TRIVIA RECAP (July - Dec 07)

Answer to our 12/1/07 Trivia Question:  We asked: "Can You Name This Flemington Modified Driver?"
d12.07.07_325_MYS_FLM_0080_1.jpg (130755 bytes)
Clue:  The tortoise never stood a chance against this guy...

Answer:   Phil Hare
Correct Answers Received From: 
Mark Burd, John McCaughey, Tom Berry, Joe Cryan, Paul Madsen, Wayne Weaver, Matt Flamisch, Joe Bokros, Redfred, Jack Kromer, Doug Leubner, Doug Megill, Clint Bush, Larry Dascenzo, Kevin Inglin, Wes Suydam, Walter Onora, Scotter, Don C, Spilly, Todd Lewis, John Marelli, Bill Hanna, Kyle Hardner, Jim Murrow, Ned Stites III, Bobby Fiorello, Bill Walker, Nick Lombardi, Jeff Matthews, Frank, David Rogie, Mark Nipps, Tommy Kosch, Kevin Mc, Bob & Rich Caramella, Joe Hauser, Jim Donnelly, Brian Rozycki, Ricky Rutt, Daddio8656, David, Bob Smith, Skip McPhearson, Mike Clissold, Richard Pearson, Rick Shive, Rich Fandel, Henry Wilt, Bob Turlip, Fred Voorhees, Ty Constantino, Steve Sabo.

Answer to 11/1/07 "60's Trivia"Question:  We asked:  "Can you name the speedway and some of the drivers pictured below?"
d11.12.07_35B_GRP_MYS_0062_1.jpg (116197 bytes)
Answer:  Vineland Speedway - April 29, 1962
Drivers Pictured: 4 Harry Moore, 16-J Elton Hildreth, 36 Norman Kidd, 35B Richie Massing, 6 Tony Battle and 808 Walter Donald  (Tommie Elliott won the feature in the 4, Pete Frazee 2nd in the 68, Harry Moore 3rd in the 4, 16-J Elton Hildreth 4th and Don Stumpf 5th.)

Recap provided by Russ Dodge

Answers Received From:
Ed Duncan, Ned Stites III, Tom Holding, Bobby Fiorello, Jim Brewer, Joe Bokros, George Perkins, Tom Berry, Rob Renninger, Wayne Weaver, Russ Dodge, Bob Turlip, Edward Smith, Mike Allen, John Fahey, Michael Clissold, Joe Cryan, Larry Dascenzo, Todd Lewis, Ralph Richards, John Shipley, Wayne Heiserman, Fred Voorhees, Mike Shaub, Charles DeFebbo, Gary Buzby, Bill Ore, Walter Onora,

Additional Info From Ned Stites::
002_Stites_Sedan.jpg (85337 bytes)

The #36 Norman Kidd drove (pictured in the black and white Vineland photo) later became Frankie Schneider's #2.  It was a real beauty. It was nice to see it again as the "Pop" Ippolito #36. After Frankie bought it, I got to sit in it in his yard (still #36) and imagine I was driving. I was 8 years old and I remember it like yesterday. After one of Frankie's rare flips at Reading in this car, he shelved it in favor of his new car (the famous "Old Bess"). Comment from Ned Stites III

Answer to 11/1/07 "70's Which Way"Trivia Question:  We asked, How Many Can You Name?
d011.11.07_MIS_TRI_FLM_0076_1.jpg (112557 bytes)
Answer:  (Photo taken May, 31, 1976) Al Michalchuk #292, Larry Voss or Lauden Potts in the Diamond #3, Bob Malzahn #99, possibly Rick Lewis in the white and red Pinto, Mike McNamara in the silver and black #8X spinning to the inside, possibly one of the Suztec brothers in the little red Gremlin getting into the #99, the brown car on the outside is the #2Jr and that is definitely Manny Zilli in the white #Z second from the last car...

