Question Posted June 26, 2005:
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"All Time Favorite"
East Windsor Trivia:
For those of you who were fortunate enough to attend the races at East Windsor Speedway throughout the 70's, you're sure to recognize the little #41C shown below.  While I don't ever remember him winning a feature, the driver of this car showed us all something about this sport that as we grow older, we can appreciate with each day....

b06.26.05_41C_MYS.jpg (72510 bytes)









Correct Answer:  Vince Cannazaro.  Vince, known as "The Flying Baker", lost his life as a result of experiencing a heart attack while racing at East Windsor Speeway in the late 70's - But he was doing what he loved to do...

I remember Vince being there week after week...  And we'd all watch the little brown and white #41c Coupe, that never seemed to change... year after year...., hoping that Vince would qualify for the Sportsman Feature on that particular evening... But knowing that even if he didn't, he was out there...  And being out there is more than many can claim... 

Vince showed us all that you only get one time around.... and if you're not doing what you want then what else is there?  Vince was well into his late 60's when he left us - doing what he wanted to be doing.

Correct Answers Received From:  Doug Megill, Bob Turlip (#8!), Paul Garzillo, Mark Yaple, Scott Pacich, Bob Becker, Kenny & Paul (The Buick Guys), Tom Hart, Fred M, Kevin Budden, Jim Stoveken, Jeff Matthews, Paul Madsen, Jman, Pat McBride, Tom Berry, John Shipley, Walter Onora, Spilly, John Lengenfelder, Jeff McBride, Andy Styner, Jeff McClung, Rick Shive, Wes Suydam, Rich Scott, Bob Caramella, Rich Caramella, Wayne Weaver, Larry Dascenzo, Joe Gottlieb, Warren Wetzel, Fred Voorhees, Tom DiMarcello, Ned Stites III, Neal Wilt, George LeBlanc (LeBlanc Train & Hobby Center), Clint Bush, Fred Menschner, Dom Ragno, Bob Hoffman, Dave Gunther, Earl Krause, Jerry Hart, Tim Weber, Frank Miller, Bobby Fiorello, Bill Hanna, John Hanna, John Armbruster, MNZ Racing, Bob Stives,

Question Posted June 19, 2005:
Palmco%20Crash%20Repair1.jpg (48987 bytes) "Variety is the Spice of Life" Trivia: We asked you to provide the driver's name, car # and BODY STYLE of each of these mid 70's Flemington Modifieds! 
b06.19.05_FLM_MYS_NES_0070_1.jpg (93984 bytes)
Photographer:  Wayne Bechtel  -   Provided by Frank Miller
Correct Answer:   Paul "Sandy" Rochelle in the Pinto #C&L22, Stan Ploski in the Mustang #27, Glenn FItzcharles in the Chevette #23, Bob Ayers in the Dale Clickner #32A Coupe, and Paul Fitzcharles in the Rissi #59 Falcon (with possibly a Mustang roof!)

Correct Answers Received From: Don C, Jeff Matthews, Fred Voorhees, Ned Stites III, Nick Lombardi, Barry Miller, John Armbruster, Bob Scott, Rich Scott, Jack Kromer, Spilly, Rick Shive, Jeff McClung, Scott Pacich,  Paul Garzillo, Todd Lewis, Bob Becker, Brian Loutrel, Frank Degnan, Mark L. Krammes, Paul Madsen, Billy "Krash" Walker, Bill Hanna, Walter Onora, Paul B & Kenny "Turnkey" N. from Flemington Buick, "Cowboy" George Yawger, Mark Yaple, Bob Caramella, Richard Caramella, Russ Ackley, Mark Burd, Wes Suydam, Frank Miller, Greg Owen,

Question Posted June 12, 2005:

jd3_lo.jpggo.jpg (23824 bytes) "Now You See It... Now You Don't" Trivia Question:  We took away the #'s on the original version to make things a little tougher, but many of you still recognized Charlie Shire in his black #29

shire_trivia.jpg (54954 bytes)














Correct Answers Received From:  Kevin Budden, Scott Pacich, John Mc, Jeff McClung, Bob Becker, Mark Yaple, Paul Madsen, George Yawger, Ned Stites III, Frank Degnan, Bob Yurko, Bob Scott, John Hanna, Tom Tinsman, Jack Kromer, Lester Potts, Jim Brewer, Nick Lombardi, Bob Turlip, Greg Collins, Walter Onora, Dennis DiBrizzi, Dave Gunther, Fred Voorhees, Clint Bush, Tom Berry, Howie Cronce, Glenn Ehrhardt, Mike Schaub, Wes Suydam, Peak Racing Equipment - Greg C, Herb Hoskins, Barbara Kody, Barry Miller, John Armbruster, Rich Struthers, Don Biegley (S&D Bodyline), John Stover, Earl Krause, Terry Lynch, Larry Dacenzo

