What a Body!!!
(no, it's not what you think...)

Let's hear your nominations for the Most Memorable Body Styles that for whatever reason, caught your attention...cars that is....  It could be because they were unique, cool, or maybe just a little on the weird side, but for whatever reason, you still remember them like it was yesterday! 

#, Color & Body Style Driver & Owner Year(s) & Track Your Comments
#76 Falcon Gerald Chamberlain/Joe Bullock 74 Flemington

If you ever saw it nothing more need be said!  Macmann1976

#81 black and gold Gremlin Sammy Beavers/Norcia Owned Late 70's - EWS, FLM, etc

I think the black and gold number 81 driven by Sammy beavers was the sharpest look car.   Brent Cross  01.04.14

#2A Red Vega Carl VanHorn Nazareth - 70's

Mid 70s red #2A driven by Carl VanHorn was the fastest car I'd seen run at Nazareth Speedway and people at the time swore it was a sprint car with a Vega body on it and man could that win. -  Scotrohner

#9 Dirt Modified "Barefoot" Bob Mcreadie Late 80's Early 90's
Syracuse Mile

Barefoot Bob debuted the car he designed and built with the front end angled left instead of up and down at Syracuse in the early 90's and dominated the race. - BillyTheKid

Ford Crown Victoria Modified Ed Strada late 70'a and early 80' (Northeast Pa tracks)

My favorite body was the 1932 Ford Crown Victoria bodied #1E 320 Modified
that Ed raced in the late 70'a and early 80's. Ed ran the car mostly at Moc-A-Tek and other short tracks around the Northeast Pennsylvania area. He also ran it as Syracuse in the Small Block race and some early and late season shows at OCFS. The maroon and gold machine was always one of my
favorites. For a while Ed owned a pair of almost identical cars. The second car was #1L and was driven by Lynn Highhouse, another of the best short track drivers of that ear in the Northeast Pennsylvania area.  -
Ted Schmidt

Zemco #1 Monte Carlo Tom Mayberry 1986 or 1987 (Flemington)

This car came out I believe in 1986 or 1987 when DIRT went to the wider body styles. Unlike most of the "new style" cars, this one actually looked like
a Monte Carlo. I saw the car at the season opener at Flemington and really liked the purple paint scheme, clean lines, and the fact that it actually looked like a Monte Carlo.   I think if this type of body had caught on, today's Modifieds might look a little better. -
Ted Schmidt



#0, yellow coupe Tony Siscone (driver) 70's?  Wall and New Egypt

I remember Tony Siscone's "0". It was long and low compared to the rest of the cars on the circuit. Plus, at night, he was one of the only cars whose front breaks glowed cherry red. I believe it was yellow, and had no sponsor. Definately a cool car.

#XTP, White with Maroon roof, 53 Studebaker ? Reading

One of the most unusual cars that I've seen was car # XTP (Experimental Tom Penn). This car was unique. It was a 53 Studebaker, rear engine modified.  I believe it was the only rear engine modified in the area. Only ran a few races at Reading. The car had to much weight in the rear and would always be spinning out.   I don't believe it ever qualified.   Unfortunately I don't have any pictures.
Mike Shaub - Reading Fairgrounds Racing Historical Society

#659, White, Coupe and/or Vega Owner: Tom Skinner Wall and others

Tom Skinner's 659 coupes from about 1967 through the creation of the Vega. These versions were always well lettered and always super clean! The earlier lettering wasn't as nice from the 50's and early 60's. This car with it's full hood and always with the hood ornament always stood out from all the rest!  Barry Hulse

#67 - Pearl White & Metalic Blue  Chevy Coupe  Bob Krollage Wall & Islip

The last coupe to run a feature at Islip.

(Carmen's Creation) Carmen Scarpatti 80's or 90's at EWS

Here's one for you. in the late 80's, Les Katona drove the 02 at east windsor, one of the years (can't remember exactly when) that team started bringing two cars to the track a normal "looking" car that stretched the rules slightly and a "batmobile" type monster called "carmen's creation" (for carmen scarpatti, the brain behind the design and les's son-in-law) it was a white car with blue trim and red numbers, sponsored by Lawrence engineering and Vic's Amoco. Looked slightly like some of the late nineties modifieds but thin with the big wings on the rear end and the really squared off bodies. They ran the car to some success but all it took was one wreck, the front suspension and drive train was so radically altered that the car was fast but it wrecked one night about halfway through the season, and was so badly damaged that the car was scrapped. If there are any pictures of this one out there it would be a great addition to the vault. Keep up the good work, I enjoy the site....-Anthony P.

