(JAN - JUNE 2011)

Answer to our 6/25/11 Week's Trivia Question: 

We asked, "How many car #'s and drivers can you name from this great photo from photographer Jack Kromer, from Middletown, June 27th, 1981?"

Here's what you guys came up with:  Duane Hiller? (Gremlin #80) or  Dwight Hoffman's #26?, Richie Grall? (Coupe #13), Eddie Redner (Gremlin #36), Henry Sharp (Gremlin #28) - sometimes also driven by John Robinson, Jerry Morgan (Gremlin #525) ("Chick's Auto Body), Jim Tuit (Sr.) (Gremlin #342), Bryan Kantner (Gremlin #23, and the car with the left front tire showing is # 2 Steve Bottcher

Answers Received From:  Don Wolfe, Eric Lindahl, Mike Traverse and Mark Flamisch

Answer to our 6/1/11 Week's Trivia Question Brought to You By:

Fleming"TEN" - We asked:  "How many can you name?"

We asked you guys to come up with 10 drivers/cars in the Paul Irving photo above.  Here's what you came up with (from front to back:  Bob Turlip #8?, Gerald Chamberlain #76, Stan Ploski #27, Dom Buffalino #2B,  Rich Varone #7?, Tommy McConnell #54?, Paul Rochelle #16, Fritz Epright #49, Larry Bowers #1B, Ken Brenn Jr #24, Kenny Brightbill #19, Roger Laureno #125, Craig McCaughey #301 and Tom Hager #43.
Other names received were:  Phil Meisner #17, Fred Degroot #305, Eddie Delmolino#24D, 33 Sammy Beavers, 8T Ty Constantino, 11-7 George Ault, 17g Mike Grbac, #8 Tommy Gilman, Chip Slocum cl22, Mark Fusco #MA4, Bruce Thompson #14T

Responses Received From: Bob & Rich Caramella, Dan 27, Larry Dascenzo, Rich Scott, Paul Madsen, Rick Shive, John McCaughey, Bob Turlip, David Rogie, Wes Suydam, Dom Ragno, Modcardon, Tom Gray, Dom Ragno, John Larsen, Steve Kresge, Mark Stitzel and Bill Hanna

Answer to our 4/1/11 Trivia Question Brought to You By:

"Flemington Trivia"

Photo provided by Joe Cryan
We asked, "How many can you identify?"... (If you can identify 5 or more correctly, we'll post your name below!)

Answer:  Top row, left to right:  Jackie Hamiton, Bob Sall, Sammy Beavers, Dave Piscopo, Stan Ploski, Al Tasnady, Wayne Covert & Mike Grbac.    Bottom row, left to right:  Oliver Butler, Bob
Wiesemeyer (sp?), Billy Mason Sr, Harry Taylor and Abe Levengood  (Special thanks to John Hanna for helping out with some of the fellows in the bottom row.)  We're still not sure what the deal was with the puppy that Stan and Al are holding by the trophy???

5 or more Correct Answers Received From:  Joel Naprstek, Richard Wolsky, Ed Duncan, Larry Dascenzo, Bobby Fiorello, Edward Lerch, Ed Johnson, Russ Dodge, Paul Michaels, Richard Conley, Michael Clissold, Tom Wireman, Andy Styner, Terry Ziegler, Mike Allen, Bill Walker, Steve Cameron, Mark Yaple, Ned Stites III, Jim Ramm, Steven Sabo, Rick Shive, Mike Bitting, George Gwynn, Phil Betza, Steve Kresge, Edward Smith, Ed Lentz, Joe Gottlieb, Roger McCloughan, Wes Suydam, John Bokros, Geoff Yoder, Duane Deese, Lenny Swider, Dennis Amerman, Dom Ragno, Tom Alfrey, Dave Watts, Tom Berry, Dave Gunther, Paul Carmellinim, Richard Pearson, Jim Stoveken,Tammy Taylor Roberts, Mark Stitzel, Bob Turlip, Mike Everett, Rick Valle, Bob & Rich Caramella, Jack Kromer, Gerry Fillimon, Fred Menschner, Jack Lerch, Bob Zabriskie, Mike Shaub, Scott Ely and John Hanna

Here's The Answer to our 3/21/11 Trivia Question Brought to You By:

We asked, "Can you identify the location below?"

