Project #292 started with an idea and a few photos...

Recreating the #292 driven by Al Michalchuk in 1972 - 1973 at Flemington, East Windsor, and even a trip down to the asphalt at Pleasantville!

Thank You to all who helped out with "Project #292"

  • Main Construction (Layout/Design, Frame, Cage, Rub Rails, Bumpers, & All Assembly): Bill & Billy Lowden
  • Body, Hood & Door Fabrication & Fit: Bill & Billy Lowden
  • Interior (Seat Mounting, Steering, Clutch and Brake Pedal Linkage) Bill & Billy Lowden
  • Body Work & Roof Painting: Jeff Fehr
  • Frame Powder Coating: Victor at APS Powder Coating (Wind Gap, PA)
  • Paint, Reducer, Supplies: Don Wolfe (Auto Craft Collision Service (Garwood, NJ)
  • Body & Hood Paint Work: Don Wolfe (Auto Craft Collision Service (Garwood, NJ)
  • Doors for Body: Ralph & Rich Brochard (Flemings Auto Parts - English Creek, NJ)
  • Sheet Metal for Interior Panels: Don Bigley (S&D Body Line)
  • Switches and Battery Disconnect Don Bigley (S&D Body Line)
  • Seat: Henry Yeska
  • Steering Wheel: Joe Inglin
  • Steering Wheel Disconnect: Hank Winecker
  • Steering Box: Frank Cozze Jr (Cozze's Auto Salvage)
  • Distributor and Power Steering Pump: Tim Pitts
  • Ignition Wires Imlaystown Auto Parts Joe Szwed
  • Rear End: John Larsen
  • Rear Axle: Ty Constantino
  • Rear Axel: Randy Bok
  • Rear Shocks: Bill Lowden
  • Front Axle: Sherwood Taylor
  • Front Shocks, Steering Linkage, Wheels: Bill Lowden
  • Sandblasting/Refinishing of Front & Rear Axle: B&M Auto Body Riegelsville, PA Brian Morris
  • Clutch and Pressure Plate: Gogels Auto Parts in Ironton, PA - Larry Grim and Family
  • Flywheel: Mike Sienko
  • Hydraulic Throwout Bearing: Hank Winecker
  • Mounting Power Steering Pump, Fabrication/Power Steering Lines: Kevin Eyers
  • Brake Drums, Backing Plates and Brake Shoes: Roy Schreffler
  • Cutting Brake Drums: Zane Zeiner
  • Brake Parts: Gogels Auto Parts in Ironton, PA - Larry Grim and Family
  • Fabricating Fuel Lines: Kevin Eyres
  • Fuel Cell: Kevin Eyres
  • Fuel Cell Foam and Backing Plates: Tony Pietrofitta
  • Battery, Misc Parts: Frank Cozze Jr (Cozze's Auto Salvage)
  • Gear Oil: Rich Yetter
  • Radiator: Ray Shea (Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club)
  • Aluminum Expansion Tank: Roy Schreffler
  • Towing While Under Construction: Bill & Billy Lowden and Kevin Eyres
  • Powder Coating Wheels: Jeff at A.P.S. Powder Coating, Wind Gap, PA
  • Cookies and Various Treats ("Fuel" for Assembly Team): Theresa Lowden
  • Storage: Kevin Eyres
  • Transportation to Motorsports:  Kevin Eyres
  • Transportation From Motorsports: Scott Riggleman (Riggleman's Towing)
    Lettering: Bob "Cos" Cosgrove
  • 1939 Coupe Body: Purchased from Dave Spurlin
  • Mid 60s 283ci Chevy Small Block: Purchased from Matt Badessa
  • 1955 Chevy Frame Rails: Purchased from Bill Lowden
  • Reference Photos: Ace Lane Jr., Al Quellette III, Len Sammons, George Koyt and Ken Sooy,
    Powder Coating Frame/Rub Rails/Bumpers:  Victor Quinones (now located at: "It's Finished, Inc - Indian Trail, NC)
Information/Details on original car: Al and Peggy Michalchuk

Thank You to everyone for helping to make the #292 a reality and for giving me the opportunity to let Al know that his efforts behind the wheel of the #292 were noticed and appreciated.  It is because of guys like Al, and the hundreds of others out there, that so many of us will never forget the excitement of short track racing.

