Answer to our Trivia Question (Part 1) Posted 6/24/06:
Question #1:  "5 Easy Pieces" Trivia Question:    (Well.. we're not so sure how easy they were, but we were sure some of you would recognize what 1970's Modifieds these pieces belong to!")

Mystery_Part_1.jpg (53502 bytes) Mystery_Part_4.jpg (24333 bytes) Mystery_Part_3.jpg (40416 bytes) Mystery_Part_5.jpg (37259 bytes) Mystery_Part_6.jpg (28571 bytes)

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Answers From Left to right:   Deasey #707 driven by Stan Ploski, Norcia #81 with Don Stives driving on this day, Weld #29, Owner/Driver Fred Dmuchowski's #303 and the Emmett Alfrey owned Mike Grbac driven #47
So Far, Correct Answers Received From: Ned Stites III, Tommy Kosch, Jeff McClung, Mike McNamara, John Hanna, Stephen Sabo, Fred Voorhees, Paul Garzillo, Clint Bush, Jack Kromer, John Mc, Dave Daniels 28D, Don Stives, Michael Kent, Dale Stewart, Don C, Clay Benfield, Paul Madsen, Bob Turlip, Bob Becker, Jim Storholt, John Donnelly, Rich Miller, Jeff Matthews, Rob Renninger, Greg Chelak (Peak Racing Equipment), Wayne Weaver, Lester Potts, Dave Suchy, Eric Dyer, Wes Suydam, Scott Pacich, Tom Berry, Joe Bokros, Mike Schaub, Bill Walker, Bob Scott, Wayne Heiserman, Rick Shive, Bobby Fiorello, Howie Cronce, Dale Welty, Brian Loutrel, Mark Yaple, Leonard Slemmer, George "Cowboy" Yawger, Rich Scott, Mark Burd, Frank Degnan, Billy "Krash 63" Walker, Todd Lewis, Bob & Rich Caramella, Bruce Berger, Walter Onora, Mike Allen, Bill Hanna, Nick Lombardi, Mark Kielblock, Tom D, Tom Gray

Answer to our Trivia Question (Part 2) Posted 6/24/06:
Question #2:  "5 Not So Easy Pieces" Trivia Question:    Well.. maybe, maybe not... but we gave you guys 5 more to think about:

Mystery_Part_7.jpg (35708 bytes) Mystery_Part_9.jpg (43773 bytes) Mystery_Part_10.jpg (40738 bytes) Mystery_Part_11.jpg (27834 bytes) Mystery_Part_12.jpg (22902 bytes)

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Answers From Left to Right:  Wally Marks' owned #1 with Lee or Larry Taylor driving, Statewide #3 with Jimmy Horton driving, Bullock #76 Falcon with Chamberlain driving, Geoff Bodine's #99 Valiant and the Pat Rissi owned #59 driven by Paul Fitzcharles
So Far, Correct Answers Received From: Fred Voorhees (5), Michael Kent, John McCaughey (5), Pat McBride (5), Clay Benfield, Paul Madsen (5), Bob Turlip, Bob Becker (5), Jim Storholt, Jimmy Brown (5), Rich Miller (5), Jack Kromer (5), Don Stives, Rob Renninger, Tommy Kosch, Dave Suchy, Ned Stites III (5), Greg Chelak (5) (Peak Racing Equipment), Wayne Weaver, Lester Potts (5), Mike McNamara, Paul Garzillo (5), Wes Suydam, Scott Pacich (5), Tom Berry (5), Don C (5), Joe Bokros (5), Mike Schaub, Dave (dsp photoz) Pratt, Steve Sabo, Jeff McClung, Bob Scott (5), Scott Peters, Wayne Heiserman, Rick Shive (5), Howie Cronce, Dale Welty, Bill Walker (5), Brian Loutrel (5), Mark Yaple (5), Leonard Slemmer, George "Cowboy" Yawger, Clint Bush, Rich Scott (5), Mark Burd, Frank Degnan (5), Billy "Krash 63" Walker, Bob & Rich Caramella, Bruce Berger, Tommy Emmons (5), Eric Dyer (5), Walter Onora (5), John Armbruster, Charles DeFebbo, Bill Hanna, Carl W. Silliman, Nick Lombardi, Mark Kielblock, Tom D,

Here's the Answer to our Trivia Question Posted 6/18/06:
We asked: 
"Can you name the 3 driver's of these 3 Flemington Late Models?"c06.18.06_LAT_MOD_FLM_0070_1.jpg (85829 bytes)

ANSWER: Phil Cox #17B, Ed Harrington #17 and Clyde Cox #7
Correct Answers Received From:
Jeff Matthews, Neal Wilt, Rich Scott, Mark Nipps, Clint Bush, Tom Berry, Rich Miller, Bill Walker, Jeff McClung, Bill Hanna, Cliff Raison, Paul Madsen, Joe Bokros, Jimmy Brown, John McCaughey, Mark Harrington, Bobby Fiorello, Wes Suydam, Mark Burd, Jeff Kuhl

Here's the Answer to the Trivia Question Posted 6/12/06:  We asked:  "How many of these sportsman driver's can you name from this great Ace Lane Jr. 1973 East Windsor Speedway photo?"
c06.10.06_069_EWS_0070_1.jpg (93877 bytes)
Answer:   Bob Ayres #69, Chic Ronan #R2 and probably Warrey Frye #26 (many remember Warren driving a little white and red #26, but most of us don't recognize this particular car...)
Answers Received From: Nick Lombardi (3), Clint Bush (2), Bob Turlip(1), Bobby Fiorello (2), Bill Walker (1), Rich Miller (1), Cliff Raison (2), Bob Becker (2), John Shipley (2), John McCaughey (3), Walter Onora (1), Tom D (2), Jeff McBride (1), Wes Suydam (1), Bill Hanna (1), Glenn Dugan (1),

Question #1 Posted June 3, 2006:  We Asked:   "How many can you name from this mid 60's Wall Stadium Charles Taylor photo below?"
c05.21.06_GRP_011_WAL_0068_1.jpg (100353 bytes)
Answers Received:   #11 Jim Hoffman, #68 Dave Hulse (Also submitted for the #68 was Pete Frazee and Harry Moore),  #0 Bill McCarthy and #15 Richie Massing (confirmed!)