#747 1/2 Metropolitan & 1/2 Vega Jimmy Klim 70's - Flemington

#747 sportsman built and driven by Jimmy Klim at Flemington.  It was a half Metropolitan and half Vega body.  Car had the first inboard mounted front shocks.   My brother Pete was a friend of Jims and copied the car and ran it as the #82 pinto.   Paul Madsen

#81 Crosley bodied creation 1951 Oldsmobile (and others!) Dave Kneisel 1960 or 1961 at Five Mile Point

Here's a link to a few pictures showing the Crosley thanks to Vault Contributor Greg Holland:
Greg Holland

I remember back in 1960 or 1961 Dave Kneisel showed up at Five Mile Point on opening night with a Crosley bodied creation that looked like it weighed about 1200 pounds. The car was a rocket and within a month a couple of other drivers had Crosleys, one had a Henry J and perhaps strangest of all was Don Beagell showing up an Austin Bantam bodied car with a tremendously long snout on it.

In 1958 Kneisel also built a unique piece for the era, a 1951 Oldsmobile with a "Rocket 88" motor. There was also a gentleman that ran Five Mile back then named John Florance who campaigned a 1933 Auburn sedan and a 1934 Reo. None of them were your run of the mill 1937 Chevys or 1936 Fords which just about everybody had back then.  Mike Monnat -  Gater Racing News

#J17*  - Color: White, with Red, Orange, Yellow stripes -  Body style: Bath Tub Driver- Jeff Heotzler, Created by Jeff Heotzler and Crew Chief Billy Woznick at the Reclamation Inc. Racing shop. 2000 The Bathtub was designed for Syracuse and its only race there was the USNA race

The answer to the batmobile, the bathtub was also nicknamed Robins Revenge, it never got much publicity because it was kept under a cover for most of the time in the pit area.  It was a truely unique design all fitting under the rule book of Dirt Motorsports. Jeff Heotzler Jr

#11 37 Chevy Coupe* Ray Hendrick Langhorne, Trenton, very early 70's  Looked fast sitting still  NascarJack
VEGA'S! George Summers (Conley LaJoie's #21) and George Savary's Wagon Seekonk Speedway in the 70's Here in New England, Seekonk Speedway was running small block mods in the seventies on pavement.  Two of my favorites were George Summers driving the Conley Lajoie #21.  It was white and red with gold numbers. 

The other one was George Savary's wagon.  That Black and gold mod had plenty of downforce!  I think that they outlawed wagons after that.   John Kokolski

#112 "Batmobile"* Gary Balough Syracuse Gary Balough dominated Syracuse with this Kenny Weld built car Melinda
#57, Blue, '68 Pontiac Firebird Driver: Joe Severage
Owner/Builder: Fred Burdge
Early 70's - Wall, Trenton, Pocono and maybe Martinsville Built from scratch as a full bodied quasi- "Super Speedway modified".  The car ran Wall regularly and Trenton, Pocono and I think Martinsville on occasions.  It was one of the first full bodied in the Jersey Shore.   It punched through the 1st. turn fence at Wall and came back the next week to win the feature.  Charlie P.

Hey Charlie P!   I believe Tommy Commerford was driving the car at the time and came back to win the feature the following week while ridin the fence on 2 wheels!  He beat Gil Hearne!   Think the year was 73/74?      Jerry

I was about 12-13 y/o when Comerford won that feature race (I believe it was his only feature win) and remember it like it was yesterday, as I knew Tommy well back then.

He was doing all that he could to keep Hearne behind him and just as they came to the checkers, a frustrated Hearne spun Tommy into the boards -it was quite deliberate. I was sitting right between the starter's stand (RIP Pete) and the 1st turn and had a good view.

