12.01.14 "Trenton Trivia" question brought to you by:

We asked, "Can you name 5 or more of the group of folks in this Don Nugent photo above?"

Here's what you guys "collectively" came up with for what looks like a Race of Champion's Winners Photo taken around 1974:
Standing (L to R) Bill Slater, Fred Desarro, Roger Treichler, Hully Bunn, Frankie Schneider, Jim Delaney, Promoter Joe Gerber, Pete Corey, and Ray Hendrick

Front row (L to R) Richie Evans, Dutch Hoag, Geoff Bodine, Merv Treichler, Will Cagle, Bob Malzahn, Glenn Guthrie, Ted Swaim (see Joe Cryan's note below).

More info from Joe Cryan: 
The guy in the front row of the Trenton trivia question all the way to the right is Ted Swaim.  He won the ROC race at Langhorne in 1953.  He was only 24 years old when he won.  In the Trenton photo he is 46 years old.  The photo is from 1975 meaning that this race would be the 25th year of the ROC race.  That's why they had all of the past winners of the race there.  The only one not there is Freddy Adam, he won in 1964.  Because we know who all of the other drivers are, that leaves him as the only other winner of the past races.....

Five or more answers received from:  AF-IV, Paul Madsen, Larry Jendras Jr, Michael Kent, Stephen Sabo, Bob Caramella, Steve Cameron, Joe Cryan, Geoff Yoder, David Rogie, Richard Guy, Doug Campbell, Charles Defebbo, Edward Lentz, Tom Berry, David Watts, Edward Lerch, aintgotime4this, Joe DiMemmo, Robert Hanna, Bill Katinowsky, Don Rounds, Mark Stitzel, Terry VanBenthuysen, Rich Wolsky, Larry Dascenzo, Jim Maxson, and George Laird'
Thank you for participating and for helping us name those in the photo.

11.01.14 East Windsor Trivia brought to you this week by:

We asked:  "How many can you name?"
Ray Shea #83 (I am told that it is a former Fred Dmuchowski #303), Danny Klockner #55, Dave Vaughn #99, Eddie Lang #25, and Fred Dealman #337 sliding sideways to avoid the incident.
Answers received from: 
Mark Yaple, John McCaughey, David Rogie, and Andy Styner

 10.01.14 Trivia Question Brought to You By:

We asked, "Can you name 3 drivers who drove the #K46 Valiant, and for extra credit, can you guess who is driving it in this March 1973 photo?"

The names we received for driving the #K46 Valiant were Al Tasnady, Mike Grbac, Bob Pickell and Kerry Schloeder.  And the surprise to us (at least if we can believe what is written on the roof...) is the driver in the image above is:

Phil Meisner
Many will remember Phil driving a little yellow #4 sportsman, and also the #71 coupe, blue #22, many different #17 cars, the Barry Schenck owned #A and many others through the years.
Answers Received From: 
Mike Clissold, Turlip#8. Jim Stoveken, Aintgotime4this, John Donnelly, slick83rick, Jack Kromer, Rick Allen, David Rogie, Joe Cryan, Mark Yaple, Brian Loutrel, Mike Shaub, Larry Dascenzo, Allen Doan, Ed Lentz, Rick Vishnesky, Charlie Miller, Rich Reinhart, Mike Bitting, Ken Hopkins, Justin Riley, Geoff Yoder, and Mark Kielblock.

Thank you to all who participated in our trivia question

Answers to our 8/24/14 Trivia Question Brought to you by:

Flemington Frontstretch Trivia

We asked, "Can you name 5 (or maybe 6?) of the car and driver's above?"
Answers:  111 Archie Myers, 96 Paul Fitzcharles, 27 Stan Ploski, 10 Rick Thorne, 24 Ken Brenn, Jr., XL1 Bill Dubovich.
Answers Received From: 
Blimpie, Carl131, Rick Shive, Jeff Matthews and vark913 

Thanks for taking participating in this week's trivia.

08.01.14 Trivia Question Brought to you by:

EWS Backstretch Trivia

We asked, "Can you name 4 (or maybe 5?) of the car #'s and driver's in this 1977 shot from the backstretch at East Windsor?"
Answers:  Bob Nixon #200, Al Michalchuk #292, Craig McCaughey #301, #
Z2 Bob Sweigert (Thanks Lester Potts), Stan Ploski #27 and possibly Jim Keppley #59.
Answers Received From:  Daniel Langlois, Charlie Roos, Tom Hiester, David Rogie, Rick Shive, Wes Suydam, Michael Kent and Lester Potts.

Thanks for participating guys.

04.10.14 Trivia Question Brought to You By:

Photo By:  Charles Taylor - Provided by Lee Taylor

Question:  We asked, How many can you name in this "Jersey Shore Traffic Jam" on the frontstretch of Wall Stadium?
Answers Received: 
#35 (#235) Stan Van Brunt, #7 or is it the #71 (Joe Severage or Jerry Allen?), #52 Walt Jennings, #38 Danny McLaughlin Sr, the #65 (#659) Parker Bohn, and the Norcia 81 Artie Filbrun, Don Stives or possibly Gil Hearne.
Other names received:  #35 Tommy Hughes, Richie Massing or Tommy Elliott, #7 Joe Severage or Chubbie Hower,  7 All  Wardel 

Answers Received From:  Barry Hulse (B&B Machine), Larry Dascenzo, Tom Berry, Bobby Capestro, Bobb Gibb, Mike Allen, Robert Kelleher, Bob Moller, George Perkins, and Robert Miller

01.16.14 Trivia Question Brought to You By:

We asked:  "How Many Can You Name (Car# and Driver)?"

Answers Received:  #99 Bob Malzahn, #22 Stan Sherman,  #Frankie Schneider, (not sure of blue car - #3 Rich Polenz?,),#121 Bill Pauch, and for the last 5 cars we got a variety of responses including: #CL22 Chip Slocum, #75 Bob Dini, #Gary Balough 73, #16 Herby Tillman, #12 of Kevin Collins, #7 Len Zito, and #77 Sammy Rogers Jr...

Here's a slightly better look that might help a little more:

Thanks for answering guys.  Answers Received From:  Larry Dascenzo, Don Wolfe, Jim Maxson, Kevin Inglin, Joe Cryan. Tom Gray, Tommy Kosch, Michael Casey, and David Rogie.

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