TRIVIA RECAP (July - Dec 2008)

Here's the answer to our 12/31/08:  We asked, "Through the years there have been many brothers who have raced...  So here's the challenge:  Can you name 5 sets of brothers who raced at a local speedway, at the same time (possibly against each other) in the same division, who each won at least one feature event?"  Here's one example below...

(By the way, you gotta love this photo above as it looks like the 2 featured brothers above are checking each other out in what we hope was a pace lap at Flemington in the early to mid 1970's.)

Remember: We were looking for brothers, who raced on the same "local" track (local as in Nazareth, Flemington, Middletown, EWS, Bridgeport, Wall, Vineland, New Egypt, Grandview, Hatfield, Alcyon, Old Bridge), in the same division, that also won at least one feature event each. 

Here's what you guys came up with in no particular order:

Larry, Lee and Donnie Taylor
Ken & Jimmy Brenn,
Rick & Frank Cozze
Del & Ray George
Richie & Randy Smith
Billy & Timmy Pauch
John & Jimmy Blewett
Tom & Ken Carberry
Glenn & Paul Fitzcharles
Ed & Les Farley
Newt & Mark Hartman
Doug & Keith Hoffman
Emil " Buzzie" & Wayne Reutimann
Jack & Joe Johnson
Paul & Wayne Weaver
Ronnie, Toby Jr., and Scott Tobias
Alan and Danny Johnson
Ryan and Brian Godown
Barry and Craig VonDohren
Stan & Billy Malamut
Randy & Barry Laird
Brett & Bobby Hearn
Steve & Kevin Schultz
Mike and Tom Grbac
Richie and Randy Smith
Jeff and Ralph Hoetzler
Mose and Harry Moore
Tommy and Shorty McAndrews
Kevin and Bruce Hirthler
Glen and Jeff Strunk
Keith and Brad Brightbill
Frankie and Chuck “Bunny” Schneider
Sean and Kyle Merkle
Brian and Chris Shuey
Earl Jr. and Homer Keinert
Carl and Jake Collis
Del and Ray George
Budd and Walt Olsen
Leon and Roger Altemose
Luther & Ed Muffley
Mario & Aldo Andretti
Johnny and Manny Harroll
Darryl and Dean Carman
Alan and Danny Johnson
John and Carmen Scarpatti
Terry and Jack Cain
Jamie and Greg Tomaino
Geoff, Brett and Todd Bodine
Gordy and Roger Treichler
Nick and Drew Fornoro
Lou and Bob Ciconi’s
Clyde and Phil Cox
Bill & Vinny Chevalier
Pat & Steve Cannon
Jack & Tom Zeiner
Jack & Bob Clark
Jim and Russ Hoffman
Ed and Howard Lilly
Rick and Mike Ricci
Jeff and Mark Fluery
Dennis and Randy Bailey
Shorty and Whitey Kercher
Pride and Shannon Conner
Ted & Mike Christopher
Mike and Jack Folweiler
Kevin and Jack Hartnett
Leon & Ron Harrison (brothers?)
Bill and "Finny" Chevalier
Bobby and Paul Blatt
Tom & Frank Eppolite
Sean and Curt Michael
Kenny and Greg Weld

Answer's Received From: 
Mark Yaple, Scott Peters, Paul Madsen, Lester Potts, Tommy Kosch, Rob Renninger, Michael Clissold, Mark Burd, Bob & Rich Caramella, Kevin Newman, Dave Everitt, Tom Berry, Steve Sabo, George Perkins,  Don, Wes Suydam, Barry Miller, Nick Lombardi, Jim Conchar, Jack Kromer, Barbara Paris, Roger McCloughan, Lewis Ominus, Ed Duncan, Rick Shive, Bobby Fiorello, Bob Hoffman, Joe Cryan, Barry Miller, Dave Gunther, Todd Lewis, Shawn McAndrews, Pilgram, Bill Hanna, John Hanna, Robert Scott, Larry Dascenzo, Lenny Slemmer Jr., Ned Stites III, ModcarDon and John Larsen.

Here's the answer to our 12/15/08 Trivia Question: 
We asked:  "Who's Inside the #300?  (Hint:  You can't always believe what you read on the roof!)"

Answer:  Glenn Fitzcharles

Correct Answers Received From: Cookie Morris, Steve Sabo, Tracey, Bill Hanna, Robert, Rick Shive, Joe Inglin Jr. Bob & Rich Caramella, Joe Hauser Sr., Joe Cryan and Bobby Fiorello, Rich Reinhart and Mike Stevens.

