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Vintage Dirt Modified List
A partial list of dirt vintage modifieds that have their roots in NJ/Eastern PA:

Flemington Speedway Historical Society Display - Phillipsburg Mall - 3Wide Photo

This page would not be possible if it wasn't for the incredibly talented restorers/fabricators... the area's Vintage Car Clubs/Historical Societies and their members who organize and attend events/displays... And for all the folks who maintain, transport, and store the history of our sport!


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Vintage Dirt Modified List

Car #

Thumbnail Body Style Color Driver/Tribute Last Known Owner Info Notes/Previous Versions Update From Site Visitors
A 80's Blue Al Michalchuk (Barry Schenk)      
L 80's Red, White, Blue Billy Pauch      
Active 1 Late 80's White Ray Bateman      
MOO Gremlin like White "Cow"   Tim Pitts This is a replacement for the previous #MOO that was destroyed in a fire  
XL1 80's Modified White Bill Dubovich      
O   Coupe Phoenician Yellow Budd Olsen Mo Pagni    
1 Coupe Red/Cream   Original owner Herb Stahl    
1 Falcon Gold Frank Eppolite Frank Eppolite Original car  
1 Gremlin'ish White Wally Marks John Pasture Original Wally Marks built car.  Restored by Ray Neary.  Powered by Fred Menschner big block  
M1 Gremlin Black Rich Marinelli      
M1 Gremlin White Kevin Collins/Rich Marinelli Bobby Bachman    
2 Coupe Red/White Frankie Schneider   Original "Old Bess"  
2 Sedan Red/White Frankie Schneider      
2 Pinto Red/White Frankie Schneider      
2 Gremlin (King) Red/White Frankie Schneider Gary Tetz Original Grant King Built Modified  
2 Gremlin (Weld) Red/White Frank Schneider Gary Tetz Original Weld Built Modified  
2 Coupe Red/White/Blue Dave Gunther      
2 Falcon Red Randy Bok Woody Nyce    
3 Gremlin Red Billy Osmun Jeff Kuhl Original Ray Liss built frame  
3 Sedan Red/White/Blue   Woody Nyce    
3 Coupe Red Don Stives   Original car built by Don Stives  
3 Gremlin Red John Blackley      
3 Gremlin (Weld) Red Jimmy Horton Chris Larson Original Weld Built Modified  
K3 Pinto White Les Katona Originally owners John Mondelli & Lance    
4 Mustang Red        
4 Coupe Red, White & Blue Dick Quallio      
4 Chevette (80's) Blue Bill Tanzosh   Original Bill Tanzosh car  
4 Gremlin White Karl Fryer      
4 Lancer Yellow/Orange Mike Kelly      
5 Coupe Orange   Original owner Tom Holding    
6A Pinto Blue Paul Weaver      
B6 Falcon Cream Bob Banghart      
7 Falcon Blue Herb Vail Geoff Yoder Real modified, built on a 73 Kreitz chassis.  
7J Gremlin (80's) Red   Connie Joyner    
07 Gremlin Orange   Wyatt Jacobus Jr.    
07 Sedan Orange Wyatt Jacobus Sr. Wyatt Jacobus Jr.    
9A Coupe Blue Dean Applegate      
9c Mustang Black Howie Cronce Lenny Swider Built on never used Burnett frame by Lenny Swider & Jay Aten  
10 Gremlin White/Blue Ray Liss   Original Ray Liss Gremlin  
10 Gremlin White/Purple Ray Liss   Original Ray Liss Gremlin  
11 Coupe White Ed Stevens      
12 Gremlin Orange Kevin Collins Henry Yesko    
12W Gremlin Blue Wayne Weaver Wayne Weaver Original Wayne Weaver driven car - restored by Wayne Weaver  
