TRIVIA RECAP (July - Dec 06)

Answer to our 12/29/06 Trivia Question:  We asked:  "Can you name the driver of the Falcon below, and can you list 10 other car #'s that this driver has driven over his 30+ year career?"  

We asked you to provide the driver's name and 10 cars (including #, color and car owner if known). c12.29.06_049_MYS_FLM_0070_1.jpg (96259 bytes)
Answer:  Fritz Epright - Car's that you guys mentioned that Fritz has been behind the wheel of:  #1 white/black/red (self owned), #2 cream color (Horton Sr. owned), #3 white/black/red (self owned), #5 yellow (Deiter Schmidt owned), #6 red/silver (Roger Furstenberg owned), #7S red (Keimeg owned), #8 black (Horton Sr. owned), #28 red (Charlie Epright owned), #49 orange (Charlie Epright owned), #51M (Michael Brothers owned), #74 red (Trenton Mack), #76 white (Chesson owned), #81 (Norcia owned), #143 yellow (Formerly driven by Tony Leonard), #265 plum (Katzenstein owned), #301 red (McCaughey owned), #704 white (Trenton Mack)

Other cars were mentioned but one thing is for sure:  Fritz Epright has been one of the fastest on the dirt for over 30 years!

Answers Received From: 
Danny Dorf, Joe Bokros, Fred Voorhees, John Toth, Bobby Fiorello, Jim Ramm, Jim Brown, Rich Miller, Mark Nipps, Paul Madsen, Steve Sabo, Mark Yaple, Eric Dyer, Wes Suydam, Todd Jenkins, John McCaughey, Fred Hahn, Tom Berry, Scott Werkheiser,

Answer to "2 Seater Trivia" Question Brought to you by:
jd3newlogo.jpg (41604 bytes)
We asked, can you name the 2 driver's sitting inside the modified below, and can you also name who's car they were sitting in?  (We intentionally blurred the # to make it a little tougher...) 12/17/06
c12.17.06_CAR_POL_TRV_0077_1.jpg (119458 bytes)
Answer:  Howie Cronce and Craig McCaughey inside Bucky Barker's #V8.
Answers Received From: 
Bob Becker, Phil Tirrell, John Mosher, Wes Suydam, Mark Burd, R Wolsky, Tom McDonough, Rich Miller, Don C, Fred Voorhees, Joe Bokros, Jeff McClung, Walter Onora, Bobby Fiorello, Carl Silliman, John Hanna, Ace Lane Jr., Scott Mervine, Bob Turlip, Bob and Rich Caramella, Barry, Howie Cronce, Bill Regiec, Tom Berry, Parker Camlan,  Steve Sabo, Rick Shive, Redfred, Craig Ford, Ty Constantino, Bill Walker, Joe Cryan, Kevin Inglin, Bill Hanna, Richard Pearson, Lenny Swider, Bob Vichioli, Peach Cole,  Ned Stites III, Rich Scott

12/9/06 "Looks Familiar..." Trivia Question Brought to you by:
gsvsc_LOGO cop2.jpg (32588 bytes)
Do you recognize the car below?  What color did it become and what #?

c12.12.06_MYS_TRI_QUE_0077_1.jpg (102681 bytes)
Answer:  Ken Brenn Jr.   (Reading, April 1977)  Ken Brenn was not only one of the best dirt track drivers in the 70's and 80's but Ken was also known for having beautiful, well prepared machines...  Well, when we saw this photo we thought it was kinda strange to see a Brenn car without paint.  Here's the same car a week or two later at East Windsor Speedway looking like we all remember.
08.21.02_024_BRE_EWS_0477_1.jpg (146166 bytes)
Correct Answers Received From: 
Neal Wilt, John McCaughey, Chris Carpenter, Don Nugent, Kevin Mc, Kevin Budden, Barry Hulse, Bill Regiec, Wes Suydam, Wayne Weaver, Carl Silliman, Fred Hahn, Dave Suchy, Mark Burd, Bill Walker, Eric Lindahl, John Toth, Scooter Van Noordt, Paul Madsen, Lester Potts, Richard Pearson, John Hanna, Bob Hummer Sr. Joe Bokros, Barry Sheaffer, Jim Ramm, Nascar4us, Bobby Fiorello, Tommy Kosch, Bob Becker, Tom Gray, Ned Stites III, Jim Brewer, Jack Kromer, Fred Voorhees, Jeff McBride, Dick S, Rob Renninger, Bill Hanna, Jeff Matthews, DND15, Scott Mervine, Phil Terrill, Dave Blake, Walter Onora, Barry Miller, Tom Ragno, Rick Durica, Skip McPherson, R Wolsky, Dave Pratt (dsp photos), Billy (Krash) Walker, Bob and Rich Caramella, John Cameron, David Kauffman, Michael Kent, Kevin Inglin, Lenny Slemmer, Bob Turlip, Ken Thoman, Tom McDonough, Mike McNamara, Redfred, Phil Hare, Nancy Penyak, David Ludwig, John Moll, Barry Miller, C Piette, Don C, Mike Bitting, Jeff McClung, Mike Schaub, John Barsuglia, Brian Loutrel, Eric K Dyer, John Armbruster, Jack Christensen, Gary Bauer.

