Answer to Last Week's (12/28/09) Trivia Question Brought to You By:

We asked:  "Can you name the driver of the #S1 below?"

Answer:  Gil Hearne driving Mike Stevens #S1. 
Answers Received From:  Tom Engelhard, John Lamanuzzi, Chuck DeFebbo, Krash63, Doug Megill, Lester Potts, Bobby Fiorello, Kevin Newman, Mike Stevens, Dave Rogie, John Simmons, Coacher5, Bob G., Steve Cameron, Kevin Eyres , Barry Hulse, Mark Yaple, Marty VanDruten Shawn McAndrews, Jeff G, Macmann,

Answer to our 12/20/09 Trivia Question Brought to You By:

"Background Trivia!"  We know who is in the car that's easily seen, but our question was "Who are the drivers in the background in each of these 3 photos?"

Kenny Brightbill and Jay Stong in the Council Harrell #35

Tom Hager and Joe Conti in the #51

Mike Grbac and ..maybe Sammy Beavers or Fred DeGroot in the Sessely #16 (not sure)

Answers Received From:  Larry Dascenzo, Joe Cryan, Edward Lentz, Don Wolfe, John Mc, Kevin Budden, John Bagley Sr., Nick Lombardi, Lester Potts, Phil Long, Jim Read, and Modcardon,

Answer to our 12/01 "What The Heck Is That" Trivia!"
Brought to You This Week By:

Well, it looks like a sprint car under that body... and we think its from Bridgeport Speedway, , but our question this week was, "Who do you think is that behind the wheel of this strange looking creation?

Answer:  Fritz Epright!  (Photographer Jack Kromer had Firitz's name written on the back of this one with a "?" after it, but many of you guys were there on this day at Bridgeport and remember that it was Fritz in the strange looking "Run Whatcha Brung Creation".

Answers Received From:  Mark Yaple, Wes Suydam, Lester Potts, Rick Shive, Bobby Fiorello, Tommy Kosch, Tim, Harry Cella, Michael Kent, Dale Welty, Wayne Heiserman, Steve Sabo, Michael Clissold, Paul Madsen, Bill Hanna, Jeff McClung, Bob G., Michael Johnston,  Bobby Fiorello, and Dan McMahon

11/30 "Gimme Five" Trivia Question Brought To You By:

We asked you to:  "Name 5 drivers in this Paul Irving photo." 

Answer:  Billy Pauch #81, C.D. Coville #61, Jim Kepply #3, Ken Brenn #24, Dave Kelly #17, Rich Yetter #19 (behind Kelly), Paul Richards #30(behind Yetter)

Other driver's names received as maybe being in there:  Kenny Brightbill #19, Bob Braxton #10, Dale Haas #77, Stan Ploski, Bill Stief, Rich Eurich #10, Carl Reynolds #2 (behind #24), Hal Browning #55, Billy Ellis #229, Bruce Young #37

Here's a better look for those at the 3 cars in the back

Answer's Received From:  Jack Kromer, Harry Cella, Bob & Rich Caramella, Spilly, Pilgram, Steve Sabo, Joe Cryan, Mike Biting, Dan Langlois, Bill Regiec, Larry Dascenzo, Wayne Heiserman, Michael Casey, Don Wolfe, Paul Madsen, Jere Quallio, Rick Shive, Mark Makuch, Jim Donnelly, Redfred, Bobby Fiorello, Steve Kresge, Mike Clissold, David Ludwig, Ed Lentz, Rob Johnson, Lester Potts, Willie,  RedFred, Michael Kent, Dave Schittler, R.J. Homan, Kailani50, Ed Shaub, Wes Suydam, Mike Allen and Steve Cameron 

11/15 Trivia Question Brought To You By:

4 "W's Trivia: Who, What, Where & When?
We asked, "Tell us what you know...  Who, What, Where, When?"

Answers Received:  Walt Breeding #1, Billy Ellis #229, Stan Ploski #27, Jim Keppley #3 (not sure about some of these, but we also received Billy Brennen #5, Ron Tobias, Toby Tobias, Bobby Eppiheimer, and Junior Mikosz as possible names too.

What:  Daniel Boone 200
Where:  Reading
When:  (We received 1976 - 1979)
Answers Received From: Geoff Yoder, Don Wolfe, Wayne Barz, Jack Kromer, Mike G, Pilgram, Bobby Fiorello, Steve Kresge, Bob Turlip, Lenny Slemmer,  Carl Snyder, James Donnelly, Bill Hanna,  Mike Allen, Harry Cella, Bob Yurko, and Bruce Thomas

10/30/09 Trivia Question Brought To You By:

Coo-Coo for Coupes!