Answer:  Reading Fairgrounds (circa 1940)

Correct Answers Received From:  Rich Reinhart, Rich Pearson, Joe Cryan, Kevin Budden, Jim Maxson, Mike Shaub, Kevin Mc., Leo Boyer, dan27, Joel Naprstek, DelDale, John Bokros, Jim Bagley Sr., Dick S., Larry Dascenzo, Jeff Hardifer, Ed Duncan, Russ Clock, Dave Gunther, Ken Schaeffer, Tammy Taylor Roberts, George Gwynn, Geoff Yoder, Jim Nise, Edward T. Smith, Bill Broennle, Tom Wireman, Tom Wenner, Kirk Rissmiller, Dave Watts, Mike Allen, Wayne Heiserman, Mike Everett, Rob Renninger, Rick Allen, Randy Moyer, John Lengenfelder, David Ludwig, Lester Potts, Rich Wolsky, Jerry Fillimon, Robert Diller, Rick Shive, Jere Quallio, Mike Griesemer, Bob Snyder ( snyder.jpg (59298 bytes) ), Paul Aydelotte, Bob Turlip, Dennis Hilbert, Steve Cameron, Pete Sovia, Jack Kromer, Mike Clissold, Steve Kresge, ClZZER, Bob Trout, ray 705, Steve Sabo, Rob Johnson, Mark Bitting, Fred George/racerx43, George Pavlisko, Jim Read, Phil Long, Joe Gaetani, Taylor Heverling, Terry Fick, Wes Suydam, Shawn McAndrews, Don Wolfe, and Bobby Fiorello
Thanks for participating!

Answer to our 03/14/11 Trivia Question:

Diesel Exhaust Fluid
From Day One, Make it Air1

We asked:  "Can you name the driver, #, and the track in the Ace Lane Jr. photo below?"

Answer:  Gary Butler, #U2, Bridgeport Speedway.

Here's a better look of Gary in the #U2.
Correct Answers Received From: Warren Wetzel, Jeff Scott, Joe Cryan, Ned Stites III, Potts, Bill Regiec, John McCaughey, Billy "Krash63" Walker, Brian Loutrel, David Rogie, Geoff Yoder, Dave Gunther, Jim Bagley Sr., Phil Long, John Larsen, Steve Cameron, Wayne Weaver, Ken Schaefer, Dom Ragno, Jim Read, Gerry Fillimon, Andy Wummer, Steve Sabo, Howard Stern, David Ludwig, George Gwynn, Chuck Hassler, Richard Wolsky, Shawn McAndrews, Tom McDonough, Bobby Fiorello, Glenn Crosby, Mike Bitting, Kirk L. Rissmiller and Barry Miller.

Answer to our 2/28/11 Trivia Question Brought to you by:

We asked:  "Can you name one, or both of these two drivers from this early 1970's East Windsor Speedway photo?"

We'll... It was a tough one, but here's the answer:

2 Correct Answers Received From: 
Pat M., Redtoprs, Joe Cryan, KM, Charlie Miller, 
1 Correct Answer Received From: 
Paul Madsen, Lester Potts, Dan Boyce, Jeff Scott, Dave Rogie, Mark Yaple, KM, Paul Aydelotte, Bob Becker, KM, Steve Kresge, Jeff M, Ed Lentz, Andy Styner and kielblockm


Answer to iour 2/10/11 Trivia Question Brought To You By:


We asked, "Can you name the driver behind the wheel of the #57 above?"

Answer:  Mike Grbac  (A lot of you picked up on Mike's unique helmet style in the Hank Winecker provided photo above.)

Speaking of Mike's helmet, here's a story from John Larsen: 
I remember that helmet well but I remember Mike telling my father and I the story behind it more. We were standing outside in front of the garage bays at
Emmett's when Mike walked up with a helmet box. He said he wanted to show my father something. I wasn't "allowed" to see it so I had to take a few steps It seems that Mike had embraced the whole "bad boy-villain image" that was tagged on him after the Tasnady incident. He told my dad if they want to make him into a villain he would look like He had painted the helmet black and had that "dick dasterdly" mustache gold leafed on the chin and of course the middle finger on the back.

Correct Answers Received From: Laurel Bean, John Donnelly, Brian S, Joe Cryan, Joel Naprstek, Joe Hauser Sr., Bill Hanna, John Larsen, jwdowling, Bob Mraz, aintgotime4this, Nick Lombardi, Lester Potts, Hunter Frey, Dom Ragno and Paul Aydelotte.