The only "two wheels" I remember seeing was the entire front end -single I-Beam susp.- tires, rims and ALL IN ONE PIECE - RIPPED from the car as he crossed the line sideways. The "unit" went bouncing and rolling down the track for a bit. I remember the car in the pits afterwards and all that was left in the front was the frame rails and radiator!

I rank that "experience" up there with Sandy Riddle "flying" over the 1st turn wall, and Tommy Elliot in the 2jr sedan stuck in the fence (same spot!) with the throttle still stuck wide open... and there are others!... lol.
Larry Abels a.k.a. E3Racer   

#9 vega Bob Scultz ran at wall a cpl years in the mid-70s heard yrs ago this car was still around!  Jerry
#3 vega/white-car? Hank (deadly dudley) Dudley wall in the early to mid 70's know he owned a bike shop in brick back then.  I think that was tom mausers first sportsman ride at wall - believe it had knock-off style wheels/like the sprinters did back then! Jerry
#76 gremlin j. blewett early 80's at Wall (I'm) not much for modern body styles but this car stood out in the beginning of the cavalier revolution in the early 80's esp with his trademark red,white & blue paint sceme!  I remember car ran as sportsman shortly at wall by p.bruno.  Is the car still around? Jerry
#X-2 Jack Buck He won the sportman title in 75?/became a mod in 76? Last square tubing car to run wall (i believe) Jack was half a lap from winning his 1st mod feature/got nudged? by Gil Hearne/car was a member of gsvscc/still around? I remember it was painted different - Jerry

Wasn't there that night, but if Gil nudged it means Gil must have been within striking distance so as far as that goes, I think nudging is racing when it comes to Wall.   3-Wide

#80   Baby Blue Coupe Ted Alt Early to mid 80's Pretty car - Actually won a couple of features!  Very nice diversion from the Pintos, Vegas, Cavaliers at the time.  Believe Bobby Capestro owned it prev? MerJer6757
#99 Valiaint*, #1 Coupe, #6 Falcon * (#99 Geoff Bodine, #1 Charlie J & #6 Maynard Troyer) Early 70's - Trenton, Langhorne, etc the 99 valiaint driven by geoff bodine/the 1 coupe of charlie j/(look at the innovations) the 6 falcon of maynard troyer/made ya wanna go to the races! MerJer6757
Grant King Built yellow #24 Gremlinish body* Ken Brenn Sr./Driven by Ken Brenn Jr. 1977 Without a doubt Ken Brenns Grant King built Gremlin is the best ever.   It started a trend in stock car racing.Another beutifal dirt car has to be the # 713 of Bob Fisher,what a show car!For the Sportsman division I would select the # 20 of George Hildebrant. Skip Mcpherson
Plymouth Coupe #7 * Joe Severage/Sal Parrino Won Wall Mod title in 1975

Last coupe to win title now owned and restored by Ray Shea who drove car in beginning of 76 season.  Original builder Tom Baldwin Sr/Owner Sal Parrino  MerJer6757

#11 Vega Station Wagon body big block modified (White  with black roof and Gold letters) Chuck Gravatt, West Milford NJ Middletown NY in the late 70's Chuck was the West Milford High School auto shop teacher.  If you had his class and you loved racing, you had a great school year.  I am looking for photo's of the car.    Jim4j
#56 Sky blue an dark blue with yellow #56 on the door -  32 Ford Tim Damianis Early 80s-Grandveiw It was a beautiful car an I'd be willing to bet , the last coupe that raced on a dirt track.  Steve Fegley
#33 late model white and blue Anthony Knighten New Egypt 2000 The 33 driven by anthony knighten was the first one to bring the "real" latemodel body to nes in year 2000. now almost every body has converted to this clean looking body and with a lettering job done by custom kenny roth, it was about the prettiest car out there. Wingboard33
orange and yellow #39 (various body parts!)* Sonny Riddle Nazareth Sonny Riddle Sportsman orange and yellow #39 -rear clip was a vega notchback, the roof was off a Metropolitan, the nose and front end were from a Sprint car.  I have a picture of this car.  I'll have to get it to you.    Ricky Rutt
Maroon "Henry J" body  #1   Charlie Gilmore Nazareth Charlie Gilmore Sportsman  Maroon "Henry J" body  #1     Ricky Rutt
707 Big Donkey * Gerald Chamberlain 1969 I loved that sloping hood on the 707 in 1969 and early 70's.   The engine was set far back which allowed for that. Might have been aerodynamic too! S.H. Strickler
Black #17 Pinto Gil Hearne and Maynard Troyer (owned by Jim Sousey) ? My favorite body was the black #17 Pinto from the 80's Gil Hearne and Maynard Troyer drove   I belive Jim Sousey owned the car--Iit had a sun roof in it, the car was super sharp  Krash 63