Answer to our 12/2/06 "Top 5" Trivia Question Brought to you by:
LeBlanc.bmp (29158 bytes)
We asked:  "How many of these "Top 5" can you name?" (12/2/06)
c12.02.06_SYR_TOP_SYR_0078_1.jpg (120084 bytes)
Answer:  John Kozak #31, Kenny Brightbill #19, Elvin Felty #46,  Toby Tobias #17 and Gary Balough #73.  These were the top 5 finishers from the 1977 Syracuse race that was actually held in the spring of 1978.   They are being teched after the finish in the photo above.

Answers Received From: 
Kevin Budden, Dave Welty, Bob Scott, Wes Suydam, Rich Reinhart, Skip Smith, Ned Stites III, Joe Bokros, Rick Shive, John McCaughey, Tommy Kosch, Bill Hanna, Jim Brewer, Fred Voorhees, Barry Sheaffer, Bobby Fiorello, Jack Kromer, Steve Sabo, Mike Schaub, Mark Burd, David Ludwig, Jeff Matthews, Lenny Slemmer, Lester Potts, Jeff Yoder, Kevin Mc, Jack Christensen, R Wolsky, Scott Mervine, Frank Degnan, Mike Griesemer, Matt Bahre, Fred Hahn, Gus Conklin, David Kauffman, Dave Suchy, Danny Hieber, Walter Onora, Brian Loutrel, Barry Miller, Tom D, Todd Lewis, The Barz Family, John Barsuglia, John Cameron, Nick Lombardi, John Hanna,

Answer to our 11/26/06 "Flip Your Lead" Trivia Question Brought to you by:
silver_bullit_logo_sm.jpg (58042 bytes):
Can you name the driver of this "Funnystockcar"

c11.26.06_056_MYS_REA_0070_1.jpg (119947 bytes)

Correct Answer:  Glenn Fitzcharles

Correct Answers Received From: 
Paul Madsen, Steve Sabo, Michael Clissold, Brian Loutrel, Lester Potts, Dave Suchy, Bobby Fiorello, James Brewer, Kevin Budden, Harry Neiman, Tracey Bailey, Bill Regiec, David Ludwig, Lenny Slemmer, Bob Becker, Scott Mervine, Jack Christensen, Barry Sheaffer, Jeff Yoder, Frank Degnan, Don C, Joe Bokros, Rick Shive, Mike Schaub, Pilgram, Phil Long,  R Wolsky, Michael Clissold, Rick Weisser, Jack Kromer, Chuck Hassler, Tom D,  Fred Voorhees, Barry Miller, Rob Renninger, Mike Greismemer, Rich Reinhart

Answer to our 11/19/06 3 Wide's - "3 Wide Trivia" brought to you by: jimsstore.gif (4864 bytes)

We asked:  "Can you name 2 of the 3 driver's in the photo below.  (For your information, we have no idea who that is sandwiched in the middle so we're hoping that you guys might be able to solve that mystery for us!)
c11.19.06_021_MYS_EWS_0070_sm.jpg (79809 bytes)
Answer:  Ray Neary on the inside in the #21A, Dick Haven's in the Campbell #1 on the outside, and many are thinking its Bob Weiss in the #201 flat roofed car in the middle.

Answers Received From:  Don Nugent, Frank Degnan, John Shipley, Mark Yaple, Jim Brewer, Jack Kromer, Nick Lombardi, John Armbruster, Rob Renninger

Answer to our 11/12/06 "Something Old... and Something Older!" Trivia Questions brought to you by:
jd3newlogo.jpg (41604 bytes)
We know that some of you like your trivia from the 50's and 60's... and some prefer the 70's or 80's, so this week we figured we'd bring you one of each:

Question #1:  We asked:  "Can you name the driver of this unique looking #747?"
c11.12.06_747_UNK_FLM_0070_1.jpg (95144 bytes)
Correct Answer:  Jimmy Klim - Many of you also added that Sammy Beavers may have taken this car out a time or 2 and the car was reported to be very, very fast as some have said that Jimmy Klim was ahead of his time when it came to car design.  Heard that once he got out of racing, he took his talents to a higher level and became involved with flying.  Some also added that this is the car that later became the #39 driven by Sonny Riddle.