Answer to our 1/25/11 "Switch-A-Roo" Trivia Question brought to you by:

We asked, "Name a driver that drove a car with the same number "reversed"...  Example:  Stan Ploski drove the #47 (Emmett Alfrey Gremlin), and also drove the #74 Trenton Mack car..... Remember, it has to be the same driver, with 2 "differently numbered cars" that are the same when switched around."

Remember, it has to be the same driver, and it has to be the numbers "reversed" - two different cars.  I can think of a few more, but its tougher than you think... And be warned... you'll be thinking about it, trying to come up with examples for a while... The only rules is that the #'s have to be different so #11, #22, #33, etc are out, and you can use 3 digit #'s, but it can't be a # that is the same backward and frontward such as #292, #707, #808, etc because it doesn't result in two "differently numbered cars".  Other than that, name the driver and the "set" of "reversed" numbers that he drove... and have fun thinking about it!

Here's the answers we received:

Vault Visitor's Name: Driver and Car #'s:
Paul Madsen Jay Stong  #05 & #50
Joe Hauser Sr. Billy Osmun #18 (at Syracuse) & Norcia #81
Dave Haycock Rick Laubach #16 & #61N
Lester Potts Donny Erb #24 & #42
Joe Cryan Leo Cleary #14 (Garuti/Arute) and the Joe Brady #41
Joe Cryan Freddy Adam in the DeSantis Sr #14 & the Joe Racz #41
Warren Wetzel Bimpy Marx  #24 & #42
Wayne Heiserman* Lee Osborne #18 & #81   (emailed same time as MAC)
MAC* Lee Osborne # Turner #18 & #81 (emailed same time as Wayne H)
MAC Shorty Kerschner 14 H&J (flat head) and the 41A (modified)
Fred Hahn Fred Hahn #2D & #D2 *(and Carmen Scarpati #2D & #D2)
Fred Hahn Donny Radd #15 & Michel Bros #51M
John Larsen Phil Meisner #17 & #71
John Larsen Sandy Rochelle 37J & J73
Todd Lewis Chip Slocum #86 & #68 (drove Gary Butler's #68 once in 1994)
Todd Lewis Jimmy Horton III  Rick Grosso's #24 & #42
Todd Lewis Billy Pauch (asphalt) Barney #14 & Becker #41a
Todd Lewis Glenn Fitzcharles #26 & #62 Sprints
Michael Allen Reggie Ruggiero in Barney's #14 & #41
Tom Hamill Larry Taylor #X15 & Michel Bros #51M
Bob & Rich Caramella Larry Taylor #X15 & Michel Bros #51M (emailed the same time as Hamill)
Joe Hauser & John Larsen Glenn Fitzcharles #69X & 96X
Russ Dodge Steve Elias #061 & #160
Don Wolfe Ray Woodall Sr. # 72 & Gary Winfield's #27
Billy Krash63 Walker Jeff Taylor #17 & #71
Ed Lentz Keith Hoffman #51M, and in a #15J at Grandview.
Ed Lentz Don Stives #39 & the Taylor #93
Doug Campbell Ken Woolley #14 & #41 (Barney cars)
Rick Shive Brian Montieth #12 & #21
Shawn McAndrews Mike Stefanik #16 & #61 (got his big break driving a Richie Evans car)
Charlie Goodman Meme drove the #14 & #41a
David Gray Harold Bunting in #91 & #19


Answer to our 1/10/11 Wall 20"11" Trivia Question Brought to you by: 

If you look close, there's actually "eleven" cars in the above photo, so with it now being "2011", we figured it'd be an appropriate trivia question:  We asked, "How many can you name?"

Answers Received:  #XL-1 Tommie Elliott, #4 Bob Rossell, #11 Jim Hoffman, #4?, #46 Al Peanuts Wardell or Bob Finger, #89 Don Stives, #9 Gil Hearne, #70 John Gardiner,  #9x Dickie Lewis or George Tet, #57 Joe Severage   Some other names received for "possibles" include:  Johnny Luhrs, #38 Danny McLaughlin, Bob Finger,  Chubby Hower, Larry Myronchuk and Tom Green.  Well move the picture to the 60's Section where you guys can sort it all out.

Answers Received From: 
Steve Cameron, Barry Hulse, Dave Pyle, Ed Duncan, Jack Reinhard, Mike Kent, Rob Moller, Howard Stern, Paul Michaels and Jim Kelleher

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