TRIVIA RECAP (Jan - June 2008)

East Windsor 1970 "Fast One" Trivia (June 01,2008): 
We asked:  How Many Can You Name?

Photo By:  Alan Sakowsky

We Received Answers From:  Steve Cameron, Wes Suydam, Todd Lewis, Joe Bokros, jman, Walter Onora, Pilgram, Jack Kromer, Mike Clissold, Rob Renninger, Edward Lerch, Fred Voorhees, Larry Dascenzo, Bobby Fiorello, John Lengenfelder, Andy Styner, Terry Ziegler, remember guys... it was called "Fast One Trivia"... and we know some of you figured out what we were up to...  Click below to find out...

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Answer to our 5/7/08  Who "Nose" Trivia - We asked, Can you identify these 12 "Noses" from these East Windsor and Flemington Racers from the 1970's?

(We originally only provided the "nose" shots, but later provided the picture of the whole car to show the correct answers below.  (We will be providing the whole car image for photo #3, #5, #8 and #12 in the near furture... sorry for the delay.)

Photo 1

Answer: Statewide #3 Weld Car (Horton)
Photo 2

Answer: Billy Pauch's #15 Mustang

Photo 3

Answer: Norcia #81 Mustang (Ploski)
Photo 4

Howie Cronce #9c
Photo 5

Ferriaullo #73 (Balough)
Photo 6

Clickner's #32A (Ayres)
Photo 7

Answer: Craig McCaughey's #301 Chevette
Photo 8

Jim Horton Sr's #2 (Ploski)
Photo 9

Dornberger #99 (Osmun)
Photo 10

Answer: Don Morris #111 (Del George)
Photo 11

Answer: Wally Marks' #1 (Taylor, Beasley, etc)
Photo 12

Answer: #23 (Glenn Fitzcharles)

Correct Answers Received From: Tom Berry, (9), Mike Clissold (5), Fred Voorhees (9.5!), Bob Turlip (8), Doc C (11), Rich Miller (12), Lester Potts (12), Joe Hauser (12), Bobby Fiorello, (10), Paul Madsen (12), Bill Hanna (12), Steve Cameron (7), Mark Yaple (10), Ryan Simmons (8), Mike Humphrey (7),  Bob & Rich Caramella (7), Ned Stites (11), Dean Sulphy (10), Bill Walker (9), Steve Kresge (4), Jack Kromer (10), Tommy Kosch (7), Spilly (12), Joe Cryan (11), Doug Loutrel (12), Wes Suydam (8), Ty Constantino (10), Tom Gray (11), Rich Scott (12), Rick Shive (12), aquicknova (9), Walter Onora (9), Bob Yurko (9)

Answer to 4/28/08 Trivia:  We asked, "Can you name the 2 drivers, the track and the event that they were competing in?"

Answer:  Walt Olson #R-10 and Jim Hoffman #11 during an All Star Race at Bridgeport Speedway (1973).   During these All Star races, the asphalt racers would change tires and run side by side against the dirt cars...  Then they'd meet again... at an asphalt track where the dirt guys would be the ones making the changes.

Answers Received From:  Joe Cryan, Rick Shive, Russ Curie, Nick Lombardi, Kevin Eyers, Justin Carpenter, Tom Berry, Wayne Weaver,  Bobby Fiorello, Joe Olmezer, Charles DeFebbo, Ralph Richards, Bob and Rich Caramella, Steve Cameron and Mike Clayton.

Answer to 4/14/08 Trivia:
We asked:  Can you name the driver of the #307 below?  (Here's a Hint:  Take a good look inside the car before answering....)