Correct Answers Received From:  Paul Madsen, JAS (John), Mark Yaple, Tom Berry, Jeff Kuhl, Bill Regiec, Bob and Rich Caramella, Nick Lombardi, Howie Cronce, R Rolsky, Rick Shive, William Neidlinger, John Hanna, Fred Voorhees

Question #2:  We asked:  "Can you name 2 outta 3 of these 1950's drivers in Flemington's Victory Lane?"
c11.12.06_VIC_LNE_FLM_0050F_1.jpg (122021 bytes)
If Correct Answer:  Frankie Schneider, Wally Campbell and Tommy Coates  (Check out Frankie's Helmet as it exists today in this 2006 photo below.)
helmet_c11.18.06.jpg (50614 bytes)
Correct Answers Received From: 
John Fahey (John Knew All 3!),
Jim Brewer, Michael Kent,  Fred Voorhees, Tommy Kosch, Herb Hoskins, Jack Kromer, Roy Schreffler, Kevin Eyres, Ned Stites III, Jeff Kuhl, Tom Berry, Bob Turlip, Skip McPherson, Rob Renninger, Jack Christensen, Howie Cronce, Rich Imlay, Barry Pursell, R Wolsky, Steve Sabo, Chuck Hassler, Bobby Fiorello, Don Stives, Lenny Slemer, Ed Duncan, Todd Lewis, Don Nugent, Sue Stives, Barry Hulse, John Hanna

Answer to our 11/5/06 "We Don't Need No Number's Trivia!" brought to you by
3wide_1_merch.jpg (29520 bytes)
3 Wide's Gift Shop
We took out the paint brush and did away with the #'s... but we know that wouldn't stop you 80's Flemington Fans from figuring out these 6 drivers!
c11.05.06_FLM_80s_FLM_0080_1.jpg (101799 bytes)
Answers:  Joe Coverdale #J9, Matt Slowinski #M14, Dirk Adrianse #44a, Larry Kline #82, Rick Holden #98 and Ray Bateman #Active 1
c11.12.06_ACT_GRP_FLM_0080_1sm.jpg (87269 bytes)

Correct answers received from: Kevin Budden, Mark Burd, Fred Voorhees, Tommy Kosch, Wes Suydam, John McCaughey, Neal Wilt, Jeff McClung, Todd Lewis, Paul Madsen, Joe G, dsp photoz, Jim Young, Danny Serrano, Kevin Inglin, Red Topper, Pete Lovell, Jeff Kuhl, and Walter Onora

Answer to Our 10/29/06 Trivia Question:
Peak logo_BLK.jpg (47402 bytes)

We asked:  "Can you name the 2 drivers pictured below?....(Knowing you guys, a few of you will probably even know the dogs name!)"
c10.29.06_MYS_PHO_LAN_0070F_1.jpg (97322 bytes)

Well, we're still not sure about the dog's name, but we are sure that its Rene Charland on the scooter and Ray Hendrick with the helmet bag.  The picture is from Langhorne and was taken on October 10th, 1970.

Correct answers received from: Bobby Fiorello, John Cameron, Ned Stites III, Brian Marsh, Kevin Eyres, John McCaughey, Bill Regiec, Fred Voorhees, Steve Sabo, Ed Duncan, Tom Berry, John Hanna, Walter Onora, Rob Renninger, Dave Blake, Jim Brewer, Nick Cottone, Dave Suchy, Geofrey Yoder, Charlie Lindmar, R. Wolsky, Billy "Krash" Walker, Barry Hulse, Rick Shive, Joe Bokros, Don Nugent, Edward Smith, Larry Dascenzo, Greg Collins, Bill Hanna, Matt Bahre, Michael Clissold, Charles DeFebbo, Jack Reinhard, Ronald & Terry Kelleher, Rich Reinhart, Mike G, Don Stives, Jack Christensen, John Ricker, Dale Welty, Joe Cryan, John Fahey, Gar Barkman, Mike Feltenberger, Mike Schaub,

silver_bullit_logo_sm.jpg (58042 bytes)
Bonus "Open Wheel Trivia" (10/22/06)
We asked:  "Can you name this sprint car driver from this 1970 Ronnie Guinther photo from Sellinsgrove?"

c10.23.06_UNK_MYS_SPR_0070_1.jpg (82858 bytes)
.... and no, his last name is not "Lecter", however, looking back, those face shields could make "John Boy" Walton look mean!
Answer:  Lee Osborne
Correct answers received from: Frank Degnan, Dave Suchy, Lester Potts, Lenny Slemmer, Joe Bokros, Russ Nye, Brian Loutrel, Bob Becker, Pete Van Fleet,

And now for something completely different....
Palmcosmall1.jpg (35026 bytes)
Trivia sponsor this week is Palmco Crash Repair - 609-259-8108
Up, Up and Away Trivia!
c10.21.06_KIT_CYC_FLM_0070_1.jpg (73411 bytes)

Usually the action was on the track Flemington, but here's a little over the track action that we were wondering if any of you guys out there could remember... 