Answers Received From: 
Wes Suydam, Joe Bokros, Bob Hoffman, Bobby Fiorello, Rick Shive, Daniel Langlois, Todd Lewis, Tom Gray, Joe Cryan, Larry Dascenzo, Fred Voorhees, Clint Bush, Steve Peterson, Pete Madsen

Questions from 10/15/07:
Question #1:   "Can you name the driver of the #77 in this photo provided by Nick Piscitelli from East Windsor?":  
d10.27.07_077_MYS_EWS_0070_2.jpg (183592 bytes)
(Hint:  We're getting a lot of responses that the driver is Nick Piscitelli.   The photo was actually provided by Nick, but in this shot it is a different driver... In fact, the driver's name was written above the #77 on the side, but we erased it with Photoshop so it couldn't be read...  The driver had a very successful career on both dirt and asphalt and we're guessing that this was a car that he drove near the end of his career up here in the Northeast....)
d10.27.07_077_MYS_EWS_0070_1.jpg (184129 bytes)
Here's a shot showing Don's name on the door.  According to Don, he drove the #77 in 1979 or 1980...only a few times at EWS and once at Bridgeport. Don added, "The car was owned by Nick Piscitelli from Sayerville, NJ.  It was a nice enough car, but couldn't keep up with the big blocks."
Correct Answers Received From:  Rick Shive, Mark Yaple, Bruce Thomas, Bobby Fiorello,

Question #2:   "How many driver's can you name from this 1975 photo from Trenton Speedway?"
d10.27.07_TRN_GRP_TRN_0075_1.jpg (137989 bytes)

Answers:  We'll be adding more once we tally everything up, but here's a few for now:

Top Row:  Bill Slater, Fred DeSarro, ?, Holly Bunn, Frankie Schneider, Jim Delaney, Joe Gerber, Pete Corey, Ray Hendrick

Bottom Row:  Richie Evans, Dutch Hoag, Geoff Bodine, Merv Treichler, Will Cagle, Bob Malzahn, Glen Guthrie, ?

Correct Answers Received From:  Joe Bokros, Steve Sabo, Andy Styner, Edward Lerch, Rich Reinhart, PJ Wyer, Bobby Fiorello, Kevin Eyres, Fred Voorhees, Mike Schaub, Don Stives, John Hanna, Larry Dascenzo, Nick Lombardi, Kevin Mc, Bob Turlip, Charles DeFebbo, Tom Gray, Todd Lewis, Steve Kresge, Joe Cryan, Gary Buzby, Joe Hauser, Edward Smith,

Answer to Our 9/2/07 Trivia Question:  We asked:  "Can you name the two brother's that drove this little white coupe?   (Lucky for all of us, spelling didn't count!) 
d09.02.07_MYS_PIC_UNK_0070_1.jpg (113823 bytes)
Above photo by George Koyt

Correct Answer:  Jules and Geza Sesztak...   and as far as spelling, well let's just say that we received about 15 different way to spell it, ...and we're still not even 100% sure of the spelling other than the last 3 letters are "tak".) 

Great to see how many of you remember guys like this who may not have won the big feature events, but as time goes on, we realize that they too played a big part in what was our greatest show on earth!

Correct Answers Received From:  Joe Bokros, Steve Sabo, Wayne Heiserman, Allen Fiel, Ned Stites III, Walter Onora, Dave Reynolds, Bob Becker, Larry Dascenzo, Rick Shive, Rich Conley, Wes Suydam, Spilly, Palmco Repair, Don Nugent, Jack Kromer,
Palmco Repair, Bob Scott, Don C., Michael Clissold, Bill Walker, John Levan, RacerX, Fred Voorhees, Nick Lombardi, Edward Lerch, Brian Loutrel, Tom Berry, Bill Hanna, Mike Allen, Joe Cryan, Dave Chemidlin, Matt Moore, David Rogie, Jim Stoveken, John Marelli, Jim Ramm, Andy Styner, Bobby Fiorello, John Lengenfelder, R Wolsky, Tammy Roberts, Bob Turlip and Bob Hoffman. 

Answer to our 8/25/07 Trivia Question:  "Can you name 10 of these driver's from this 1962 photo from Nazareth?"
d08.26.07_NAZ_DRI_NAZ_0862F_1.jpg (98168 bytes)

Here is the note that accompanied the photo from Rob Renninger who provided the photo:

Here is a picture from my personal collection. I am sure your older fans will appreciate this old phone, and the younger fans can get a taste of what a modified feature lineup was like back in the early 1960's. Just about everyone in this picture had a shot at winning. This was the feature lineup for the night and included many all time modified greats and legends running for a whopping $400.00 to win.