Answer:  Debbie Gunther

Correct Answers Received From:  Mark Yaple, Bill Walker, John Romano, Michael Kent, Robert Hanna, Jeff Scott, John Lengenfelder, Bobby Fiorello, Bill Regiec, Larry Dascenzo, Tom Berry, Bob Turlip, Bucky Stevens, Jas351, Andy Styner, John Hanna, Rob Gallmayer, racerx, Joe Cryan,  Robert Scott, Mark Burd, Redfred, Mike Clissold, Wes Suydam, Ray705, Don C, Bob M, Bill Hanna, Dave Suchy, Phillip Betza, Nick Lombardi, Clint Bush, Walter Onora, Joe Inglin, Bob & Rich Caramella, Tony A, Fred Voorhees, John Armbruster, Donald Wolfe

Answer to 3/28/08 "XX Marks The Spot Trivia"

We asked:  Can you name the driver behind the wheel of the #XX?
Answer:  Mike Kostic

When you're 13 or 14, and a car has a #XX, and the driver's last name is "KOSTIC" (as in "Caustic"), and the car he's driving looks pretty "wicked", you tend to notice.  I remember that Mike always had unique cars and here's just one example above.  Mike got out of the modifieds and currently runs on the URC circuit.

Correct Answers Provided By:  Mike Clissold, Joe Cryan, John McCaughey, Mark Yaple, Paul Madsen, Dave Suchy, Wayne Weaver, Robert Scott, Bobby Fiorello, Don C, Nick Lombardi and Jeff Scott

Fender Bender Trivia and Wall Trivia Posted 3/21/08

Answer:  Most agreed that its Billy Pauch #15, Fred Farreny #76 and Frank Schier with the flag .
Answers Received From:  Warren Alston, Bobby Fiorello, Joe Cryan, Todd Lewis, Jeff Matthews, Bill Hanna, Dave Chemidlin, Mark Burd, Rick Shive, Clint Bush, Fred Voorhees, Wes Suydam, Jeff McBride

And... Here's The Answers Received For Our Wall Trivia Question:

Answer:  #1 Jerry Cranmer, #25 Farmer Creamer or John LaVance?, #8x Don Stives, Car with number unreadable # might be the #16 of Tom McCann or possibly #74 Drew Dalva or #78 Lance Alsworth,  #14 Tony Siscone or Bob Rossell?, #12 Gil Hearne, #24 Sonny Rostien, #60 Tom Michel

Answers Received From:
Billy "Krash" Walker, Barry Hulse, Bobby Fiorello & Bob G


"East Windsor Infield Trivia Posted 3/04/08:

Great photo from George Koyt that  captures the excitement ahead for the night as the car head into the pits after warmups at EWS.

We asked:  How Many Can You Name?
ANSWERS RECEIVED:  Craig Paterson #92, possibly Sonny Yetmen #007, Bill McConnell #27, possibly Wayne Reutimann #3 and Eddie Mumford #Z8.
Answers Received From: 
Bobby Fiorello & Steve Cameron
Others that have been suggested by Bill Ganley are Jim Lawrence (red white and blue #23 car at the rear, George Amerman orange #39 coupe, Vic Gilbert #147 red coupe with white roof and truck, Fred Dmuchowski yellow coupe, Walt Emery #3 blue coupe with white and red on roof and possibly Les Katona, and possibly Gary Boekout.

East Windsor Trivia posted 3/1/08

We Asked:  "Can you name the driver of the #21 above in this Barmore Racing Photo from EWS?"

Answer:  Mike Lyons!  Mike's cars often had the #21 on them throughout the early years and most recently, Mike ran the #1M at New Egypt Speedway until retiring last year.  Those of you who live near Mercerville, NJ might recognize "DiMaggio's Auto Repair on the hold.  The shop is now located off of Youngs Rd behind Acres Auto, and is one of the best independent shops in Mercer County and is owned and operated by Jamie DiMaggio.

Correct Answers Received From: 
RedFred, Fred Hahn, Don C., Jeff Matthews, Andy Styner, Rick Shive, Bobby Fiorello, Nandi (from PALMCO) and Joe Hauser.

"6 Pack Trivia" Posted 2/24/08:

We asked:  Can you name name the driver's of the first 6 cars along with their car #'s in this great Wayne Bechtel photo?  We knew some of you had to take a stab at the last 2 cars too!  (We had posted this photo on the Message Vault a few weeks ago, but thought you guys might want another look at it.  