Answer:  Bob Correll and his "Kite Cycle"

orrect answers received from: Paul Madsen, Bill Hanna, John Lengenfelder, Tim Fritts, Ned Stites III, Fred Voorhees, Bob and Rich Caramella, Lenny Swider, Kevin Inglin, Richard Pearson, Wes Suydam, Dave Suchy,

We also asked what other "side attractions" you remembered being presented at your favorite local speedway.  Here's what you guys came up with:

Bob Becker: I remember ostrich races, and a strongman at EWS that tried to hold back Fred Dmuchowski's modified.

Bill Hanna: Some other side-shows that Paul had at the "square" included Benny the Bomb (who blew up himself in a crate", the Amazing Neil (who drove the pace car around the track blind-folded with Paul in the car as a passenger", as well as Nazareth always having a annual showing of The Jack Kochman "Hell-Drivers" (just like Chitwood's show).

Barry Pursell: 
I remember the jack kochman tournament of thrills ..the hurricane hell drivers joey chitwood thrill show.and last but least an Ostrich race yes 3 wide i have a picture in one of my pit stop magizines of jack ziener street stock champion on one of these bad boys.

Mark Nipps:  I remember the Jack Kochman thrill show at Nazareth, Joie Chitwood, the Walenda's high wire act, Benny the Bomb, mud wrestling and the always attended 4th of July fireworks at East Windsor.

Rob Renninger:  I always thought of Jerry Fried at Nazareth was the king of "side attractions". Running on a Sunday evening good old Jerry had to come up with one gimmick after another to get fans in the stands. Running on a Sunday night when the races would not end until way after midnight during the Nazareth heyday of the 1960's was hard on the working man.. or as in my case.. the hard working high school student.  Here are a few things Jerry came up with:
URC Sprint Cars, USAC Midgets, AMA motorcycles, Joie Chitwood Thrill Show, The Uni-Roy-Al thrill show featuring Jake Plumstead of Joie Chitwood fame, Dune Buggy races running on the main straight and making a left turn into
the infield and jumping over poorly built dirt ramps, FIREWORKS!!, Stock Car Rides for the kids, The Wild Animal Show featuring Ostrich races with modified drivers riding on the back of ostriches. , Figure 8 Races in the infield, Demo derbys
Sports Car races...UGH..., modified team races, Awful rock stars performing on the start-finish line at intermission (one was so bad a fan jumped on the starters stand and waved the black flag), The All-American Hell Drivers, Parachute jumpers landing on the main straight, Danny Fleanor Hell Drivers, Running "strictly stocks" in the opposite direction in the early 1960's, Tastycake giveaways, Scout nights, college nights, military nights, Quarter Midget races on the home stretch
Circus acts like a high wire act or some guy standing on a pole 50 feet above the finish line., I remember seeing a guy shot out of a cannon, Jack Kochman Hell Drivers, A guy that would blow himself up..."Benny the Bomb", Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday, Drag Races on the main straight

I know there are most likely more, but my brain hurts from in thinking of
all of these.

Answer to last our 10/8/06 Peak logo_BLK.jpg (47402 bytes) "Trophy Trivia" Question:
We asked, "Can you name this driver pictured below?
c10.08.06_MYS_PIC_UNK_0060_1.jpg (58785 bytes)

Answer:  Lee Hendrickson #Z1

Correct Answers Received From: 
John Hanna, John Armbruster, Don Stives, Bobby Fiorello, Rick Shive, Kevin Budden, Tom Berry, Nick Leach, Ned Stites III, Bill Walker, Bob Becker, Todd Lewis, Dave Suchy, Richard Conley, Greg Collins, Emery Husvar, Steve Sabo, Jeff McClung, John Cameron, Bob Scott

Answer to Last Week's Trivia Challenge (10/01/06) from a fan of the Vault known to us only as "RacerX" who's message to all is:
POW.jpg (46292 bytes)  
c10.01.06_MYS_GRP_FLM_0060_1.jpg (122927 bytes)
We asked, how many can you name?  (Begin with the back row and work from left to right... ending up with the 3 guys in front.)
Answer:  Top Row from Left to Right: Sammy Beavers, Les Farley, Charlie Cregar, (?guesses received included Sam Nunis, Bob Sall, Norman Marshall), Al Tasnady, Budd Olsen, Bob Pickell, Nat Kleinfield, Sonny Kleinfield
Bottom Row from Left to Right:  Oliver Butler, (Not sure, maybe Fred Fritchie? Billy Winters?), and possibly Bob Garboski on the bottom right.

