TRIVIA RECAP (Jan - June 07)

Answer to 6/22 Trivia Question:   "Who, When and Where..."
d06.29.07_MYS_TRK_UNK_0000M_1.jpg (172960 bytes)
Above photo provided by the original photographer, John Stires.

We asked "Can you name the track, the year and 3 of the drivers?

Answer: Nazareth National, 1970... and as far as the driver's, well... Click Here for a Real Treat!

Correct Answers Received From:   Mike Monnat, Joe Bokros, Rich Reinhart, Bob Turlip, Mike Schaub, Bob Becker, Rick Shive, Ned Stites III, John McCaughey, Rob Renninger (was there when photo was taken!), Bill Hanna, Walter Onora, R Wolsky, Kevin Eyres, Jim Brewer, Kerry Bottcher, Wesley Suydam, Jack Kromer, Jeff Scott, Dave Suchy, Bobby Fiorello, and Tommy Kosch

Thanks again to photographer John Stires for sharing this great photo and providing the entire handwritten lineup and finishing order.

Answer to our 6/8/07 Trivia Question:
d06.14.07_057_MYS_GRN_0080_1.jpg (130348 bytes)

The photo above was taken at Grandview, however this car also ran at Flemington in the Sportsman division.  Here's the 3 questions we asked:

1.  Who usually drove the car? (Hint:  His first name is also a last name, oops... we meant his last name is also a first name.... or a destination on the other side of the globe.) 
Answer:  Bill Sidney
2.  Which regular Flemington driver is behind the wheel in this photo (Hint: Check
out the helmet...)     57_Sidneysm.jpg (42708 bytes)   Answer:  George Kostalansky 
3.  Which regular Flemington driver built this car?  (Hint: If he was around in the 1800's, he would have been part of the gold rush!) 
Answer:  Paul Richards.  Paul drove a few different cars, but many will remember him in his little white #49'r which had a little guy with a pick/ax painted on it like a little gold miner, as in "Miner - Forty Nine'r")

Thanks to fan contributor Paul Madsen for providing the photo and the question for this past week.

Correct Answers Received From:
  Rick Shive, Bob Smith, Glen Schwietering, Mark Burd, Tom Gray, Rich Miller, Mark Nipps, Wes Suydam, John McCaughey, Todd Lewis and Bob and Rich Caramella

Answer to 6/1/07 Week's Trivia Photo:
d05.27.06_121_MYS_FLM_0070_1.jpg (142967 bytes)
We're pretty sure a lot of you will know who the driver of the #121 sedan, but here's the catch...  Prior to this, the team had 2 red and gold sedan's.  The same driver who drove the car above also drove the red and gold #121.   The "team car" had a very similar # and was driven by a driver who had a career that lasted over 4 decades...
We asked:
1. Can you name the driver of the car pictured above?
2. Can you name the team's other car# and the other driver's name?

Sammy Beaver's drove the #121 red sedan and Fred Dmuchowski ran the matching #122!

Correct Answers Received From: 
Ned Stites III, Larry Dascenzo, Bob Becker, Tom Berry, Cowboy George Yawger, Nick Lombardi, Bill Hanna, Paul Madsen, Jack Kromer, John McCaughey, Michael Clissold, Bob Scott, John Hanna, John Larsen,  Walter Onora, Joe Cryan, Dave Suchy, John Romano, John RacerX, Scott Ely, Ed Johnson, Bill Regiec, Matt Moore, John Jenkins, Rich Miller, Bill Walker,  Howie Cronce, Mark Yaple, Mark Burd,  Eric Dyer, Joe Bokros, Mark L Krames, John Barsuglia, Wes Suydam, Michael Johnston, Don C, John Toth, Jim Stoveken,

Answer to our 5/16/07 Trivia Photo:  We asked:  "How many can you name?"
d05.21.07_MYS_FAL_FLM_0070_1.jpg (153045 bytes)
We see an owner, a photographer, and 3 drivers... 
Answer:  Jerry Verona (sitting in front of car), Photographer Bill Young, Glenn Fitzcharles and then possibly Leon and then Roger Altemose...  but we're still not 100% sure!  We'll add this one to the Faces of the Vault Section and let you guys wrestle with it some more...