Got one answer for krash63 on the black 17 Pinto that ran Wall in mid-80s ... remember Kyle Petty drove it in the Turkey Derby!    Jerry

6/26/04:  On the black 17 Gil Hearne drove--I hate to tell Jerry but Kyle Petty drove Tom Dancers #71 not the Soucey 17  -    As for the other black 17, Jeff Taylor always had very clean and sharp stuff.   Jeff's Bodine Pinto got him his first win and his own built Dodge Colt got him his second win at Wall.  Brett Bodine did drive Jeff's Pinto in the Turkey Derby in the early 80s  (Billy Walker) Krash 63

1953 Studebaker yellow and silver with black and white accent Pete Corey Reading opener in 1966 I'm not sure why it took me so long to think of this one - - For the Reading opener in 1966, Pete Corey ("The Crescent Hillbilly") had a 1953 Studebaker with an injected 396 Chevy. It was painted yellow and silver with black and white accents. It was a beautiful car. Corey and Kenny Shoemaker ran the Reading openers quite often since their usual NASCAR tracks (Fonda and Stafford) didn't open that early and they wouldn't be penalized for running outlaw. Corey won six features with the Stude before the competition caught up with him and he had to build a lighter '38 Chevy coupe. Unfortunately I don't recall how he finished that day at Reading. Jim Brewer
#76/Red Pinto"*" Gerald Chamberlain (Bullock owned) 70's/various (As much as I love the coupes and coaches, nothing beat the Pinto's of the 70's.  More Pinto's were found on racecars than there were in the family driveway. Ford could have made a bundle of money just selling the bodies to raceteams.)

The Bullock/Chamberlain  76  was just a phenomenal looking race car. The body was very stylish, the paint and lettering was always top notch and readable.The flip-up trunk lid was so cool at the time.

The body was very stylish,the paint and lettering was always top notch and readable.The flip-up trunk lid was so cool at the time - Mike Feltenberger

#19 Pinto"*" Kenny Brightbill 70's/various The amazing thing about this car was not so much the body but the way Kenny sat himself in the car.  It had the Brightbill lean to it.  No matter if it was painted white and gold or the red,white and blue, it was an attention getter - Mike Feltenberger
#666 Red Pinto Bobby Bottcher (Ritter-Kleintop owned) 70's/various This car was just flat out gorgeous.  I loved the color red it used and I think it had to be the little white stars on the hood of the car that set eveything off with the white rollcage. Mike Feltenberger
# 88 1937 Ford coupe (heavily flamed)"*" Ralph Smith and Ed Lindsey (owner - George Heffner) Late 50s/Alcyon This car was striking. It always was spotless, and always ran fast. (A picture appears in the vault). Jim Murrow
# 07 - white with lavender pin striping and lettering - 1937 Ford 4 door sedan Owner/Driver Lee Hendrickson Early to mid 60s/Flemington I think this was Lee's last # 07 Sportsman car before going Modified with the Z-1s. It had full fenders, side panals and grill. It looked more like a show car than a race car. I think it may have been the prettiest of all the coupe/coach era. (No picture in the vault). Jim Murrow
# XL-1        1937 Ford coupe Owner Don House, driver Joe Kelly - '63 or '64/Vineland It had a radically dropped hood which created a windshield that looked about 3 feet tall. This car looked as mean as it ran. (No picture of this particular version of the XL-1 car in the vault). Jim Murrow
# 12  Chocolate brown and cream 1937 Ford coupe Owner/Driver Leon Manchester Mid 60s/Flemington Leon had several of these coupes, but the one I like is the one with the radiator in the trunk, big air scoops on the sides in front of the rear wheels to direct air into the radiator, and a hood that sloped down to a miniature grill, with side panals that sloped down to match the hood. (No picture in the vault)  Jim Murrow
#9 electric-blue Maverick Ed Farley (Stroud Ford) Nazareth It was very low. Ed ran it at Nazareth and it was one of the strangest (and about the only Maverick) bodies around. The injector stacks were higher than the roof I think. Scott Pacich