Answers Received From:  Rob Renninger, Rick Shive, Jack Kromer, Rich Reinhart, Mike Schaub, Michael Kent,  Steve Sabo, Howie Cronce, Bob Turlip, Tom Berry, Ed Duncan, John Fahey, Larry Dascenzo, John McCaughey, Walter Onora, Clint Bush, Bill Hanna, Dave Suchy,

Bonus "Open Wheel Surprise" Trivia also from 10/01/06:
c10.01.06_MYS_SPR_UNK_0070_1.jpg (80183 bytes)

We asked:  Can you name the driver behind the wheel of the #33? 
Answer:  Kenny Brightbill 
Correct Answers Received From:  Jack Kromer, John Hanna, Geoffrey Yoder, Dave Suchy,  Mike Schaub

Answer to Trivia Question posted 9/3/06 and sponsored by: 
silver_bullit_logo_sm.jpg (58042 bytes)
We asked:  "Can you name 5 or more car and driver combinations pictured below in this great Wayne Bechtel photo from Flemington (1976)?   By the way, check out the on track action between 3 & 4!
c09.03.06_FLM_PITS_MYS_0076_1.jpg (90823 bytes)
Well... Here's the ones that we came up with for now:
Al Michalchuk #292, Glenn Fitzcharles #23, Fritz Epright #49, Phil Meisner #17, Bruce Tinsley #2T, Sammy Beavers #81, Ken Brenn Jr. #24, Stan Ploski #27, Pete Madsen #111, Ken Johnson #64, Mike Grbac #17G, Manny Zilli #Z... and no idea who is flipping wildly between turns 3 & 4! 

We know there are many more there, and we did receive quite a few other names, but at this point, this is all that we know for sure...  We'll add other names and #'s as confirmed by you guys!  (Thanks). 

Correct Answers Received From: Jeff Matthews, Wes Suydam, Lester Potts, Mark Burd, Paul Madsen, Frank Thomas, Paul Garzillo, Tom Berry, Jim Ramm, Michael Kent, Bobby Fiorello, Mark Yaple, Rob Renninger, Fred Voorhees, Rich Miller, Bob and Rich Caramella, Barry, Glenn Crane, Mike McNamara, Dave Suchy, Mark Harrington, Mike Schaub, Chris Carpenter, Bill Hanna, Mike Schaub, Jack Kromer, Sherrie Dornberger, John Hanna, Scott Pacich, Tom Gray, Todd Lewis, Don C, Clint Bush

Answer to the 8/27/06 Week's Trivia Question sponsored by: 
maxwell_logo.jpg (30413 bytes)
We asked, "Can you name the driver pictured below and at least 5 other car #'s that he also drove?"
c08.27.06_054_MYS_FLM_0072O_1.jpg (101389 bytes)

Name of Driver:  Bob Pickell
Other Cars That Bob Also Drove:
  X, 2, a2a, a4a, 28, 43, 44, k46, 80, 280, 300, 666, 707,
(Above numbers verified by Vault Contributor Hank Winecker)

Correct Answers Received From: Sherrie Dornberger, Rob Renninger, Mark Burd, Jeff McClung, Barry, Pursell, John Hanna, Clint Bush, Jim Stoveken, Geoffrey J Yoder, John McCaughey, Wes Suydam, Bobby Fiorello, Paul Madsen, Dave Suchy, Steve Sabo, Fred Voorhees, Rick Shive, Larry Dascenzo, Tom Berry, Don C, Lester Potts, Michael Kent, Bob Turlip,  Michael Kent, Rick Struthers, Don Nugent, John Levan  ) John Marelli, Howie Cronce, Bob Becker

Answer to our 8/20/06 Trivia Question: "What's Wrong With This Picture" Brought to you by
Palmcosmall1.jpg (35026 bytes)
We asked:  "Can you tell us who this is, what he's doing, where he's doing it... and why?"

c08.20.06__K3_MYS_FLM_0070_1.jpg (81063 bytes)

Correct Answer:  Les Katona...  Driving in a special "Reverse" or "Clockwise" Feature Event.... at Flemington Speedway.... because back in the dirt days, Paul Kuhl would come up with special events to keep the show exciting.

Take a good look at this picture and think of all the things that had to be considered to make the car work going in this direction...  Stagger, weight points, springs, shocks, fuel pickup, oil pick up... not to mention, it just plain looks weird seeing a car drifting in this direction!  One of our Vault Visitors added that he thinks the reason that they eventually stopped running these reverse events was due to safety regulations with the NJ State Police regarding the design of the openings in the inside wooden fence and the increased hazard presented by them.  The fence was designed with some consideration given to a car hitting an opening from the counter-clockwise direction, and the possibility of them striking the openings from the opposite direction was too dangerous.