Answers Received From: Kevin Eyres, Don Stives, Barry Hulse, Billy Krash Walker, Kevin Newman, Jeff Gravatt, Ned Stites III, Tom Berry, Bob Scott, Jman, Ed Duncan, Don Worth,

Question #2 also posted June 3, 2006:  "We think many of you will recognize one of the best drivers from the 60's and early 70's in this great Ace Lane East Windsor Speedway pit photo below, but let's see if you guys can also come up with some of those cars in the background too (4 other cars in the pits... and the 3 cars on the frontstretch).  To try to keep some integrity around here, please only submit driver's names & appropriate car #'s for the ones that you're pretty sure of... because we're not sure of a couple of them ourselves!" 
c06.03.06_009_HAV_EWS_0070_1.jpg (99646 bytes)

Here's a close up of the cars on the track...
c06.03.06_009_CLO__UP_0070_1.jpg (92589 bytes)
(As a side note... check out the tow vehicle above too!)
Answers Received:  Dick Haven's in the white #9, John Kamjati in the blue #303, (not sure of the white coupe with a #7" on the door, with the red hood but don't think it's the Big Donkey #707, or the Jerry Allen #71...), still not sure of the gold sedan..., and Mark Yaple knew that it was Frank Mangone in the white coupe being towed by the Mustang!

As far as the cars on the track, the pink and white sedan leading the field may be the #2a of Bill Bounders, the orange car with the blue roof is the #337 of Fred Dealamann and the third car is the white and baby blue/green trimmed #13 of Joseph Kelly (from Hamilton).

Answers Received From:
Fred Voorhees, Tommy Kosch, John McCaughey, Rick Shive, Michael Kent, Bobby Fiorello, Mark Allen, Bill Hanna, Joe Gottlieb, Andy Horne, Craig Ford, Clint Bush, Bob Turlip, John Shipley


Trivia Question Posted 5/21/06:   We Asked:  Some of our favorite cars were those with "3 Digits"...  (You know what we mean... #707, #121, #303...) This week's question, can you name 2 of our all time favorites pictured below in these fine examples of "3 Digit" cars?  (Be sure to take a real good look at the guy behind the wheel of the #616 before sending us your answers... It may not be who you first thought!)  While your at it, include your 3 favorite "3 Digit" cars (including # and driver's name) with your answer.
c05.28.06_292_616_FLM_0077_1.jpg (94239 bytes)
c05.27.06_616_GRB_EWS_0070_1.jpg (100130 bytes)

Answer:  Al Michalchuk in the #292 and Mike Grbac behind the wheel of Ron Stashuk's #616 
(Click on the thumbnail to the right to get another view of Mike in the #616:)

Answers Received From: John McCaughey, John Hanna, Bill Hanna, Bob Becker, Scott Pacich, John Armbruster, Ned Stites III, Bob Scott, Bill Walker, Lester Potts, Walter Onora, Rich Miller, Jim Storholt, Jeff McBride, Mark Madsen, Craig Ford, Mark Yaple, Don C., Rick Shive, Bob & Rich Caramella, Bob Turlip, Tom Berry, Richard Pearson, Todd Lewis, Jack Kromer, Michael Johnston, Clint Bush, John Shipley, Dave Pratt (dsp photoz), Jeff McClung, Fred Voorhees, Jeff Matthews, Rich Scott, Tom, Tom DiMarcello, Rich Imlay, John Donnelly,

Some other Favorite "3 Digit #'s" submitted by you guys include: 
#111 AND O26 LATE GREAT JACKIE McLAUGHLIN , 300 BOB PICKELL, 121 SAMMY BEAVERS, Bob Fisher in the #713, 999 Otto Harwi or Walt Donald, XL-1 Joe Kelly, and 707 Al Tasnady,  P&H Diesel orange #421 driven by  Laudan Potts, Burns & Yost #147 Paul Koch and Charlie Eckert, Iveco Diesel #357 Fast Freddy Rahmer, #747 Darryl Carman, 414 Don Manning, 126 Billy Pauch, 125 Doug Hoffman (COORS EXTRA GOLD CAR ONLY), 555 Ronnie Tobias, 100 Ronnie Tobias, 115 Kenny Tremont, 303 Fred Dmuchowski, 735 Bob Lehrfield, 777 Wayne Hullfish, 920 Wayne Hullfish, Newt Hartman #026,Craig McCaughey #301, 333 BILLY OSMUN 333 TOMMY GILMAN,  666 BOBBY BOTTCHER, 168 PAT WOUGHMAUTH, #OOO TWO GUN OAKLEY, 115 Kenny Tremont Jr., 112 Gary Balough, 828 Billy Osmun, 302 Ken Coon, 307 Charlie Gunther, 308 John Palko, 309 Bob Ryall, orange 421 coupe driven by Jim Kirk and the 305 falcon of Fred DeGroot, 406 Fred Orchard, 562 George Forsythe, 555 his brother Charlie, Katsenstein car from Randolph #265.

Trivia Question Posted 5/21/06:   We asked: "Ok, Ok... We know "Who's" in the #81 (Sammy Beavers)... and we know "Who's" in the #303 (Fred Dmuchowski)... but "Who" out there can name either "Who's" in the lead car... and/or "Who's" in last (blue) car?"  
c05.21.06_081_303_FLM_0076_1.jpg (130888 bytes)

Answer:  Gar Fry #2, Sammy Beavers #81, Fred Dmuchowski #303 and Newt Hartman #24.  We couldn't find another picture of the #2, but here's a B&W photo of the #24:
024_Hart_sm.jpg (72634 bytes)

Correct Answers Received From: John McCaughey (2), Jimmy Brown (2), Barry Miller, Wes Suydam, Lenny Swider (2), Jack Kromer, Bob Turlip, Rich Miller (2), Walter Onora (2), Joe Bokros, Nick Lombardi, Tommy Kosch, Rick Shive (2), Paul Madsen (2), Tom Berry, Clint Bush (2), Kevin Budden, Mark Harrington, Mark Burd, Rich Scott, Nick Leach, Don C (2), Bob and Rich Caramella, Bill Hanna, Bob Hummer Sr. (2), Phil Tirrell, Nick Lombardi (2), Bobby Fiorello, Harring5,

Trivia Question Posted 5/14/06:   We asked:  "WHERE IN THE HECK ARE WE?"
c05.11.06_MIN_STK_MYS_0060_1.jpg (104149 bytes)
East Windsor Speedway! (We knew we were being a little tricky as most of us only remember the Sportsman and Modifieds at EWS, but according to you guys, these are the "Foreign Stock's Division".)