Answers Received From: Bill Hanna, Barry Miller, Todd Lewis, Harry Neiman, Steve Sabo, Fred Voorhees, Andy Styner, Joe Bokros, Bobby Fiorello, John Barsuglia, Mark Bitting, Rich Reinhart and Redfred.

Answer to our 4/16/07 trivia (Question #1):
We asked you to name 3 driver's who are still racing today on a weekly basis who had also at one time competed in a coupe or a sedan.  Remember to include the coupe or sedan's car # and maybe even the color so that we can all try to remember it too! 
d04.15.07_MYS_COU_FLM_0070_1.jpg (93661 bytes) d04.15.07_044_COZ_FLM_0070_1.jpg (95129 bytes)
We blurred the numbers but that's Frank Cozze in his rookie year at Flemington in 1974.   Frank competed in this pre-WWII coupe in 1974 and runs modifieds today on a weekly basis at New Egypt Speedway..

Here's list that you guys came up with:
Frank Cozze - #44 white coupe and current Modified competitor at New Egypt
Rick Cozze  - #44 sedan and current SS Sprint competitor at New Egypt
Jimmy Horton - #43 blue coupe and current Modified competitor at New Egypt
Kenny Brightbill - #19 coupe/sedan & #57 sedan, now runs in De.
Billy Pauch - #1 Wally Mark's Coupe (at least once!) and current Modified competitor at Bridgeport
Rich Eurich - #10 sedan (currently runs in NY)
Ron Roberts - #Z14 Sedan (former #Z8 Eddie Mumford Orange Crate) & currently runs at Bridgeport
Steve Bottcher - #2 maroon coupe (currently runs Bridgeport Mods)
Jeff Hoetzler - #J17 black coupe bodied Weld car (currently runs in NY)
Jim Langenback (#54L) blue and white coupe and currently runs at Lebanon Valley
Pete Brittain - #72 former Pee Wee Griffin Coupe now races pavement Modifieds
Meme Desantis - #14 white/maroon coupe at Reading
Dave Lape #22 - silver coupe (currently runs Modifieds at Fonda)
Hal Browning - #317 white, #34 brown and #260 coupes - runs a Late Model weekly in De
Bill Wilson -   #7 yellow & white coupe now runs Middletown

Jack Johnson  - #12a orange coupe (currently runs modifieds at Fonda)
Wayne Reutimann - #3 coupe and sedan(currently races Sprint cars weekly in FL with his son)
Rick Schaeffer - #73 Gray coupe (currently races weekly at Grandview)
Ken Carberry - #47 black coupe (currently races a modified at New Egypt)
Kenny Tremont - #115 Coupe (currently races in NY)
Butch Tittle -  #Z blue and white coupe now runs at Penn Cam
John Andretti -  #44 black coupe at Dorney Park and current Busch Series racer
George Kostelansky - #17 brown sedan currently runs at Thunder Mountain
Carl Nagel - #7 Red Coupe Yellow and white #7up currently runs at Penn Cam

Charlie Gillmore #7 white coupe (currently runs a #7 white car at Grandview)
Joe Dunay - #18 red and white sedan OCFS (currently running at OCFS)
Buzzie Reutimann - #00 coupe and currently races every other week at East Bay in FL
Jack Duffy - #3 cream coupe (now race TQ's in FL in a traveling series)

Jimmy Winks - #221 turquoise coupe (still races most weeks in Florida)
Danny Johnson - #0 yellow coupe (currently runs Modifieds in NY)
Alan Johnson - #14 white coupe with red #'s (currently runs Modifieds in NY)
Hank Goranson - #36 yellow sedan (currently runs at #15 at Accord)