Correct Answers Received From:
Paul Madsen, DWSulpy, Jeff Matthews, Dean, Andy Styner, Jim Stoveken, Wes Suydam, Neal Wilt,  Bob Becker, Todd J, Tom Hart, Mark Nipps, Mike McNamara, Fred Voorhees, Harold Klump, Kevin Mc, Mark Burd, Lenny Slemmer Jr., Bob & Rich Caramella, John Hanna, Carl Silliman, Bill Walker, John, Barry Miller, Don Nugent, Jack Kromer, Walter Onora, Rick Shive, Dave Suchy, Bobby Fiorello, Steve Sabo, Jeff McBride, Mike Braun, Tommy Kosch, Bob Scott, Mark Harrington, Larry Dascenzo, Nancy Penyak, Bob Turlip, Charles DeFebbo, Rick Durica, Barry Hulse, Tom Gray, Don C, Eric Dyer, Jim Storholt, Rich Miller, Scott Lemley, Bob Hummer Sr., Brian Loutrel, Greg Collins, Jerseyjim90, Tony A, Bill Hanna, Joe Bokros, Glenn Crane, Pete Gardner, Mark Horger, Jeff Kuhl, Richard Pearson, John Armbruster, Jim Ramm, Mark Yaple, Clint Bush, Ty Constantino, Russ Nye, Mike Bitting, Nick Lombardi, Frank Thomas, George Yawger, Scott Pacich "Under The Radar", Lester Potts

Answer to 8/15/06 "Number Please...." Trivia Question Sponsored By:
Peak logo_BLK.jpg (47402 bytes)
  "Extreme Quality" Accessories for the "Extreme Racer" 864-306-1190

c08.13.06_MYS_PHO_FLM_0070_1.jpg (106029 bytes)
We asked:  "We erased the # off of the nose piece of this car that raced at Flemington, East Windsor and a few other tracks...  For this week's Trivia, can you tell us what that # was?"

Answer:  #33
c08.13.06_033_BEA_FLM_0070_1.jpg (108044 bytes) c02.26.06_033_BEA_FLM_0080_1.jpg (43672 bytes)
Even with us removing the number (top photo) many of you recognized the Jim Horton Sr. owned #33 offset "Cadillac Seville" driven by Sammy Beavers.  (Photo on bottom from Fred Voorhees.)

Correct Answers Received From: 
Jim Storholt, John Hanna, Jeff McClung, Paul Garzillo, Jack Kromer, John Donnelly, Jim, Tom Hart, John Toth, Ned Stites III, Bobby Fiorello, Tom Gray, Kevin Budden, Jeff Matthews, John Barsuglia, Kevin Inglin, Dave Suchy, Scooter Van Noordt, Bob and Rich Caramella, Bob Becker, George Yawger, Shawn McAndrews, Tom Berry, Bill Regiec, Wes Suydam, Richard Pearson, Bill Walker, Rich Miller (Silver Bullet Fabrications), John, Eric Dyer, Barry Sheaffer, Nick Lombardi, Bob Scott, Lester Potts, Mark L. Krammes, Paul Madsen, Larry Dascenzo, Don C, Tommy Kosch, Mark Nipps, Mark Burd, Royce Stanley, Fred Voorhees, Chris Carpenter, Neal Wilt, Joe Bokros, Doug Leubner, Matt Flamisch, Todd Lewis, Tom D, Chuck Hassler, Scott Cranstoun, Pete Gardner, Rick Shive, John Armbruster, Tommy Emmons, Redfred, Bill Hanna,

Answers to our 8/6/06 Question Sponsored By:    
    3 wide silver bullet_tiny.jpg (40211 bytes)
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Can you name at least 4 of the 11 drivers featured in this great Walter Chernokal photo below?

c08.07.06_DRI_TUX_REA_0060F_1.jpg (87257 bytes)

ANSWER:  From Left to Right - Beader Kennedy, Laudon Potts, "Toby" Tobias, Whitey Kerschner, Jackie Hamilton, Hal Reifinger, Ralph Detweiler, Larry Voss, Freddy Adam, Tommy Mc Andrew and Al Tasnady

Note from Mike Schaub:  Attached is a Walt Chernokal photo from the RFRHS Collection (  ). It's a Friday night race in the early 60's, and after the race was over, they had 11 drivers dress up in WHITE COAT tuxedos to escort the "Miss Reading Fair"
contestants on stage to be judged. Don't see this to often.

Mike Shaub
Reading Fairgrounds Racing Historical Society

Correct Answers Received By:   Mike G, Ned Stites III, John Hanna, John Levan, Tom Berry, Dave Fegley, Geoffrey J Yoder, Rich Reinhart, Clzzer, Steve Sabo, Lenny Slemmer, Don C, Mike Bitting, Rob Renninger, Dave Suchy, Clint Bush, Larry Dascenzo, Emery Husvar .
(By the way, the answers to the previous picture (posted on Sunday Night) were Nazareth Promoter Jerry Fried, Sportsman Driver Joe Polichek, Modified Driver Bob Pickell, and Program Dynamic's and Race Historian Steve Barrick - Thanks to those who participated!)

