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Here we ask the question:
"What Happened to Our All Time Favorite Cars?"

Too often, the answer is one that we'd rather not have...  Many of our favorite cars often ended up being scrapped...  Some changed hands... Some got a new paint job along the way...  Some resurfaced with a different # and a different driver.  Some even got a whole new body and returned to race another day.  Some just went away....

So put on your "Detective's Hat" and take a look at the cars featured in this section...  If you have any "clues" that might help us solve the case, please email them to us by using the link provided and we'll make sure they are added to the correct page.

Remember to Click on the each picture to see the full size photo, along with the "Vault Vitals" and Visitor's Comments" on each.

Ferraiuolo #73

Norcia #81

Paul Blair #3

Geoff Bodine's #99


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