Thank you to all of you who have participated in our Trivia Challenges!


Answer to Trivia Question Posted 12/25/05:

We Asked:  How Many of These Mid 70's Flemington Modifieds can you name, and what turn do you think it is?
2 Right = C Main,  -   3 Right = B Main,  -   4 Right = A Main,  -   5 Right = On the Pole!
Flem_triv_12.25.05.jpg (83045 bytes)

Well... we've got quite a few of you in the "A Main", but don't think any of us made it to the pole... and that's because none of us are sure about that first Gremlin...

Here's the rundown:   1st - ?,  2nd Joe Conti #42 or Billy Mitchell,  3rd Craig McCaughey #301,  4th Lee or Larry Taylor (Wally Mark's #1),  5th Red Coffin #22.  Also, many of you knew that the cars are in turn 2.  
(This may not be the end of it as some of the names for the other cars received were 1st: Ron Stashuk, Fred DeGroot in the #616, Ray Kozimore #37J or Bob Barone #7B..., 2nd Bill Mitchell... and we had a few who think the 5th car is either Fred Orchard #406 or Bob Pollack #48 but it has been verified as Red Coffin's #22 with Miller's Volkswagon as a sponsor.

Answers Received From:  Bobby Fiorello, Joe Bokros, Bob and Rich Caramella, Larry Dascenzo, Mark Burd, Fred Voorhees, Paul Madsen, Mike Schaub, Rick Shive, Jack Kromer, Bill Hanna, John McCaughey, Kenny and Paul (Buick Guys), Walter Onora, Wes Suydam, Bob Becker, Jeff McClung, Paul Garzillo, Scott Pacich, Clint Bush

"Backside" Trivia Question posted 12/18/05:
We asked:  "Can you name at least 10 of the drivers/cars pictured on the backside of Wall Speedway driver Kevin Eyre's #21?"    

Photo By Ace Lane Jr. / Provided By Ace Lane Jr.

Answer:  Well, according to Kevin, here they are:  Richard Petty, Joe Severage, Sammy Beavers, Bobby Isaac (3Wide Sticker!), Gerald Chamberlain, Jim Hendrickson, Charlie Kremer (and Gil Hearne), Dale Sr., Richie Evans, Gary Balough, Don Stives (head shot), Charlie Jarzombach (& Gil Hearne), Billy Pauch, Tommy Elliott, Cale Yarborough, Buzzie Reutimann, Maynard Troyer, Jeff Gordon, Kenny Brightbill and Geoff Bodine.  Thanks to Ace for the photo and thanks to Kevin for the extra attention to our site!

Correct Answers Received From:  Ralph Richards, Kevin Eyres (Hey Kev... you can't play!!! (lol), Mark Nipps, Larry Dascenzo, Bob Vichioli, PAUL and Kenny (The Buick Guys!), Jack Kromer, Fred Voorhees, Ed Duncan, John Romano, Paul Madsen, Greg Chelak , Neal Wilt, Todd Lewis, Bob and Rich Caramella, Tom Hart, Leonard Slemmer, Frank Degnan, Geoffrey Yoder, Mike Schaub, Charles DeFebbo, Tommy Kosch, JD in Florida, Krash 63, Jeff Matthews, Scott Pacich, Dick S, Pat McBride, Peter Spaccarotella, Kevin Newman, Jeff McBride, Andy Styner, Jeff Gravatt, Barry Miller, Tom Berry, Robin Allen, Mark Burd, Bob Turlip, Wes Suydam, Lester Potts, John Hanna, Dave Welty, Bob Hoffman, Herb Hoskins, Bob Becker,

Trivia Question(s) posted 12/12/05:

We asked:  How many of these Flemington racer's can you name? 
b12.12.05_GRP_PIT_FLM_0070_1.jpg (98520 bytes)
Photo By:  Bill Young
Answers Received:  Facing the camera:   Joe Neilds #29N, Ed Lang #25, Billy Taylor #7D7, Les Katona, not sure of a few in there... and then Dave Gunther (white coupe with blue roof).
On the left side by the guy with the red jacket (who might be Ace Lane): Bob Ayres or Dom Buffalino #32A, maybe Billy Carver #1JR, Tommy Gillman #8 (thanks John Mc), Craig McCaughey #301