Question Posted June 5, 2005:
SPD_PAL_FRT.jpg (57871 bytes)"Flemington Front Four" Trivia Question:
b06.06.05_GRP_FRT_FLM_0090_1.jpg (93484 bytes)








We asked:   "Can you name the "Flemington Front 4" in this Ace Lane Photo?"
(Car #'s:  #0, #19D, #82 & #12 

Correct Answer:  As it turns out, this is the last race held on dirt Flemington, at the close of the 1990 season.  The four cars featured in this photo are:  #0 Wayne Weaver, #19D Ricky Elliott, #82C Pete Bicknell, #12V Curt VanPelt

Answers Received From:  Paul Garzillo, Jack Kromer, Todd Lewis, Mark Burd, Shawn McAndrews, Neal Wilt, Fred Voorhees, Bill Hanna,

Question Posted May 27th, 2005

 maxwell_logo.jpg (40363 bytes) "Borrowed Ride" Trivia Question: b05.30.05_606_PEL_FLM_0070_1.jpg (58789 bytes)











Can you name one, or both of the drivers above in Flemington's victory lane with this Ford Powered #606?   If so, click below!
Correct Answer:   George Pelyak and Jimmy Brenn!
Seems Jimmy had engine problems earlier in the night and George offered the seat of his unproven, Ford powered #606.  Well, after this night, it was "Proven" as Jimmy brought it home to victory lane!

Correct Answers Received From:  Rick Shive, Kevin B, Jeff McClung, Spilly, John Toth, Nick Lombardi, Earl Krause, Jeff Matthews,  Rich Scott, Jack Kromer, Bob and Rich Caramella, Fred Voorhees, Paul Madsen,  Bill Hanna

Question Posted May 20th, 2005
This Week's "Gotta Know - Double O" Trivia, brought to you by:
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We asked:  "Can  you name the driver of the #00 from this 70's New Egypt (Not Wall!) photo?

05.27.05__00_MYS_SM.jpg (48405 bytes)
(Photo Provided by:  GSVSCC)
Answer:  Ken Wooley  (Many thought this was either George of Sonny Mccurdy, but we are told that the driver is Ken Wooley at this 1970's New Egypt Speedway Photo.
Correct Answers Received From:  Billy "Krash" Walker, Barry Hulse, Nick Lombardi, Kevin Newman, Scott Pacich, Bill Lowden

Question Posted May 12th, 2005
Question brought to you by :
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WE  ASKED:   "How many of these Flemington Modifieds can you name (please provide car # and driver's name) from this early 70's Flemington photo taken by Bill Young, provided by Herb Hoskins?"
b05.15.05_56X_MYS_FLM_0070_1.jpg (72789 bytes)
ANSWER:  Jules or Geza Sustacz (sp?) #37, Glenn Fitzcharles #56x, Gary Kolenz #19, (possibily the front end of Sammy Beavers in the #121 Coach), Freddy Adam or Gerald Chamberlain in the #76 and Oliver Butler in the Fred Menschener #21 Coupe, and many of you also added that they noticed Al Tasnady standing on the right with his back to the camera.

Correct Answers Received From:  Jack Kromer, Lester Potts, Paul Madsen, Walter Onora, Nick Lombardi, Rick Shive, Fred Voorhees, Jeff McClung, Rich Scott, Kenny and Paul, Bobby Fiorello, Jeff Kuhl, Bob and Rich Caramella, Andy-27KC, Joe Bokros,

Question Posted May 5th, 2005  Brought to you by:
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We asked:  "Can you identify the "usual" car #'s of all 3 of these cars along with the driver inside on this 1963 day at Langhorne, PA as captured by Dick Ivins?"
Here's the answers in red:
#31 - Usually #39, Driven by:  Budd Olsen
#70 - Usually #707, Driven by:   Al Tasnady
#84 - Usually #81, Driven by:   Don Stives

b05.07.05_GRP_LAN_LAN_0063_1 copy.jpg (32593 bytes)










Correct Answers Received From:  John Shipley, George Perkins, Mike Schaub, Jim Brewer, Tom Berry, Bob Burd, Ed Duncan, Fred Voorhees, Dave Neuman, Charlie Lindmar, John Ricker, Andy Styner, John Fahey, Bill Hanna, Ned Stites III, Bob Scott, J. Stinnett, Larry Dascenzo, Earl Krause, Bob Scott, Sherrie Dornberger, Kenny and Paul

