Answer to our 4/15/10 Flemington "5" Trivia
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We asked:  Can you name 5 (or more - car#'s and drivers) of these Flemington Modifieds from the mid 70's? 
Answer:  Here's the one's we are pretty sure of:  #305 Fred DeGroot, #24 Ken Brenn Jr., #77 Dick Wean, #J26 Lee Taylor, #22 Red Coffin, (not sure of outside car), #23 Glenn Fitzcharles, #Z Manny Zilli, (not sure of car on outside of Zilli), #301 Craig McCaughey

5 or More Answers Received From: 
Paul Madsen, Wes Suydam, Bob and Rich Caramella, Bobby Fiorello, Rick Shive and Brian Loutrel.

Answer to our 4/07/10 Trivia Question:
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We asked:  "Can you name the driver, the owner and the location (all 3) of the car in the Jack Kromer photo above?  If you can name all 3, email us or click here and we'll post your name."

Answer:  Driver:  Rags Carter,  Owner: Gordon Hearn,  Track:  Nazareth (check out the "Acme" letters on the right side.  (We are told that Gordon Hearn also drove this car...
All 3 answered by:  John McCaughey, Joe Cryan, Cookie, Geoff Yoder, Scott Peters, Wayne Heiserman, Steve Sabo, Jim Maxson, Joel Naprstek, Tommy Kosch, Michael Clissold, Don Wolfe, Scooter Van Noordt, Harry Cella, Steve Kresge, Bob Snyder, Eric Lindahl, and Ray Sicina

Here's a photo with Gordon Hearn's name over the door:

"Victory Lane" Trivia brought to you this week by:


We're pretty sure that these are from Langhorne and/or Trenton...  We asked you guys to name 2 outta 3..

Correct Answers:  1.  Dutch Hoag,   2. Jim McElreath    3.  Bill Slater

Correct Answers received from: 
Rick Shive, Steve Cameron, Larry Dascenzo, Ed Duncan, Mark Y, Steve Kresge, Edward Smith, Jim Brewer, Russ Clock, Jack Kromer, Mike Clissold, Tim Damiani, Pete Van Fleet, Tom Berry, Mike Schaub, Rob Renninger, Dave Gunther, rac43er, J Kelleher and Jim Donnelly

Answer to our 3/1/10 "Look Close" Trivia Question Brought to You By: 

We asked:  Part #1:  Can you name the driver of the #33... and then, Part #2:  For the "Flemington Faithful" take a close look at all the cars in the background...  and we mean "really close"... How many other cars can you identify?

Answer:  Jack Voorhess in the #33
Other Cars in the background: 
Kerry Schloeder #K46, Eddie Pasko #37J, Joe Conti #52, Bob Ayres #69, Matt McMann's #4, (possibly Craig McCaughey's #301 next to the #4), Fred DeGroot #305, Tom Gilman #5 and Larry Taylor #X15.

Answers Received From:  Bobby Fiorello, Mark Yaple, Rich Miller, Jim Donnolly, Fred Voorhees, abcollectable, Chris Carpenter, Rick Shive, Bob & Rich Caramella and Joe Connelly

This Week's 02.15.10 Trivia Question Brought to You By: 

Here's one for the senior crew out there...  1962 at Hatfield...  How many can you name?

Answers According to Photo Provider Rob Renninger:  #444 Paul Balogash, 59A Tommy McAndrews, #87 Bob Wilkie, #8 Hidden coupe driver unknown, #999 John Todd, #77 Dave Ely, #3 Dick Havens, #4 Harry Moore, #39 Mose Moore, #026 Jackie McLaughlin (partially hidden behind the #47), #47 Bill Williams, #28 Tommy Scheetz, #19 George Sleight, #66 Eddie Haldeman, #11 Ralph Detweiler, #8 Freddie Adam, #32 Tony Volz, #X Smokey Dengler,

Answers Received From:  Bobby Fiorello, Mike Shaub, Edward T. Smith, Jim Bagley Sr. and Harry Neiman

Here's 02.08.10 "Catching Some Zzzzzz's" Trivia Question Brought to you by:

We asked:  "Name 3 driver's (and their car #'s) where the letter "Z" was featured in their car #." Here's a good example below:

Here's the "Zzzzzz's that you guys came up with:

Z Manny ZIlli
Z Bucky Barker
Z Butch Tittle
Z Len Zito
Z-07 Lee Hendrickson
Z1 Jr Mikosz
Z1 Jack Austenberry
Z1 Jack Zeidenman
Z1 Lee Hendrickson
Z1- Ed Zehnder
Z1 Wade Hendrickson
Z2 Bob Sweigert
Z7 Dizzy Dean
Z8 Ed Mumford
"Cra"Z8 Mike McLaughlin
Z14 - Ronnie Roberts
Z28 - Chris Reed
Z51 Fred Rahmer
Z-95 Tom Mayberry
ZT  Bill Tittle
EZ1 Ed Zehner
ZT1 John Geisler
1Z Jessica Zemken (Sprint car)
27z- Joe Zuczek

Answers Received From:  racerx, Todd Lewis, Harry Cella, Mike G, Dan27, Kevin Mc, Paul Madsen, redfred, Mark Yaple, Andy Styner, Willie., Steve Sabo, Dean Sulpy,  Bob Carr, Tom Gray, Larrry Dascenzo, John Simmons, Mike Allen (Wholesale Auto Supply Company, Nick Lombardi, Dave Rogie, Edward Lentz, Bob Turlip, John Wagner, Phil Long, David Ludwig, Joe Cryan, Pilgrim, Charlie Miller, George Grim, Don Wolfe, Rich Reinhart, JeffMatt8524, Mike Bitting, Mike Shaub, Mike Clissold, Jere Quallio, Scott Rollins, Bruce Thomas, David Kauffman, Randy Moyer, Rick Shive, Suki Sarkis,

02/01/10 Trivia Question Brought to You By:

We asked you to Come up with five (5) examples of "3 Digit #'s" (all numbers... not combination of letters and numbers)...  By unique we mean a 3 digit # that only one driver drove...  Here's a few examples:

The examples above work because they are unique... meaning only one driver drove them (in most cases...)  Examples that would not work would be #125, #301, #707, etc... since many driver's drove those particular #'s throughout the years... 