Correct Answers Received From: Jeff McClung, Kenny and Paul (Flemington Buick Guys), Tom, Rick Shive, Wayne Weaver, Bob Turlip

Trivia Question posted 12/04/05:

We asked:  Can you name this East Windsor Speedway driver?  After running sportsman, this driver also drove the #9 and #68 Modifieds.  I think this is the same car that was later driven first as a sportsman and then as a modified by Bob Ayers... but we'll need your help Vault Visitors for the details....
b12.04.05__9A_MYS_EWS_0070_1.jpg (57961 bytes)

Answer:  Dean Applegate
Correct Answers Received From:  Walter Onora, John Mc, Kevin Budden, Paul Madsen,
Kevin Newman, Tom Berry, John Shipley, Bob & Rich Caramella, Bill Hanna, Jack Kromer, Don Nugent, Dave Spurlin, Jeff Matthews, Edward Smith, Ned Stites, Brian Loutrel, Bob Becker, Frank Degnan, Mark Yaple, Don C, Jim Read, Jeff McClung, Fred Voorhees, Rick Shive, John Hanna, Spilly, Tom Hart , Paul and Kenny - BUICK GUYS , Pat McBride, Andy Styner, Todd Jenkins, Jeff Gravett, Seadooryda, Clint Bush, Mike McNamara, Bill Worth, Wayne Weaver, Bob Turlip, Jeff McBride, Don Worth, Scott Pacich, Todd Lewis,

Trivia Question (#2) posted 12/04/05:

We asked:   Can you name this Modified, Sprint and Indianapolis driver pictured below?  (We blurred out the "Co-Pilot"info on the hood, but the "Pilot" listed is a great clue...)
b12.04_05_MYS_SPR_UNK_0070_1 sm.jpg (54633 bytes)

Answer:  Jan Opperman
Correct Answers Received From:  Juliehum123, Maria & Peter Spaccarotella, John Mc, Paul Madsen, Kevin Newman,
Tom Berry, John Shipley, Bill Hanna, Jack Kromer,  Don Nugent, Lester Potts, Mike Schaub, Greg Chelak  , John Barsuglia, Chuck Hassler, Jeff Matthews, Ned Stites, Edward Smith, Bob Becker, Leonard Slemmer, Frank Degnan, Mark L. Krammes, Greg Collins, Jim Read, Geoffrey Yoder, RBP, Jeff McClung, Fred Voorhees, Rick Shive,  Tom Smith, Bob Yurko, Mark Nipps, Spilly, Tom Hart, Paul and Kenny - BUICK GUYS, Billy (Krash 63) Walker , Mark Flamisch, Phil Tirrell, John Hanna, Bob and Rich Caramella, Todd Jenkins, Charles DeFebbo, John Ricker, Clint Bush, Bob Scott, Pilgram, Scott Pacich, Sam Corrice, Tom Emmons,

Trivia Question Posted on 11/20/05:

There was a time when you watched the races, you watched the drivers.  ... I mean you really saw "the men in the machines."  You saw the way they gripped the wheel... sometimes with elbows up!  You noticed the size of the steering wheel and their helmet style.   If fact, I'll bet that when many of you think of your favorite drivers from the 70's, you picture them inside their car, manhandling their machine around your favorite track! 

Below is a picture of one such driver that many of us will never forget. 

We asked: 
"Can you name the driver below?  We blurred out the car# to make it a little tougher, but for you 70's EWS and Flemington regulars, we're confident that you'll recognize one of the Vault's all time favorites."

b11.23.05_mystery_pic.jpg (70011 bytes)
Photos By: Bill Young / Provided By: Kevin Budden

Answer:  Mike Grbac!
b11.27.05_047_GRB_FLM_0070_sm.jpg (45067 bytes)

