The Mission of The Vault:

The Vault's mission has always been and will always be threefold: to preserve the history and memories of our great sport, to share that history and those memories, and to acknowledge and honor both those who made and those who captured the history and memories through the decades. It goes without saying that The Vault couldn't exist without the PHOTOGRAPHERS, both amateurs and professionals, whose work is its mainstay.

- Every effort is made to properly credit the photographer who took each photo that appears in The Vault. Viewers who believe that the photographer of any posted photo is misidentified, or who can identify the "Unknown" photographer of any posted photo, are urged to contact us so that proper credit can be given.

- Those who provide photos for inclusion in The Vault are urged to properly identify the photographer and, in the case of photos taken by professional photographers, to submit only photos which were properly purchased from said photographers. The Vault will not knowingly display, without proper permissions and acknowledgements, any photo which was in any way copied or reproduced from any publication or any other website.

- We will gladly remove from The Vault any photo, at any time, for any reason, if such a request is made by the original photographer, by any individual who appears in the photo, by the owner of any car appearing in the photo, or by an authorized representative of any of the aforementioned.

- Viewers who are interested in obtaining a copy of any photo appearing in The Vault are urged to contact the original photographer. The Vault neither encourages nor authorizes the copying of any photographs or images that appear here.

- Most photos appearing in The Vault are prominently labeled with source information--the photographer (when known), the provider, and The Vault's URL--with the intent to discourage unauthorized copying/reproduction and to provide tracking information in the event that such copying/reproduction does occur. Such labeling is in no way intended to suggest The Vault's "ownership" of or exclusive rights to said photos or images.

- To provide or to correct the photographer's credit for any photo appearing in The Vault or to request that any photo be removed from The Vault, please click on the appropriate link below. When doing so, please be sure to identify the photo by ID number and page location.

Provide Correct Photographer Info

Remove Photograph from The Vault

Viewers are encouraged to contact The Vault with any questions, comments or concerns regarding these policies.

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