Answer to our 12/6/13 Trivia Question Brought to Us by:

We remember a few drivers behind the wheel of the Campbell Harley #1 that ran in the modified division at Flemington and East Windsor around 1972 - 73.

We asked:  "Can you name 2 or more drivers of the car above?"

Answers:  Pat Wohlgemuth Sr. (in the photo above), Dick Havens, Ray Neary and Kenny Wismer.

Thank you to this week's "Trivia Experts":   David Rogie, John Wohlgemuth, Joe Cryan, TheKidGriff, Rick Shive, Bill Regiec and Rich Havens.

Answer to our 12/1/13 Trivia Question Brought to Us by:

We asked, Can you name the location above?

Correct Answer:  Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, NJ

Correct answers received from:  Jim Kelleher, Ed Duncan, Bob Berry,
Bob Moller, Tom Berry, Doug Campbell, Jim Maxson, Brian Deffler, Larry Dascenzo, Joe Cryan,  Kevin Newman, Mike Allen (Wholesale Auto Parts), Tom Gray and Wil Crowley.

Thanks for participating!

Answers to Our 11/15/13Trivia Question Brought to Us By:

East Windsor Speedway - 1980's

Bill Lowden Sr.

Stew Brown

Brian Morris

Gary Bruckler
All photos are from East Windsor Speedway - Provided by David Loller - East Windsor Speedway - 1980's

Answers as determined by you guys:  #1L Bill Lowden Sr., #55 Stew Brown, #75 Brian Morris and #302 Gary Bruckler.

Answers received from: 
Mark Burd, Tom Hamil, Redfred, Paul Madsen, John Larsen, Rick Shive and David Rogie.

10.20.13 Trivia Question Brought to you by:

We asked, "How many can you identify (car # and driver's name) in this Bob Yurko Photo from Nazareth National?"

Here's a closer look (1 of 3)

(2 of 3)

(3 of 3)

Well....  This one ended up being harder than I thought, and having not been attendance on the day this photo was taking, I wasn't very much help either...  But here's the list of the "possible" cars that you guys came up with beginning with the cars that are the closest: 

Fritz Epright #6 or #49 (Amoco on rear)
Bob Pollock 48
Billy Osmun red 828 or Billy Eggers in the #828

Dave Kelly #17
Pink Car Bobby Braxton or Bobby Bottcher (says #97 on the deck)
Don Kreitz, Jr 69K
Charlie Shire #29 or Ken Johnson #64
Karl Pittenger #Circle K
Dave Hahn #2H or Andy Belmont #14
Jeff Hoetzler #J17 (black car with the yellow frame/Yellow and red stripes)
Tighe Scott #28
Junior Mikosz #21
Chris Berton- #31
Ken Brenn, Jr #24 
CD Coville in the Ciff Barcombe #11
Scott McGonnell #69

We're not sure about all of them, and there are a couple in there that were not identified, but thanks to those that participated and those who had fun checking out this week's trivia challenge.

Answers Received From: 
Edward Lentz, Jessel, Tom Hamill , Rick Shive, Kevin Inglin, Larry Dascenzo, Kevin Inglin, Mark Flamisch, Tom Wenner, Joe Funk, RedFred, and ModcarDon.

09/10/13 Trivia Challenge Brought to you by:

"Who... What... and Where?"

Answer:  Jimmy Horton during an All Star event at East Windsor Speedway.

Correct Answers Received From:  Matt Rosier, Bruce Thomas, Tom Hamill, Redtoprs, Lester Potts, Mark Flamisch, and Robert Johnson

Recap to our 8/25/13 Trivia Question Brought to You by:

We asked:  "Can you name 3 northeast dirt track modified drivers that had 100 or more wins in the 70s?"

Answers that "we think" we were looking for were:  Kenny Brightbill 175, Gerald Chamberlain 139 1/2, Stan Ploski 100.  (Based on East Windsor, Bridgeport, Flemington, Harmony, Lincoln (2 special modified shows), Nazareth, Nazareth National, Orange County, Penn National, Reading, US13 and Williams Grove (All Star show and Syracuse Qualifier).

If you open up the "Northeast" to include the NY tracks such as Canandaigua, Rolling Wheels, Cayuga County Fair Speedway, etc, then Will Cagle's 242 wins is at the top of the list. 
Also, Stan Ploski's total would be higher if 5 Mile Point were included.