Gary Gallob - #93 coupe (1939 Cadillac)& Blue #94 (1936 Buick) coach (currently runs URC)
Here are a few more that were submitted, but all of the requested info was not received (either the color, car # or current WEEKLY track that they run) so while some of them fit into this catagory, we're not real sure about all of them and will wait to move them into the above list until we hear from you guys.)
Danny Erb  - #44 yellow (current weekly track Grandview?)
Sandy Rochelle - #CL22 McConnell blue coupe now runs Legends (is he running weekly?)
Frankie Schneider - #2 red coupe and sedan (has not run yet this year)
Roger Laureno - #81 sportsman coupe (has not run yet this year)
Tom Hager - #4 red coupe and a #X coupe (has not run yet this year)
Fritz Epright -  #21 whitecoupe (has not run yet this year)
Fred Dmuchowski #303 Coupe (has not run yet this year)
Bob McCreadie #9Yellow Sedan  (not sure if he's running weekly)
Geoff Bodine #99 white coupe, (not racing weekly but might run a few truck races)
Sammy Beaver's - #43, #7, #81 etc coupes, (racing Bridgeport this year? - weekly?)

Here are the names of those of you who identified 3 current drivers along with the # and color of the coupe or sedan that they also drove: Mark Nipps, Paul Madsen, Rich Reinhart, Mark Yaple, Bill Hanna, Jeff Scott, Ned Stites III, Rick Shive, Rob Renninger, Todd Lewis, Barry Sheaffer, Bob Becker, Geoffrey Yoder, Bill Broennele, Bill Walker (Krash 63), Wayne Heiserman, Bill Walker, Lenny Swider, Dave Suchy, Matt Moore, Bobby Fiorello, Mike Clissold, Bob & Rich Caramella, Edward Morris, Mark Yager, Mike Allen, Larry Dascenzo, Annette, Mike Monnat, Lenny Slemmer, Tom Gray, R Wolsky, John McCaughey, Joe Connelly, Bob G, Bucky, Bob Scott, John Toth,  Jim Long, Hank Winecker, Jerry Binner, ,

Answer to our Trivia Question from 4/15/07 (Question #2)
d04.15.07_MYS_TRI_WAL_0070_1.jpg (98819 bytes)
We've heard from many that the driver of the #34 was know for helping out a lot of racers in the NJ area who were in need of parts... 
Answer:  Bob Howard Sr.

Correct Responses Received From:  Robert Moller, John Springsteel, Kevin McElvaine, Billy "Krash" Walker, Jeff Gravatt, Bob G, Jeff Scott, Mike C, Greg Owen, John Cameron, Kevin Eyres, Rob Haas, John, Cliff Raison,
According to Vault Visitor John Springsteel, those chrome rub rails are made from scrapped hospital beds. For real!

Answer to 4/10/07 "Who, Where and When" Trivia Question: (4/10/07)
d04.01.07_MYS_PIC_UNK_0070_1.jpg (104594 bytes)
(Photographer Bob Yurko blurred out the #'s to make it a little tougher)

We asked you guys and gals, to provide "Who", "Where" and "When"....  
Here's a look below without the name and #'s blurred:
d04.15.07_015_PAU_REA_0077_1.jpg (105274 bytes)
Here's the list of those who have provided all 3 - "Who, Where and When":  
Tom Gray, Barry Miller, Rick Shive, Mark Yaple, Barry Sheaffer, Jack Kromer, Bobby Fiorello, Steve Sabo, Dave (dsp photoz) Pratt, Tommy Kosch, ClZZER, and here's the guys who got 2 outta 3: Matt Moore, John McCaughey, Joe Bokros, George Washburn, Joe Cryan, John Jenkins, Lester Potts, Dave Suchy, Rich Miller, Jeff Action, Bob Hummer Sr., Jeff McClung, Wayne Barz, Lenny Swider, Scott Mervine, Fred Voorhees, Jerry Quallio

Answer to Our 4/1/07 Trivia Question:
d03.03.07_019_MYS_GRD_0068_2.jpg (94538 bytes)

d03.03.07_019_MYS_GRD_0068_3.jpg (138043 bytes)

You might not have noticed the driver pictured above back in the 60's, (especially after the rough outting above), but we're sure that you noticed him in the 70's... 80's... 90's... and for most of this decade!