Question Posted April 28th, 2005  Brought to you by :
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We asked if you could identify what the fellow with the safari hat was probably doing walking around the grandstands on this night... as he did every Saturday Night at the Square!
(Click on the photo below for a better view)
04.30.05_sm_mystery_pic.jpg (63428 bytes)
photo by:  Hank Winecker

Answer:  That's Jim "ICE CREAM HERE - PEANUTS....." Williams.  Jim always brought a smile along with the ice cream, peanuts, racing papers and whatever else he had for sale walking from section to section of the grandstands.  Many of you reminded us here in the Vault how if the red was out, those in the Covered Grandstands could still here Jim all the way over between turn 1 & 2!

Jim's son Johnny Williams took up the trade along side his father and would also sell cold drinks and licorice at the square too.  Today, Johnny Williams can be found on most Saturday Nights at New Egypt Speedway selling..... (you guessed it.....) Ice Cream!

Jim "ICE CREAM HERE - PEANUTS....." is another part of what Flemington was to all of us.

Correct Answers Received From: 
Jeff Gravett, John McCaughey, Clint Bush, Don C, Nick Lombardi, Rich Scott, Andy Styner, Walter Onora, Jim Murrow, Joe Bokros, Fred Voorhees, Sherrie Dornberger, Jack Kromer, Larry Dascenzo, Mark Nipps, Bill Hanna, George Yawger, Skip McPherson, John Marelli, Steve Peterson, Todd Jenkins, Bobby Fiorello, Jeff Matthews, Todd Lewis, Mike Shaub, Earl Krause, Ed Duncan, Bob Becker, Don C, Andy Styner, Stan Fan, Jim Kelleher

Question (also) Posted April 21st, 2005
Here's the recap to the special Reading Fans Trivia from Ken Johnson:

"Hamburger Helper!"
Reading_Burger.JPG (113836 bytes)
Photo By:  Unknown - Provided By:  Ken Johnson
We asked:  Can you name the driver of the "Hamburger Special from this 1950's Reading photo? 

While many offered that the driver was Dave Marburger, we are told that the driver on this day was Jack Rudy at Reading.
Correct Answer Received From:  John Dawsen

Question Posted April 24th, 2005  Brought to you by :
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(Click on the photo below for a better view)
b04.24.05_072_MYS_EWS_small.jpg (33919 bytes)
Photo by:  Carl Becker - Provided By:   Bob Becker
We Asked:  "Can you name this East Windsor Sportsman driver from the mid 70's?"

Answer:  Pete Brittain!

Here's the hint we provided:  Not to long after this photo, he moved to the asphalt where he has been winning ever since.  In fact, he just won an event at Mahoning Valley 2 weeks ago and has been competing on the Race of Champions Modified Tour Circuit for quite a few years...

...A little more info about the #72 from Bob Becker:  "Pete and I picked up the body for this car from my buddy Danny Mitchell.  It was from the car Danny built and Rags Carter wrecked on Danny at Orange County.  Pete was a big Pee Wee fan and he helped him out in the pits at EWS.

Funny story on how he duplicated the numbers. We used one of my dad's slides of Pee Wee's car.  To get the right size, we put the poster paper on our neighbor's house and shot the projector out my mom and dad's window.  There we were in the dark "drawing" on the neighbors house!

Correct Answers Received From:  Billy (Krash 63) Walker, Kevin Budden, Walter Onora, Jeff McClung, John McCaughey, Clint Bush, Barry Hulse, Mark Burd, Mark Yaple, Earl Krause, Paul Madsen, Todd Lewis, Jack Kromer, Mark L. Krammes, Fred Voorhees, George Yawger, Shawn McAndrews, Frank Degnan, Andy Styner, Lester Potts, Nick Lombardi, Tom Hart, Herb Hoskins, Tom Berry, J. Stinnett, Ray Shea, Paul and Kenny, Bobby Fiorello, RedFred, Bob Caramella, Rich Caramella, Neal Wilt, Mark Nipps,  Jim Matthews, Rich Scott, Doug Megill

Question Posted April 17th, 2005
Question brought to you by :
Palmco_orange.jpg (17689 bytes)
"Same #... Same Driver... Same Results!"
We asked for you to provide the name and the car # of the driver below who you will still quite often find in victory lane... still driving the same # car!
04.17.05_MYS_SM.jpg (24747 bytes)
Photo By:  Bill Young - Provided By:  Herb Hoskins

This great photo Bill Young photo shows Frank in victory lane of what we think was his rookie year from 1974 (thanks Fred Voorhees), behind the wheel of the little white #44 Coupe.   Frank was the 2003 track Champion at NES and is one of the top runners any where he shows up with his helmet!

