"Cairo Speedway Memories"
Here's yet another speedway that many of us weren't quite old enough to get to, but fortunately some of you did and it is our hope that you'll  share your memories with the other visitors of the Vault.    Please click below to add your memories of Cairo Speedway!

Above photos by John Somers - Provided By Danny Ody

photo above provided by:  Joel Naprstek 

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Your Cairo Speedway Memories...
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From: Guy Vogt   
Date:  12.09.12

On a recent trip through the area I made it a point to stop at the site of the Speedway. I parked my truck in what would have been the main entrance. The grounds are still for sale I'll bet since the place was closed. I walked out into the infield and stood on a pile of concrete that may have been the pit wall. Across that street is a place called Fair Grounds Realty, so you kinda know you are at the track. That  building is where the parking area was.
What a shame that this track closed, the town looks very down, stores and buildings empty. The area could use the draw of a Fair Grounds and a Speedway.

I have another quick story from back in the 70's. My uncle had a country house north of the Cairo area in a town called Freehold New York. My buddies and I planned a "Hitch Hiking" trip up there from where we live in North Jersey, I was about 14 or 15. It took us about three days to make the trip on foot or by rider. On the last leg of the trip we stopped off in Cairo so we hiked out to the track. It was just being built , the stands were up and work was going in the infield. There was this '68 or '69 Chevy Impala parked along the Midway behind the stands with " Famous Indian Starter" painted on the trunk with a display of racing flags. I knew this was Tex Enright's car from the logo.........I would sure like to have that trunk lid now on display in my garage.

Sadly enough, I never got to the Speedway to see a show, but my cousin Joel Naperstek did. He has some pictures on this site.

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