Answer:  As best we can tell, it's Fritz Epright #49, Red Coffin #22, Jimmy Martz #J47, Sammy Beavers #81, Stan Ploski #27, Bob Ayres #32A, Glenn Fitzcharles in either the #R10 or #23 Gremlin and Bruce Tinsley #2T in the little white coupe.

Answers Received From:  Bill Hanna, Don C, John Armbruster, Wes Suydam, John Hanna, Fred Voorhees, Rick Shive, John McCaughey, Bobby Fiorello, Joe Bokros and Jack Kromer

Answer to our 1/20/08 "3 Question Trivia":
We asked:  "Can you name the driver, location and the car (ALL 3!) in the photo below?"

Photographer: George Koyt, Provided By: George Koyt

Answer:  Gary Balough, Nazareth, Pa, and the car # is M1. (Check out the Rt 191 Sign in the background and the stars and pinstriping on the roof of the car.)

Here are the names of those who came up with all 3: George Thode, Mark Burd, Steve Sabo, Mike Sabo, Lester Potts, Wayne Heiserman, Ned Stites III, Lester Potts, John Levan, Tom Berry, Bob Becker, Bob Vichioli, Harold Klump, John Ricker, Fred Voorhees, Jeff Matthews, Wes Suydam, Rich Reinhart, Paul Garzillo, John Cameron, John McCaughey, Rick Shive, Barry Miller, Bobby Fiorello, Kevin Eyres, Mike Humphrey, Dick Schoonmaker, Paul Madsen, Skip Gangel, Jack Kromer, Wayne Heiserman, Race43er, Clint Bush, Larry Dascenzo, Leonard Slemmer, Bill Regiec, Greg Collins, Andy Horne, Mark Harrington, Richard Wolsky, Joe Cryan, Jim Ramm, Kevin Englishman, Bill Hanna, Robert Scott, Joe Bokros, Mike Griesemeyer,  Bill Walker, George W, Edward Smith, Howie Cronce, Tommy Kosch, Jeff Scott, Matt Bahre, Eric Dyer, Dennis Leegwater, Paul Updyke


Answer to our 01/10/08 Trivia Question:
We asked "Can you name this current "Hammer Down" New Egypt Speedway driver?

Answer:  John Romano!

Pictured above (top) on the side of his dad's car, and then pictured above (working under his car sportsman car), we prefer John inside the car and in particularly, behind the wheel!  John has turned into one of the most exciting drivers to watch in any division and this year, fans are in for a real treat as John will not only be behind the wheel of his own sportsman #84, but also behind the wheel of the very potent Tony P owned #175 SS Sprint pictured below.

Due to a computer problem, we lost the list of those of you who had responded correctly, but we did manage to save the response we received from John's father below:

It's the boy who, I put in the driver's seat in that car at the top of my driveway and said "Daddy is gonna push as hard as I can and you have one shot to get in on the trailer, because Daddy can't push it back up again. He got it every time.

It's the boy that Rich Taylor and I took to Delaware and said, OK, John, you can take Rich's modified out in the hot laps, and when he was running the hot laps, with a tear in my eye, I said to Rich, "that's what it's all about, when your son takes over your seat."

It's the boy who, for his 18th birthday, I bought his first sportsman car for him and took all the good parts from my car and put into his. So, we planned on racing his car at EWS, but, as to be expected, it rained out opening night. So, we called Bridgeport to see if he could run with the sportsman. When we got there, I asked my good friends Roger Laureno and Scott Pursell to walk John around the race track. I told John that in the first heat to ride around the back of the pack and find yourself on the race track. He did well, but finished last.

But, that was only the beginning. He went out for the consi, started 16th, and within a few laps with the hammer down, went around the outside and went from 16th to 4th. That's when I knew he was a driver .

And, I remember the night that he called me at 12:30 and said, thanks for everything you taught me Daddy, I just got my first feature win at EWS.

I was never able to be in the winner's circle with all your wins to come, but, I have all the memories that helped you get there.


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