Correct Answers Received From: 
Ned Stites III, Pat McBride, Bob Caramella, Rich Caramella, Richard Pearson, Clint Bush, Kevin Budden, Joe Bokros, Paul Garzillo, John Toth, Rick Shive, Bobby Fiorello, Tom Berry, Mark Yaple, Mark Nipps, John McCaughey, Two Guys From Flemington Buick Parts Dept!, Bill Hanna, Shawn McAndrews, Don C., Walter Onora, Fred Voorhees, Jeff McClung, Nick Lombardi, Greg Collins, Dom Ragno, Sherri Dornberger, "Cowboy" George Yawger, Brian Marsh, Tom Hart, Bob Becker, Lester Potts, John Cooper, Peter Spaccarotella, John Shipley, Tommy Kosch, Todd Jenkins, Larry Dascenzo, Terry Miller, Jack Kromer, Bob Turlip, John Stinnett, Dave Neuman, Paul Madsen, Todd Lewis,

Question Posted April 10th, 2005
BB Logo Phone-Small_1.jpg (32241 bytes)"Asphalt" Trivia Question:  We Asked: "Can you name the driver of this car from this 1974 Wall Stadium photo?"

66_Trivia_04.10.05.jpg (41452 bytes)

Answer:  Rick Sendzik
Additional Info Provided by Barry from B&B Machine Shop Inc.,   If you say the name Rick Sendzik to a Wall Stadium fan, most of them will associate him with the Chet Konopacki #6 Orange Gremlin Modified.

This picture was taken by my late father, Stan Hulse with his trusty SX-70 Polaroid at Wall in either 1974 or 1975 at an open practice. The #66 Falcon is the former Terry Cain car that Rick Sendzik and Paul Thiele bought from Terry in I believe towards the end of 1972.

The two shared driver duties the first year, then Rick bought out Paul.  Rick then raced this Falcon with the 289 Ford until the year this picture
was taken.

Correct Answers Received From: Kevin Newman and Bob Becker

Question Posted April 3rd, 2005
jd3_lo.jpggo.jpg (23824 bytes) Flemington Frontstretch Trivia:  We asked:  "Can you identify any or all of the cars and drivers on the homestretch of Flemington?"
b04.02.05_015_MYS_FLM_0072_sm_1.jpg (45544 bytes)
Photo by Bill Young - Provided By Kevin Budden
We know it's a little blurry, but that just adds an extra degree of difficulty for all of you early 70's Flemington Fans....

Correct Answer (from the majority....) 1. Roy Pauch #15, 2. Al Tasnady #K46 (also driven by Mike Grbac and Kerry Schloeder), 3. Bob Rossell #56 (orange coupe with a black roof and white numbers).

Correct Answers Received From: Ned Stites III, Walter Onora, John Hanna, Nick Lombardi, Tom, Bob Becker, Jman, Paul Garzillo, Bob & Rich Caramella, Paul Madsen, Bob Scott, Jack Kromer, Barry Miller, Sue Lindahl, Don C, Katherine Toth, Ray Shea, Brian Loutrel, Mike Schaub, Joe Bokros, Frank Degnan, Rich Scott, K.N. (Turkey), Daddio, Walter Storholt, John Armbruster, Bob Fiorello, Rick Shive, Fred Voorhees, Jeff McClung, George Yawger, Tom Hart, Bill Hanna, Jeff Matthews, Matt Badessa, harring5, Todd Lewis, A.J. Kraft, Larry Dacenzo, Bob Turlip, Tammy Roberts, John Fahey, Clint Bush, Wayne Weaver, Jim "Cemetery Jim" Murrow, John Ricker, Guy A. Lindaberry, Mark Yaple, Tommy Kosch, Bob V.,

Question Posted March 27th, 2005
Run_Rite_TINY_2.jpg (22801 bytes) Trivia Challenge Question: We asked:   "Can you name this driver who competed on both dirt and asphalt, and can still be found driving this same car on occassion?"
007_sm.jpg (32487 bytes)

Click on the photo above for a better view
Answer:  Ray Shea
Ray is the President of the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (GSVSCC)!   You can still find Ray displaying and driving the former Joe Severage, Tom Baldwin, Ray Shea driven #7 coupe whenever you see the GSVSCC at a speedway near you. 