Correct Answers Received From: 
Jack Kromer, Bill Hanna, Kevin Budden, John Toth, Lester Potts, Jim Pickell, Nick Lombardi, Bob Becker, Bobby Fiorello, John Mc, John Ricker, Joe Bokros, Bob Caramella, Rich Caramella, Ned Stites III, Tom Berry, Walter Onora, Spilly, John Armbruster, Jeff McClung, Paul and Kenny - Buick Guys, Don C, Fred Voorhees, Jim Storholt, Clint Bush, Rick Shive, Jeff McBride, Jim Stoveken, Larry Dascenzo, George Yawger, John Hanna, Mike Feltenberger, Wayne Weaver

Trivia Question Posted on 11/13/05 Brought to You by:
This Week's "2 Fer' Trivia" sponsored by: 
BB Logo Phone-Small_1.jpg (32241 bytes)
We asked:  "Can you name the 2 drivers pictured below?"
b11.13.05_002_MYS_UNK_0060_1.jpg (70267 bytes)

b11.13.05_087_MYS_UNK_0060_1.jpg (73638 bytes)

Answer:  Bob Pickell in the Lucky Jordan #2 and Bob Weisemeyer in the #87.

Answers Received From: 
Rick Shive, Ned Stites III, Ed Duncan, Jack Kromer, Tom Berry, Walter Onora, Joe Bokros, John McCaughey, Jim Murrow, Paul and Kenny - (Flemington Buick's Parts Dept's Finest!), Fred Voorhees, Bill Hanna, Clint Bush, John Fahey, John Armbruster

Trivia Question Posted on 10/30/05 Brought to You by:
Here's the Answer to This Week's EWS Modified Trivia Brought to You By:
Peak logo_BLK.jpg (47402 bytes):
We asked: "How Many of These East Windsor Modifieds Can You Name?" 
b11.06.05_600_MYS_EWS_0070_1.jpg (93937 bytes)

Answer:  Oliver Butler in the Spivey Auto Parts #600, Stan Ploski in his Weld #27, and many are guessing Rick Thum in the coupe (Rick drove a blue #12 Coupe but we're not sure that this is that car....)

Answers Received From:  Bobby Fiorello, Ned Stites III, Walter Onora, Richard Pearson, John Armbruster, Jeff McClung, Bill Hanna, Tommy Kosch, Fred Voorhees, Bob & Rich Caramella, Jeff Matthews, Rick Shive, Mark Yaple, Rich Scott, Frank Degnan, Todd Lewis, John McCaughey, Joe Bokros, Barry Miller, Spilly, Mike McNamara, John Lengenfelder

Trivia Question Posted on 10/16/05 Brought to You by:

3wide_1_merch.jpg (29520 bytes)

3 Wide's Gift Shop
click above for more info

We Asked:   "How Many Can You Name?"
b10.09.05_049_GRP_FLM_0070_1.jpg (113634 bytes)
Answer:  Here's what you came up with:

Billy Pauch #15, Fritz Epright #49, Larry Bowers #1B, Sammy Beavers #81, Mike Grbac #121, not sure, Phil Meisner #17, Del George #87,  Stan Ploski #27, not sure, Howie Cronce #9C, Gerald Chamberlain #76, Glenn Fitzcharles #23, Paul Fitzcharles #59, Red Coffin #22 or Kerry Schloeder #K46, Jimmy Horton #3,  not sure, Ken Brenn Jr. #24, Kenny Brightbill #19, Tom Hager #43 and Gary Balough or Billy O in the #73.  (Other names that we received were Craig McCaughey #301, Rick Polenz #3, Tom Gillman, Paul Rochelle, Charlie Gunther, Bob Pickell #300.)

Answers Received From:  Lester Potts, Herb Hoskins, John McCaughey, Rick Shive, Ned Stites III, Barry Miller, Jack Kromer, Fred Voorhees, John Armbruster, Paul Madsen, Bob and Rich Caramella, Kenny and Paul (Buick Guys), Frank Degnan, Paul Garzillo, Bill Hanna, Wes Suydam, John Barsuglia, Walter Onora, Scott Pacich, Bob Turlip, Frank Miller, Skip McPherson,

Trivia Question Posted on 10/09/05 Brought to You by: jd3_lo.jpggo.jpg (23824 bytes)  We asked:  "Can you name the drivers in this Flemington Modified heat race from the early 70's?"
b09.02_05_GRP_MYS_FLM_0070_1.jpg (85590 bytes)
Photo provided by Al Stewert
Correct Answers as received by you guys:
Stan Ploski #24, Dick Havens #93, Hank Goranson #36, Larry Taylor, Lee Taylor #3 (Red and White Sedan), Larry Voss or Lauden Potts #Diamond 3, Jack Voorhees #33.