Here's additional info from Vault Visitor George Perkins: 
"Although none of them look familiar, they look like "foreign stocks" at East Windsor. These guys ran during the mid sixties at a number of tracks, most notably E.W., Old Bridge, Wall and FT. Dix. They mainly ran as a traveling circuit but I think they ran weekly at Ft. Dix in 65'. Since I don't rcognise any cars my guess would be 67 or later."

In addition to that, Kevin McElvain added this little gem: 
"When I was very young. (Im talking pre-school) Wall Stadium ran a class called foreign cars. I suppose nowadays theyd be called 4 cylinder stocks. I remember this because we were heading there and dad kept talking about the "Foreign Cars" and I thought he was saying "Farm Cars".  Being only 3 or 4 I assumed these were cars that farmers used to drive around the farm.

And here's what Vault Tech Contibutor Mark Yaple had to say:  "My favorite track of all time, hands down, East Windsor. The cars were called "Foreign Compacts" that ran occasionally at EWS. The hot shoes in that class were modified driver Dick Lewis out of Cream Ridge, NJ and Ed Leip from Trenton. The class ran regularly at The Fort Dix Speedway in the sixties. Thanks for the great shot, it has again brought back some great memories from the past.

And here's what the photographer Mike Schaub had to say about this photo:  " I came across this picture from East Windsor showing the mini-stocks getting ready to go onto the track. I took the picture and I believe it was in the mid-late 60's. Don't know any names of the drivers, but the blue and black cars are Morris Minors. They were great little cars. I had one. They were roomier then a VW with the engine in the front."

Correct Answers Received From: Jeff Gravatt, Tommy Kosch, Kevin Budden, Don Stives, Al, Rich Conley, Cowboy George Yawger, Kevin Eyers, John McCaughey, Bill Hanna, Bob Tulip, Mark Yaple, George LeBlanc, Barry Hulse, Frank Degnan, John Romano, Lester Potts, Bob Becker, Bill Walker, Jeff Matthews, Tommy Emmons, Bobby Fiorello, John Hanna, Joe Bokros, John Armbruster, John Shipley, Jeff McBride, Jim Pickell, Jeff McClung, Neal Wilt, Clint Bush, Michael Johnston, Tom, Redfred, Fred Voorhees, Walter Onora, Cliff Raison, Todd Lewis, Dennis DiBrizzi, Don C, Tony A, George Perkins, Larry Dascenzo, Mark Nipps, Michael Kent, Dave Pratt (dsp photoz), Peter Spaccarotella, Ray705, Mark Horger, Bob Burlew, Fred Hahn, Tad Cox, Barbara Kilbourn


Trivia Question Posted 5/07/06:   We asked:    "Can you name 10?"
c05.08.06_017_MYS_FLM_0076_1.jpg (101952 bytes)

Well, as it turns out, we're not real sure if any of us could name the top 10...  Here's what you guys came up with:  #17 Phil Meisner, #111 Del George (although Pete Madsen and Stan Ploski also drove the #111 at different times), #K46 Kerry Schloeder, #23 Glenn Fitzcharles (although somebody pointed out that Chamberlain also drove this car a time or two), either Hal Browning #55 or Frank Cozze #44 or we're really not sure!, #64 Ken Johnson, #24 Newt Hartman, #24 Ken Brenn Jr., #27 Stan Ploski, #49 Fritz Epright, .... and as far as the last 2 cars we received Tom Gilman and Tom Hager most often, but we're really not sure...

While a bunch of you who responded did have 7, 8 or even 9 of the above listed names, here is the guys who named 10: Rich Miller, Rich Reinhart, Rick Shive, Carl W. Silliman, John McCaughey, Rich Scott, Bill Hanna, Jim Pickell, Bill Walker, Scott Pacich, Jack Kromer, Jeff Matthews & Jim Brown

Trivia Question Posted 4/30/06:   We asked:  "Can you name the driver of the #9x AND the car #'s of the 2 Sedan's in the background (directly behind the #9x)? 
c04.24.06_09X_MYS_EWS_0073_1.jpg (56462 bytes)

Answer: Dick Lewis #9x, Bob Vaughn or Dick Havens #9 (owned by Bob Cass) and Craig McCaughey #4 or 4A (Owned by Matt McMann)

Correct Answers Received From:  Mark Yaple (3), Scott Pacich, Kevin Budden, Wayne Weaver, Billy Krash Walker, Don C, John Romano, Ray 705, Bobby Fiorello, John McCaughey (3), George Gareis, Rick Shive, Rich Scott, Bob Scott, Bob & Rich Caramella, Bob Hoffman, Walter Onora (3), Brian Loutrel, Nick Lombardi (3), Howie Cronce, Dave "OUTHSE#27"Suchy, Clint Bush, Joe Bokros & Tom D.

Trivia Question Posted 4/23/06:
"We asked:  "Can you tell us the names of the 2 driver's pictured below?" 
c04.23.06_R10_081_EWS_0070_1.jpg (76329 bytes)

c04.23.06_R10_081_EWS_0070_3.jpg (71449 bytes)

c04.23.06_081_R10_EWS_0070_1.jpg (88200 bytes)

Answer:  Glenn Fitzcharles #R10 and Paul Fitzcharles #81
Brothers Glenn Fitzcharles and Paul Fitzcharles had this on track incident coming out of turn 4 at East Windsor Speedway.  Glenn ended up going up and over after the two made contact.  Paul ended up stopping his car and ran all the way back to the scene to check on the condition of brother Glenn.  From what we hear, he was so out of breathe that he couldn't speak and at first the arriving ambulance crew thought he was the one who had wrecked and wanted to take him to the hospital!
(Thanks for the photos Bill Young and Kevin Budden and thanks for the story Dave Spurlin.)