..'39 Plymouth Coupe body....  It's got potential, right?

This is how Bill and Billy Lowden do it...  A few photos... a tape measure... a Sharpie...  Amazing.

...'55 Chevy frame rails welded together, temporary cage to set the body, engine mounts in place.

Rear frame extensions

Front axle mounted

Roll cage... chassis, front bumper

The hood... just like the it looked in '73.'s got that look to it...

Steering... clutch and brake pedals... and oh yea, a gas pedal.

Rear bumper...  inside sheet metal...

Time to convince the sedan doors that they belong on a coupe body...

Bill had to get pretty creative to make the sedan doors work...

Doors are in place...

Really coming along now... of the unique features of the original was that the way the front bumper was part of the chassis

Time to create the upper shock mounts

...I was wondering why Bill and Billy were looking for used center links!

That'll work...

It's a roller!

The angle has to be just right..... (Forgot to mention how good that recreated trunk  that Billy made fits....)

While we wanted to keep the original look, we weren't willing to ignore obvious safety issues... A new fuel cell was the only way to go...

...we may have to lose the red paint, but it'll look just fine up in there.

While the chassis is at APS Powder Coating, time for some body work...

...back from the APS Powder coating... WOW...  Time to start bolting stuff back in...

While its not one of today's full containment seats... it is an upgrade from the chair that Al used back in 1972... FROM A KITCHEN SET...

The period correct radiator from Ray Shea "just fits", but really gives it the right look.

Speaking of period correct, here's a mid 60's 283... Al went through a bunch of these during the "business years" of the #292 (1972 & '73).

Time to put the rolling chassis on the trailer so we can go pick up the body...

Former Dorney Park Late Model Champion Jeff Fehr sprayed the blue and white which gives the old cream colored coupe a new look...

Bolting the body on the rolling chassis for the first time gives us a glimpse of what we hadn't seen for almost 40 years...

It's looking really cool, but it still needs brakes, clutch, linkage, steering, starter, wiring, etc

...and thanks to Roy Schreffler, an expansion tank from a mid 60's Corvette - just like the original.

...and thanks also to Roy for the brake drums and backing plates

...and an older style quick change rear with small side bells and 26" axles from John Larsen

... a stop by "Auto Craft" in Garwood, NJ for some final sanding, paint and clear coat.

...then down to Kevin Eyres' shop to have the steering pump mounted and the steering lines run....

Kevin also ran the fuel lines too... and then it was back up to Lowden's for exhaust work, wheels and tires...... and then a stop to see "Cos."

... Project #292 is brought to life at the tip of Bob "Cos" Cosgrove's paint brush...  Amazing.

...first time out of the barn...  Thank you Bob Yurko for the great outdoor shots.

The silver powder coated rims are a nice touch from APS Powder Coatings.

...back down to Kevin's for some "Motorsports Prep"

...according to the calendar it's 2011 but if I look at the car long enough, it starts to feel a little like 1973...

...and I couldn't pass up this photo'op after Jesse and I did some minor stuff under the hood...(plug wires, taking care of a balancer/pulley noise...)

First showing - Friday, Jan 21st 2011 at the Motorsports Show in Oaks, PA

Here's a view inside the office...

On Saturday, Bill Lowden stopped by for a quick photo... Bill and his son brings our memories back to life - in full scale!

...and then, a pretty cool moment on Sunday when I looked over and saw Al checking out the car for the first time...
"It never looked that good..." Al grinned...  "We've got enough guys here...   Maybe we could roll it over a couple times so it'll look like it did!"

Al checks out out the "recreated" #292 from all angles...  He couldn't believe how close (The Lowden's) got everything just based on pictures...

Al explains how the engine set back was in the original and how the the combination brake/clutch master cylinder we used was just like the original.

Al said that "Other than how much nicer everything was, the front suspension, shock mounts, brakes, were just like the original..."

... You could say that the above photo was 39 years in the making...
Al didn't win that often, but his driving style, his fabrication skills, and his demeanor resonated with those of us that always rooted for the underdog and we thank Al for taking us on that ride and thank Bill and Billy Lowden, and those that supported "Project #292" for making it possible..


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