Photographer's name..unknown, I purchased it at the Nazareth Speedway, there is no name on the back of the photo. Date, August 1962. Location Nazareth Speedway on the home stretch as the feature was lining up in front of the old covered grandstand.

Drivers from left to right front row..Buck Barker, Les Farley, Ed Farley, Bob Malzahn, Paul Bolagash, Oliver Butler, Bud Olsen, Billy Deskovick, Spud Murphy, Jackie Mclaughlin, Otto Harwi, Bobby Pickell, Tomy Scheetz, Leon Manchester, Kenny Wismer.

Front row left to right...Bill Creamer, Dick Havens, George Sleight, Carl VanHorn, Larry Voss, Sonny Strupp, Freddie Adam, Frankie Schneider, Roy Pauch   (Names in gray are those that weren't originally provided by Rob, but you guys have since suggested - 3Wide)

This was not a special race, it was just a typical field at Nazareth in the early 1960's. The guys were playing football on the home stretch just before the picture was taken using someone's shoe..... I was watching when the picture was taken. That is why the driver in the back row is holding the loafer.

Rob Renninger
Maple Shade, N.J.

We did receive a lot of other names from you guys and decided to move the photo to the "Faces of the Vault" Section so if you guys can add more.

10 or More CORRECT Answer's Received From: 
Fred Voorhees, Steve Sabo, Bill Hanna, Mike Schaub, Rich Reinhart, Don Stives, Ned Stite III, Rick Shive, Larry Dascenzo, Rich Conley, Jim Brewer, Joe Cryan, rac43er, Russ Dodge, Sherrie Dornberger, John Marelli, Jim Ramm, Jack Kromer, Rich Wolsky, Joe Bokros, Lenny Slemmer, Ricky Rutt, Brian Loutrel, Gary Buzby, Mike Allen, John Hanna......

Answer to our 8/18/07 "Bo Derek Trivia Question"
It's really rare to see a "ten"...  It's even more unlikely to see 2....  We'll here's 3 and if that's not enough, they're all sedans!  If you can name 2 or outta 3, or even all 3, we'll add your name below!
d08.19.07_010_TEN_REA_0072_1.jpg (124285 bytes)

Answer:  Well, we're told that its Bobby Braxton (left), Rich Eurich (right) and Bill Whitney, or Bill Rush in the white #10.  We are relying pretty heavily on the Reading faithful for this one as the only car those here in the Vault recognized is that of Braxton.  We just kinda thought it was a cool photo with there being 3 sedans, all #10, all in the same photo.  We'll move the photo to the 70's Section so that those of you with some inside info can add your comments.  Thanks to George Koyt for sharing this unique photo, and thanks to all who particpated in this week's trivia.  

Correct Answers Received from: John McCaughey, Bob Becker, Kevin Budden, Rick Shive, Rich Reinhart, Rich Wolsky, Paul Madsen, Jim Brewer, Joe Cryan, Ned Stites III, Rob Renninger, Nick Lombardi, Joe Bokros, Stephen Sabo, Kevin Inglin, Scooter Van Noordt, Matt Moore, Scott Mervine, Wayne Heiserman, Michael Clissold, Sherrie Dornberger, Diane Ricker, George Washburn, Edward Morris

8/11/07 Trivia Question:  We asked:  "Can you name the driver in the photo below?  We're told that it is from Trenton Speedway and was taken sometime in the 70's."
d08.12.07_MYS_DRV_TRN_0070_1.jpg (134395 bytes)
Answer:  Pee Wee Griffin
While many of you are probably very, very surprised, we verified with the photographer that this is Pee Wee and was probably taken in October, 1976 at Trenton.  Most of the photos featured in the Vault are of Pee Wee from the mid to late 60's.  In fact, in doing research for this photo, I couldn't find a picture of Pee Wee beyond 1971 and that was black and white!