Here's the Answer to our 12/01/08 Trivia Question:
Station Wagon Trivia...  Those of you who visit our site often might recognize this great looking Vega Wagon, but we knew you'd enjoy seeing this Jack Kromer photo of the wagon, so here's our trivia question for the week:

We asked, "Can you name the driver of the #11 AND at least one other 1970 or newer "Station Wagon" bodied Sportsman or Modified?"

Photo By: Jack Kromer / Provided By: Jack Kromer

Answer:  Chuck Gravatt

Other "Station Wagon" pilots remembered were: Junior Siegfried #7, Butch Jelley #357, Barry Kutz #42, Roy Kunkel #37, Don Weida #27, Denny Soltis #72, CD Coville, Eddie Pettyjohn #8Ball,

Answers Received From:  Scott Peters, Mark Burd, Chris Carpenter, Wes Suydam, Joe Cryan, Matt Flamisch, Mike H., Mark Braun, Bob Vichioli, Cookie Morris, Rick Shive, Dave Blake, Rich Reinhart, Tommy Kosch, Mike Casey, Kevin & Vicki Mahoney and Bill Lawsen

Here's the Answer to our 11/01/08 Trivia Question:
We asked, "How many drivers can you name from this Middletown photo?

Photo By: Paul Irving / Provided By: Paul Irving

Here is the majority of the answers received:  
#72 Clate Husted, #36 Hank Goranson, #31 Chris Berton, #3 (Maybe Rene Charland?, #2 Frankie Schneider, #29 Charlie Shire, #43 Bill Brooking, #M1 Gary Balough, Wayne Reutimann or Kevin Collins, #00 Buzzie Reutimann, #?  Maroon Gremlin - either  Lou Lazarro or Tommy Corellis, #? Carl Van Horn, #1  Danny Mitchell, #5a Chris Barger

Answers Received From:  Robert Hanna, Kevin Budden, Mike Clissold, John Larsen, Larry Dascenzo, Robert Scott, Ron Blake, Scooter Van Noordt, Jim Donnelly, Bill Hanna, Stephen Sabo, Jack Kromer, Steve Kresge, Wes Suydam, Dave Blake, Eric Lindahl, Bob & Rich Caramella, Rich Reinhart, John Hanna, Tommy Kosch and Edward Morris

Here's the Answer to our 10/15/08 Trivia Question:
We asked, "How many drivers can you name from this Trenton Speedway photo?"

Above photo provided by Ed Duncan

Here's the info that was provided with the photo:
1st Row:  Jim Hendrickson #141, #SSS Bob Malzahn, #41 Lenny Brown
2nd Row:  Jack Murphy #6, Perk Brown #22, Johnny Rocco #0
3rd Row:  Bill Wimble #62, Ed Sigler #162, Charlie Cregar #Z-1
Also in photo:  Bill Wark #10A, Bob Abel #21, Jack Hart #1 and Vince Conrad #57
(Photo dated:  1958 - Trenton, NJ)

Here's some additional info from Jim Brewer that he's not 100% sure of, but seems to remember:  The #141 of Jim Hendrickson sat on the pole for this race.  It was owned by Freddy Formato and the car burned in the pits during a pitstop about halfway in the race. The car was the former Flying A of Joe Orzano. The #62 is one of Frank Trinkaus's famous rides.

The 1958 NASCAR Modified title went to Budd Olsen but Hendrickson was a very close second due to points lost in racing a non-NASCAR track during an Islip rain-out. A controversial end to the title chase since NASCAR allowed racing at unsanctioned tracks during rain outs - - Hendrickson lost his points but never protested.

Answers Received From: 
Tom Berry, Russ Clock, Charlie Lindmar, George Pavlisko, John Fahey, Jim Brewer, Bobby Fiorello, Todd Lewis, George Perkins and Allen Clark 

10/1/08: We asked: "Can you name BOTH of these drivers?"

Photo By:  Jack Kromer - Provided By:  Jack Kromer
(We'd like to thank photographer Jack Kromer for providing the photo above in a very timely way... Many of you will notice that's the same Wally Marks owned #1 that was on display this past Saturday at New Egypt Speedway.  The car was restored by former Modified Hot Shoe and 1970 Harmony Champ Ray Neary.  Ray used to work a lot with Wally and knew this car had to be saved and restored as a permanent reminder to the ingenuity that was Wally Marks.)

Answer:  Frank Cozze in the #10 and Billy Pauch in the #1.