13 13 Yellow Freddy Brightbill      
13J Coupe Green/Black Jim Laubach      
14 Chevette Black Bob Toreky Chad Culver/Culver Museum Built by Dave Deerson  
14 80's Modified Black Bob Toreky Chad Culver/Culver Museum Original car - rebuilt/restored by Kevin Eyres  
15 Coupe Blue   Terry High?    
15 Gremlin (80's) Blue/White/Red Billy Pauch Original owner John "Goop" Mondelli    
15 Gremlin Blue/White/Red Billy Pauch Billy Pauch Original 1977 Billy Pauch Sportsman car  
15 Falcon White Billy Pauch   Former Billy Pauch #15/Stan Januzuski #76A  
16 Gremlin (80's) Blue Charlie Decker      
17 Mustang II Blue Toby Tobias Original owner Tom Holding    
17 Mustang Blue Ronny Tobias Original owner Tom Holding Built by Wayne Weaver  
17 Mustang Blue Ronny Tobias Larry Sullivan    
17 Mustang White   Curt    
17 Coupe Blue Stan Hawk Stan Hawk    
17 Gremlin (80's) White Stan Hawk Stan Hawk Former Dom Buffalino Modified  
19 Sedan Blue/Striped Roof Kenny Brightbill Wyatt Jacobus?    
19 Pinto White Kenny Brightbill   Original Brightbill Pinto  
19 Gremlin (Weld) White Kenny Brightbill   Original Weld Built Modified  
19 Mustang Copper/other Bob Rindgen Bob Rindgen Built by Bob Rindgen  
CL 22 Gremlin Light Blue Chip Slocum      
23 Gremlin (80's) Yellow Billy Cannon Gary Bauer    
23P Coupe White Matt Badessa      
24 Coupe White Will Cagle   Original "Elephant"  
24 Coupe Blue/Red Will Cagle Rick Brochard    
24 Coupe Yellow Stan Ploski Marty Resnick    
24 Coupe White/Blue   Charles Morrell    
26 Coupe Blue/White Ed Farley Wyatt Jacobus? Original car as driven by Ed Farley  
27 Gremlin Orange Jerry Wildrick Jerry Wildrick Built by Jay Aten and Jerry Wildrick  
28 80's Modified Yellow Richie Pratt      
33 Coupe (full fendered) Blue/White   George Henshaw    
36 Coupe White   .
Former red #333 Billy Osmun tribute car
37 Sedan Orange Bruce Young      
37 Gremlin Orange Bruce Young      
37 Gremlin Maroon Alan Pahulick      
38 Pinto Orange     Last seen at Glen Gardner Show (2006?)  
39 Coupe White Al Tasnady/Dave Piscopo   Tasnady/Piscopo Tribute car.  Displayed in the 90's under Flemington grandstand. Wehn Flemington closed, car went to Dave Piscopo. Car then  restored/reworked by Ray Neary in 2002 to look more like the original '36 coupe.  
42 Coupe Blue/Gold Dave Spurlin Dave Spurlin Bob Fisher chassis/cage car recreated by Dave Spurlin as an exact replica of the original #42.  
43 Falcon Blue Tom Hager      
43 Vega Blue Bob Schoenberger      
44 Sedan White Al Tasnady Terry "Ziggy" Zigler    
44 Coupe White Al Tasnady Tom Partite    
44 Sedan Red Al Tasnady      
44 Sedan Red Dick Tobias Joe Opitz    
44 Coupe Maroon Bobby Bottcher Was owned by Matt Badessa    
47 Gremlin Maroon Mike Grbac      
47 80's Modified Orange   Was owned by Brian Zawaski    
48 Coupe White/Red/Blue   John Stoddard
Formerly the blue/white dirt #R2 of Lee & Chris Allen
49 Gremlin Red Fritz Epright      
49   Sedan Blue Tom Nodes      
51 Gremlin Blue John Bokros John Bokros Built by John Bokros  
51 Coupe White        
52 Coupe White Del George      
52 Gremlin (80's) Orange Doug Dubiel Doug Dubiel    
58 Coupe Brown Camel Banghart Camel Banghart  Original car as Camel Banghart last drove it at Flemington.  