6 Right = 'Git your own website!!! (lol):
John McCaughey
5 Right = On the Pole!: 
Ken & Paul (Buick Guys), Don C, Paul Madsen, Nick Lombardi, Ned Stites III, Fred Voorhees, Rick Shive, John Barsuglia, ,
4 Right = A Main:
, Bob Turlip, Paul Garzillo, Clint Bush, Walter Onora, Lester Potts, Tony DiMarchello, John Armbruster, ,
3 Right = B Main: 
Bob & Rich Caramella, Frank Degnan, Eric Lindahl, Dick S, Bob Becker,  ,

Great Job by All, and thanks to Al Stewart for providing the great photo.

Trivia Question Posted on 10/02/05 Brought to You by:  automiddle1.jpg (33136 bytes)
We asked:   "Can you tell us who that is on the homestretch at Flemington in this mid 70's photo trying to get Harry's Dee's attention?"

Hey_Harry_Trivia.jpg (132287 bytes)
Photo by Wayne Bechtel - Provided by Wayne Bechtel

And the Answer is:   Craig McCaughey, driver of the #301 Chevette bodied modified.

Many of you weighed in with the particulars surrounding this photo, and the best we can tell is that Craig was disputing a call made by the officials.  Long before the days of radios, the only way to get your point across was to stop your car in front of Harry's stand and hope Harry would jump down and listen to your concern...  If that didn't work, the driver would then get out of his car..  and as you can imagine, with a full grandstand watching, the drama got pretty high!.  (We're not real sure who the car is on the inside, but some of the possibilites that you guys provided are the #24 of Newt Hartman, the #9c of Howie Cronce....) 

Emotions run high at the track... and with as much on the line, its easy to see why.   Whether it was a dispute about a starting position on a restart... or about being blamed for a wreck that was not your fault, sometimes, a driver felt he had to be heard!

was passionate about his racing... and about racing in general.   Some will remember that it was Craig that stepped up to help address the racing surface issues on the 5/8ths mile clay, and can remember seeing him operating the heavy equipment on many occassions.

Correct Answers Received From: George Yawger, Ned Stites III, Don C, John Armbruster, Jack Kromer, Lester Potts, Bobby Fiorello, Jeff McClung, John Romano, Richard Conley, John Hanna, Brian Rozycki, Paul Madsen, Bib Turlip, Richard Pearson, Dave Spurlin, Bob & Rich Caramella, Mark L Krammes, Bill Hanna, Rick 62, Paul Garzillo, Clint Bush, Joe Bokros, Frank Degnan, Mike Bitting, Jeff Matthews, Neal Wilt, Phil Tirrell,  Dave Pratt (dsp photoz), Jim Pickell, Kenny & Paul (The Buick Emblem Guys), Scott Olenwine,

Trivia Question Posted on 9/18/05 Brought to You by:   advantage_Financial.jpg (52456 bytes)
We asked "Can you name BOTH of these drivers standing next to the #24?"

b09.12.05_024_MYS_PIC_0070_1.jpg (76022 bytes)
Here's a closer look:
b09.12.05_024_MYS_PIC_0070_sm.jpg (74170 bytes)

ANSWER:  Paul Newman and Will Cagle!
We are told that Paul was in the NY area shooting a movie called "Slapshot" and met up with Will to take a ride in the #24 at either Weedsport, Rolling Wheels... or somewhere up there.
*Note from Vault Visitor Tom Hart:  I looked up and found that 3 of the 4 filming locations were in NY State (Hamilton, Syracuse and Utica). The film was released in Feb. '77 which means the picture is
probably from the '76 season.