We see Kenny Brightbill in the white #57 sedan, but, we asked, "How Many "Coupe Drivers" Can You Name in the Nazareth Speedway Photo Below From Jack Kromer?"

Answers:  Buzzie Reutimann #00, Bobby Bottcher #666, ?  Jackie Wilson #Ace, Del George #52, Gerald Chamberlain #76, (Clark Bael if its #69 or Don Riley, Leigh Earnshaw, Hal Browning if its #260), Kenny Brightbill #57, Paul Fitzcharles #9, Whip Mulligan #73, Frank or Gary Snyder #60...  (Not 100% sure on all of them, but that's what most agreed on.)

Answers Received From: Rich Reinhart, Bill Hanna, Don Wolfe, Bobby Fiorello, Ed Lerch, Bob & Rich Caramella, Mike Bitting, Steve Kresge, Bob Turlip, Don Bergstresser, Ed Lentz, Tommy Kosch, Fred Voorhees, Joe Cryan, Larry Dascenzo, Dale Snyder and Mike Clissold

10/15/09 Trivia Question Brought To You By:

"Sedan's Only Trivia":  We asked:  "Can You Name All off The Drivers in the Nazareth Speedway Photo From Jack Kromer?"

Front Row:  Paul Bolagosh #92, Bill Tanzosh #4
Second Row:  Charlie Decker #16, Eurich #10
Third Row:  Rags Carter #71, Del Buss #4, with Frankie Schneider in the #2

Answers Received From:  Steve Dinatale, Reading707, Warren Wetzel, Daniel Langlois, Racer43, RL, Rich Reinhart, Tim D, Jack Lerch, Ed Lentz, Don Wolfe, Ricky Rutt, Walter Onora, Bill Walker, Wayne Heiserman, Diane Ricker, Bobby Fiorello, Bob Hummer Sr., Tom Berry, Mark Yaple, George Washburn, Nick Lombardi, Joe Cryan, Michael Allen, Steve Sabo, Howard (HoandAd) Stern, Rob Renninger, Harry Cella, Larry Dascenzo, Bill Hanna,Harry Neiman, Willie, Mike Clissold, Tom Berry, Steve Kresge, John Larsen, Skip McPherson, Rick Shive, Tommy Kosch, tedracefan, Bob & Rich Caramella, Tom Gray,  Jack Searfoss, Bob and Marlene, Bob Turlip and Fred Voorhees

10/1/09  "3 For 3" Trivia Challenge:
Brought to You By:

We asked: Name "Three" a driver who you specifically remember driving a Coupe, a Sedan and a Gremlin during their career with the same #!.   Remember....  A Coupe, a Sedan, and a Gremlin  - All with the same number!  (Be sure to provide car #'s and colors and track most often run to help us all remember!)  We'll post the names of those who provide "3 for 3!" (3 drivers who drove all 3 with the same #).

Recap of Answers Received:  Ray Neary #21, Frankie Schneider #2, Stan Ploski #27Jr, Will Cagle #24 Al Michalchuk #292, Bob Pickell #300, Del Buss #4, Leroy Amy #27, Charlie Decker #16, Kenny Brightbill #19, Red Coffin #22, Newt Hartman #24, Bob Torecky #14, Freddy Adam #8, George Donmoyer #0, Bruce Young #37, Pat Wolghemuth #168, Sammy Beavers #43, Jim Hoffman #11, Dave Kneisel #711, Billy Tanzosh #4, Jerry Allen #71, Merv Treichler #58, Hank Goranson Jr. #36

(We received quite a few other names for guys who ran the same # on a Coupe, Sedan & a Pinto... or a Chevette... or a Vega.... but we held true to the original question which was for a Coupe, Sedan & Gremlin, all with the same number and same driver.)

"3" Answers Received From: 