Correct Answers Received From: Ed Duncan, Wayne Weaver, Jeff McClung, Dave Spurlin, Chris Grbac, Bill Lowden,  Kevin Newman, Bob Caramella, Rich Caramella, Barry Hulse (B&B Machine Shop, Inc.) Matt Badessa, Frank Degnan, Bob Becker, Billy Walker-Krash 63, John Hanna,
Clint Bush, Dick S, Tom Berry, Scott Pacich, Jim Murrow, Fred Voorhees, Jerry H, Rob Jensen, Earl Krause, Sherri Dornberger, Peter Spaccarotella, Greg Owen,

Question Posted March 19th, 2005
"2 for 1"  Run_Rite_TINY_2.jpg (22801 bytes) Trivia Challenge -We Asked:  Can you name these 2 mystery drivers?
b03.19.05_MYS_MYS_UNK_0068G_1.jpg (77633 bytes)
Photo by:  Sophie A. Hertkoen - GSVSCC
Answer:  Bruce "Pee Wee" Griffin and Rene Charland
Correct Responses Received From: John McCaughey, Ned Stites III, Tom Berry, Bobby Fiorello, Walter Onora, Bob Becker, Ed Duncan, Emery and Linda Husvar, John Hanna, Warren Wetzel, Rick Shive, Bob Becker, Don Nugent, Dave Gunther, Sherry Dornberger, Greg Collins, Bill Hanna, Earl Krause, Turkey,

Question Posted March 12th, 2005
"Promoter's Choice"  Trivia Challenge - We asked:  "Can you name this driver?"
b03.14.05_037_MYS_FLM_0080_1.jpg (55390 bytes)
Here's the clue we provided:  This driver shown below negotiating turn 4 at Flemington, can now be found at a different speedway each Friday and Saturday Night...

Correct Answer: Dave Adams
Dave can now be found each Friday and Saturday Night at the Bridgeport Speedway as he is the promoter!  Dave is doing a heck of a job to really make Bridgeport reach the potential that we all know it has.  Thanks Dave for your committment to the sport.

Correct Responses Received From: Kevin Budden, Dave Hollenbach, Tom Hart, Earl Krause, Greg Hollenbach, Shawn McAndrews, Mark Yaple, Paul Madsen, Bob Fiorello, Rich Caramella, Bob Caramella, Dave "dsp photoz" Pratt, Mike Rogie, Matt Flamisch, Mike Feltenberger, RedFred, Jeff McClung, Mark Flamisch, Lester Potts, Mark Burd, Clint Bush, Jeff Matthews, Wayne Weaver, Bill Hanna, Mark L. Krammes, Mark Nipps, Romano Racing, Pat McBride, Todd Lewis, Don C, Rick Shive, Fred Voorhees, Nick Lombardi

Question Posted March 6th, 2005
We Asked:    "Name That Speedway":  We asked, "Can you name this speedway" and for extra credit, "Can you name any of the drivers?"
b03.06.05_MYS_PIC_UNK_0060_1.jpg.1.jpg (47390 bytes)
Photo By:  Unknown - Provided By: Kevin Budden

Answer:  VINELAND!   Those in the know told us that this photo was taken as the cars came off the 4th turn at Vineland.  Here's an interesting recap provided by Russ Dodge who just happens to have the pay off sheets for this day at Vineland!
"The picture was taken looking at the 4th turn at Vineland Speedway on Monday (Labor Day) September 4, 1961. The cars must people will name are closest to the camera: #2 Will Cagle (Note from 3 Wide: I thought it was Jackie McLaughlin in the #2 but it's not...), #95a Jackie McLaughlin, #XL1 Wally Dallenbach. On the inside #147 Augie Moschera, #4 Tommie Elliott.

Here's feature finish (top 10): 1st XL1 Wally Dallenbach ($350.) 2nd 16-J Elton Hildreth ($225.) 3rd. 2 Don Stumpf ($175.) 4th 95a Jackie McLaughlin ($150.) 5th 68 Pete Frazee ($125.) 6th 147 Augie Moschera ($115.) 7th 707 Dick Havens ($100.) 8th 84 Frank Myronchuck ($75.) 9th 1 Jack Hart ($100.) 1st Sportsman) 10th 35B Richie Massing ($30.)"    Thanks Russ.