Correct  Answers Received From:  Fred Voorhees, Russ Dodge, Bill Hanna, Paul Garzillo, Irv Van Noordt, Rick Brochard, Lester Potts, Paul Madsen, Walter Onora, Todd Jenkins, Spilly, Todd Lewis, Brian Marsh, Kevin Eyres, Rick Shive, Bob and Rich Caramella, Scooter Van Noordt, Jeff McClung, Tom Hart, Paul and Kenny (2 Guys from Buick), Skip McPherson, Jeff Acton, Don C., Ken Johnson, Clint Bush, Sherri Dornberger, Bob Becker, Greg Collins, Herb Hoskins, Dave Pratt of DSP Photoz, John Armbruster

Trivia Question Posted on 9/9/05 Brought to You by: maxwell_logo.jpg (30413 bytes) :
We asked:  "Can you provide the driver's name that's pictured below?"
064_MYS.jpg (53335 bytes)

Answer:  Ebby Ridge - We remember Ebby driving a yellow coupe and then this car which was owned by Butch Klien in the early to mid 70's.  I'm told that this is the same team that Ken Johnson drove for as many of you remembered the black #64 sponsored by Moly Black Gold.

Correct  Answers Received From:
  Rick Shive, Scott Pacich, Paul & Kenny (2 Guys from Buick), Bill Hanna, Fred Voorhees, Paul Madsen, Walter Onora, Tom Hart, Clint Bush, 80's Paul!, Mark Yaple, Todd Lewis,

Question Posted Sept 2nd, 2005 - Brought to you by: 3wide_1_merch.jpg (29520 bytes)  3 Wide's Gift Shop

We asked:  "Can you provide the driver's name AND THE CAR NUMBER that's pictured below?"

b09.04.05_MYS_PIC_FLM_0072_1.jpg (73285 bytes)













Correct Answer: Sammy Beavers in the Scarmadella #121 Sponsored by King Chevrolet.  We think it was 1972 or 1973 that Sammy drove this sedan along with his teamate who drove the #122.  Sammy's teamate was non other than Fred Dmuchowski!  (Probably the only time Fred ever drove anything that wasn't yellow with a big #303 on the side of it!)

Correct  Answers Received From:  John Hanna, Ned Stites III, Kevin Budden, John McCaughey, Paul Madsen, Clint Bush, Pat McBride, Fred Voorhees, Larry Dacenzo, Michael Johnston, Geoffrey Yoder, Paul and Kenny (Buick Guys!), Barry Miller, Jeff McClung, Rick Shive, Tom Berry, Jack Kromer, Bob #8 Turlip, Walter Onora, Rick62, Bob and Rich Caramella, Bill Regiec, Lester Potts, Don C, Mark Burd, Wes Suydam, Paul, Robt Marlene Scott, Tsgt Michael Bohling, Bill Hanna,

Question Posted August 27th, 2005 - Brought to you by:
 Palmcosmall1.jpg (35026 bytes)

b08.17.05_MYS_PIC_EWS_0070_1sm.jpg (47808 bytes)We asked:  "Can you name both of these mid to late 70's EWS Modified Drivers?

Answer:  Glenn Fitzcharles on the inside in what was actually a red number #23 and Charlie Decker in the blue sedan #16

Answers Received From:  Ned Stites III, Kevin Budden, Jeff Matthews, Scott Pacich, Jeff McClung, Nick Lombardi, Walter Onora, John Hanna, Mark L. Krammes, Tom Hart, Bob Becker, John Mc, Wayne Heiserman, Frank Degnan, Rich Scott, Paul Madsen, John Armbruster, Tommy Kosch, Don C, Bruce Thomas, Joe Bokros, John Hanna, Frank Miller, Barry Miller, Brian Loutrel, Lenny Slemmer, Tom Berry, Shawn McAndrews, FOUR FRIENDS FROM BUICK (PAUL AND KENNY), Jack Kromer, Lester Potts, Rick Shive, Wes Suydam, Todd Lewis, Pat McBride, Fred Voorhees, A.J. Kraft, Billy Krash Walker, Terry Miller, Mark Bitting, Greg C! (Peak Racing Equipment), Bob and Rich Caramella, Ralph Jones,




