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Little Sayings or Cartoons From Some of Your Favorite Racecars!

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The #19 and #43 photos by John Lucas and provided by John McCaughey and the #39 provided by 3Wide and the #3X provided by Tom Berry.

After they made 'em fast, and they had a little paint left over...some teams made sure they had a little saying or cartoon or name for their car.  Here's some of the ones you guys and gals remembered.  Let's see if we can help each other out by coming up with the story behind the artwork. 

If you would like to add to the list, please provide the driver, car#, track, year and any other info you remember and we'll list them all out.  If you know the story behind the words or pictures, please be sure to share it with the rest of us by clicking below and emailing us:

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Here's a few examples below:

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Additional Info:  #100 driven by Walter Donald (Norm Kinsley) and painted by Walt Carre, photo by Walt Carre,  #6Jr picture taken at Alcyon, photo by Bob Sweeten,  #1/2 driven by Steve "Sylvester" Elias painted by Walt Carre, photo by Walt Carre,  and the Bulldog #1 driven by Vince Conrad at Alcyon with Mayor Bill Hill, photo by Bob Sweeten.  All mentioned provided by Ralph Richards except for "Oradell Belle" which was provided by Tom Berry.

We will add new info as to the top of the list as received, but be sure to check scroll down to see additions to the "STORY BEHIND IT..."

I.C.B.M. #85 driven by Jimmy Horton had I.C.B.M. on back of deck. "Intercontinental Ballistic Missile." Dave Miller
Gizmo S&H racings #85 driven by Jimmy Horton in the mid 80s at Flemington speedway (Note from 3Wide:  Might have been from the character "Gizmo" in the movie "Gremlins" that was out in the early 80's) Dave Miller
"ZOOM-ZOOM" Nick Marcigliano I recently bought a MAZDA Enduro Car that I run with N.E.E.T.S. at NES and Wall. It's #56 of course, purple and black with the phrase "ZOOM-ZOOM" which I lettered over the windscreen and across the trunk. Nick Marcigliano  02.11.12
Roamin' Chariot LVI Nick Marcigliano Roamin' Chariot LVI was my red '74 Camaro Street/Modern Stock we ran at Wall & NES. #56(LVI) modern & 22 (Double Deuce) street. It had 2 sets of removable door panels for the different numbers. Nick Marcigliano  09.06.11
"Purple Passion" Nick Marcigliano "Purple Passion" was the name of my 2nd Street Stock we ran at NES & Wall. It was a '70 Camaro painted light purple #Z/56. Snapple made a drink called Purple Passion that I would drink in the pits. When anyone asked what I was drinking, I told them it was CAM 2 racing gas because it was the same color. Nick Marcigliano  09.06.11
Li'l Egypt and "Flirtin' With Disaster" Nick Marcigliano #56 M&C Special - We ran the old paved 1/4 mi. New Egypt My '66 Fairlane Street stock was named Li'l Egypt (lettered on front of hood) and on the rear of the trunk we had "Flirtin' With Disaster". Nick Marcigliano  09.02.11
"Mr.Dirt" Mr.Dirt on the rear panel of Howie Cronce's #9 Gold numeral, black Falcon bodied car. Ran East Windsor and Flemington in the 70's   Brian Hauck    09.20.10
 "Hokemainia" written across the hood #88 Driven by Bob Hoke
The car was owned by Bob Hoke and was worked on by Bob Stolpinski and Bob Hoke.  Bob also work on his trucks the years of 87 88 89 part of 90 and was my friend when I started working at the garage.   
The car was in a bad accident and sat for a year.  It was an 86 Troyer.  I asked if I could work on it in my spare time he said no.  On my spare time I worked it I put all the bent parts on the floor between ply- wood and ran over them with one of his Macks   I put the parts back on the car and had the rear apart.

I got caught that night and he looked mad and said I guess we are going to Flemington. 

For three years we ran that old car until Nov 18 1989.  He got fifth
place that night when Chip Slocum, Jumping Jack Johnson, Hoke Hearne. The wrench and the shoe.