*Note Regarding the #9 Stroud Ford Maverick

My father designed and built the #9 Stroud Ford Maverick, and was very proud of the "indy" nose, as he called it, and the fact the stacks were taller than the car. The funny story behind that car was that up until three weeks before the season opened that year, the body was a '49 Ford coupe. However, my dad sectioned the roof to make it more narrow. He and Ed, in reviewing the rule book again, were frightened off by the potential of being disqualified as it stated the roof of the body must remain stock. So in one weekend in the Body Shop at Stroud Ford, beginning Friday night, we drilled the pop-rivets from the '49 coupe version and stripped the skin from a Maverick to be fitted in its place.  
Sadly, my father's entire stack of scrap-books, dating back to 1966 were destroyed in a plant fire in his office in Florida. We have none of the photos of his designs from his first, the '50 Chevy Coupe, X-100 limited sportsman through his final creation, that Maverick in '73 or '74, we raced that car several years.  gill (Please contact us at 3wide@optonline.net if you have pics of this car!   Thanks...
Blue and white Morgan (Told now that it is a Nash Metropolitan)"*" Wayne Young Nazareth and Middletown The car just never looked quite right for a modified. It always seemed that the cage was too far forward, too small...just out of place. Scott Pacich

(I would say it definitely qualifys for this catagory!!!   Thanks Scott for remembering it and thanks to Jim/RACESONGS for providing info and a picture  3-Wide)

#2 White, (with a tasteful Orange strip on the side) Pinto Johnny Botz (Early 70's/ Reading) Mike pointed out some very nice looking Pintos. While I think the Bullock car was great looking, my favorite Pinto of all time was the Johnny Botz #2.   I just loved the clean look that this car had. The body was not cut down all that much, just a shortened roof but it fit that chassis perfectly. Scott Pacich
#704 Probe"*" Fritz Epright /Trenton Mack Owned Flemington in the mid to late 80's One of the first wide body cars -   look fast even when parked. ran.  Robert Caramella
#19 El Dorado Kenny Brightbill ? (I remember Kenny) arriving at Flemington   just in time for a heat race and started last and by the first turn was first.   Robert Caramella
Lincoln Continental, red #301 Craig McCaughey Flemington One of my favorite drivers, Mr. Craig McCaughey with the  with fenders - a beautiful car.  Robert Caramella

Note From John Mc:The car of my Dad's mentioned by Mr. Caramella was actually a Lincoln Continental (well, the roof was anyway, lol) patterned kinda after the 112 the year after Balough kicked ass @ Syracuse. The fenders lasted thru warmups b4 the tech guy (they're all jerks, aren't they!) said "uh, uh, no way! But it seemed everyone saw them and thought they were cool! I remember telling him there was no way they were gonna let them go. He sure was pissed when he had to take them off!  - John Mc

Cutlass (Many...) Ma4"*",  Active1"*", 1a, 44JR"*" and the #76"*" #Ma4 driven by Mark Fusco, #Active 1 driven by Ray Bateman, #Active II driven by Jimmy Horton and Clyde Cox, #1a driven by Howie Cronce and Jimmie Horton (owned by Joe Hoerner),  44JR driven by CD Coville, and Kenny Brightbill / owned by Jim and Pat Romeo, and the #76 Barker Bus driven by Billy Pauch 80's / Flemington and Bridgeport The Cutlass style that was seen on the Tobias chassis of the late 80's and early 90's.   Todd L

Joe just a correction the 1a was piloted by Cronce and Horton, Bateman was the only driver of the Active 1 (when Ray Died they retired the Active 1) Paul Lotier, Jimmy Horton and Clyde Cox III drove the ActiveII. Todd L 