Answers Received From: 

Howie Cronce, Rick Shive, Rich Miller, John Donnelly, Bob Becker, Clint Bush, Paul Garzillo, Jeff McClung, Kevin Mc, Julia & Mike Visconti, John McCaughey, Todd Lewis, Carl W. Silliman, Paul Madsen, Jack Kromer, Don C., David Chemidlin, Bob & Rich Caramella, Jeff McBride, Bobby Fiorello, Neal Wilt, Walter Onora, Cliff Raison, Michael Johnston, Barry Miller, Lester Potts, Bob Turlip, Fred Voorhees, Dave Spurlin, A.J. Kraft, Don Nugent, Rich Imlay, Mark Yager, Cowboy George Yawger, Wes Suydam, Mark Burd, Bill Hanna,  Ray 705, Michael A, Joe Bokros, Mike Bitting , Mike McNamara, Mike Connolly, Jim Pickell, Tony A, Richard Kelleher, Rich Reinhart, Jeff Matthews, John Hanna   (Those who knew both driver's names are in BOLD font above.)

Trivia Question Posted 4/16/06: We asked:
"Many drivers are associated with the Famous Norcia #81.... Can you name this dashing driver who was at the controls on this day?"
c04.16.06_081_MYS_UNK_0070_1.jpg (77547 bytes)
Answer:   Don Stives
Correct Answers For Driver Pictured Above Received From:  Jeff Matthews, Rob Moller, Jeff McClung, Bob Becker, Fred Voorhees, Outhse27, Don Nugent, Tom Berry, Spilly, Jim Brown, Kevin Budden, John McCaughey, Bobby Fiorello, Howie Cronce, Ned Stites III, Bill Regiec, Ralph Richards, Wes Suydam, Mark Yaple, Joe Gottlieb, Bob Hoffman, Ed Duncan, Don C., Jeff Gravatt, Rick Shive, Ray 705, Mike McNamara, Rich Miller, Rich Conley, Paul Garzillo, Kevin Mc, Cliff Raison, Rich Field, Sue Stives, Eric Dyer, Kevin Newman, Mike G., John Hanna, Tammy Roberts, Matt Badessa, David Reynolds, Dave Blake, Robert Gibb, Tony A, Tim Weber,

We also asked:  "Can you name 10 drivers - That's right..., 10 (TEN) drivers -  who wheeled the #81 throughout either the 60's, 70's or 80's?"
Answers Received:  Duke Debreezi, Don Stives, Lee Taylor, Art Filbrun, Billy Osmun, Stan Ploski, Sammy Beavers, Elvin Felty, Paul Fitzcharles, Billy Pauch, Fritz Epright,   Pat Norcia... and we also heard from Don Stives that Gil Hearne and Pee Wee Griffin may have driven it on one or 2 occassion at EWS.  We also had quite a few who reminded us that Roger Laureno also drove the Norcia colors as a #81, however, we're pretty sure that the cars were "former" Norcia cars by then.
Correct NORCIA #81 Driver's Names Received From:  Jeff McClung (9), Fred Voorhees (8), Mark Burd (10), Tom Berry (8), Spilly (10), Bob & Rich Caramella (7), Jim Brown (9), Kevin Budden (9), John McCaughey (9), Ned Stites III (9), Bobby Fiorello (6), Bob Becker (9), Wes Suydam (10), Mark Yaple (12), Don C (7), Walter Onora (8), Bob Scott (10), Rick Shive (11), Ray 705 (10), Mike McNamara (7), Rich Miller (9), Paul Garzillo (9), Don Stives (11), Todd Lewis (8), Eric Dyer (9), Bob Turlip (7),

"Back to the Drawing Board"
Trivia Question Posted 4/9/06: We asked: "Can you name the person pictured below?"
c04.09.06_DRW_MYS_UNK_0070_1F.jpg (56354 bytes)


According to Ken Johnson (the provider of the photo) this photo was taken while Ken was busy drawing up plans for one of his "Weld" cars that had everyone talking during the early to mid 70's...  In fact, here it is 2006 and we're still talking about them!

Correct Answers Received From: 
Rich Reinhart, Rick Shive, Howie Cronce, Rob Renninger, Scooter Van Noordt, Ned Stites IIi, Jeff Matthews, Bill Walker, John Armbruster, Matt Bahre, Russ Dodge, Bill Regiec, Brian Loutrel, Kevin Eyers, Neal Wilt, Bob Becker, Ralph Richards, Kevin Budden, Barry Sheaffer, Mike McNamara, Scott Pacich, John Moll, Mark Yaple, Cliff Raison, Mike Allen, Brian Marsh, George Yawger, Tom Berry, Jeff McClung, Paul Garzillo, Dave Blake, Frank Degnan, Charles DeFebbo, Brian Rozycki, Tammy Roberts, John Ricker, Don C, John Shipley, Fred Voorhees, jman, John Marelli, Mike Schaub, Ed Duncan, Rich Field, Tommy Kosch, Clint Bush, Dave Suchy, Jim Stoveken, Mark L. Krammes, Bobby Fiorello, Nick Lombardi, John Barsuglia, Rich Imlay, Pete Lovell, Lester Potts, John B, Greg Collins, Stewart Low, Bob G, Kevin Cadwallader, Ron0728, Mark Horger, John Hanna, Skip McPherson, Bill Hanna, Walter Onora, Bob Turlip, Steve Weller, Don Nugent, Dave Hepburn, Jim Read, TV Tom, Bob Vichioli, John B, Bob Hummer Sr., George Washburn, Larry Dascenzo, Wes Suydam, Mike Bitting, Phil Tirril, Todd Lewis, Slingshotm1, Jim Maxson, Bruce Thomas, Mike Greisemer, Dave Welty, Julia and Mike Visconti, Bob Caramella, Mark Nipps


Trivia Question Posted 3/19/06: We asked: "Can you name the driver of the #86 Sprint Car pictured below from these 1950's Reading photos?"
c04.02.06_086_MYS_REA_0050_1.jpg (72985 bytes)

c04.02.06_086_MYS_REA_0050_2.jpg (75161 bytes)

Here's a the clue that we provided:  Although he may not have impressed many on this particular day behind the wheel of the #86, he certainly was heard by many thoughout most of the next 4 decades....

Answer:   BILL SINGER driving the Jack's Garage #86 Sprint car at Reading in the 1950's.
Bill always had a love for sprint cars, but I'm sure many more of us know of Bill from the years of listening to him announce at Flemington, East Windsor, Trenton and other speedways. 