Other names received (and some win totals that we've come up with) include:  Jimmy Horton  96 1/2, Buzzie Reutimann  68, Gary Balough 64, Glenn Fitzcharles 52, Jack Johnson (not sure), Bob McCreadie (not sure),, Brett Hearn (not sure), Billy Pauch 15, Frankie Schnieder (not sure), & Al Tasnady (not sure).

Answers Received From: Jeff Scholl, Joe Cryan, Geoff Yoder, Mike Traverse, John Larsen, Jim Stoveken, Phil Long, George Jr., Tom Hiester, Mike Clissold, Bill Katinowsky, MIke Allen, Aintgotime4this, Don Wolfe, Todd Lewis, Skip McPhearson and Bob Homan.

Thanks for Participating!  Note:  This week's trivia question was submitted by David Rogie
Win totals are best estimates based on David Rogie's research using various racing publications.  (Thanks for the good work David!)

Answer to our 8/18/13 Trivia Question Brought to You by:

"Mc" or "Mac" Trivia!

We asked, "Can you name 5 drivers (non related) with feature event wins (Modified, Sportsman or Sprint/Midget Car) along with the car # that they drove to victory, whose last name begins with either "Mc" or "Mac"?  (Example:  "Craig McCaughey #301 or also #4!)"

Here's the list you guys came up with:

  • Jackie McLaughlin #2 #111 #83, #026

  • Don MacTavish, 5, 6 , J0 or 0J #XL1, #27, #2

  • Craig McCaughey 301, #4

  • Bob McCullough  #90, #89

  • Lee McBride #11

  • Tom McCann  #16

  • Dan McLaughlin #38

  • Dan McMahon  #79  (VW Sprint)

  • Wes MacIntyre #83 Sprint Car

  • Tommy McAndrew #3A

  • Jim McElreath #14, #8

  • Mike McLaughlin, CRAZ8

  • Bob McCreadie #9, # 4

  • Chuck McKee #19

  • Scottie Mc Claren #21

  • Leon McMinn #V7

  • Leland Mcspadden#91

  • BJ McDonald #57

  • Ernie McCoy #17, #4, #3, #24,

  • Roger McCluskey #14

  • John McClelland #44

  • Johnny Mackinson #104, #1080

  • Chuck McKee #265, #19

  • George Sonny  McCurdy #00

  • Bob McCollough#89 , #90

  • Mike McNamera #30

  • Bill McCarthey # Flying"0".

  • Larry McVay #83

  • John McClelland #44

  • Darren McCaughey #57, #301

  • Matt McAnally #45

  • Harry McConnell #3

  • Vern McLaughlin #06

  • Tim McCreadie #4t, #39,

  • Terry McCarl #24

  • Bob McGannon #21m

  • Mike McKinney-#16

  • Billy “McPauchy” in the #5!

    Thanks to those that participated with our trivia question: Edward Smith, Fred Hahn, 3Bumpers, Mike Traverse, Phil Long, Mike Clissold, Mike Shaub, Don Wolfe, twistafatty, Double D Fan, Joe Cryan, David Rogie, Ed Lentz, Fred Voorhees, Bob Gibb, RacingFool31, Steve Cameron, Fastchef, Bill Katinowsky
    , and Michael A. Vernosky.

02.10.13 Trivia Question Brought to You By:

How Many Can You Name?

Photographer:  Doris Lemasters - Provided by Ray Lemasters

Answers:  #56 (still not sure!) Ernie Marshall, #44 (we had responses of Tas & Stan Ploski - The polecat is still on the decklid, so we don't know if that was a clue that it might still be Tas driving at this point), #4 Oliver Butler, white #7 of Charlie Gilmore, brown and yellow #7 of Leon Manchester, orange and black #56 of Bob Rossell and the blue #43 of either Sammy Beavers or Mike Grbac.

Answers received from: 
Fred Voorhees, Paul Madsen, Aintgotime4this, Tom Alfrey, Dom Ragno, Mike Clissold, Tom Heister. Terry Ziegler, Tom Berry, Jim Ramm, Joe Cryan, George Pavlisko, Ed Lerch, Wes Suydam, Larry Dascenzo, Bob Turlip, Rich Wolsky, G Washburn,  Brian Loutrel, Edward Lentz and Stephen Sabo.

Thank you for participating guys.

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