Answers Received From:  Bill Regiec, John Larsen, Bill Hanna, Joe Hauser Sr., Steve Sabo, Paul Madsen, Rick Shive, Lester Potts, Rich Miller, Mike Stevens, Tom Gray, Brian Loutrel, Bobby Fiorello,

This is a really interesting photo in many ways...  One is that I don't remember Frank in the car, but we received word from Vault Visitor Brian Loutrel that Cozze put a Gremlin body on this car and renumbered it #44 for the next three seasons.  (I always wondered what happened to this car after Glen was done with it.)  The other thing that's interesting about this photo is that Billy had told us in the past that he had driven this #1 for Wally, but this is the first photo that we've found of it.  I'm sure there are others out there and hopefully you guys, and/or other sites will post them.  The current car owner, Ray Neary would probably love to see them!

Last Week's Trivia Question: (August 2008)

We asked:  Can you name this Bridgeport Racer?  We left just enough of his name on his roof to help provide a little hint...
Answer:  Dr. Dan Cox
Answers received from:
Tim Damiani, Redfred, John Moll, Bill Regiec, The Barz Family (Wayne, Lori, Connor and Olivia), Joe Bokros, L.R. Balliet, Phil Long, Clint Bush, Paul Madsen, Jim Read, Jeff Matthews, Lester Potts, Nick Lombardi, Bobby Fiorello, Steve Cameron, Mike Clissold, Joe Cryan, and Warren (FLIPWW) Wetzel

July 31st Trivia:  How many can you name from this Orange County photo from October 28th, 1973?

Here's a combination of most of the answers we received:

Left to right - Bottom to top: 221 Jimmy Winks, 4 Lou Lazzaro, and maybe Bobby Bottcher in the #666 Coach on the bottom right, 9 Billy Ellis or Ronnie Leinbach or Paul Fitzcharles, 80 Bob Pickell, Red Gremlin Fred De Groot, 92 Coach Paul Bolgosh, 11A Henry Sharp, 41 Whiz Whizenand, (or Jack Duffy in the cream colored coupe along the #11a?), 5 Coach Walt Olsen, 99 Rene Charland or Maynard Forrette, 39 Andy Sident,  5 Bobby Gearhart, 1 Dick "Toby" Tobias or Hal Wilson, 76 Gerald Chamberlain, Frank Schneider # 2 Coach, 1 Bob Breeze, 45 Mike Grbac, or Oliver Butler.  Question for you guys:  any chance that the Gremlin on the far side of Pickell's #80 is the #643 of Ray Dalmaetti (sp?)

Once we post this in our 70's Section, you guys can add your final comments so that we get it squared away - Thanks for participating!

Answers received from: Greg Chelak (Peak Racing Equipment), Jim Donnelly, Stephen Sabo, Brian Loutrel, Todd Lewis, Bobby Fiorello, Joe Cryan, Rich Reinhart,

July 20th, 2008 Trivia:
We asked:  "How
many can you identify?  (We're pretty sure on 8 of them, but we'll need your help for the rest!)"

Answers:  76-Chamberlain, 96-Paul Fitzcharles,4-Lazzaro, 52 (yellow Gremlin behind Chamberlain) -Jeff Fluery, 81-Beavers, 73-Osmun, 1B-Bowers, 21H-Phil Horner, 55-Hal Browning, 86-George Oliver, 125-Roger Laureno, 7-11-Max Illes (and a few more you guys mentioned like maybe the #19 of Kenny Brightbill hiding between the 2 yellow cars and Ray Kozimore #37J somewhere back there by Sammy Beavers.)So

Answers Received From: Steve Sabo, Tommy Kosch, Rob Spilatore (Spilly), Michael Kent, Michael Clissold, Bobby Fiorello, Mark Burd, Rick Shive, Steve Kresge, Wes Suydam, Mike Stevens, Jim Donnelly, Tom Hamill, Fred Hahn,

Bits & Pieces Trivia:  "How many did you identify?"  (July 1, 2008)

Sammy Beavers

Wayne Reutimann

Rich Eurich

Frankie Schneider

Buzzie Reutimann

Don Kreitz

Ronnie Tobias

Jimmy Horton

Dave Kneisel

Richie Cass

Answers Received From: Bobby Fiorello (8), Scott Werkheiser (8), Joel (10), Fred Hahn (8), Kevin McElvaine (6), Dave Suchy (9), Paul Gary (9), Mike Shaub (8), Scott MacFadden (6), Lester Potts (10), John McCaughey (10), John Ricker (7), Rich Reinhart (9), Tom (9), Ned Stites III (10), Jim Long (9), Jim Maxson (6), Rick Shive (10), Wes Suydam (7), Bill Hanna (10), Jack Kromer (9), Mike H. (8), Todd Lewis (6), Peak Racing Equipment (9), Steve Sabo (9), Billy (Krash) Walker (10), Spilly (10)

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