James Stoveken:   Al Michalchuk #292, Frankie Schneider #2, Will Cagle #24, Stan Ploski #27
Jack Kromer
-Leroy Amy Nazareth #27, Charlie Decker #16, Will Cagle #24, Frankie Schneider #2, Del Buss
George Washburn  
Frankie Schneider #2, Will Cagle #24, Del Buss #4
Suki Sarkis  Cagle #24, Schneider #2, George Wambold #81,  and Bill Tanzosh #4
Mike Shaub
 Brightbill #19, Schneider #2 & Bruce Yonng #37
Rob Renninger:  Cagle #24, Charlie Decker #16, Bill Tanzosh #4, maybe Charlie Shire #29
Jeff Scott:
 Michalchuk #292, Cagle #24, Schneider #2
Wayne Heiserman  Cagle #24, Schneider #2, Tanzosh #4
Bobby Fiorello
 Michachuk #292, Schneider #2, Cagle #24
Joel Naprstek
 Cagle #24, Michalchuk #292, Ploski#27, Schneider #2
John Larsen
  Newt Hartman #24, Red Coffin #22, Al Michachuk #292, Decker #16, Ploski #27, Brightbill #19
John Donnelly
  Michalchuk #292, Bob Toreky #14, Schneider #2
Geoff Yoder
 Freddy Adam #8, Barry Burkhart #12, Jerry Morgan #21
George Donmoyer 
George Donmoyer #0,Schneider #2, Cagle #24
Kevin Newman:
  Michalchuk #292, Jim Hoffman #11, Schneider #2
Don Wolfe  Michalchuk #292, Schneider #2, Ploski #27 and Brightbill #19
Tom Gray  Cagle #24, Schneider #2 and Ploski #27
David Ludwig
Freddie Adam, Kenny Brightbill & Will Cagle
Larry Dascenzo:  Dmuchowski #303, Schneider & Ploski
Roger McCloughan:  Ploski, Schneider, Cagle
David Rogie:  Newt Hartman, Al Michalchuk & Carl VanHorn
Tom Berry: 
Lee Roy Amy, Schneider, Ploski, Carl Van Horn
Bob Turlip:
  Schneider, Michalchuk & Ploski
John Hanna: (Added Hank Goranson Jr.!)

Answer to our 9/20/09 Trivia Question Brought to You By:
Brought to You By: Street Sweepers

We asked:  "How  Many of These Flemington Racers Can You Identify?"
1.   2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

1.  Fred Orchard Jr. #406, 2.  Stan Ploski #27, 3.  George Kostelansky, 4.  Andy Belmont #14, 5.  Bob Fisher #713, 6.  Glenn Fitzcharles #23, 7.  Charlie Gunther #307, 8.  Mark Hartman #24 (car also driven by Newt Harman), 9.  Ronnie Guinther #33, 10. Les Katona #K3

Answers Received From:  Bob & Rich Caramella, Fred Voorhees, Don Wolfe, David56, Libby, MWilliams, Wes Suydam, John Larsen, Paul Madsen, Willie, Bobby Fiorello, Todd Lewis, Bill Hanna, Joe Hauser Sr. Bob Turlip, Fred Hahn Jeff Matthews, John Simmon and Tom Gray

Answer to our 8/20/09 "Fit For a King" Trivia Brought to You By:

The first Grant King Modified showed up in the mid 70's with Ken Brenn Jr. behind the wheel.  Other "Real King Cars" began showing up in the year's that followed...  In addition, many of the original King cars were eventually sold... repainted... and in some cases, "re-bodied".
Our question this week was:  "In addition to the yellow #24 as pictured above of Ken Brenn Jr., can you name at least 7 "Real King driver/car # & color combinations"

Answers Received: 

Brenn #24 (2)  yellow
Ferrarioulo #73 (2) (Balough, Osmun, Beavers, Anthony IV) maroon
Billy Harvey owned #31 (Balough) blue,
Joe Scamardella #121 (Pauch, Osmun) cream
Trenton Mack #74 (Kline)maroon and then silver (Ploski/Cozze)
Cozze #44 orange and white
Carl Collis #12 dark blue,
Schneider #2 red and white
Mark Fleury #52  blue
Jeff Fluery #152
Ron Stashek #616 purple with silver trim,
Len Zito #7 blue
Maynard Forette #78 Red/White,
Billy Eggers # 17
Ken Tremont Sr. #115 (Chuck Ely) black
Tighe Scott
Billy Eggers #17 (orange/red)
Eddie Haenelt/Ace Wright #A1
Yellow Schnur 20
Black & silver Coverdale J-9 (former Brenn & Schnur car)
Mark Blackwell - red #74 (former Trenton Mack Car)

We know that the list above contains some "non - King" cars, so we'll put the photo above into our "Fit for a King" Section and you guys can work out which of the above we all agree were the real deal and which were copies (not King cars).

Answers Received From: John Mc., Scott Lopes, John Larsen, Tommy Kosch, Bob "Yerkel" Yurko, Joe Hauser Sr., Joe Cryan, Bob & Rich Caramella, D.J., Bill Hanna, Doug Megill, Rob Spilatore, Redfred, Bobby Fiorello, ,


Answer to our 8/10/09"Asphalt Trivia" Question:  Brought to You This Week By:

We asked: "Can you name 5 drivers who have driven for car owner Dick Barney?"

The Dick Barney owned #14 in Victory Lane with driver Richie Massing at Wall Stadium in 1968 in this Charles Taylor Photo.