His sister Grace tells us that "He must have been a kid in his early 20's. He lied about his age and started racing when he was only 16-17 yrs old and my mother and father didn't know about it until one night they received a call from a hospital that he had crashed and was hurt.   Racing was in his blood at a very young age."

Correct Answers Received From:
Ned Stites III, John McCaughey, Bill Walker, Todd Lewis, Warren Alston, Skip McPherson, Bob Turlip, Kevin Budden, Neal Wilt, John Armbruster, Jim Murrow, Mark 81, Bill Hanna, Jeff Matthews, John Kuhn, Rich Imlay, Tom Berry, Bob Caramella, Rick Shive, Phil Tirrell #34, Don Nugent,

Trivia Question Posted 3/12/06: We asked: "Can you name both drivers?  (First and last names...)  How about the location?" 
c03.26.06_061_MYS_MYS_0080_1.jpg (81182 bytes)

Answer:  Richie Evans and Barney Truex.... we think.... definitely at New Egypt Speedway... Some tell us that at the time the photo was taken (early 80's) some still referred to it as the "Fort Dix Speedway".    Other answers received regarding the driver of the red #59 included Martin Truex Sr., Gil Hearne, Jerry Cramner, and Merv Treichler.  We're sticking with Barney Truex as the answer, however some feel pretty strongly that it may have been either Gil or Jerry on this particular day in Barney's car.  (Check out the closeup below - without "Truex" blurred out on the door.

Additional Info:  According to many Vault Visitors, others in the photo include Bill Brice (with yellow flag) and Nascar Modified Chief Steward Big Bob O'Rourke.

Answers Received From: Ralph Jones, Cliff Raison, Bob Burlew, Jeff McBride, Jeff Matthews, Russ Dodge, Rob Haas, Don Stives, Bob Bogner Racing, Warren Alston, Mike Allen, Tom Hart, Tom Berry, John McCaughey, Kevin Eyres, Kevin McElvaine, Mark L. Krammes, Bruce Berger, Todd Lewis, Mark Burd, Jeff McClung, Robert Jobes, Skip McPherson, Barry Hulse, Frank Degnan, Walter Onora, Joe Bokros, Greg Owen, David Reynolds, Ned Stites III, Fred Voorhees, Ed Duncan, Don Worth, Tommy Kosch, Bobby Fiorello, Scott Mervine, Jim Pickell, Bob Caramella, Fred Hahn, Jeff Gravatt, Bob Vichioli, Charles DeFebbo, David Allen, Daryl Nichols, John Armbruster, Mark Flamisch, Nick Lombardi, Neal Wilt, Clint Bush, Jeff Hardifer, dsp Photoz!, TVTom, Edward Smith, Barry Miller, Wes Suydam, OUTHSE27, John Wagner, Bob Hoffman, Bill Hanna, RedFred, Greg Owen, Scott Pacich, Bob Smith, T DiMarcello, Shawn McAndrews, Tom Ragno, Brian Baker, Robert Moller, Howell716302, TrainsRnS, John Ricker, Michael Kent, Jimmy Rossell, Bob Turlip

Trivia Question Posted 3/5/06: We asked:  "Can you name the driver pictured below?"
c03.12.06_027_MYS_EWS_0080_1.jpg (76764 bytes)
We're thinking that many of you first saw the yellow #27 and instantly thought... "I KNOW WHO THAT IS..."  Well, not so fast....! 

Although this fellow is a relative of the guy you might be thinking of, he is an accomplished driver who drove his own #27 Sportsman,  #50 Modified (Feature winner at EWS), The Burket #27KC, and who can now be found driving his own car on the URC circuit.

And the answer is....  Joe Zuczek!
We kinda thought some of you saw the yellow with red trim #27 and quickly thought it was Stan Ploski...  We also found out that Scott Purcell was a pretty popular guess too as many of you remembered that he too ran a yellow #27 Sportsman... 050_Zuczek_2.jpg (19803 bytes)  When not racing his #50 URC Sprint Car, Joe can be found at his Robbinsville, NJ business making race cars look a whole lot cooler in his sign and lettering shop.
joes_sign_08_04.jpg (39417 bytes) Correct Answers Received From:  Todd Lewis, Bill Walker, Jeff McBride, RedFred, Jeff Matthews, Jeff McClung, Billy "krash" Walker, Rich Miller, Mark Nipps, Mark Yaple, Rich Conley, Michael Johnston, Tom Hart, Mark Burd, Spilly, Wes Suydam, Paul and Kenny (Flemington Buick Guys), Bill Hanna, Rich Scott, Paul Madsen, Don C, Bobby Fiorello, Jack Kromer, Walter Onora, Fred Voorhees, Mark L. Krames, Mark Flamisch, Rick Shive, Bob Caramella, dsp Photoz, Carl Silliman, Lester Potts, Matt Badessa, John Romano, Fred Hahn, Herb Hoskins, Neal Wilt, Cliff Raison, Tommy Kosch, Nick Lombardi, Paul Garzillo, Clint Bush

Trivia Question Posted 3/5/06: We asked:"How many of these EWS Sportsman can you name?"
c03.06.06_MYS_PIC_EWS_0070_1.jpg (74265 bytes)Answer:  Doc  SanFillipo #12D, Danny Klockner #55 and Fred Dealaman #337

Correct Answers Received From:  Jeff McClung (3), John McCaughey (3), Jeff Matthews (2), Todd Lewis (2), Mark Yaple (3), Paul Madsen (3), Walter Onora (3), Rich Miller (2), Mark Burd (3), Bobby Fiorello (3), John Lengenfelder "Legs" (3), Pat McBride (2), Paul & Kenny (Flemington Buick Guys), Wes Suydam (2), Kevin McElvaine (2), Billy Walker "Krash" (2), Joe Bokros (3), Bob Becker, Fred Voorhees (2), Redfred (2), Clint Bush (2), Bill Walker, Rick Shive (3), Scott Pacich (3), John Armbruster (1), Nick Lombardi (3)

Thanks for participating...





Trivia Question Posted 2/25/06: We asked: "Can you name the driver below?"
c02.26.06_017_MYS_BPT_0070_1.jpg (92150 bytes)

Answer:  Jeff Heotzler (I changed the photo above to one where his name is not blurred out on the side.) 