This turned out to be pretty interesting...  We received over 250  different driver's, but we eliminated any names that we knew shared the same number as any other driver's (for example, someone submitted Jim Lawrence in the #123, but we know that Bill Humpries also drove a #123 white Pinto... and Bill Beasley was listed for #421, but we remember John Malcomb also driving a #421...) 

Remember, the idea was to come up with driver's who drove a specific # car that nobody else drove...  The list below is good, but I'll bet there's a bunch on there that need to be removed too (because other's share the same #) For example, Fred Dmuchowski is listed with the #303, but I think John Kmuyati also drove a #303 early in his career, and if so, the #303 comes off the board.) 

I'll also bet that there are probably others that need to be added...  Check it out:

Update:  We received some "duplicate examples" from Scott Pacich, so a few more have been removed from the list.  Thanks for the info Scott.
Update:  We received a few more duplicate examples from John Mc, so we removed a few more.  John also added #825, Bucky Barker.

Car # Driver's Name
000 Two Gun Oakley
102 Mickey Cleary
110 Russ Frantz
117 George Ault
122 Fred Dmuchowski
129 Mike Lorenzi
131 Barry White
147 Lee Taylor
167 Jim Wohlgemuth
168 Pat & John Wogelmuth
185 Ron Peck
188 Bob Perdue
191 Lyle Voorhees
197 Ed Mumford
200 Bob Nixon
201 Bob Weiss
222 Gordon George
235 Tommie Hughes
239 Fran Hogue
269 Bruce Davis
272 Mark Cook
292 Al Michalchuk
307 Charlie Gunther
303 Fred Dmuchowski
305 Fred DeGroot
309 Bobby Brack
312 Bobby Epihiemer
313 Phil Ericson
317 Jim Campbell
325 Phil Hare
337 Fred Dealaman
336 Warren Mutter
360 Don Diffendorf
386 Barry Readinger
397 Robert Ranger
402 Jeff Gast
405 Gus Constantinides
409 Frank Atterbury
414 Don Manning
416 Henry Urbin
444 Willie Potts
477 Rich Burgess
484 Barry Reinhold
540 Chuck Esposito
554 Steve Schroll
562 George Forsythe
604 Bob McCollough
612 Smokey Dengler
616 Ron Stashuk
643 Ray Dalmata
657 Bob Johnson
659 Parker Bohn
663 Leon Altemose
713 Bob Fisher
714 Billy Schinkel
726 Bill McCarthy
728 Gene Bik
735 Bob Leirfield
770 Kevin Bolland
775 Earl Derr
825 Bucky Barker
888 Wayne Young
898 Bob Wiesemeyer
900 Karl Haeussel
909 Jerry Dostic
917 Bill Tanner
920 Wayne Hullfish
955 John Hisko
999 Otto Harwi

5 Answers Received From:  Rob Spilatore, Paul Madsen, Bob & Rich Caramella, John McCaughey, Rick Shive, Joe Cryan, Suki Sarkis, Dave Rogie, Tom Gray, Ron Blake, Joe Cryan, George M. Donmoyer, Ed Lentz, Lenny Slemmer, Mike, Mike Stevens, G Washburn, Ken Stull, Steven Sabo, Charlie Miller, Larry Dascenzo, Steve Cameron, Skip McPherson, Todd Lewis, Don Wolfe, Tony, rac43er, Jack Kromer, Tim Weber, John Simmons, Mark Flamisch, PatWOG,

- Thanks for Participating -

Answer to Our 01/10/09 Trivia Question Brought to You By:

We Asked, "Who's in the #4T3?"

At first glance, you might have thought that this is Tom Hager, but take a closer look - it's not!  Actually, we got a little tricky and Photoshoped the driver's name off the roof...
Answer:  Tom Soloe

We were glad to hear from Tom Soloe who emailed us with the following:  "It was me ........ Tom Soloe.... It broke my tailbone when I came back to Earth!"....  He went on to tell us that, "It was Tom Hager's car which he ran the year before and either won the Nazareth Modified Championship or came in second.  I worked with Tom on his crew for about three years and bought the car from him with his old small block ford motor that he ran at Flemington in his early sportsman years. Total cost of the complete car ..... $1500.   I will send some pictures of the car with all four wheels on the ground and also some pictures of the sprint car I drove later for Al Youtz of Easton. Thanks again for the memories. I had people contact me that I haven't talked to in a long that saw the picture. Also the worst part about hitting the first turn wall at Nazareth was that it was a Saturday warmup session, but I was back the following week with a nice soft seat pad!!!"

Thanks for the info Tom -
Correct answers received from:
 Paul Madsen, Suki Sarkis, Larry Fritchman, Matt Flamisch, Spilly and Jim Deemer

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