Here's the list that you guys came up with:  Al Pomponio (Barney's B-24 and the 14), "Gentleman Joe" Kelly (B-24 and the 14), Wally Dallenbach Sr., Richie Massing (pictured above), Bob Rossell, Tony Siscone, Billy Pauch, John Blewett III, Ken Wooley Jr., Reggie Ruggiero, Ted "T.C." Christopher.

We also received the following and we hope to hear from a few of our asphalt guys on which of these are correct: Don Stives, Jim Hoffman, Eddie Flemke, Doug Wolcott, Gil Hearne, Charlie Kremer Jr., Pete Brittain, (Pete Frazee when it was the #B-24)

Answers Received From: Bill Hanna, Joe Hauser Sr., Bob G, Charlie Lindmar, J Kelleher, Tom Berry, Jack Reinhard, Ed Duncan, Robert Moller, Bob & Rich Caramella, Bob & Marlene, Howard Stern, Joe Cryan, Todd Lewis, Bob Romer, Richard Gould, Sherwood Taylor Jr., Ivin Voorhees, George Perkins, John Hanna, Walter Onora, Mark Yaple, Wayne Heiserman, Don Worth, Mark Comune, Mike Allen, Timberland, Jeff Gravatt, Barry Hulse, Scott Ely, Kevin Eyres, Russ Clock, RacerX2525 and Earl  Krause.

Answer to This Week's Trivia Question Brought to You By:
       ACE_Portrait_sm.jpg (49474 bytes)
ace-logo.gif (12294 bytes)
Ace Lane Photography

We asked:  "Can you name the driver of the Kenny Hammer owned #77 below?  At one time, this car was a different color and number and appears numerous times within The Vault.  For extra credit, name the car # (s) and/or driver(s) prior to it becoming the #77?"

Answer:  That's Johnny Leach in the Kenny Hammer owned #77.  The car was originally the black #9c of Howie Cronce, which then became the 9 Teen, which was owned by Kenny Hammer & driven by Jay Aten. It then became the #77 and was driven by Johnny Leach as pictured above.  On a sad note, we understand that Kenny Hammer passed away last month.  Our condolences to the family of Ken Hammer.

Answers Received From: Paul Madsen, Tim Damiani, Joe Cryan,  Kevin Budden, John Mc, Fran Lutz,  Todd Lewis, Douglas Harris, John Simmons, Mike Stevens, Joe H, Terry McFarland, Bobby Fiorello,  Rich Swangler, Brian Loutrel, Thomas McDonough and Tom Gray

Answer to Last Week's Trivia Question Sponsored By:

We asked:  "How many car #'s and driver's can you name in the Paul Irving photo below?"

Answers (according to most of you guys): Carl Van Horn #71E, Charlie Decker #16, Harry Behrent #3, Butch Riddle (white Gremlin) #18, Kenny Wismer #89, Alian Le Brecque #78, Billy Pauch #121

Answers Received From: Paul Madsen, Jim Maxson, Fred Voorhees, Bob & Rich Caramella, Rick Shive, Mark Burd, Mark Nipps, Kevin McElvaine, Rob Renninger, Michael Kent, Wes Suydam, Nick Lombardi, Barry Miller, Steve Kresge, Rich Reinhart, John Ricker, Jack Kromer, Joe Cryan, Don Wolfe, Bobby Fiorello, Brian Loutrel, Steve Sabo, Ed Lerch,  Larry Dascenzo and Bill Hanna

This Week's Trivia (July 2009) Question Brought to you by:

Many will recognize who is behind the wheel in the #73, but we asked:  Who's that in the #666 in this 1976 Jack Kromer photo?

Answer:  Gerald Chamberlain in the #666 & Gary Balough in the #73
Recap From Vault Visitor Rick Shive: 
That's Gerald Chamberlain in the 666,and Gary Balough in the 73.  This was the 1976 Nazareth Syracuse qualifier, and I'm sitting just up the hill from this pic in the 4th turn bleachers.  This was easily the best race I ever saw at Nazareth as these two ran like this almost the entire 100 laps, traded the lead several times.  (Balough won.)  This was one of the first races for the 73 King car, and maybe it's first feature win.  Rick Shive

(Other names received:  Bobby Bottcher, Wayne Reutimann, Kevin Collins, Bob Pickell, Tom Hager, Del George, Rags Carter, Ron Stashuk and Jimmy Kirk)

Correct Answers Received From:  Bill Hanna, G Washburn, Lester Potts & Bill Regiec, Rich Reinhart, Rick Shive, Willie & Barb, Rich Wolsky, Ned Stites III and Bobby Fiorello.

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