Question also Posted August 27th, 2005 - Brought to you by BB Logo Phone-Small_1.jpg (32241 bytes)
We asked "How many of these Wall Stadium Racers can you name?"  (I spent a few too many nights at Flemington to name them all, but I'm confident you guys and gals will come through!):

Here's the answers that you guys came up with: 

b08.28.05_075_058_WAL_0080_1.jpg (63674 bytes)
Robert Hendrickson #75 & Barney Truex #59
b08.28.05_010_UNK_WAL_0080_1.jpg (58547 bytes)
Mark Engle #10
b08.28.05_069_UNK_WAL_0080_1.jpg (60019 bytes)

Frank Biddle #69
b08.28.05_077_MYS_WAL_0080_1.jpg (64147 bytes)

Charlie Kremer #77
All of these great shots from Wall provided by Ace Lane Jr.

Answers Received From:  Scooter Van Noordt, Kevin Newman, Jeff Gravett, Paul Madsen, Robert Moller, Bill Lowden, Kevin Eyres, Shawn McAndrews, Don Worth, Rob Haas,

Question Posted August 13th, 2005 - Brought to you by: 
BB Logo Phone-Small_1.jpg (32241 bytes)

b08.14.05_Mys_Pic_FLM_0070_1sm.jpg (72542 bytes)









We Asked:  "Can you name the 2 guys standing along side of photographer Bill Young (of Y&B Photos) along with the car # and the name of the driver of the car?"
ANSWERJerry Verona, (Bill Young), Jack McCabe.  The "Verona/McCabe combo was pretty tough in the mid 70's.   This is the #R10 Gremlin that was driven by Glenn Fitcharles.  (And if you look close, you'll see Howie Cronce in the upper left who drove a different #R10 a few years later at Bridgeport.)

Correct Answers Received From:  Nick Lombardi, Bobby Fiorello, John McCaughey, Frank Degnan, William Hanna, Jack Kromer, Todd Lewis, Tom Hart, Jeff McClung, Paul Garzillo, Bob Becker, Rich Scott, Jeff Matthews, Joe Bokros, Fred Voorhees, Jeff McBride, Kevin Cadwallader, Bob and Rich Caramella, Mark Yaple, Paul Madsen, Barry Miller, Sherie Dornberger, Mike Bitting, Andy Styner, Ned Stites III, J Stinnett,

Question also Posted August 6th, 2005 - Brought to you by
advantage_Financial.jpg (52456 bytes)
"That 70's Trivia!"
We asked:  "Can you name this 70's Sportsman Driver in this great Ace Lane Photo from the mid 70's at Flemington?"
b08.07.05_GL21_TRV_FLM_0070_1.jpg (88434 bytes)









Correct Answer:  Ron "Tuna" Fisher (and some mentioned that they see Larry Clark's #35 in the background)

Correct Answers Received From:  Jack Kromer, Ron Neil Jr, Mark Burd, Paul Madsen, Ken Horvath, Mark L. Krammes, Walter Onora, Herb Hoskins, Spilly, Skip McPherson, Rick Shive, Fred Voorhees, Bob & Rich Caramella, John L, Wes Suydam, Earl Krause, Brian Rozycki, Jim Brown (Jim Brown Photos), Richard Pearson, Mark Nipps, John Cooper, Richard Scott, John McCaughey, Bill Hanna, Henry Wilt

Second Question also Posted August 6th, 2005
We asked:  "Can you name any of these early 70's East Windsor competitors?"
b08.08.05_041_MYS.jpg (67472 bytes)








ANSWER:   Well... here goes....
We do know that it's Rich Swangler in the #043 (which according to co-builder and crew member Andy Styner, was owned by Bob Goodwin of Hamilton, NJ), and that's about all that we do know...