Answers to our 7/30/06 Questions (#1): "No Number Trivia":
With the help of PhotoShop, we removed the number off of this Late Model to make this challenge just a little tougher...  We asked, "Can you name the driver of this cool Camaro?"
(posted 7/30)
mystery_latemodel.jpg (60990 bytes)
ANSWER: Kenny Brightbill at Anderson Speedway in Georgia and according to Mike (photographer) the photo was taken in 1978

#19 Brightbillsm.jpg (29425 bytes)

Correct Answers Received From: Greg Chelak (Peak Racing Equipment), Barry Sheaffer, Ned Stites III, Lenny Kahuna, Billy Walker (Krash 63), Tommy Kosch, Paul Madsen, Tom Hart, Danny Hieber, Brian Rozycki, Bobby Fiorello, Fred Hahn, John Barsuglia, Rich Reinhart, Jeff Matthews, Doug Leubner, Mark L Krames, Kevin Mc, Wes Suydam, Neal Wilt, Franny Lutz, Bob Becker, Tom Berry, Royce Stanley, Rick Durica, Wayne Heiserman, Geoffrey Yoder, Jeff McClung, Larry Dascenzo, Bill Hanna, Dave Blake, John McCaughey, Fred Voorhees, John Romano, Don C, Lester Potts, Tony Pietrofitta, Mike G, Joe Bokros, Scott Mervine, Howie Cronce, Bill Walker, Bill Regiec, Clint Bush, Todd Lewis, Ronnie Guinther, Scooter Van Noordt, Dave Hepburn, Steven Sabo, Mark Burd, Clzzer, Bob Vichioli, David Kauffman, John Hanna, Michael Kent, Cowboy, Rich Imlay, Jack Kromer, Dave Suchy, Dave Daniels, Dale Welty, Pete Gardner, Barry Miller, Mark Nipps, Steve Weller, Dave Dumar, Marshall Hassler, Nick Lombardi, Kevin Inglin, Richard Pearson, Tom D.

Answers to our 7/30/06 Trivia Question #2: "No Number Trivia" Question:
"70's Modified Drivers Trivia"  We asked: "How many can you name?" 
(posted 7/30)
c07.30.06_70s_DRI_UNK_0070F_1.jpg (103271 bytes)

ANSWER:  We received a lot of names, but here's the best list that we were able to come up with: 

Top Row: Rags Carter, (Not Sure), Mike Geiser, Jimmy Horton, Billy Osmun, Tighe Scott, Charlie Shire, Bob Smith, Jimmy Kirk, Dave Thomas,

Middle Row:  George Wambold, Frankie Schneider, (Nokie Fornora or Charlie Svetec), Tom Hager, Fuzzy Van Horn, Paul Balogach, Paul Rochelle,

Bottom Row:  Craig McCaughey, Tim Parry, Sammy Beavers, Buzzie Reutimann, Bob Pickell, Wayne Reutimann

Correct Answers Received From: Paul Madsen, Bobby Fiorello, Fred Hahn, Rich Reinhart, Tom Berry, Geoffrey Yoder, John McCaughey, Fred Voorhees, Howie Cronce, Bill Walker, Dave Hepburn, Steven Sabo, Jack Kromer, Sherrie Dornberger, Bob Becker, Nick Lombardi, Rob Renninger, Dave Suchy, Lenny Slemmer, Kevin Inglin, Jeff Matthews, Mike Schaub, Lester Potts, John Hanna

We'll add this picture to our "Faces of the Vault" so that you guys can make any corrections (if needed) and your comments.

Answers to our 7/25/06 Trivia Questions:
Question 1:  "Name That Helmet"  
Well, we snipped a little here and a little there and left just enough for you guys to figure out this week's 12 mystery drivers.   It takes a keen eye, but we knew you guys could do it!

Some were from the 60's, some from the 70's and maybe 1 or 2 from the 80's.  All cars featured are on dirt of East Windsor, Flemington or Bridgeport, with possibly one photo from Reading.  All but one (or 2) are in Modifieds.

We asked you to provide the car # and driver's name...