ANSWER:  Kenny Brightbill

Correct Answers Received From:  Jim Brewer, Walter Onora, Lester Potts, Rick Shive, Rob Renninger, R. Wolsky, Bobby Fiorello, Hank Winecker, Joe Bokros, Tom D, Tom Berry, Jeff Gravatt, Ned Stites III, Mark Burd, Dave Suchy, David Ludwig, Fred Voorhees, Michael Clissold, Robin Allen, Clint Bush, Rich Reinhart, John Le Van, , Jim Ramm, Mark Yaple, John Shipley, Jeff Matthews, David Blake, Bill Walker, Kevin Budden, Joe Cryan, James Read, Wayne Weaver, Barry Miller, Larry Dascenzo, Greg Collins, Lenny Slemmer, Matt Moore, Geoffrey Yoder, Wes Suydam, Barry Sheaffer, Scott Mervine, Steve Sabo, Julie and Mike Visconti, Jeff McClung, John Cameron, Dave Fegley, Michael Kent, Michael Schaub, Mark Yeager, Michael Bohling, Bill Regiec, Phil Tirrell, Bob Becker, Jim Donnelly, Phil Long, Jack Christensen, Don Nugent, Bill Hanna, Lenny, Andy Styner, Todd Lewis, John McCaughey, Don C, Mike McNamara, Mark Bitting, John Ricker, Mark Makuch, George Dealaman, George Gwynn,

Answer to Last Week's Trivia E "Z" Trivia Question: (posted:3/27/07)

d03.03.07__Z8_MYS_GRD_0069_1.jpg (131303 bytes)
We figured it was a good time to run this picture from the late 60's at Grandview and see if any of you guys out there can name one or both of the driver's above.  The only clue is that we'll provide is that for you EWS and Bridgeport guys, it should be e"z" to figure out the guy facing you....

Answer:  Eddie Mumford in the #Z8 facing the camera, and we're not sure about the #7.  We'll add it to our 60's Section and let you guys work on it from there.  Thanks for your participation!

Correct Answers Received From:  John McCaughey, John Cameron, Barry Miller, Tom Berry, Dave Suchy, Kevin Budden, Bobby Fiorello, Fred Voorhees, Mark Yaple, Joe Bokros, Joe Cryan, Scott Mervine, Bill Hanna,

Here's The Answer to Last Week's Trivia Question:
We asked:  Can you dentify all 4?

d03.20.07_098_MYS_MYS_0060_1.jpg (107495 bytes)

Answer:  Beader Kennedy #98, Dick Havens #47, Toby Tobias #54 and Al Tasnady #54.  (Some also said the it could have been Bob Gerhart in the #54, but most felt at the time the photo was taken (1967ish), that it was probably Tobias.)  The photo is from East Windsor Speedway.

Correct Answers Received From:    Mark Yaple, R. Wolsky, John LeVan,
Rick Shive ,   Russ Dodge, Ned Stites III, Mike Allen, Larry Dascenzo, Rich Struthers, Tom Berry, Brian Marsh, George Perkins, Harry Neiman, Andy Styner, Greg Collins, Eric Lindahl, Wayne Heiserman, Skip Smith, CZ, Scott Mervine, Mike Bitting, Hank Winnecker, Brian Marsh, Cizzer, Joe Cryan, John Cameron, Rob Renninger, George Pavlisko, Chuck Hassler, Pilgram, Edward Smith, MIke Clissold, Walter Onora, Jack Christensen, Pete Van Fleet, JustaJag, Mark Yaeger, John Fahey, Lenny Slemmer, Ed Johnson, Clark Renninger, Geoffrey Yoder, Bill K., Matt Moore, Ed Duncan, Rich Reinhart, Jim Brewer, Rick Weisser, Kevin Cadwallader, Bob Scott, John Hanna, Sherrie Dornberger, Bobby Fiorello, Dave Suchy, Mike Shaub, John Ricker, Steve Sabo, John Marelli, Bob Becker, Joe Bokros, Bill Hanna, Barry Miller, Don Bergstresser, George Dealaman