We had a few guesses that the car hidden behind the #043 could be an early Stan Ploski #27 or possibly a Suzstak (sp?) #37, although many of us can't remember Jules or Geza in anything but the old white coupe.  Greg C from "Peak Racing Equipment" adds that  he thinks it's the #67, which was a light  yellow car that Gary Riley from Yonkers, New York drove.  He adds that Gary was a sportsman regular at Middletown but on rare occasions ran East Windsor.

As far as the #36 goes, most of us thought it was Hank Goranson Jr., and with the photo provided below from Greg C from "Peak Racing Equipment", I think we might be right:

036_Goranson.JPG (124388 bytes) 036_primer_GOr.JPG (110270 bytes)
Note window cut and windscreen on the car on the left and the primered roof car on the right

Check out the way the #'s are written, along with the severe 90 degree cut for the driver's window right next to where Hank's right hand is in the shot above and compare it to the trivia photo.  Greg C also mentioned that Hank did run sportsman right around this time.  Thanks for the detective work Greg - Here's another mention for "Peak Racing Equipment:  

This just in from Vault Visitor John Hanna:  GREG KNOWS HIS STUFF!

Answers Received From:  Lester Potts, Paul Madsen, Jack Kromer, Walter Onora, John Armbruster, Bill Hanna, GC! (Peak Racing Equipment), Frank Degnan, Rick Shive, Pat McBride, Fred Voorhees, Scott Pacich, Bob V., John Hanna, Bob Turlip, Barry Hulse, Rich Scott, Joe Bokros,

Question Posted July 31sh, 2005 - Brought to you by featured site sponsor:
automiddle1.jpg (64900 bytes)

We asked:  Who is it?
08.02.05_mystery.jpg (63588 bytes)












Correct Answer:   Phil Meisner
Correct Answers Received From:   Fred Moran, Paul and Kenny from Buick, Jeff Matthews, Paul Madsen, Fred Voorhees, Andy Styner, Walter Onora, jimmactool, Bob Turlip, Rick Shive, Jeff McBride, Dave Spurlin, Jeff McClung, Bill Hanna, Herb Hoskins, Billy D, RedFred, Bobby Fiorello, Jack Kromer, Frank Miller, Richard Pearson

Question Posted July 24th, 2005 - Brought to you by featured site sponsor:
LeBlanc.bmp (29158 bytes)
We asked:  Who is it?
b07.24.05_073_WOL_SYR_0080_1.jpg (113847 bytes)









Answer:  Doug Wolfgang
Correct Answers Received From:  Skip McPherson, Jeff Matthews, Tommy Kosch, John McCaughey, Jack Kromer, Mark Flamisch, Pat McBride, Jeff McClung, John Armbruster, Neal Witt, Walter Onora

Thank you to everyone who responded and thanks for all the additional information the photo.   Seems that Will Cagle actually ended up driving this car in the 1986 race (Thanks Fred V).

Question Posted July 17th, 2005
1960's "The Gang's All Here" brought to you by our featured site supporter :
BB Logo Phone-Small_1.jpg (32241 bytes)
b07.16.05_MYS_PHO_UNK_0060_1.jpg (86083 bytes)

We asked:  "Can you provide the car # and name of the driver pictured above? (The driver is shown above, standing on the top left in the white driving suit.)"

Answer:  Fred Dmuchowski in the Amwell Esso sponsored #303.  We are also told that car owners Phil Betza (#307), Kenny Onka (#12) and Garry Johnston (#47) are in this photo along with crew member Gary Van Cleef.

Correct Answers Received From: Kevin Budden, Jeff Matthews, Rick Shive, Tom Berry, Mark Yaple, Fred Voorhees, John Romano!, Larry Dascenzo, Todd Lewis, Todd Jenkins, Herb Hoskins, Mike Johnston, Bobby Fiorello, Spilly, Angel & Matt Johnston

Question also Posted July 17th, 2005
1990 Flemington Trivia Question brought to you by our site supporter
jd3_lo.jpggo.jpg (23824 bytes):
b07.15.05_WIN_CLA_FLM_0090_sm.jpg (60391 bytes)

We asked for you to: "Provide the car # and driver's name for as many of these Mods as you can", and here's what you guys came up with:

#76 Billy Pauch, #35 Tom Hager, #17 Toby Tobias (Jr), #125 Doug Hoffman, #704 Fritz Epright, #86 Chip Slocum, #36 Roger Laureno, #71 Ken Brenn, #713 Bob Fisher, (possibly #J9 Joe Coverdale) and #Ma4 of Mark Fusco  (note: As pointed out by many a few of these cars were driven by a couple of different drivers right around this time... but this the list above is what most agreed on.

