TRIVIA RECAP (Jan - Dec 2012)

Answer to our 12/15/12 Trivia Question Brought to you by:

We Asked:  Who is that behind the wheel of this wild looking Syracuse contraption?
Answer:  Geoff Bodine at Syracuse, 1973
We had to do a little checking and were able to confirm that it's Geoff by comparing the helmet in the picture above to a picture of Geoff driving wearing the same helmet while behind the wheel of his #99 Valiant. (see below).  We also received the additional information regarding the photo: 
Driving the #0, Geoff Bodine was the 89th car to take time and turned lap 1 @ 38.826.

Correct Answers Received From:  Kevin Budden, Lester Potts, Joe Cryan, Pilgrum, Link Pettit, Rick Lugg, dwelty123,  Dan27 and Mike Clissold,

Here's the Answer to our 12/1/12 Trivia Question Brought to You By:

We asked:  "Can you name the driver above?"
Answer:  Tighe Scott

Correct answers received from: Leo Boyer, Ronnie Guinther, Lester Potts, George Donmoyer, Jack Kromer, Harry Cella, rac43er, Aintgotime4this, Larry Dascenzo, Dan Mahoney, Joe Cryan, Greg Collins, Richard Wolsky, Dom Ragno, Tom Berry, Jim Ramm, Hunter Frey, Paul Madsen, Scott Ely, Phil Long, Wayne Weaver, Joseph Knoth, Charlie Roos, Michael Casey, Richard Wolsky, Jeff Scholl, Jeff Matthews, Mark Flamisch, Jack Reinhard, Ed Lentz, Frank Maple, throughthefence, contile, Steven Kresge, Bob Turlip, Wayne Heiserman, Rich Reinhart, Jim Maxson, Stephen Sabo, Rick Struthers, Dennis Amerman and Cliff Mowery.

Answer to our 11/15/12 Trivia Question Brought to You By:
"Our Memories of George Koyt"

Friend of The Vault George Koyt spent many years taking pictures at his favorite tracks... as a fan... and nothing made him happier than seeing people's excitement when looking through his collection.  In this 2008 picture above, George shared a few of his images with Modified, Sprint and Winston Cup driver Tighe Scott while visiting New Egypt Speedway.

Our question from last week was:  "There were many racers that drove "Weld" Modifieds and many who raced "King" Modifieds.  Can you name 3 or more drivers that spent time behind the wheel of both, a Weld built modified and a King built modified?"

Correct Answers:  Gary Balough (Statewide Weld #3 & Ferriauolo King #73 and Fast Lane #31), Billy Osmun (Statewide Weld #3, Fast Company Weld #2 & Ferriauolo King #73 Scarmadella #121 King, Sammy Beavers (George Thode Weld #33 & Ferriauolo King #73), Stan Ploski (Weld #27 & #74 Trenton Mack #74), Frankie Schneider (Weld #2 and King #2), Anthony Ferriauolo IV also drove the King #73 and had "a lap" in the Fast Company #2 Weld car at OCFS but something happened and he had to pull off the track.  (AF-IV also drove the #73 "Torino" that was built on the Weld built #112 Batmobile frame, but as the pictures indicate above, we were really going for those that drove the traditional mid 70's style Weld built cars and the mid 70's King cars.)

Additional possibilities:  Carl Collis definitely had an original #12 King car, and also had a #12 that most think was a Weld car, but others have told us that it was a Weld copy.  (I don't know for sure, so maybe somebody associated with the team can give us some first hand info.)

We also had quite a few folks mention Billy Pauch and referred to the #99 "Weld" car and the #121 Scarmadella King car.   We are told that one of the #121's was a King car (the other was a copy made by Tommy Cimpko)
but the #99 was not a Weld car, and instead, was a Sonny Dornberger built car.

Answers Received From:  Phil Long, Bruce Thomas, Jeff Matthews, Ray Lemasters, Leo Boyer, Twistafatty, Kevin Inglin, Stephen Sabo, Geoff Yoder, Fred Voorhees, Lester Potts, Shawn McAndrews, Spilly, Tom Berry, Wayne Heiserman, George Nardelli, Pyro52, Rick Shive, Bob Caramella, Paul Madsen, Mike Casey, Wes Suydam, Rich Wolsky, A. Desrochers, Frank Doklan, Scott Ely, Eric Fuls, Dan Mahoney, Steve Kresge, Modcardon, Jeff McBride and Lenny Swider.

Answer to our  11/1/12 Trivia Question Sponsored By:

Answer:  Ray Evernham
Correct answers received from:  Eric Lindahl, Tom Wenner, Michele Ely, John Sine, Mr. Ranger, Bob & Rich Caramella, Mark Yaple, Leo Boyer, George Nardelli, Joe Gorski, Bob Burd, J Bogucki, Tom Hart, Jerry Brophy SR. 519, Bob Gibb, H Eliwatt, Hollywood, Mike Bitting, Kevin Inglin, Bonnie Patrick, Neal Wilt, Doug Leubner, Jim Dauphars, Tom Berry, Doug Campbell, Steven Kresge, Chris Carpenter, Joe Hauser, Stephen Sabo and Michael Doohan,  - Thanks to all that participated in this week's trivia!