Correct Answers Received From:  Ned Stites III, Ed Duncan, Jim Shipley, Russ Dodge, Todd Jenkins, Wayne Weaver, John Barsuglia, Jim Kelleher, Tom Berry, Wayne Carr, Bob Scott,

Question Posted Feb 20th, 2005

We asked:  Can you name this open wheel ace who later drove a very familiar yellow coupe in the Sportsman Division at Flemington in the early 70's?
b02.27.05_UNK_MYS_FAN_0060_1.jpg (66559 bytes)

Photo By Ace Lane Sr.

Answer:  Jimmy Maguire - Many of our "seasoned" visitors will remember Jimmy Maguire for his open wheel accomplishments of the 60's.  A terrible accident caused the loss of Jim's arm, but his determination brought him back to the sport, and back to his winning ways.
Some may also remember Jim behind the wheel of a former Ken Brenn Sr owned yellow coupe (previously #24), that Jimmy bought, renumbered it #37,  and drove in the Sportsman division at Flemington around 1975
A great driver, and a real ambassador for our sport, and if you ever get a chance to say hello to Jim, ask him how he got the nickname of "Magoo!" #

Answers Received From:  Walter Onora, Mike Shaub, Brian Rozycki, Bobby Fiorello, Tom Berry, Jim Brewer, Fred Voorhees, Ed Duncan, John McCaughey, Jack Kromer, Jim Kelleher, Phil Tirrell, Bob G, Mike Calla, Warren Wetzel, Nick Lombardi, Mark Nipps, Dave Gunther, Earl Krause, Bob Hummer Sr., Joe Bokros, Mark Yaple, Bill Hanna, Faith Barker, Bill Shand, Rik Smith, Clint Bush, John Marelli, Rick Shive, Bob Becker, Rich Imlay, Don C, John Hanna, Paul Madsen,

Question Posted Feb 23rd, 2005

We asked:  Can you name "3 Outta 4" of these East Windsor Competitors?

303_7a_EWS_sm.jpg (34758 bytes)0_9c_EWS_sm copy.jpg (45220 bytes)
Above photos by Ace Lane - Provided by Ace Lane

Answers Received:  :  #303 Fred Dmuchowski, #7A Chic Cossabone, #9C of Howie Cronce... and we're still not sure about the "Flying 0" (We received the following guesses: Charlie Kremer, Chick Whitesell and Lew Hahn, but we remember Chick and Lew in different "0's", so we'll leave it open for now in case any of you come up with a "final answer!"

Answers Received From:  Barry Miller, Tom Berry, Bill Hanna, John Mc, Pat McBride, George Yawger, Frank Degnan, Fred Voorhess, Paul Madsen, Nick Lombardi, Kevin Budden, Rick Shive, Tom Hart, Rich Scott, Jack Kromer, R Ackley, Mike Feltenberger, Jeff McClung, Don C, Bob Hoffman, Joe Bokros, RedFred, Marc Horger, Bobby Fiorello, Jim Matthews, John Stover

Question Posted Feb 13th, 2005

We asked:  We asked: "Name 3 Outta' 4" from this Bill Young Flemington Sportsman action shot from the early 70's.

b02.12.05_663_669_FLM_0070_1.jpg (76101 bytes)
Photo By:  Bill Young  -  Provided By:  Kevin Budden 

Answers Received:  :  Roger Altemose #663, Lee McBride #11, Leon Altemose #669 and Les Katona #K3

Answers Received From:  Paul Madsen, Tom Berry, Bob Becker, John McCaugher, Jeff McClung, Bobby Fiorello, Jack Kromer, Barry Miller, Fred Voorhees, Clint Bush, Mark Yaple, Frank Degnan, John Lengenfelder, Gloria Katona, Nick Lombardi, Rick Shive, Bob Turlip, Jim Young

Question Posted Jan 30th, 2005
We asked: 
Name That Drifter!

b02.05.05_MYS_SLD_FLM_0080_1.jpg (46906 bytes)
Answer:  Billy Pauch  (Many guessed it was "Stan the Man"... and there's no doubt that Stan is known as the "King of Swing" as in "Swingin' The Ass End Around" better than anyone at the square....  We also had quite a few who said it was Flemington's own "King of the Small" Block Karl Freyer....   But here's a picture showing the same hood on the "L" driven by Billy
L_Pauch_31_Kellysm.jpg (38181 bytes)

Answers Received From:  John Armbruster, Fred Voorhees, Kevin Budden, Peter VanNoordt, Bob Vichioli, Joe Bokros, Barry Miller, John Hanna, Jack Kromer, Don C, Jeff Matthews, Tommy Kosch, Walter Onora, RedFred, Todd Lewis, Jeff McClung, Mike Feltenberger, Jim Storholt, Rich Scott, Tom Hart, Herb Hoskins, Cowboy George Yawger, Bob Hoffman, Mark Burd, Jim Young, Paul Madsen, Mark Yaple

Question Posted Jan 23rd, 2005

We asked:  "Dirt or Asphalt.... It Didn't Matter!..... We asked you guys to provide 3 names of drivers who get it done git r dun on the dirt or on the asphalt!

