Answer to Last Week's Trivia Question Brought to you by: 

We asked:  "Can you name the driver of the #49 above in this Charles Taylor photo from the 60's at Wall Stadium?"

Answer:  Ray Shea.  Those of you who went to both Wall and East Windsor will remember that Ray was one of those driverss that ran on both asphalt and on dirt throughout the 70's.  As many of you know, once Ray hung up the goggles for good, he directed his efforts to preserving the history of racing in New Jersey by forming the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (GSVSCC).

Correct Answer Received From:  Rich Gould, Steve Cameron, Tom Berry, Barry Hulse, Kevin Eyres, Kevin Eyres, JRJRL1975, Dave Pyle, Rob Moller, J Kelleher, TERRY VAN and Doug Megill

Answer to our 12/15 Trivia Question Brought to Us By:

...Considering the two cars in the picture below, what's kinda strange about this photo?

Answer:  Geoff Bodine and Richie Evans (two asphalt aces) in the pits at Flemington Speedway (dirt) for the 1970 All Star Race.  (From what we understand, the race was won by Dick Havens in the George Taylor owned #93.  Geoff drew the pool, but we hear pulled in after one lap.  Like many of you, I was there that night and remember it was magic to see both dirt and asphalt cars... many that you'd also see race at Trenton or Langhorne... at Flemington Speedway.

Responses Received From:  Joe Cryan, Steve Cameron, Kevin Mc, John McCaughey, Jim Ramm, Bob Scott, Ed Duncan, Russ Clock, Mike Griesemer, John Cameron, Leo Boyer, Rick Shive, Jeff Matthews, George Pavlisko, Mike, Joe Hauser Sr., Edward Lerch, Kevin Mc, Bob & Rich Caramella, Larry Dascenzo, James Stoveken, Tom McDonough, Jim Maxson, Bob Turlip, Lenny Swider, Don Rounds Jr., Tammy Taylor Roberts, DJ Pennett, Jim Read, Bill Regiec, John Lamanuzzi, Rich Guy, Mike McNamara, Tom Gray, Bill Hanna, John Armbruster, Rick Lugg, George Thode, Jim Bagley Sr., Kevin Budden, Wayne Heiserman, Steve Sabo, gaspoppop, Lester Potts, Steve Szalus, Billy 'Krash" Walker, John Springsteel, Ned Stites III, Bill Pyro52 Walker, John Barsuglia, Chris Carpenter, Mike Kent, Howard Stern, Brian Marsh, Kevin Eyres, Jack Kromer, G Washburn, Mike Allen, Mike Everett, Andy Styner, Brian Loutrel, Warren Alston, John L., Eric Dyer, Edward Lentz, Jeff McBride, Dick Schoonmaker, Skip McPherson, Rob Johnson, Laurel Bean, Gary LaFetra, Nick Lombardi, Bob "Cos" Cosgrove, John Hanna, George Gwynn, Al Urenovich and Redfred

11/24 Trivia Question Brought to you by:

Can you name the driver behind the wheel of the #24?

Answer:  Bobby Allison!  (Bobby was on hand driving the Brenn #24 and fellow "Cup" driver Bobby Hillen Jr. was on hand driving the #A owned by Barry Schenck.  From what I understand, Bobby Allison was very competitive.)

Correct Answers Received From:  Todd C. Lewis, Brian Loutrel, MotorHeadMike, DJ Pennett, Paul Madsen, HillBillyMike1, abcollectable, Jeff Matthews, Glenn C, Bill Hanna, Bob Mraz, Rich Pearson, Rick Durica, John Bogucki, Jack Kromer, Steve Szalus, Spilly, Tom, Bobby Fiorello, R Wolsky, Tom Alfrey, cmbraun, Lester Potts, Bob & Rich Caramella, tnBob, Carol Wismer, Lenny Swider, David Haycock and George Buchko.

Answer to our 11/10 trivia challenge brought to you by:

... Asphalt... Dirt.. We've lost count of all the cars that Don Stives has driven though the years.  But that's where you guys will be able to help out!
That's Don in one of his most successful asphalt rides (top photo) in the Norcia #81 in the 60's, and that's also Don in his own #3 alongside Ray Neary at East Windsor Speedway in the 70's.