Thanks Todd - I made the correction

#27, #747 & #026 Gremlins Chip Slocum, (all entries fielded by Bob Burket, Darryl Carman, Newt Hartman 80's / East Windsor The Gremlin style that was seen on the S&S chassis was by far my favorite.   This particular chassis and these drivers with this body style kicked butt at East Windsor. It was also campaigned at Grandview and Big Diamond by Kenny Brightbill  Todd L
sedan - red #301"*" Craig McCaughey Flemington & EWS I have to cast a vote for the 301 sedan from the early 70's.  The car was cut perfectly, a little on the small side, had a beautiful paint job and Craig always ran it hard. He was truly one of the great ones. The Chevette was also beautiful but I always preferred the coach. Rick Lugg
coupe -white #1 Charlie Jarzombek Charlie Jarzombek's white #1 coupe from the '60's. I believe he was a regular @ Islip, but I remember the car from Langhorne. The restoration was awesome.  John McCaughey
#73 Gremlin"*"

or #3....

Billy Osmun (Statewide - Mulligan) Syracuse, 1973 The Statewide Mulligan Gremlin from 1973 (Syracuse winner) w/ Billy Osmun up.  Nice car, understated but appealing paint, clean lines......just a nice, clean car.  John McCaughey

I think John Mc is talking about the Statewide #3 that Osman won with in "73
@ Syracuse. You Have #73 which would be the Ferrioullo cars of Balough(not
sure but I think he did run  a similar Mulligan car #73 that year)
  Bob Scott

Red #76 Falcon"*" Gerald Chambelain, (Bullock owned) Flemington, mid 70's My favorite modified of all time no doubt is the Bullock 76 Falcon version, this was a true muscle modified, it looked as powerful on the rollback coming to the track as it did on the track. Jeff McClung
72R(cream colored with red numbers) Charlie Rudolph mid 80's

later run as the blue X15 at Bridgeport and in DE.

This car was one of the last modifieds to have the driver seat mounted off center towards the inside, the car was very low to the ground like a late model.  He won a lot of races with that car.  The sponsors on the car were Industrial Tire and Ground Round restaurants.

The car was sold to the Briggs family and raced at Bridgeport and down in Delaware as the X15. Jeff McClung