03.17.03_029_HEA_EWS_0060_1.jpg (47792 bytes)
Gil Hearne shown above in this late 60's Ace Lane photo taken at East Windsor Speedway "got it done" on the asphalt and on the dirt.

Answers Received:  Al Tasnady, Will Cagle, Frank Schneider, Gil Hearne,  Elton Hildreth, Joe Kelly, Don Stives, Don Stumpf, Bob Malzahn, Bruno Brackey, Buzzie Reutiimann, Bob Rossell, Elton Hildreth, Merv Treichler, Jan Opperman, Billy Pauch, Jimmy Horton, Kenny Brenn, Doug Hoffman, Pete Brittain, Jerry Cook, Sonny Hutchins, Eddie Bohn, John Megill, John Kurowski, Richie Evans, Don Diefendorf, Lou Lazzaro, Jim Winks,  Budd Olsen, Johnnie Roberts, Wally Dallenbach, Bill Wimble, Dick Lewis, Harry Moore, Pee Wee Griffin, Gerald Chamberlain, Tighe Scott, Tommie Elliott, Pete Cobb, Bob Patterson,

(2nd Question):  We also asked:  "What is the last year that Gil Hearne drove on dirt? 

12_Hearn_EWS.jpg (71201 bytes)
Well, Bob Becker offered the attached photo and explaination:  Here is what  is thought to be the last car that Gil Hearne's drove on dirt...  The picture was taken by Carl Becker at East Windsor Speedway in 1973.  The car was sold to Kerry Schloeder who painted it white and drove it as the #K46 the following year.   We know that Gil drove for Paul Blair and were hoping to come up with a picture or info with him behind the wheel of the good looking #3 that many will remember being driven by Wayne Reutimann, but so far, we have been unable to prove it...  Thanks for all the participation!
Mark Yaple also added that he remembered Gil drivng the Dave Hulse #68, but wasn't sure if it was before or after 1973.  (Picture also appears courtesy of GSVSCC)

Answers Received From:  Terry Ziegler, George Perkins, Russ Dodge, Tom Berry, George LeBlanc, Larry Dascenzo, Kevin B, Mark Burd, Jeff McClung, Frank Degnan, John Hanna, Ed Duncan, Don C, Bobby Fiorello, Joe Bokros, Todd Lewis, Tommy Kosch, Jack Kromer, Jerry Binner, Barry Hulse, Bob Becker, Lester Potts, John Stover, Walter Onora, Bob Scott, Edward Smith, Bob Hoffman, Ned Stites III, Tammy Taylor Roberts, Kevin Newman, Tom Tinsman, tdmns101, Rick Shive, Billy Walker, Mark Yaple, Mike Rogie,

Question Posted Jan 16th, 2005

We asked:  "Independent Trivia" Challenge"  We asked can you name the driver of pictured?
b01.17.05_07B_MYS_FLM_0080_1.jpg (66860 bytes)

Answer :  Bob Barone - Bob learned about racing from his dad and his Uncle Ralph who were busy working on such cars as the Piscopo #39 and the Carberry #47.  While he may never have captured a Modified feature at the square, you couldn't help but notice how strong this independent from the Trenton, NJ area was, racing his self owned great looking #7B against some of the all time greats of the day.  He also fabricated bodies for others and also competed at Syracuse in the mid 80's.

Answers Received From:  Earl Krause, Mark Burd, Lester Potts, Joe Urso, Jack Kromer, Lenny Swider, Tom Berry, Jeff Matthews, Kevin Englishman, John McCaughey, Fred Voorhees, Bobby Fiorello, Mike Rogie, Mark Nipps, Tommy Kosch, Fred Hahn, Dave Neuman, Paul Madsen, RedFred, Jeff McClung, Bob Smith Kevin Budden, Wes Suydam, Don Nugent, Tom Hart, Ken Thoman, Paul Garzillo, Nick Lombardi, Kipp Mowery, rjeff16, Walter Onora, Don C, Bob Vichioli, Rachel Gangel, Bob Caramella, Rich "Nice shirt at Motorsports" Caramella, Pat McBride, Jim4j, Mark L. Krammes, Herb Hoskins, Mark Yaple, Todd Lewis, Rich Scott, John, John Lengenfelder, John Cooper, Larry Dascenzo, Jerry Binner, Henry Wilt, John Armbruster, Tammy Taylor Roberts, Bill Hanna, Spilly, Jim Browne, Ned Stites III, Doug Leubner, Mark Flamisch, Billzee22, Palmco Crash Repair, Rick Shive