We asked:  "Besides for the #81 and the #3 pictured above, can you name at least 3 "Asphalt Cars" OR 3 "Dirt Cars" that Don drove at some point in his career?"   Here's the answers that you guys came up with:

#8x white #8x owned by Frank Ariano
#66 blue, owned by Don Cramner
#14 red, owned by Dick Barney
# 57 blue and white
# 2jr blue and white (former Ray Hendrick car)
# 89 white owned by Ron Smith
#16 blue Pinto owned by Bill White (also a white #16 coupe)
#29 Coupe
#81 Norcia Coupe
#89 coupes with the red numbers
#32 white sedan from the 60's
#3 red Coupe
#93 George Taylor owned white coupe
#600 Spivey's Auto Parts
#89 Taylor built white #89 Coupe
#9 Bob Cass owned Pinto
#35 Council Harroll owned maroon'ish coupe
#77 white Gremlin owned by Nick Piscitelli
#81 Norcia Coupe (at Syracuse)
#77 Red Coupe (Swengel?)

Note:  While this is a good list, I'd be willing to bet that Don probably drove twice as many cars as listed above!
Answers Received From:  Jack Reinhard, Doug Megill, Joe Cryan, Krash63, Kevin Newman, Barry Hulse, Charlie Miller and Dave Pyle.

Answer to 10/24/10 Trivia Question
Brought to you by:

We asked, "Can you name the driver/track of the Butler Built #T1... #71 above?"
(Check out the holes on the front of the hood box... I told you it was #T1(!)   Another cool thing about this car is I'm not sure about the roof, but I swear it looks like '69 Camaro quarter panels and "extended" doors!
*Note:  I'm being told that maybe some of the body was a Javelin???
Here's a the same photo below without the name blurred:

Answer: Jan Opperman at Pocono
Correct Answers Received From:  Bill Regiec, Lester Potts, Bob Becker, Rich Miller, Dom Ragno, Rick Shive, Jim Biehl, Mark Harrington and Tom Alfrey

Here's a great color shot provided by Jim Biehl:

Thanks for your participation, and thanks Scott Butler and Jim Biehl for the great photos.

Answer to 10/15 Trivia Question
Brought to you by:

...3 on the track... 3 in the pits...
We asked:  "How many car #'s and driver's can you name in this Ned Stites III Flemington photo?"

Answers: Tommy McConnell #54, Billy Pauch #81, Ken Brenn Jr. #24, Gary Bouc #32, Sammy Beavers #33, and maybe George Hildebradt in the #18???

Answers Received From:
Dan27, Tnbob, Jeff Matthews, Mark Stitzel, Joe Hauser Sr., Paul Madsen,  Don Wolfe, David Rogie, Nick Lombardi, Robert E. Johnson, Leo Boyer, ,

Answers to 10/1/10 Trivia Question:

Mid 70's Flemington "Paint Job Trivia"






We asked, "If you can, provide the car # of these "uniquely painted" Mid 70's Flemington Modifieds."

Larry Taylor #x15

Bob Pickell #300

Hank Rogers Jr #4

Del George #52

Ed Pasko #37J

Bob McCollough #90

Correct Answer's Received From:  Leo Boyer, Steve Cameron, Nick Lombardi, Tom Berry, Paul Madsen, Lester Potts, Jack Kromer, David561, Joe Hauser Sr., Joe Cryan, Mark Yaple, Shawn McAndrews, Tommy Kosch, Steve Sabo, Tom McDonough, Modcardon, John Lengenfelder, Brian Loutrel and Jeff Matthews

Answer to our 9/20/10 "Wall" Trivia Question:
We asked, "Can you name the driver below in this 1960's Wall Stadium photo?"

Answer:  Tommie Elliott
Additional Information received from Don Stives tells us that this picture is from the 1966 Garden State Classic (300 laps).
Correct Answers Received From:  Ned Stites III, Dave Watts, Steve, Don Stives, Jack Reinhard, Howard Stern, George Perkins, Tom Berry, Barry Hulse, Billy (krash) Walker, Joe Cryan, Tim Weber, RACERX, Ed Duncan, Jim Kelleher, Phil Long, Bruce Cohen, Steve Cameron, Mark Yaple, Russ Neiberlien, Bob Gibb, Dave, Bob McElvaine, MAC, George Gwynn, Dave Michel, Russ Clock, Mike Allen, redman and Rich Gould.

