tour Cars at Naz

Long before there were masks...

Larry Dickson

Jerry Cook

Don Kreitz Jr.

Toby Tobias Jr.

Gerald Chamberlain

Ray Liss at Daytona

Van May & Kenny Weld

Billy Pauch & Jack Johnson

Thru the Turn at Nazareth...




more on the way...






more on the way...

A big Vault "Thank You" to racing photographer Mel Stettler for sharing his amazing photos with us.
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