#33 Cadillac Seville Sammy Beavers 80's at Flemington The Jim Horton #33 Cadillac Seville from 1980 driven by Sammy Beavers. The car was a Buckley chassis care and the Seville body was offest to the left-hand side of the car. It also had a huge internal wing. It was lightening fast at Flemington during the 1980 season. The paint scheme was neat, too, with a cream overall color and gradually darkening red stripes on the bottom of the body. Brian Cloutrel
yellow #24 coupe"*" Ken Brenn Jr. 1972 Flemington and EWS    Robert Caramella
yellow  #24 Gremlin"*" Ken Brenn Jr. 1976 Flemington and EWS THE GRANT KING CAR - Robert Caramella
yellow #SK37 (not sure of body type...) Dave Klapinski Early 1980's at Flemington I think Dave was from Trenton and he ran the sportsman division. His car was wierd looking, it almost looked like a mini modified.    Mark Burd
deep blue #65c Rich Polenz (owned by Ray Cranstoun) Flemington/80's I remember when Flemington was running the "wierdifieds",  which was the nickname given to modifieds with really wild bodies.  Polenz ran a really cool looking modified called "the Little Deuce Coupe" It was the traditional deep blue color of Cranstouns' other cars, but the coupe body was really tricked out with a bunch of custom sheet metal. Probable not a favorite of the coupe "purists" out there, but it was a looker just the same. The fact that it was the only coupe out there running with the modifieds was neat as well. I only saw this car run one or two times with this body, but it was really sharp. Spilly
red #11 1967 Camaro Ray Hendricks Trenton, Langhorne, Martinsville (early 70's) Not many Camaro's looked good as modifieds however the Ray Hendricks - Tant-Mitchell Camaro was low and racey. Of course they always had great looking as well as great running cars. I first remember it at Langhorne before it closed and then saw it run at Trenton also. I know they also ran it at Martinsville as well. Part of the allure of course was the flame ball around the 11, Hot stuff!   Ed B
(see comment!) (see comment!) (see comment!) The Pacer. 'nuff said. Scott Pacich
R-12 Rambler (Elton Hildreth) Nazareth, early 70's Pat Ronco had a Rambler American on one of his lat 60's, early 70's R-12 modifieds. It was pretty big as I recall, and didn't really fit the mold of what we thought of as modifieds. I can remember Elton Hildreth as the driver for a bit at Nazareth and Nazareth National. Scott Pacich
F-111(Firebird?) John Paschal early 70's John Paschal was a salvage yard owner from Roxbury, NJ. In the early 1970's he brought out a modfied number F-111. The body was a Firebird I think, and it had a custom made, fully molded nose. Kind of like the old Indy Roadsters. It also had fenders behind the front wheels. It was big, it was heavy and it was pretty slow. It might have even had a Toronado driveline, which meant front wheel drive. Scott Pacich
K46 (white Valiant)"*" Kerry Schloeder, Al Tasnady, Mike Grbac East Windsor (early 70's) I think the Valiants ran by K-46 (Taz and Grbac) at East Windsor was a NJ favorite of mine but the best Valiant was the Krietz Valiant at Reading. Thay looked like a fighter coming out of the turns and I believe the rear wings on the side of the trunk gave them some extra down force. You could see the driver as they were very open and I remember Grbac in a late season race at Windsor really working the car as the track froze in the late afternoon. I believe Jack Johnson smoked all of them that day in one of his #12 coupes. Rsca web site has a great picture of the Krietz car but I don't believe I have seen any of the Schloeder Valiant.   John Shipley
# 36, Maroon, 1936 Pontiac coupe Ray Tilley, Diz Dean, Ralph Smithb  (owned by Pee Wee Pobletts) Langhorne, Lincoln (1965, 1966)   PeeWee Pobletts always had great looking cars as both a driver and owner. This coupe had a full body including grill. The lettering was outstanding along with the Indian head graphics. Plus it as powered by a 421 c.i. Pontiac engine.  Larry Jendras
'37 Plymouth - #707 and the #90"*" Al Tasnady (#707) & Sonny Hutchins (#90) Late 60's My favorite body style is the '37 Plymouth Coupe and there are really only two of them that immediately come to mind - - Paul Deasey's Big Donkey  of Junie Donleavy. They had Al Tasnady and Sonny Hutchins driving for them. - - Jim Brewer
Corvair Gary Reichert asphalt in the early 70's The other body style that nobody seems to have gotten to is the Corvair - - Gary Reichert drove the Turner Brothers car on asphalt in the early 70's with that style body. Jim Brewer
#307 silver Corvair"*" Charlie and Debbie Gunther mid 70's sportsman at Flemington I was waiting for somebody to bring up Ralph Nadar's favorite, the "Corvair", and Jim finally did above.  there were a few around, but the silver #307 was always a favorite. 3-Wide
#808, Black, 36 Chev. Coupe Les Farley. (and others) Ran Flemington, (and elsewhere) in the 60s It was a Black, 36 Chev. Coupe, with a complete Sprint Car nose, grill, & chrome nerf bars. Ran Flemington, (and elsewhere) in the 60s. Driver, Les Farley. (and others). When this car was new, It was gorgeous. It ran for several seasons. After Less, several others drove it, (Including Ed Farley? ) There's no photo of this car in the vault, so, If anyone has a pic. please send it in to the vault, Thanks, Jim Murrow
#16 37 white and yellow Ford sedan novice and the 37 chevy coupe sportsmen cars Dick Kirby Dick Owen   Starting with a 37 ford sedan novice that later became the sedan dirt car. The 37 chevy coupe sportsmen cars looked so much alike that you could not tell which one was at the track.   Greg
1960 Sunliner John Gouveia, Wally Dallanbach, Bill Wimbel then Jim Hoffman Daytona (1964) The 1960 Sunliner that John Gouveia drove at Daytona in 1964 that after that year was a 1960 Galaxy that Wally Dallanbach, Bill Wimbel then Jim Hoffman .  Greg
twin I beam 37 chevy coupe Jim Hoffman & Dick Kirby The twin I beam 37 chevy coupe modified coupe that Jim Hoffman drove in different forms from 1965 to 1971    Greg
68 Camaro Tom Green, Jim Hoffmann, Norm Janawitz The 68 Camaro that he ran from 72 to 76 that started out gold red silver that ended up red gold and white . greg   Greg

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