Driver_Trivia_1.jpg (30002 bytes) Driver_Trivia_2.jpg (37145 bytes)   Driver_Trivia_15.jpg (35442 bytes)
Driver_Trivia_6.jpg (27561 bytes) Driver_Trivia_3.jpg (34909 bytes) Driver_Trivia_8.jpg (27668 bytes)
Driver_Trivia_9.jpg (25339 bytes) Driver_Trivia_7.jpg (37763 bytes) Driver_Trivia_13.jpg (29788 bytes)Driver_Trivia_4.jpg (38296 bytes) Driver_Trivia_10.jpg (29728 bytes) Driver_Trivia_14.jpg (33238 bytes)
Row 1 (Bob Pickell #2, Sammy Beavers #81, Gary Balough #73)
Row 2:  (Craig McCaughey #301, Stan Ploski #27, Toby Tobias #17)
Row 3:  (Budd Olsen #44, Billy Pauch #15, Al Michalchuk #292)
Row 4:  (Howie Cronce #9c, Jimmy Horton #85, Kenny Brightbill #19)

Correct Answers Received From:
Rich Miller, George LeBlanc, Tommy Kosch, John McCaughey,  Leonard Slemmer,  Paul Madsen, Steve Sabo, Todd Lewis, Don C, Barry Miller, Fred Voorhees, Joe Bokros, Bob Becker, Lester Potts, Dave Suchy, Mike Schaub, Bobby Fiorello, Rob Renninger, Wes Suydam, Charles DeFebbo, Ned Stites III, Walter Onora, Jack Kromer, Jim Brewer and Rich Reinhart

Answers to our 7/25/06 Trivia Questions:
Question 2:  We asked:  "Can you name the driver of the #S1 and the Speedway?"
c07.23.06__S1_MYS_FTD_0050_1.jpg (109585 bytes)
ANSWER:  Howard "Stubby" Stevens
Here's the story from the Vault Visitor Michael Kent who is the grandson of the driver: 
"Everyone remembers Jackie Moschera as the driver of the S-1. The car pictured above was actually originally owned and driven by my grandfather, Howard "Stubby" Stevens, in different versions, from 1955, until about 1962.  This photo was taken at New Egypt (Ft. Dix), when the track was owned by Frank Myronchuk around 1956.  We believe this may be an Ace Lane Sr. photo."

Correct Answers Received From:
James Dauphars, Ed Duncan, Kevin Eyers, Barry Hulse,

Answer to our Trivia Question Posted 7/17/06:
"Seeing Seeing Double Double:  We asked, "How many drivers can you name in this great Ace Lane Jr. photo featuring matching #24's!"

c07.18.06_024_024_EWS_0070_1.jpg (99008 bytes)
Answer: Jimmy Brenn (inside), Ken Brenn Jr., (outside), not sure of blue/gray car on the outside, Larry Kline #A, Carmen Scarpati or Al Michalchuk #11 (owned by Tony K.), Joe Zuczek #27, and Dom Buffalino #2B.  This one was a little tricky because there's a mix of Modifieds and Sportsman so it must have been taken during warmups.

Correct Answers Received From:
Bob and Rich Caramella, Rich Miller, Tommy Kosch, Paul Madsen, Todd Lewis, Wes Suydam, Michael Kent, Bobby Fiorello, Eric Dyer, Bob Becker,

Answer to our Trivia Question Posted 7/10/06:

Here's the Answer to Last Week's "Taillight Trivia" Question (posted 7/9/06)  We we're real sure that all of you recognized the #76 driven by Gerald Chamberlain, but the question we asked was:   "Can you name the other 3 drivers?"
c07.09.06_47H_J47_FLM_0070_1.jpg (113442 bytes)

AnswerBlaine Saddler #47H, Tom Hager or Stan Ploski #4T7, and Jimmy Martz #J47
Answers Received From: John McCaughey, Jeff McClung, Walter Onora, Mark Harrington, Tom Berry, Rich Miller, Paul Madsen, Bill Hanna, Bill Walker, Joe Bokros, Nick Lombardi, Mark Yaple, Mark Kielblock, Michael Kent, Bob and Rich Caramella, Dave Spurlin, Fred Voorhees, Scott Pacich, Wes Suydam, Rick Shive, Carl Silliman,

Answer to our Trivia Question Posted 7/3/06:
We Asked:  "Can you name this friend of the Vault driving below in this early 70's Bill Young Photo from Flemington?"

c07.03.06__07_MYS_FLM_0070_1.jpg (100862 bytes)
Answer:  Wyatt Jacobus 
We received a lot of responses from those who thought this was Rick Allen, but we're pretty sure that Wyatt sold the car to Rick once he was done with it.   According to Mike Schaub, the Jacobus crew is in the process of building a replica of this very car. 

Answers Received From: Ned Stites III, John McCaughey, Carl Silliman, Paul Madsen, Jim Pickell, Walter Onora, Rich Onora, Rich Miller, Tom Berry, Rick Shive, Clint Bush, Don C, Mark Burd, Wes Suydam, Greg Collins, Bob Hummer Sr., Craig Ford, Mark Yaple, Mike Schaub, Bill Hanna, Nick Lombardi

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