Many of you including John McCaughey, Scott Pacich, Paul Madsen Greg Chelak, Rick Shive, Mark Flamisch and Matt Bahre pointed out that this car had a Weld chassis.  

Here's some additional info from Matt regarding whether this is a Weld car:
The (#1) original Weld car ended up with some boys from Newtown Ct. I can't quite remember the exact year but I think it was somewhere between 79 to 81. The 4 link front end was scrapped and outboard coil overs were mounted. The rear end was also changed to a more offset right rear setup. Billy O ran the car and won with it at Middletown.  Ed Delmolino also ran the car and did well at Middletown.  I remember visiting the shop in Newtown, CT but can't remember the names.
I believe they did hook up with Jeff Heoltzer at some point and I believe I remember Heoltzer running the car successfully at Accord. The car in the picture sure (99%) looks like it is that car. It seems to me I remember hearing the car was completely destroyed at Accord at some point. Imagine... this is the car that started it all!  Matt Bahre

Here's some additional info from Greg Chelak regarding whether this is a Weld car:
In 1980 Jeff had two rides - The Weld # 2 & the Slingerland #25 Gremlin.  I was just coming off an injury received in racing the year before [79] and Jeff on occasion asked me to drive one or the other in the feature. Back then it was legal to qualify more then one car for an event. (The picture sent earlier of the #25 is Greg Chelak Driving!) I drove those cars in 1980.

The weld car was purchased by Jeff and made into the coupe "Hazel".  Jeff won 17 features at Accord with it the first year out. I cannot remember how many seasons he campaigned it but the Weld car was for certain turned into a coupe [which I never Drove].

Jeff and I remain friends thru today - Jeff Drove my big block car #90 in 1999 - Jeff works at Behrents Speed Center in Florida New York.  Yes the # 2 Weld ride is the coupe.

"Good Time" Greg Chelak

Correct Answers Received From:   Don Biegley, Kevin McElvaine, Bob Scott, Rich Miller, Mark Nipps, Wes Suydam, Mark Burd, John McCaughey*, Scott Pacich*, Bob Smith, Neal Wilt, Gus Conklin, Paul Madsen*, Harold Klump, Don C, John Hanna, dsp Photoz!, Greg Chelak , Scooter Van Noordt, John Armbruster, RedFred, Pilgram, Rick Shive*, Mark L. Krames, Todd Lewis, Bill Walker, Mark Flamisch*, Todd Jenkins, Eric Lindahl, Tom Berry, Tom Hart, Eric Lucy, George Bark, Bob Caramella, Amy Conner, Fred Voorhees, Richard Pearson, Spilly, Tony DiMarcello, Lester Potts, Mark Yager, Ty Constantino, James Maxson, Nick Lombardi, Tommy Kosch, Herb Hoskins, Brian, Jim Matthews, Joe Bokros, ,

Trivia Question Posted 2/25/06: We asked: "Can you name all 3 of the drivers pictured below?"
c02.24.06_MYS_FLM_0080_1.jpg (87107 bytes)

Answer:  Joe Kelly #31, Scott Kania #71 and Fritz Epright #704

Answers Received From:   Rich Miller, Jeff McClung, Rich Field, Scott Lemly, Neal Wilt, Rick Shive, Mark Burd, Tom Berry, Paul Madsen, Judy McGrorey, Don Nugent, Mark Flamisch, Paul Garzillo, Bob and Mike Scott, Brian Rozycki, Tom Hart, Bob Vichioli, Bobby Fiorello, Jeff Matthews, Jack Kromer, Don C, Heath Elliwatt, Tommy Kosch, Matt Rosier, Ty Constantino, dsp Photoz!, Lester Potts, Bob Caramella, Mark Nipps, Kevin McElvaine, Scooter Van Noordt, Rich Imlay, Bill Hanna, Joe Bokros, Fred Voorhees, Mark L. Krames, Todd Jenkins, Bill Walker, Skip McPherson, Bob Vichioli, Pat McBride, Brian Marsh, George Bark, Bob Caramella

Trivia Question Posted 2/18/06: We asked:  "How Many Can You Name?"
c02.12.06_GRP_SPT_FLM_0080_1.jpg (94173 bytes)

Here's what you guys came up with:
#111 Archie Myers, #917 Bill Tanner, #69 Dave Bodine, #11 Glen Buchell (or Mike Ruggerio) and #60 Over Doug Hoffman

Here's How You Guys Did:
5 RIGHT:  Rich Miller, John McCaughey, Tom Hart, Paul Garzillo, Neal Wilt, Mark Burd, Bob Smith, Ty Constantino, Dave "dsp Photos" Pratt, Mark Flamisch, Tom Berry, Wes Suydam, Mark Nipps, Jim Brown, Paul and Kenny (Buick Guys), Fred Voorhees, Rich Field, Rick Shive, , 

4 RIGHT:  Bob & Rich Caramella, Ned Stites III, Brian Showers, Tommy Kosch, Scott Pacich, Doug Leubner, Todd Lewis, Eric Lindahl, Jeff Matthews, Bruce Thomas, Kevin Mc, Jeff McClung, Bob 4, Paul Madsen, Mark L. Krammes, Skip McPherson, Rich Imlay, Bill Hanna, Scooter Van Nordt, Frank Miller, John Armbruster, Jim Pickell, Joe Bokros, HWSNBN, Bill Walker, Danny AKA A'town Pimp,

3 RIGHT:  Jack Kromer, John B, SJDRacin, Warren Alston, Scott Lemly, John, ,
2 RIGHT:  Barry Miller,
1 RIGHT:  Bob Turlip, Todd Lewis,

"Innovation" Trivia Question Posted 2/11/06:
We asked:  "Can you name the driver below?"

c02.04.06__8x_MYS_FLM_0070_2sm.jpg (58182 bytes) For this week's question, we decided to feature a competitor who possibly only the "Flemington Faithful" and a few of us EWS'rs will remember...  and that's ok...   In fact, I don't think I ever remember seeing this driver win a Modified Feature... at least not in one of the little cars pictured below.  But it really doesn't matter.

The history books show the win totals... and the Champions... But for some of us...the sport will always mean more to us than the statistics will ever reveal.   There was a time when there was room in our sport for those willing to be different.  And for those of us who had an eye for those cars that were special... (those that stood apart from the norm... those that just flat out  looked "COOL")... we noticed.  It was because of those cars and the innovators who built and drove them, that we returned week after week... year after year.  