Here's the Answer to Last Week's Trivia Question (posted 3/11/07):  We asked:  "Can you name both drivers and the location in this great Ace Lane Sr photo?" 
d03.11.07_MYS_PHO_MYS_0070_1.jpg (97330 bytes)

Answer:  Ray Neary in the Fred Menschner #21 and Peppy Fernandez in the #X9 at Harmony Speedway.

Correct Answers Received From:  Ned Stites III, John Cameron, Rick Shive, Hank Winecker, Bill Regiec, Wes Suydam, Larry Dascenzo Mike Allen Bob Becker, Greg Collins, Tom Berry, John McCaughey, Craig Ford, Dave Suchy, Ed Duncan, Brian Marsh, Frank Degnan, Lenny Swider, John Lengenfelder, John Marelli, Bill Hanna, R. Wolsky, Paul Madsen, Mark Burd, Matt Moore, Steve Sabo, Clint Bush, Jack Kromer, Rich Reinhart, Joe Bokros, Kevin Budden, Jeff McClung, Mike Schaub, Walter Onora, Don C, Jim Ramm, Bobby Fiorello, John Hanna, Dick S, Mike Monnat, Jim Brewer, Lester Potts, Tom Gray, Wayne Heiserman, Barry Pursell, Bill Walker, Rich Imlay, Larry Jendras Jr., Fred Voorhees, Geoffrey Yoder, John Fahey, Steve Whitney, Tammy Roberts, John Armbruster, Dave Neuman, Mike Clissold, Warren Wetzel, Bucky Stevens, Barry Miller, Rob Renninger, Edward Smith, Mark Yaple, Fred Menschner, Ray, Tony A and Cookie Morris

Answer to our 3/4/07 Question:  We asked:  "Who's in the #81X Mustang and who's in the #81 Coupe?" 
d03.03.07_081_081_FLM_0070_1sm.jpg (131285 bytes)

Well, we got a lot of response while many of those who responded had either Sammy Beaver's, Billy Osmun, Stan Ploski, Don Stives... and a few others, we are pretty sure that Paul Madsen, Mark Yaple and Jim Storholt were correct when they told us that it is Paul Fitzcharles in the Mustang bodied #81X and Joe Hall in the #81 Coupe.  Like we said, this one turned out to be tougher than we originally thought!

Here's a close up on the driver's for you guys to take a look at:
81x_sm.jpg (108680 bytes) 81_sm.jpg (144490 bytes)
Like we said, we're pretty sure that its Paul Fitzcharles in the Mustang #81X and although he didn't driver the car often, it kinda does look like Joe Hall in the #81 Coupe. 

We know that Paul did drive this car (he also drove the coupe too!), and many of you remembered Stan Ploski flipping this Mustang down the entire backstretch at Flemington.  

In addition to Paul Fitzcharles, we know that Sammy Beavers, Billy Osmun, Stan Ploski and Don Stives all drove a Norcia Coupe at one time, but the main reason we are going with Joe Hall being in the car is because it looks like the guy in it above has a 3/4 helmet with a bubble shield, plus his build looks a lot like Joe.  Not sure about the light blue piping on the uniform, but maybe we can find that in another photo to compare.  In addition, this was right around the time that Joe was trying to move up from Sportsman to Modified which would explain why he was in a modified instead of his familiar "Wild Child" sportsman #06.  Let us know if you think otherwise...

This didn't start out to be a "Trick Trivia" question, but sure ended up that way!

