TRIVIA RECAP (July - December 2011)


Answer to Last Week's "Gimme 5" Trivia Question - Brought to You By:

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Avis-Shore Rentals 1300 Highway 34
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Photo provided by photographer Jack Kromer
We asked you to name 5 or more in the above photo and we offered a better view on the #73:

Here are the answers that you guys came up with:  Tighe Scott #28, Johnny Harroll #11, Jimmy Horton #43, Wayne Reutimann #M1, Rags Carter #4, Bobby Bottcher #73, Ralph Heotzler, Bobby Bottcher or Jerry Morgan #45, Frankie Schneider #2, Chuck Ciprich, Jim Bowen, Dave Pace, Don Sheppard, Paul Luft #125 (Also told that Frankie Schneider, Tom Hager and Paul Rochelle actually drove it on occasion, Chris Barger #5a, and Bob Malzahn #99.

Here's a better view of the center section:

Here's a better view of the two cars entering the frame from the right:

5 or more Correct Answers Received From:  Joel Naprstek, Robin, Jeff Matthews, Rich Reinhart, George W, Robert Hanna, Mark Stitzel, John Bokros, Ed Lentz, Mke Traverse, David Ludwig, Harold Klump, Dave Blake, Bill Hanna, Gus Conklin, Mike Allen, Jim Maxson, Steve Sabo, Joe Cryan, Dom Ragno, Pete Gardner, Mark Braun, John Larsen*, MrEvent, Mike Casey, Redfred, Dick Schoonmaker, Steve Kresge,  Lester Potts, Edward Smith, Larry Dascenzo, Tommy Kosch, Andy Wummer, Brian Loutrel, Doug Dulgarian, Leo Boyer*, Al Urenovich, Mark Yaple, Scooter Van Noordt, Wes Suydam, Ted Schmidt and Chip.

Gotta give mention to both John Larsen and Leo Boyer who spotted Buzzie in the #00 sneaking through on the high side behind the #73 & #45.

Some additional information from Doug Dulgarian:  "This was probably early in '76, Wilson wrecked the 45 and broke his leg....Bottcher took over. I think Balough was in the Statewide 3 at that time, then came back to the Ferraiuolo's with the King car in '77."

Answer to Our 10/1/11 Trivia Question - Brought to You By:

We asked, "Can you name 7 or more of the modifieds coming around for the green in this 1977 EWS photo?"

Great photo from 1977 at East Windsor Speedway from photographer Wayne Bechtel

Answers:  #19 Kenny Brightbill, #27 Tommy Long, #Z-2 Bob Swiegart, #27 Stan Ploski, #292 Al Michalchuk, #49 Fritz Epright, #17 Toby Tobias, #3 Jimmy Horton, #24 Ken Brenn,Jr.,#50 Jay Stong?, #14 of Bob Torecky, or #32A Bob Ayers,  #59 Paul Fitzcharles, #6 R.J. Brown on the extreme inside, not sure, #99 Bob Malzahn, not sure, not sure... , #23 Glenn Fitzcharles in the #23 Gremlin, #69 Don Kreitz, #64 Ken Johnson, and not sure whose nose that is just entering the shot.  Other names received for some of those guys running in the top 10 are:  Ronnie Tobias, Gary Boc, Max Isles, Lee Devault, Alan Johnson, Ronnie Tobias, Gary Balough and Billy Pauch.

7 or More Correct Answers Received From:  Steve Sabo, G Washburn, Lester Potts, Mark Yaple, Barry Miller, Phil Long, KM, Joe Perrotto, Wes Suydam and Rick Shive.

Answer to our 9/15/11 "10 & 10..." Trivia Question Brought to You By:

Great photo from Nazareth in the early 70's from photographer Jack Kromer

 We asked, "Name 10 drivers and 10 cars/trucks in the background!"

Answers:  #R12 Paul Rochelle, #52 Jackie Wilson, #81 Stan Ploski, #11 Johnny Haroll, #666 Bobby Bottcher, #280 Loren Holland (behind #666), #3 Jack Duffy, #89 Bob McCollough, #50 Tommy Corellis, #2 Frankie Schneider, #52 & Del George

As for the cars in the background, here's a few (the years are approx):  67Plymouth Wagon, '69 Caddy, '60's Bug, '66 Pontiac Catalina, '63 Corvair, 71 Olds Cutlass, '70 Ford truck,'72 Chevy truck,'69 Chevelle,'66 Impala,'66 Pontiac,'66 Mustang, '72 Pontiac, 70? Toyota Pickup, '66 Ford Falcon convertable, '69 Mustang, and a '73 Chevy Pickup in the infield.  Like I said, the years and a few of the makes are guesses... 
And as for the guys on the billboard and railroad tracks (photos below), nobody has come forward!

Answers Received From:  Joel Naprstek, Bob & Rich Caramella, Steve Sabo, Bob Turlip and Brian Loutrel

While you're at it, photographer Jack Kromer mentioned maybe we could identify these guys too...(not on the track, but on the billboard!

...And while you're at it:

These were great seats unless the cars were louder than the train!

Answer to our 7/1/5/11 Trivia Question Brought to You By:

We asked:  "How many drivers can you name in this Jack Kromer photo from Nazareth?"

We're happy to report that all driver's were ok in the above photo.

Answer:  23 Glen Ehrhardt, 45 Drew Smolonyak and #15 Billy Pauch
We're told that this was the first time Billy was upside down in the #15, and not only wasn't he injured, those of you who were there tell us that he came back... qualified in the consi... and won the Sportsman Feature event that night!

Correct Answers Received From:  Paul Madsen, Leo Boyer, John Bokros, Frank Maple, John Larsen, Joe Cryan, Rick Shive, Greg Collins, John McCaughey, Steve Sabo, Rich Reinhart, Jim Ramm, Wayne Heiserman, G Washburn, Tommy Kosch, Mark Flamisch, Don Wolfe, Ricky Rutt, Harold Klump and Steve Kresge.

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