Answer to our "Unannounced Trivia..." from 6/27

We asked: Name the driver and location of this cool Jack Kromer photo:

Answer:  Lee Taylor
(Here's a better look below with the name on the roof)

(We are told that Ronnie Leinbach and Dave Marburger also drove this particular car.)
Answers Received From: 
Paul Madsen, John Mc, Edward Lerch, Mike Mc!, Steve Kresge, Michael Clissold, John Ricker, Donald Wolfe, Chuck Hassler, Leonard Slemmer, CIZZER, Bob Turlip, Ray705, Joe Cryan, Tommy Kosch, Wes Suydam, Mark Yaple, Henry Payne, Fred Voorhees, klhjch, Larry Dascenzo Bill Hanna and Mike Shaub

Here's the Answer to Our 6/2 Trivia Questions Sponsored By:

East Windsor Victory Lane Mystery Driver:
Clues:  The car was usually immaculate... Check out the headers... It's a sportsman (although this driver did have one very exciting modified feature event win at Flemington later in his career).

Answer:  Danny Klockner

Correct Answers Received From:  John Mc, Joe Hauser Sr, Bill Walker, Wes Suydam, Mike Panicaro, William Hanna, RacerX, DJ Pennett, Paul Madsen, RussS, Jeff McClung, John Toth, Willie & Barb, Bobby Fiorello, Tom Gray, Tom Hart, Redfred,, Bob & Rich Caramella, Jack Kromer, Rick Shive, Tom McDonough, John Simmons, Tommy Kosch, G Washburn, Mark Yaple, Dave Gunther, Todd Lewis, Nick Lombardi and Mark Horger.

Answer to our 6/14/09 Trivia Question - Brought To You By:

"Bits & Pieces Flemington Trivia"


Ray Liss #10

Frankie Schneider #2

Bob Ayres #69

Newt Hartman #24

John Scarpati #S2

Larry Taylor #X-15

Ronnie Dunstan #39

Fred Dmuchowski #303

Mike Grbac #16

Chuck Ancello #A

Bucky Barker #V8

Les Katona #K3

We were really only looking for car #'s, but additional info on the cars above are that Mark Hartman also drove the #24 and Rich Varone also drove for Barry Schenck in the #A and #B cars.
Above images are all from original Ace Lane Jr. images
...and for the hot shots out there... Here's one more for extra credit:

Billy Beasley #42
Extra Credit

Answers Received From:  Paul Madsen (13), John McCaughey (13), Tracey, Ricky Rutt, JC331, Bobby Fiorello, Werko, Wes Suydam, Jack Kromer, Bill Hanna, Rich Scott, Tommy Kosch, Bob & Rich Caramella (13), Fred Voorhees, John Lengenfelder, Mark Yaple (13),  Ray705, Joe Cryan, John Larson (13), Rick Shive (13), Steve Cameron, Racer17S, Bob Turlip and Brian Loutrel

Answer to our 5/14/09 Trivia Question - Brought To You By:

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We asked:  "How many can you name?"

Answers Received:  We think the #3 is either Larry or Lee Taylor in possibly a very early "Statewide Special" (or possibly Harry McConnell.  We're also not sure of the orange coupe but it could be Leon Altemose or Dave Sassaman #667 - #669) and probably Frank Kelly in the blue sedan (#31K).  That's the Silliman #4 red coupe on the right in the pits (driver Oliver Butler), Pete Chesson's #76 Pinto in the pits on the left driven by either Stan Ploski or Billy Osmun...  We also received other answers for some of the others way in the background, but if your monitor is like mine, they're pretty tough to see clear enough to be sure.  Here's a little better look:

Answers Received From: 
Pyro52, Michael Kent, Nick Lombardi, Bobby Fiorello, Skip McPherson, Wayne Heiserman,  Fred Menschner,  Brian Loutrel, Walter Onora,

Answer to our 5/1/09 Trivia Question - Brought To You By:

We asked:  Name the drivers in the three coupes and coach pictured in this April 23, 1961 Vineland Speedway photo. 
(Question and photo provided by Russ Dodge.)