Correct Answers Received From: Tommy Kosch, Kevin Budden, Paul Madsen, Todd Lewis, Mark Burd, Mark Nipps, Jeff Matthews, Fred Voorhees, Larry Dascenzo, Neal Wilt, Wes Suydam, Mark L. Krammes, Todd Jenkins, Bill Hanna, Lester Potts, Rich Scott, Bob & Rich Caramella,

Question Posted July 10th, 2005:
Here's the Recap to
Last Week's
"Flemington 80's Trivia Question brought to you by our featured site supporter :
flames.jpeg (24962 bytes)

Click on the car for a clearer view!

We asked:   "Can you identify this very popular Flemington Late Model driver who then became a very consistent Modified runner?  (We blurred out the number to make it a little tougher for all you diehard 80's guys and gals...)  Here's a hint:  "As fast as he ran, nobody would dare call him slow..."

Answer:  Matt Slowinski!   We often get requests for more pictures of Matt here in the Vault as Matt was always a very popular competitor... whether in a Late Model or in a Modified. 

Correct Answers From:  Jeff Matthews, Tom Hart, Jack Kromer, Dave Spurlin, Bobby Fiorello, John McCaughey, Herb Hoskins, Cowboy George Yawger, Bob Smith, Neal Wilt, Kenny & Paul (Buick Parts!), Andy Styner, Mark Nipps, Dave Pratt - dsp photos, Mark Burd, Brian Rozycki, Paul Madsen, Harring5, John Cooper, Walter Onora, Mark L. Krammes, Pat McBride, Rich Scott, Wes Suydam, Ed Johnson, Jeff McClung, Earl Krause, Don C, Tom Berry, Bob Vichioli, Bruce Thomas, Bob and Rich Caramella, Matt Flamisch, Brian Loutrel, Rick Shive,

Question Posted July 3rd, 2005:
automiddle1.jpg (64900 bytes)"Sharp Dressed Man" Trivia Question:   We asked:  "Can you name these 2 "Sharp Dressed" Drivers pictured below (right and center) receiving an award from Y&B photographer Bill Young (left) in this great mid 70's photo?"
Answer:  Fritz Epright and Billy Pauch!

award_mystery.jpg (72866 bytes)


















We're not quite sure if this is what ZZ Top had in mind with their 80's hit record...   That's photographer Bill Young in the snazzy white shoes on the left, with Fritz Epright and Billy Pauch in the Leisure Suits (center and right)?"
Here's the hint that we provided:  Both won Modified Feature Events during the month of June - 2005! 
(New clue from Vault Visitor Paul Madsen:  "They were also both driving cars with the #1 on it during their most recent feature wins!)

Correct Answers Received From:  Jack Kromer, Fred Voorhees, Walter Onora, John Hanna, John Toth, Richard Pearson, Skip McPherson, Ned Stites III, Clint Bush, Dave Spurlin, John McCaughey, John Stover, Jim Young, Charley Lindmar, Spilly, Rich Scott, Jeff Matthews, Jeff McClung, Todd Jenkins, Bill Hanna, Bob Fiorello, "Cowboy" George Yawger, Mark Yaple, Tom Hart, Mark Nipps, Mark Burd, Herb Hoskins,  (The BUICK Guys - Paul and Kenny), Wes Suydam, Mark L. Krammes, Richard Conley, Barry Miller, Bob Turlip, Lester Potts, Andy Styner, Todd Lewis, Doug Leubner, Nick Lombardi, Tom Berry, John Romano, Bob Vichioli, Paul Madsen, Brian Rozycki, Fred (NJRN) Hahn, Michael Bohling, Mike Feltenberger, Rick Shive, Bob & Rich Caramella, , Sherri Dornberger

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