Answers Received From:  Ned Stites III, R Wolsky, Steve Sabo, Bobby Fiorello, Kevin Budden, Jeff Matthews, Dave Suchy, Dean, Joe Cryan, Bob and Rich Caramella, Mark Burd, Paul Madsen, Bob Turlip, Wes Suydam, Walter Onora, Matt Moore, Ray705, John Toth, Don Bergstresser, Bill Jenkins, Mike McNamara, Mike Bitting, Bob Hoffman, Mark Yaple, Todd Lewis, Michael Clissold, Lester Potts, Sam Stetser, Billy Krash Walker, Bucky Stevens, William Smith, Carl W. Silliman, Bob Becker, Paul Garzillo, Joe Bokros, Cemetery Jim, Jim Stoholt Fred Voorhees, Steve Sabo, Guy Lindaberry and John Shipley

Answer to our 2/11/07 Trivia Question:   We asked:
Here's a creative car "number" that's a natural for the following trivia question:
What does Dolly Parton and the car pictured below have in common?
d02.21.07__DD_UNK_FLM_0077_1.jpg (87919 bytes)
Answer:  They both have "Double D's."

For extra credit, can you name the driver of the car pictured above?

Answer:  Dave Derkacz
(As you can see, Dave's initials are "DD", but here's a little note he passed along about an experience at Flemington because of his car #:  "Prior to going out for practice at Flemington, someone attached a huge bra to my bumper. Obviously, I had no knowledge of it, but I was told it got quite a few laughs from both the pits and stands! No wonder I couldn't get up to speed with that "parachute" holding me back! Nobody ever "fessed up" on who did it. but I have a pretty good idea who it was." )

Correct Answers Received From: Barry Scheafer*, Mark Yager, Barry Pursell, Lester Potts, Tom Berry, David J. Rogie*, Rich Rademacher*, Wes Suydam*, Dave Condit, Geoffrey Yoder, Leonard Slemmer, Walter Onora, Mark Nipps, Fred Voorhees*, Dave Suchy, Ty Constantino, Bill Walker, Jeff McClung*, Rick Shive*, Scott Mervine,  Bill Hanna*, Paul Madsen, Kevin Inglin, Todd Lewis, Mike Griesemer, Wayne Weaver, Franny Lutz, Joe Cryan*, Don Bergstresser, Tom Gray*, Lenny Swider*, Mike Stevens*, Nick Lombardi*, Joe Bokros, Scot Werkheiser, Dean Sulpy, Bob Hoffman,

Answer to our 2/22/07 Open Wheel Trivia Question:  We asked:
"Can you name the driver of the car pictured below?"

Answer to our 2/11/07 Trivia Question:  We asked:  "How Many of These Flemington Modifieds Can You Name?"

d02.11.07_713_MYS.jpg (116106 bytes)
Answers: Here's what most of you came up with:  Bob Fisher #713, Larry Soloman #54, Mark Plummer #M22 and Lew Hahn #0.   (Not real sure about the blue car sandwiched in the middle...)

Answers Received From:
Dave Spurlin, Paul Madsen, Mark Nipps, bodineracing, John McCaughey, Bob Smith, Mark Burd, Wes Suydam, Jack Kromer, Rich Miller, Fred Hahn, Rich Shive, David Rogie, Neal Wilt, Lester Potts, Bobby Fiorello, Todd Lewis, Parker Camlin, , 

Answer to our 2/4/07 Trivia Question:
c03.12.06_056_MYS_NAZ_0071_1.jpg (80514 bytes)
We asked:  "How many drivers can you name from this Nazareth photo?"

Answers:  Well..., here are some of the names we received: the #33 might be Ward Crozier or Mark Gray, the #56 might be Jim Hoffman, Bill Shipman, Herb Tillman, and the #444 might be Ed Farley, Two Guy Oakley or Stan Stepp... so, if anyone knows FOR SURE... and we do mean FOR SURE, let us know and we'll update the info. - Thanks!