Answer: #3 Dick Havens, #SSS Pete Frazee, Coach (#7) Johnny Roberts and #XL1 Joe Kelly

Answers Received From:
  Ed Duncan, Michael Kent, Edward Smith, George Perkins, Gary Eck, Craig Ford, John Fahey and Bobby Fiorello

Here's the Answer to our 4/01/09 Trivia Question:

Photo By: Ned Stites III - Provided By: Ned Stites III

We asked:  "Can you identify the car # and the driver of the Gremlin above from this Flemington photo?"
Here's a few clues:  We erased the # from the car above to make it more difficult because this car had a very "recognizable #"...  The car also usually had a very "recognizable paint scheme", although in the photos above, it looks like it was still in light gray primer...  which is very strange since this was usually one of the nicest looking modifieds in the pits!  (The number that was on the car that we erased was only on there with black tape which indicates to us that this was either very early in the year, or the car had just come back from a serious accident the week before.)

Answer:  Fritz Epright in the Norcia #81. 

Here's some additional info received from a Vault Visitor "Spilly" that might explain what happened:  "I believe this was Fritz Epright's last ride in the Norcia #81 at Flemington. I was there that day. If I'm right, here's the story as I remember it.

I believe this happened the day of a Flemington 200. The Norcia boys had just finished this car, didn't even have time to letter it.  They were there for a shakedown run with this car. I was told by a reliable source that Fritz was given specific instructions to "take it easy". Well, he was immediately on the gas during warm ups, and he was flying!"

"The next thing you know, he goes in to the turn one fence seemingly wide
open. Evidently the throttle stuck.  The Norcia team was pretty upset with the situation..."

We're not sure how much (or if any) of the above info is accurate, but it sounds very possible, and we do know from the original photographer/provider that it is the Black Horse #81, and we do know that it was one of Flemington's all time best "Fritz Epright" behind the wheel.  (We also know that race drivers are supposed to step on the "right" pedal, more than the "left" so sounds like Fritz was doing his job and something unfortunate happened!)   

Correct answers received by: 
Paul Madsen, John Toth, Rob Spilatore, Ray705, Michael Kent, Biker1300vtx, Rich Scott, and Tom Ragno.

Here's the Answer to our 3/15/09 Trivia Question:

We asked:  "Can you name the driver of the #9 sponsored by "Barker Bus" as captured between turns 3 & 4 at Flemington by photographer Rich Imlay? (Photo provided by Rich Imlay)...  and for extra credit, can you name 3 others who drove a "Barker Bus" sponsored car?"

Jeff Adams

Other Driver's of "Barker Bus" sponsored cars and/or cars that said "Barker Bus" on them include:  Pete Chesson, Billy Osmun, Stan Ploski, Vinnie Brown, Gary Butler, Fritz Epright, Billy Pauch, Brett Hearn, Gary Butler, Freddy Smith, Ken Schrader, and maybe Pete Van iderstine and Bucky Barker.   ... And we were reminded that the Craig McCaughey's #301 below also had "Barker Bus" on the quarter panel.

Correct answers received by: Chris Martz, Mark Burd, Bill Hanna, Wes Suydam, Brian Rozycki, NJ Warehouse, Jeff Karabin, Bobby Fiorello, Joe Cryan, Todd Lewis,  1stgasman@nes, Dave Pratt (dsp photoz), John McCaughey, Rick Shive, Michael Panicaro, Jeff_(RaceParts-R-Us), Rich Scott, Tracey Adams, Douglas Leubner, John Simmons,  Donald Wolfe,Bob Hummer Sr, and Steve.

Here's the Answer to our 2/28/09 Trivia Question:
We asked:  "How many can you name from this William Curley photo from 1963 at Vineland Speedway?

Correct Answers:   35B Richie Massing, 11 Jim Hoffman, 81 Don Stives,
07 Steve Elias, 147 Augie Moschera, 23 Tom Eppolite and 68 Pete Frazee

Answers Received From:  Tom Berry, Charlie Lindmar, George Perkins, Larry Dascenzo, Ed Duncan, Steve Cameron, Walter Onora, Howard, Bill Ore, Russ Clock and  Edward Lerch.

Here's the Answer to our 3/1/09 Trivia Question:  We Asked:
"Can you name the driver and car # of the Hobo Special pictured below?"