Forever.. or so we thought.

c02.04.06__8x_MYS_FLM_0070_1sm.jpg (68379 bytes)Sadly, career ending injuries suffered in a accident at Flemington never gave us the chance to see the little silver #8X pull into victory lane... To give us all a chance to let the driver know how many of us did notice...

His cars are among some of our all time favorites, and it's that innovation and individual spirit - the ability of men to create a car, put it to the test... and return another day if able with new ideas and more innovation - that our site is dedicated to.





c02.04.06__8x_MYS_FLM_0070_3sm.jpg (55366 bytes)

We asked:   "Can you name the driver of the silver #8X picture in the above 3 photos?

ANSWER:  Mike McNamara

Correct Answers Received From:  Bob & Rich Caramella, Paul Madsen, John McCaughey, Rich Miller, Walter Onora, Jeff McClung, Mark Yaple, Gene Fischer, Paul and Kenny (Buick Guys with a little help from RM...), Tom Berry, Clint Bush, Ty Constantino, Nick Lombardi, Jim Storholt, Dave Gunther, Tom Smith, Tim Penyak, Rich Scott   note:  Mark Yaple, Gene Fischer, Clint Bush and Tim Penyak also knew that the above color photo was from 1977.


Trivia Question Posted 1/29/06 (Question 1): "Can you name the track below?"
c01.30.06__028_073_UNK_0070_1.jpg (89370 bytes)

Answer: The old Nazareth 1/2 mile.

Those who seem to be in the know are telling us that the picture is actually taken as the cars are coming out of turn 2 and headed down the backstretch before they put the tin up...  We've also been told that it's Bobby Pickell in the #28 and Rags Carter in the #73.  (See the comment below from Anthony Ferraiuolo IV when we asked him if it was Whip Mulligan or Rags Carter driving the #73 at this time.)
"That is without a doubt Rags Carter. I remember that uniform, that helmet, and that watch. That is the " Ragman " for sure. Although I was only 12 years old when he came to drive for us in the middle of the 1970 season. In fact it was the old "all-star" race at OCFS. And yes he won the race that night!  To say that I miss Rags Carter would be an understatement."   Thanks for the memories  - Anthony IV

Correct Answers Received From: 
Wes Suydam, Greg Collins, Jeff Matthews, Chuck Hassler, Bob Smith, Bob Smith, Ken Wismer, Paul Garzillo, Wayne Heiserman, Rich Reinhart, George Yawger, Nascar4824, Bob Turlip, Scotter Van Noordt, Kenny (1/2 of the Buick Guys), Don C, John B, Mark Flamisch, Guy Lindabery, Dave Bodine, Jack Kromer, John Levan, Lester Potts, Fred Voorhees, John McCaughey, Walter Onora, Larry Dascenzo, Rick Shive, Nick Lombardi, John Armbruster, Joe Bokros, Matt Flamisch, Outhse27, Clint Bush, Pilgram, Rob Renninger, Scott Mervine, Mark Yaple, Ray Shea, Ralph Jones, Neal Wilt, Tommy Kosch, Bobby Fiorello, Jim Brewer, Brian Loutrel, JerseyJim90, Scott Pacich,   Frank Degnan, Jas351, Jack Hanna, Barbara K, John Barsuglia, Todd Lewis, Barry Miller, Bob Becker, Rick Struthers, Rich Scott, Kevin Inglin, John Fahey, Gus Conklin, Mike Allen, Bill Hanna, Mike Schaub, Mike Bitting, Dennis DiBrizzi, Steve Yeager,

Trivia Question #2:   We asked: "Can you name the driver of the #68 pictured below who really had them covered at Flemington (and Nazareth according to Mark Nipps...) in this particular division?"
01.29.06_068_Mys_FLM_0080_1.jpg (83655 bytes)

Answer:  Gary Butler
Although Clay Butler also won feature events in this car, many of you remembered that Gary pretty much had things his way at the Square in the Late Model Division during the 80's in the #68.
Correct Answers Received From:  Wes Suydam, Lester Potts, George Yawger, Fred Voorhees, Neal Wilt, Jeff Matthews, Mark Nipps, Mark Burd, Barry Miller, Jeff McClung, Paul Garzillo, Kevin Mc, Wayne Heiserman, Tom Hart, Scotter Van Noordt, Paul (The other 1/2 of the Buick Guys), Brian,  Warren Alston, Don C, Ken Wismer, Paul Madsen, Mark Flamisch, Tom Tinsman, Bob and Rich Caramella, Walter Onora, Larry Dascenzo, Rich Miller, Rick Shive, Herb Hoskins, Matt Flamisch, Ty Constantino, Clint Bush, Pilgram, Tom Berry, Mark Yaple, John Romano, Tommy Kosch, Jack Hanna, Michael Johnston, Dave Pratt (dsp photoz), Bobby Fiorello, Billy Walker, Brian Loutrel, Scott Pacich, Todd Lewis, Mark Kielblock, John B, Todd Jenkins, Doug Leubner, Mark 81, Rich Scott, Joe Bokros, Kevin Inglin, Gus Conklin, Bruce Thomas, Bill Hanna, Phil Tirrell, Brian Rozycki, Don Nugent

Trivia Question Posted 1/22/06 (Question 1):
We asked:  "Can you name the driver pictured below AND the name of his legendary car owner?"
c01.22.06_001_MYS_UNK_0050F_1_sm.jpg (59871 bytes)
Photo By:  Norm Oakes
Correct Answer:  Driver Wally Campbell and in a car owned by Wally Marks

Correct Driver and Car Owner names received by:  Don Nugent, Paul Madsen, Jack Kromer, Ed Duncan, John Mc, Mark Yaple, Tom Berry, Paul and Kenny (Buick Guys), Tom Hart, Larry Dascenzo, Don Stives, Jeff Matthews, Joe Bokros, Jim Brewer, Scott Lemly, Kevin Eyres, Wayne Heiserman, Mark Allen, Steve Elias, Charlie Lindmar, Dave Spurlin, Pat McBride, Barry Hulse, Nascar38Fan, Ray Shea, Todd Lewis, Billy Walker, Bob Turlip, John Armbruster, Bill Hanna, Ned Stites III, Chuck Hassler, Harold Stover, Herb Hoskins, Rich Imlay