Answers Received From: Steve Sabo, Mike Schaub, Bobby Fiorello, John McCaughey, Jack Kromer, Steve Kresge, Tom Berry, Rich Wolsky, Wes Suydam

Here's the Recap for our "Six Pack of Coupes" Trivia Question from 1/28/07
We asked:  "How many drivers can you name in the photo below?"

d01.28.07_UNK_60s_0060_1.jpg (98135 bytes)


AARN's Earl Krause tells us that this photo is of the Modifieds at Trenton for the "200" in August 1963.

1.  Bill Slater #V-8 (Earl mentioned that Bill had the pole (fast timer) but blew the motor on lap three going into turn one)
2.  Ray Hendrick (second place finisher, outside in the Tant/Mitchell #11)
3.  Mario "Fats" Caruso #169 ( race winner in Worcester Sand and Gravel #69, later driven by Pete Hamilton)
4.  Ernie Gahan in the Koszela Woodchopper Special #15
5.  Pee Wee Griffin#72 (who I'm told by Bob Becker was driving a yellow #72 on this day)
6. Joe Kelly ( in the Don House - - Lincoln powered #XL-1).

*We also received Bugs Stevens #15, Bill Chevalier in #51 or Fred Desarro #15, Bill Stroasal #15, Buddy Krebs in Bob Oliver's 10, Red Foote or Bill Dennis as possibilities for the car on the outside of the second row.

Answers Received From:   Ned Stites III, Tom Berry, George Gwen, Kevin Eyres, Geoffrey Yoder, R Wolsky, Billy Walker, Rich Reinhart, Bobby Fiorello, Steve Sabo, George Perkins, Mike Schaub, Fred Voorhees, Joe Bokros, Joe Cryan, Rob Renninger, Rick Shive, Rich Miller, Mike Allen, Bill K, Jack Reinhard, Tom D, Walter Onora, Larry Jendras, Jr., John Shipley, Mike Monnat, Barry,  Bob Becker, Wes Suydam, Bob Turlip, Bill Hanna, Michael Kent, Earl Krause, John Fahey, Don Nugent, Ed Duncan, Marty Little, Jack Christensen, Wayne Heiserman, Frank Degnan, John Marelli, Mark Yager, David Allen, Larry Dascenzo, Dave Morehouse (Dave's Racing Collectables), John Lengenfelder, John Cameron, Jerry (merjer), with special mention to Jim Brewer for providing a lot of additional support information - Thanks Jim!


Here's the answer to last Week's Jan 1, 2007 "Seeing Double" Trivia Brought to You By:
gsvsc_LOGO cop2.jpg (32588 bytes)

We asked the following 2 part question:

1.  Can you name the owner of these cars?  (Hint: These cars were both "Maverick Grabber Blue", which became this owner's color all of his cars, right into the 90's.)
2.  Can you name one or both of the drivers?  (Picture taken at Flemington prior to Sportsman action.)
d01.01.07_MYS_CAR_FLM_0070_1.jpg (93660 bytes)
Answer:  These cars were owned by Barry Schenck, known as "Big B" who owned cars throughout the 70's, 80's and into the early 90's.  The drivers above are Chuck Ancello (left) and Rich Varone (right).  Other drivers through the years include:  Larry Kline, Newt Hartman, Tom Hager, Randy Wolfe, Rick Holden, Al Michalchuk, Danny Klockner and Billy Schneck.

Answers Received From: 
Rick Shive, Paul Madsen, Mark Horger, John McCaughey, Jim Golden (Jim's Tool Sales), Wes Suydam, Big Kev, Rob & Rich Caramella, Bobby Fiorello, Rich Miller (Silver Bullet Fabrications), R Wolsky, Mark Burd, Andy Horne, Joe Bokros, Ned Stites III, Nascar4us, Tom D, Bill Walker, Rob Varone, Fred Voorhees, Mark Yaple, Bill Hanna, Nick Lombardi, Todd Lewis, Joe Cryan,

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