Answer to 10/21/12 Trivia Question - We Asked:  "Who & Where?"
...brought to you by:

Correct Answer:  Doug Hoffman at Bridgeport Speedway (10/21/84)

Correct Answers Received From:  Pat Bradshaw, Fred Hahn, Mike Casey, Gus Conklin, John McCaughey, Bonnie Patrick, Joe Gorski, Rick Shive, Tom Wireman and Stephen Sabo

Answers to our 9/15/12 trivia question brought to you by:

Mystery Driver....

...before you answer, we're told it's not Brett Hearn...Confused

The "guest driver" on this day at Middletown (possibly from 10/28/84)  is a driver that ran Winston Cup and whose brother was a very famous Indy Car racer....

Answer:  Joe Ruttman

Correct answers received from:  Dave Gunther, Wayne Heiserman, Edward Smith, Mike Casey, Tom Hart, Jim Stoveken, Tom Gray, DJ Pennett, Brian Marsh, Todd C. Lewis, Joe Cryan, aintgottime4this, Mike Bitting, Dave Watts,  In the marbles, Matt Flamisch, Phil Long, Kevin McElvaine,

Answers to our 8/1/12 trivia question brought to you by:

How many can you name?
(Photo by Charles Taylor - Wall Stadium, 1968)

Answers:  (From Right to Left): 
 Answers: (From Right to Left): 1. Sonny Seamon or Fred DeSaro 2. Rene Charland, 3. Andy Romano, 4. Ron Narducci, 5. Lou Lazzaro, 6. Jerry Cook 7. George Peters, 8. Bob Malzahn, 9. Buzzie Reutimann, 10. Frankie Schneider, 11. Dick Havens, 12. Whip Mulligan, 13. Gil Hearne (?), 14. Pee Wee Griffin (?), 15. Bugsy Stevens, 16. Leo Cleary, 17. Will Cagle, 18. Tommie Elliott, 19. Jim Hoffmann, 20. (?), 21.(?), 22. Bob Rossell, 23. Joe Severage, 24. Bill Brice, 25. Don Stumpf, 26. Parker Bohn, 27. Ed Flemke
Answers received from: Bill "Pyro 52" Walker, Ed Duncan, Joe Cryan, Larry Dascenzo, Edward Lentz, Tom Berry, Aintgotime4this, Tom Alfrey, Kevin Eyres, Anthony Ferraiuolo IV, Charles M. DeFebbo, Rich Wolsky, Scott Ely, Don Rounds, Hunter Frey, Kevin Newman, Edward Smith, Howard Stern and Tom D.

Answers to our 4/14/12 "In The Shadows" Trivia Question
Brought to you by:

We asked, "How many modifieds can you name in this Wayne Bechtel photo (1977) from East Windsor Speedway?"

Answers:  #24 Ken Brenn Jr., #17 Toby Tobias, #3 Jimmy Horton, #19 Kenny Brightbill, #6 RJ Brown and not sure about the last car... might be Al Michalchuk #292?

Answers received from:  Jack Kromer, John London, Hemi27, Joe Cryan, Indylegs, CHIP, David Rogie and Jeff Matthews  (See the photos below for some additional information.)

Answer to our 1/20/12 Trivia Question Brought to You By:

We asked:  "Can you name the two driver's of the #7 above?"

Answer:  Mario and Aldo Andretti
Correct Answers Received From: 
Jim, Joe Cryan, Rob Renninger, Leo Boyer, Larry Jendras Jr., Robert VanFleet, Wayne Heiserman, Larry Dascenzo, Ed Duncan, Tom Berry, Ned Stites III, Bob Becker, Ray Shea, Dick Schoonmaker, Steve Cameron, Steven Sabo, Marty Little, Steve Kresge, Paul Hersh, Edward T. Smith and Mike Allen
Thank you to all that participated and thanks to Jim Silvius for providing this original image from his father Leroy Silvius.

Answer to our 1/10/12 Trivia Question Brought to you by:

"East Windsor Trivia"

We asked - "How many cars/drivers can you identify in this Ace Lane Jr photo from East Windsor Speedway (1972 or '73)?" 

Answers: Bill Dubovick  #Z-22, Lenny Martin Jr. #292, Chic Ronan #R2, Robert Hendrickson #75, Cal Mowery #7 and John Trauger #32.  The rest remained unidentified.

3 or More Correct Answers Received From: 
Steve Cameron, David Rogie, Rich Scott and Mark Yaple

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