Correct answers received from: Joe Gottlieb, Bob Becker,  
PEEWEE_b_W.jpg (77647 bytes)Pee Wee _sm.jpg (191396 bytes) d08.19.07_072_GRI_TRN_1076_1.jpg (102910 bytes)
(If you look close below, you can see Pee Wee in the #72 in the same orange firesuit in the photo on the right also taken by George Koyt, on the same day as the photo of Pee Wee walking in 1976 at Trenton Speedway.

Answer to our 7/30/07 Trivia Question.... We asked:

d08.05.07_MYS_SPE_LOC_0079M_1.jpg (125686 bytes)
Above photo provided by George Koyt

Answer is:  East Windsor (Acella Speedway)

While many associated the Daniel Boone sign with Reading, a lot of you remembered that Lindy Vicari was involved at this time at East Windsor (1979).  Many of you provided additional info, and here's a sample from Vault Contributor Fred Voorhees:   "
The Daniel Boone 200 was traditionally held at the Reading Fairgrounds. When Reading closed down, Lindy Vacari moved it to the East Windsor Speedway. Billy Osmun won one of the Boone 200's down there."
danielboone_EWS_0079.jpg (94853 bytes) 
BoonebillyO.jpg (55173 bytes)

Vault Contributor Bill Hanna also added:
"Interesting fact - the top five in that race were exactly the same top 5 in season points that year at "Acella Raceway":  I was going to that race that day, but as I was leaving Flemington, I saw many cars heading to Flemington instead as they were running Five (5) 20's against Windsor, and so we decided to turn back and go to the square. I remember Frank Cozze winning at least 2 of the features in the McCabe # 10, this was after the Verona & McCabe split. I also remember Gary Iulg having a great day at Flemington, with at least two (2) top fives including a runner-up in one of the features.

Correct Answers Received From: 
Kevin Budden, John McCaughey, John Hanna, Bob Hoffman, Neal Wilt, Kevin Mc, Andy Styner, Bill Regiec, Jeff Matthews, Wes Suydam, Dave Reynolds, Lester Potts, Shawn McAndrews, Bob Becker, Nick Lombardi, Mark Nipps, Red Topper, Brian Loutrel, Clint Bush, R Wolsky, Bill Walker, Eric Dyer, John Stover, Gary Buzby, Kevin Eyres, Geoffrey Yoder, Robin Allen, Steve Sabo, Tom Wenner, Bob Scott, Tommy Kosch, Joe Hauser, Mark Yaple, Jeff McBride, George Washburn, Don C, Mike Clissold, Tammy Roberts, Fran Lutz, Redfred, John "Legs" Lengenfelder, Richard Pearson, Larry Dascenzo, Walter Onora, Bob G, Bill Hanna, Barry Miller, Jim Donnelly, Jim Long, Charylene, Rick Shive, Joe Bokros, Fred Voorhees, Barry Hulse, Jack Reinhard, Dave Pratt (Dsp Photoz!), Blaine Bracelin, Tom McDonough, Mike Cangro, Spilly, George Dealaman, Bobby Fiorello, John Arbruster, Walt Pickell, Skip Smith, Ned Stites III, and Jim Read.

7/10/07 Question:  We asked:
"Can you name the driver of this great looking #16 Falcon?  I don't think I ever saw this car run, but between the Falcon body, the silver #'s and the silver wheels, I can't stop looking at this one!

CORRECT ANSWER ACCORDING TO YOU GUYS:  Either Jerry Eschelman and/or Tom Mayberry.  (We'll move the picture to page 61 of the 70's Section and let you guys pick up the discussion from there.)

d07.01.07_016_MYS_NAZ_0070_1.jpg (129585 bytes)
Here's a picture above without the name on the roof blurred out.

d07.01.07_016_MYS_NAZ_0070_1name.jpg (31138 bytes)  Here's a close up of the name on the roof which appears to be "Jerry".

(some right... maybe some not so right....) received from:  John Hanna, Ray Kemp, Dave Suchy, Lester Potts, Nick Lombardi, Wayne Heiserman, Barry Pursell, Stephen Sabo, Fran Lutz, Bill Hanna, Mike Clissold and Mark Yaple

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