Thanks for all the participation guys, and thanks to Chip Graves for providing the original Charles Taylor photo.

Answer to our 8/24/10 Trivia Question Brought to You By:

Same Driver - Different Falcon...  We asked:  "Can You Name a Driver Who Drove 2 or more Falcons - With Different #'s?"
Here's an example:  Glenn Fitzcharles - #96X & #R10:

(Remember, same driver, that drove 2 different Falcon's with different #"s...)

Answers Provided:  Glenn Fitzcharles (#96X & #R10), Paul Fitzcharles (Rissi #59 & Deasey #707), Tom Hager (#43 & Silliman red #4), Howie Cronce (#9C & one of Hager's #43's), Fred DeGroot (black #301 & blue & orange #305), Frank Eppolite (gold #1 & white and yellow #46), Bob Banghart (yellow #B6 and yellow later model Falcon #42),
Other possibilities that were provided include:  John Scarpati (Schenck blue #A & #B), Gerald Chamberlain (Bullock #76 & #666) Billy Brennen (#5 & #555).  ,

Answers Received From:  David Rogie, "Suki Sarkis", Jeff Scott, Nick Lombardi, Ed Lentz, Joe Cryan, Bucky Stevens, John McCaughey, Joel Naprstek, Don Wolfe, Rick Shive, John Hanna, Lester Potts, Cody Hager, Bill Hanna, MAC and Mike Traverse,

Answer to our 8/15/10 Trivia Question Brought to You By:

We asked:  "Can you name 5 drivers who have driven a "#R10?"
Answers you guys provided:  Howie Cronce (who we think might be in the #R10 pictured above), Glenn Fitzcharles, Paul Fitzcharles, Vince Pantuso, Billy Beasley, Wade Hendrickson, Gary Iulg, Fred Rahmer, Darren McCaughey, Walt Olsen, Gerry Clark and Lauden Potts

These drivers were also provided, by I can't verify yet... include:  Bobby Braxton, Dick Qualio, Gerald Chamberlain (remember him driving a Gremlin but I think it might have been #23 by then???), Brett Hearn at Penn National, John Kumjati, Red Coffin, Billy Pauch?, Dave Blaney at Syracuse, Frank Cozze (but we think it was only the #10 at that time...), MeMe Desantis, Harry Turner, Ricky Elliott, Ed Pratt and Roger Laureno.  (If you guys have a picture of any of these guys behind the wheel of the R10, email it and we'll add them to the first group.)

5 or more answers received from:
Tom Berry, Leo Boyer, Franny Lutz, Redfred, Rob Spilatore, Mike Shaub, Suki Sarkis, Todd C. Lewis, Joe Cryan, Don Wolfe, Tom Gass, Ned Stites III, Mac McPherson, Mark Yaple, Mark Burd, Steve Kresge, Mike Bitting,  Joe Gorski, Charlie Miller, Justine Carpenter, Wayne Heiserman, David Haycock & Phil Long

08/01/10 Trivia Question Brought to Us By:

We asked, "Can you name the modified ace that's behind the wheel of the Ken Brenn Sr. open wheel #24?"

Answer:  Bob Pickell.  We did receive quite a few responses reminding us that Wally Dallenbach also drove this car under the name of Bob Dunbar, but this actual photo was provided to us by Bob Pickell Jr., and in this shot, it's the very versatile Bob Pickell Sr behind the wheel.

Correct Answers Received From:  Jack Kromer and Roger McCloughan

7/1/10 Trivia Challenge Question Brought to You By:

Sportsman at Flemington in the mid 70's

We asked:  "Can you name 3 (three) or more driver's & car numbers in this rare Ace Lane Jr "spectator side" photo taking during a Sportsman heat in the mid 70's at Flemington Speedway?"

Answer:  #49 Tom Nodes, #7a Jim Wismer, #400 John Trauger, #74 Joe Poliachek (sp?), #47 Mark Lenhart (we think...), #2B Dom Buffalino and #X Mark Janich (sp?)

3 OR MORE CORRECT ANSWERS received from: 
Jim Ramm, Mark Yaple, Leo Boyer, Paul Madsen, Nick Lombardi, Rob Spilatore, Tom Gray, Rick Shive and David Rogie

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