"Amatol Speedway"
(Also Known As Atlantic City Speedway)
Races Held 1926 - 1928
Torn Down in 1933

I can't imagine the undertaking of such a project...  build a huge speedway out of wood... in the middle of the woods somewhere between Philadelphia and Atlantic City...   But then again, I live in an era where you can't build a dog house without a few hundred dollars worth of permits, and a complete environmental impact study...

From the looks of the stands, it appears to have been a very popular event, with what could only be described as true daredevils tempting fate at over 120mph in an open wheel car... with out so much as a roll bar.

I can't help staring at these photos and thinking about how amazing this really is...  World War II was still over 10 years away...  Calvin Coolidge was our President, and the pneumatic air hammer was still over a half a century away from being invented!

For more info, visit the site below maintained by Robert Benner:
http://venus.atlantic.edu/amatol/speedway_menu.html (check out the photo link in the upper left of the page)

A Recent Visit to Amatol...
Pictures Provided By:  H. Holmstrom 7/2010






Note from photographer H. Holmstrom:  "We could only check western half of the oval. The eastern section of the oval was blocked with guard rails and cut down trees. Pictures were taken today (7/19/10)"

Photo #1 is of the entrance off of Moss Mill Road.  Photo #2 is the entrance onto the track from the Western Turn.  Photo #3 is of South Straightaway on the Moss Mill Road side.  Photo 4 is of the Northern Straight.  Photo #5 is of the Western Turn.  Photos provided by H. Holmstrom and are from 07/2010.

Amatol Speedway

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If you look slightly to the right of the center of this image, you can still see the oval.

(Image From Google Earth)
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02.08.18:  Joseph Canale

The track was in Hammonton, NJ. I saw it in the early 60's when some of the structures still existed.

03.22.15:  From Don Galardi: 

First, Iím glad that I found your site. Itís a very interesting read and from what Iíve heard growing up in Hammonton, pretty accurate  . When I was in my early 20ís ( in the 1970ís )  , my father showed me around that area. He took me to where the ammunition buildings were and we drove around the original oval where the tract was. It was only about 1 1/2 lanes wide at that time and we were able to see mounded dirt that ran around the outside of the oval   . The experience was awesome .  Soon after , a friend and I camped out there for several days to explore . We did this a few times and also did many daylight trips as we lived very close. We came across countless concrete buildings and foundations .

As I got older, my dad explained to my how his father bought wood from the speedway to build the family home in Hammonton. We dismantled the home in the early 1990ís . I still have some of the roof rafters and floor joists stored in my garage!  Thanks again for the outstanding pictures and story.

Don Galardi

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