60 Over Gremlin (80's) White Doug Hoffman      
61C 80's Modified Light Blue   Richie Cass Jr    
63 Coupe White John Kumernitsky      
63 Gremlin (80's) Blue Jeff Hanna Dennis Tretter    
63E 80's body Blue Ed O'Neil      
64 Gremlin Black Ken Johnson George Henshaw    
65 Coupe White/Orange   Hager Bros    
65 Gremlin Black Gene Coyle      
S67 Chevette/Gremlin Copper/Black Paul Ielmini Was owned by Paul Ielmini Built by Paul Ielmini (half Gremlin/half Chevette body )  
69 Coupe Red Charlie Lindmar   Unrestored, displayed at Old Bridge Reunion 2014?  
71 Coupe Pale Yellow Jerry Allen Lee & Chris Allen    
71E Coupe School Bus Yellow Carl Van Horn      
73 Gremlin (King) Maroon/Brown Gary Balough Chris Larson. An original Grant King car. Restored by "Ferraiuolo"  
74 Gremlin Green Joe Poliachek      
74 Gremlin (Weld/Olsen) Pink Bobby Braxton Original owner Larry Housman Original Walt Olsen built Weld car - restored by Larry Housman  
76 Mustang Orange Bruce Hooper      
80 Sedan Orange/Copper Bob Pickell      
81 Coupe Black/Gold Billy Osmun      
81 Gremlin (Weld/Olsen) Cream Walt Olsen Mark Braun Original Walt Olsen built Weld car - Restored by Mark Braun  
83 Waiting on pic... Gremlin Red/White/Blue John Megill Doug & John Megill    
86 Gremlin Blue George Oliver Mike?    
88 Gremlin (80's) White Bob Hoke      
91 Gremlin (Weld) Blue/White/Red Kenny Weld  Ray Evernham/Evernham Museum Original car rebuilt/restored by Tim Maguire and Guy Custer.  
92 Pinto Blue Harry Taylor   Original Harry Taylor driven car  
93 Coupe White Dick Havens Taylor Family Original George Taylor owned #93 driven by Don Stives & Dick Havens  
94 Gremlin White Kim Trout Geoff Yoder #94 Haraka Gremlin 454 chevy white. An exact recreation.  
95 Coupe Orange Hoop Schiable      
97 Coupe White/Red Full Fender Joe Henshaw Joe Henshaw    
99 Coupe Blue/White Full Fender        
99 Gremlin White Bob Malzahn Was owned by Matt Badessa    
99 Gremlin Silver Johnny Leach Bob Hall?    
99 Gremlin Blue Sonny Dornberger Doug Megill Original car.  Restored by Joe Pratt.   
111 Gremlin Maroon Glenn Fitzcharles      
111 Sedan Bronze Jackie McLaughlin      
112 Lincoln Black Gary Balough   Car now displayed at events with Gary Balough  
126 Gremlin (80's) Red Craig Von Dohren Gene Steele Original car - Restored by Kevin Eyres.  
126 Gremlin (80's) Red Billy Pauch Wyatt Jacobus (?)    
130 Coupe Maroon Johnny Leach Tom    
292 Coupe Blue Al Michalchuk Gene Steele    
300 Sedan Cream Bob Pickell Ray Evernham/Evernham Museum    
300 Pinto Red/White/Blue Bob Pickell Mike S.    
301 Chevette Maroon Craig McCaughey      
303 Coupe Yellow Fred Dmuchowski Ray Evernham/Evernham Museum Original car - Restored by Eddie Bohn.  
303 Pinto Yellow Fred Dmuchowski KB Dirt Amazing recreation by KB Dirt original chassis/cage. Body/Hood are from original car.  
323 Coupe White/Black        
707 Coupe Pale yellow Stan Ploski Dave Lounsberry Original car - Rebuilt/restored by current owner Dave Lounsberry  
808 Coupe Black Les Farley Wyatt Jacobus owned/sold?    
UNK Coupe Blue Harmony Tribute Car      

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