Question Posted Jan 16th, 2005

mystery_pic_01.10.05.jpg (54938 bytes)   047_Havens_Trivia_sm.jpg (53106 bytes)

We asked:  "Can you name the driver?"   We intentionally removed the #'s from the car to make it a little difficult and provided the following information:
Clue:  His first race was in 1948 at Nazareth where he drove a 1937 ford with a flathead motor owned by Frankie Schneider.
He then went on to drive for the following owners:  Carl Wolfinger, Tom Eppolite, Lucky Jordan, Joe Bullock, Harold Meyers, Tom Carberry, George Taylor, Pete and June Camarell, Dick Cass, Wally Marks, Dean Applegate, Matt McMann #4.
He also had 2 URC rides at Flemington, and 2 Midget rides in Atlantic City.  He won a total of 6 Championships including the 1958 Wilmington Delaware Championship, 1960 Hatfield Championship, 1963 Grandview "first" Modified Championship, 1967 Flemington Championship, 1968 EWS Championship, and 1970 Flemington Championship ( with 9 feature wins).

Answer:  Dick Havens

Answers Received From :  George LeBlanc, Jeff Mathews, Mark Marotta, Mark Marotta, Kevin Budden, Sherri Dornberger, Mark Nipps, Rich Havens Jr, Ned Stites III, Terry Ziegler, Nick Lombardi, Paul Garzillo, Fred Voorhess, Bob Becker, Leonard Slemmer, Ken Thoman, Frank Degnan, Bill Hanna, Kevin Cadwallader, Tammy Taylor Roberts, Dave Neuman, Tom Berry, John Larsen, Don C, Mark 81, Norene Havens, Jack Kromer, Rick Shive, Larry Dascenzo, Walter Onora, John Moll, Ed Duncan, John Armbruster, D.J. Everett, Jim Brewer, John Stover, Brian Marsh, Pete Lovell, Joe Bokros, Mark Burd, Mark Yaple, Lester Potts, Ed Smith, Brian Loutrel, John McCaughey, Jeff McClung, Rich Scott, John Hanna, Jas

Question Posted Jan 9th, 2005

We asked:  We asked: "Can you to name 5 different drivers that you saw (or heard about) that raced a Paul Deasey owned #707?"

Answers Received:  :  George Sleight, Frankie Schneider, .Al Tasnady, Bill Wimble, Paul Deasey Jr., Stan Ploski, Sammy Beavers, Gerald Chamberlain, Jim Hendrickson, Dizzy Dean, Jan Opperman, Paul Fitzcharles, Jim Baker, Al Michalchuk, Bobby Abel, Dick Tobias, Bob Pickell, Bobby Braxton, Budd Olsen, Jackie McLaughlin, Will Cagle, Dick Havens, Elton Hildreth, Jim Smith, Clate Huston, Dave Kelly, Norman Kidd, Herb Tilman, Kenny Weld, Freddy Adams, Billy Osmun, Van May, Marshall Whitsel, Donnie Varner, Jimmy Boyd, George Tet, Kenny Shoemaker, Bob Gerhart, Joe Kelly, Jerry Clark (from California)  and Ray NearyWe're not sure about all of them, but we're pretty sure all of those listed above drove the Big Donkey at least once.

Answers Received From:  Russ Dodge, Don C, John Hanna, Ned Stites III, Jim Brewer Terry Ziegler, Joe Bokros, Pat McBride, Mark Burd, Jeff McBride, MJ Marotta, Tom Berry, Bob Becker, Kevin Budden,Lester Potts, Bob Caramella, Rich Caramella, Brian Marsh, Jeff McClung, Ed Duncan, Paul Madsen, Bob Hoffman, Bobby Fiorello, Frank Miller, Mark Nipps, John Armbruster, Leonard Slemmer, Barry Miller, Ken Thoman, Pete Lovell, Frank Degnan, Rich Havens Jr., Bill Hanna, John Stover, Mark Yaple, Rich Scott, John McCaughey, Rick Struthers, John Mroz, Mike Schaub, Edward Smith, Rick Shive, Jim Young, John Marelli, John Moll, Sherri Dornberger, Larry Dascenzo, John Mroz Jr, Craig Ray, Ken Johnson , Joe Cryan

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