Answer:  AUGIE LIEBER in the #57A
Correct Answers received from:  Glenn Ehrhardt, Warren (FLIPWW), Mike Clissold, John Ricker, Ken Stull, Hank Winecker, Larry Dascenzo, Bill K, John Marelli, Phil B and Dave Condit

Here's the Answer to our 2/14/09 Trivia Question:
6 Pack Trivia...  We asked:  "Can you name the top 6 cars and drivers....  We're not going to get the magnifying glass out for the rest of them, so we're only looking for the top 6.... "

Photo By Bill (?) Farress/Provided by Bill Faress (Jr?)

1.  #6 Maynard Troyer
2,  #99 Geoff Bodine
3.  #3 Bugs Stevens
4.  #58 Merv Treichler
5.  #7 Lee Osborne (car usually driven by Dutch Hoag)
6.  #69 Jean Guy Chartrand

Where pretty sure the photo is from the 1970 Race of Champions which was won by Merv Treicher (in the maroon #58 coupe above).  We're also told that Lee Osborne was in the #7 Genesee Valiant on this day (usually driven by Dutch Hoag) and we're told that he flipped it on lap 144).  Thank you to Jim Brewer and others who provided detailed info to support the photo above.

Responses received from:  Billy Krash Walker, Blake Adam, Kevin Budden, Dave Welty, Warren Wetzel, Dan Langlois, Tom Berry,  Bobby Fiorello, Jim Brewer, Steve Cameron, Steve Sabo, Kerry Viar, Bob Becker, Ed Duncan , Mike H, Mike Allen, Bill Hanna, Dave560, Michael Kent, Mike & Laurel, George P, Joe Cryan, Sherwood Taylor Jr., James Donnelly,  Bill K, Charles DeFebbo, Rob Renninger, Lenny Slemmer Jr., Charlie Langenstein, Pete Van Fleet, Bruce Tarby, Rich Reinhart, Bob Turlip and Harry Cella, Steve Hmiel.

Answer to 02.02.09 Trivia:  We asked:  "Can you provide the driver's name and the # of the car inside the bus?"

Photo By:  Bob Yurko - Provided By:  Bob Yurko

Answer: Peppy Fernandez in the #X9

Correct Answers Received From:  Cookie Morris, Dave Gunther, Tom Gray, Lester Potts, George Pavlisko, Mike Clissold, Tom Berry, Hank Winecker, Bobby Fiorello, Jeff Scott, Wayne Weaver, Rick Shive, Harry Neiman, Rich Reinhart, rac43er, William Regiec, Wayne Heiserman, Wes Suydam, Craig Ford, Larry Dascenzo, Nick Lombardi, Ray Sicina, Steve Kresge, Greg Collins, Harold Klump, Steve Whitney, Tammy Taylor Roberts, Jeff Kuhl, Dick Millar, R. Lemasters, Steve Cameron, Robin F., Jack Kromer, Scott Peters, Joe Cryan, Mark Burd, Scooter Van Noordt, Bill Hanna, Barry Roeschke, dwsulpy, Warren Wetzel, Mark Stitzel, Stephen Sabo, Mike Stevens, Tommy Kosch, Mike Allen, Shawn McAndrews, and Brian Loutrel, Robert Hanna, Ed Duncan and John Ricker.

Great job by all.  It's also good to see the kind of impact the originality and ingenuity of guys like Peppy Fernandez has had on so many of us.  I only got to see Peppy run a few times at Flemington in a Fastback Mustang bodied car, but his cars, and in this case, how he got them to the track are a big part of why we can't leave those great days of short track racing behind.  -3Wide

Answer to 01/31/09 Trivia:  We asked: "Can You Name All 3?"

Photo By:  Paul Irving - Provided By:  Paul Irving

Answer:  Del George #87, Harry Behrent #3 and Kenny Brightbill #19

Correct Answers Received From:  Bill Hanna, Steve Sabo, Tom Berry, Mike Sabo, Dave Gunther, Rich Reinhart, Cookie Wes Suydam, Joe Hauser Sr., Jack Kromer, Rich Miller, Mark Burd, Wayne Barz, Spilly, Bobby Fiorello, Don Wolfe, Joe Cryan, Jeff Matthews.

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