Trivia Question Posted 1/22/06 (Question 2): We asked: "Can you name the driver in our "Show & Go" Trivia photo below?"
01.22.06_MYS_PIC.jpg (66644 bytes)

Photo by:  Ace Lane Jr.
One of the all time best looking cars to grace the track in the early 80's at Flemington was fabricated and driven by the owner/driver pictured above, who due to other commitments wasn't able to race full time at the Square, but still managed to find victory lane on a couple of occassions.  Always known for having great looking cars, this driver (in a different car than above) also won 2 sportsman features at the Square on the same day!  (Thanks for the additional info Mark Burd & Rich Miller)

Correct Answer:  Bob Rindgen

Correct Answers Received by:
  Mark Burd, Paul Madsen, Jeff Matthews, John Mc, Rich Miller, Keith Lippencott, Rick Shive, Jeff McClung, Mark Nipps, Neal Wilt, Tom Hart, Bob Smith, Wes Suydam, Ty Constantino, Bob and Rich Caramella, Kevin Inglin, Jennifer Cooper, Dave Spurlin, Todd Lewis, Fred Voorhees, Mike Rogie, Brian Rozycki, Bill Hanna,

Trivia Question Posted 1/15/06: We asked:  "Can you name BOTH driver's below?"
74_24_Trivia.jpg (76591 bytes)
Photo By Rich Imlay - Provided By Rich Imlay

Correct Answer:  Ken Brenn Jr #74 and Jimmy Brenn #24!  (The tricky part of this one was that many quickly thought Ken was in the #24 and then thought that it was either Larry Kline, Stan Ploski, Billy Pauch or a few others in the #74...)

Here's the list of those who could not be fooled!  Jeff McClung, Larry Dascenzo, Neal Wilt, Bob Becker, Clint Bush, John McCaughey, Kevin Budden, Jeff Matthews, John Armbruster, DNRace, George Yawger, Wes Suydam, Mark Burd, Bill Hanna, Jack Kromer, Bob Vichioli, Fred Voorhees, Rich Miller, Ken Wismer, Paul Madsen, Lester Potts, Paul Garzillo, Spilly, Rich Scott, Paul and Kenny (Buick Guys), Don C, Ty Constantino, Don Nugent, Rick Shive, Bob and Rich Caramella, Ned Stites III, John Toth, Matt Flamisch, Joe Bokros

Trivia Question Posted 1/8/06:  "Where Are We?"  We asked:  Can you identify what track this great photo is from?
c01.08.06_HILL_TRIVIA.jpg (91042 bytes)

Answer:  Harmony!

Correct Answers Received From:  Rick Shive, Larry Dascenzo, Wes Suydam, Lester Potts, Mark L. Krames, Neal Wilt, Warren Alston, John McCaughey, Mark Burd, George Perkins, Kevin Budden, Greg Collins, Fred Voorhees, Chuck Hassler, Rick Struthers, Todd Lewis, Mark 81, Don C, Ed Duncan, Clint Bush, Greg Chelak, Dave Gunther, Walter Onora, Ned Stites III, Keven Mc, Bob Turlip, Matt Flamisch, Jas, John Armbruster, Rich Scott, Peter Spaccarotella, Mike Allen, Paul and Kenny (Buick Guys), Scooter29J Racing, Barry Miller (from Morocco!), Scott Pacich, Cowboy George Yawger, Brian Rozycki #33, Geoffrey Yoder, Tom Hart, Tom Berry, Jeff Matthews, Bobby Fiorello, Juliehum123, John Marelli, David Reynolds, Jack Kromer, Paul Madsen, Tommy "Pappy" Kosch, Jeff McClung, Jeff McBride, John Romano, Edward Smith, William Hanna, Tom Tinsman, Jim Read, Todd Jenkins, Mike Schaub, Joe Bokros, Michael Johnston, Mark Yaple, John Wagner, Vicky Collins, Mark Flamisch, Donna Hinton, jerseyjim90, Bob Vichioli, Outse27, Jim Maxson, Bob Simmons, Pilgram,

Trivia Question Posted 1/1/06 (3 Pack!)  We asked:  Can you identify those in the photos?

(1) Young Guys Trivia (1950'S MIDGETS):
midgets_0050's copy.jpg (127500 bytes)
Answers Received:  (not sure, but here are some of the names that were received:  Johnny Coy Sr. Dutch Shafer, Nick Fonoro Sr., Tony Romit, Andy Furci, Len Duncan?
Additional info from TQ driver Mike Tidaback: I think the photo was taken in the late 70s during old timers night at Pinebrook Speedway.  I spent many Friday nights there. Many good memories. I was there that night. I can name 5 people in the pic. Drivers Johnny Coy Sr, Tony Romit, Andy Furci, Nick Fornoro Sr, and on far right of pic Marty Himes standing behind the old TQ. The rest look like full midget cars.
Answers Received From:   Ed Duncan, Dave Gunther, Jack Kromer, Mike Tidaback, Rick Shive, Larry Dacenzo, Warren Alston, Paul and Kenny (The Buick Guys), Tom Berry,

(3) Whippersnapper's Trivia (80's Flemington Sportsman):
b01.01.06_GRP_SHT_FLM_0080_1.jpg (116461 bytes)
Answers Received:  #14 (not sure... McCoy, or Adams...),  #32 Jeff Bouc?, #96 Robin Pickering, #K3 Gloria Katona, #72 Walt Sowden, #J9 Joe Coverdale, #27Scott Pursell-27,
(Other names received included: #1x Don Menzel, #75f Butch Hulcher,  #23K Curt Krazier, #72 Don Orashen, #14 Andy Belmont, Richie Cass, #14 Kevin O'Toole, #33 (red car) Jimmy Loesch,  Billy Copcutt or Jim Rufh in the yellow #77
Answers Received From:  Mark Burd, Jack Kromer, John McCaughey, Neal Wilt, Joe Bokros, Jeff McClung, Paul Madsen, Bill Hanna, Mark Nipps, Dave Gunther, Rick Shive, Larry Dacenzo, Wes Suydam, Tommy Kosch, Warren Alston, Fred Voorhees, Todd Lewis, Bob and Rich Caramella, Paul and Kenny (The Buick Guys), Tom Berry, Walter Onora, Mark Flamisch,

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