He always put that car in top ten. Thanks Bob for times.  I love it all.   Also thanks to Kevin, Ronnie and Tony Fiel.
Bob Stolpinski  07.16.10
"Mr. Dirt" "Mr.Dirt" on the raer taillight panel of Howie Cronce's #9 gold numeral, black body Ford Falcon that ran East Windsor and Flemington in the 70's ? Brian Hauck  02.26.10
"Our Bite is worse than our Bark" Tighe Scott's car hauler in the mid 70's   Jack Reinhard
"Ugh! Constipated.Can't pass a thing"  Tant & Mitchell 1966 with Ray Hendrick driving Ray Hendrick, Clayton Mitchell and Jack Tant towed their short track #11coupe to Islip from Trenton where they were running their big track car in the 200.  Started last in a 12 car 10 lap heat.won it!!  Started 18th. in a 25 lap feature. Finished 2nd.  Define irony.. Jack Reinhard
"What's New Pussycat" Piscopo # 39 "the polecat" driven by Al Tasnady   Rene & Cliff
"WHO KEHRS" Scott Kehr OCFS Pro Stock all time feature winner (Driver's Last Name) Eric Lindahl
"It aint no chariot but it will get ya to the ball" Eric Lindahl, OCFS (on the rear deck of my dirt pro stock) Eric Lindahl
"Whip The Bitch" On the dash board of Robbie Green 358 Mod at OCFS Eric Lindahl
"Hager the Horrible" Tom Hagers #43 From the funny papers cartoon Hager the Horrible. Barry Pursell
"Next Week's Winner" Sammy Rodgers #225 sportsman.   He ran at Nazareth and eventually he was ("Next Week's Winner!") Barry Pursell
"Mean Machine" #39 silver Mustang driven by Ronnie Dunston in the 70s. Barry Pursell
"Tuckahoe Tornado" Chic Cossaboones nickname in the late 70's early 80's Steven
Plow Boys Move Dirt! Roy Kunkel's #37 Small block 1984 @ Big Diamond Raceway. Greg Saeger
"Underdog cartoon character and the words Underdog" Larry Saeger's hobby car. He ran at Dorney Park in the early 70's Usually orange with # 34 on the door ? Greg Saeger
"Waldron's Flying Carpet" Pete Cordes' last 37 Chevy Coupe #68.  (primarily a Five Mile Point Speedway runner) The name came from the sponsor; Waldron's Carpet
Dale Welty
"Minny Mouse" Newlin V7 Minny Mouse driven by Dan Cox, Bob Newlin and possibly Gary Butler The Newlin V7 Minny Mouse car was named as to the size of the motor under the hood witch was a 327 ci bored out 60 0ver to make it a 338ci that ran well I might add. This was the smallest motor they ever ran in a car. You can find a pic of this car posted on the 80's section page 4. Its a black and white picture. Bruce Thomas
Wets go Wacin (Picture of Elmer Fudd) Nick Leach's #99 Champ Kart Todd Lewis
Drawing of the turtle waiting at the finish line waiting for the rabbit.  The words say on top of the drawing "Imagine That." Keith Kockers #1 sportsman at Nazareth. (you gotta finish to win... )??? Barry Pursell.
"$um Toy" Tom Benner #82 & 626 This was painted on the hood or over the front of the roof. He drove 358 Modified at Big Diamond, Grandview, & Penn National from 1991 thru 2003 off and on when the money was there. Managed to steal a feature at Big Diamond May 20th 1993. A Twin 20, Randy Bailey won the other one. Greg Saeger
"More T*ts in the Pits" On the trunk deck of Bob Eppihimer's 312 Gremlin At that time, the only woman in the pits was Terry Guest's mother and she was listed as the chief mechanic on her son's #11 modified.  Eppihimer wanted to see women not only as helper's but as fans.  He got his wish and the rest is they say "is history" Mike Feltenberger
BEST DAMN CREW IN TOWN ! Black Horse Racing Team #81 (many drivers including Osmun, Beavers, Stan Ploski, P. Fitzcharles, Elvin Felty, Billy Pauch, etc) I fondly remember my dad ( Paul Stolpinski) and the important role he played along side, uncle tony, johhny norcia, georgie schron, fingers radiator, bolander building the engines, and many others including and not forgotten for her wit and dedication Sophie norcia, the 81# black horse racing that even area auto racing news called the BEST DAMN CREW IN TOWN ! during the 70's and the early part of the 80's this was the car to beat showing up week after week at east windsor (hightstown) flemington, nazereth from time to time, running up in middletown, and the moody mile for a victory in 76, Paul
"Shoofly Power" Brightbill's #19, when Wixon's Bakery was his sponsor ? Mike in FLA
"Cheap Dirt Special" Earthworks car name in the late 80'ss early 90's driven by Bob Torecky and Steve Ay ? Steven
"Wild thing" Steve Ay's #966 Saying was painted on the hood of Steve Ay's #966 after he blew one motor and wrecked with 24 hrs. of each other at the Delaware State Fair in the late 80's Steven
"Cheap Dirt / Fast Grass Cossaboone's gonna kick ass" #7a driven by Chic Cossabone in the mid 80's at East Windsor & Bridgeport Unofficial team slogan for the Earthwork/Tuckahoe Turf Farm #7a Steven
"ITS NOT NICE TO HIT AN OLD GUY WITH GLASSES!!", "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", "Bill the Cat" from the comic strip BLOOM COUNTY, 'Da gangsta', 
"Stationary Object Ahead",  a  painted band aid on each dent and scrach on my car with the others cars' number and the date on it....By Oct it was more band aids than paint job!
Various cars raced by Bob Herbert who raced from the late 50's into 1980's in Maryland, Va, Pa, Del and NJ.
(late model in 1987, my old 1980's "Winged" late model # 7T, my old coach modified # 7T in the late 60's, on the rear of my 1951 Chevy hobby car in 1960.....(quite fitting really!)
various.... Bob Herbert
"Let it all hang out" Found on the back of Mike Grbac's coupe in 66 That was a song by the Hombres that was getting a lot of airplay at the time. George Perkins
"Desperado" Primered colored car driven by Mose Moore Back in late 50s and the early 60's, Mose Moore drove a primered car with no number just the word over the door "Desperado"at Reading, Sanatoga, Municipal Stadium, and Hatfield. He's still alive and looking like Willie Nelson up in Pottstown, PA. Dick Millar
"Path Finder" Written on the front roof of Tony Ruberti's #97 from Vineland NJ.  I remember this in the early to mid 70's car was driven by Sammy Beaver's, Al Tasnady and Tony's son Dave. (not sure) Wayne Weaver
"Twee Oh Too" in large script on the sides of the car with a little picture of Tweedy Bird next to it.  (Seems the track did not allow 3 digit numbers!) Eddie Jackowitz ran a six cylinder 302 cubic inch GMC powered 1932 Chevy 3 window coupe in Freeport's Modified Six Class in the early sixties.  (Yes, the top division was six cylinder.) The car was a nice metallic purple with white rolled and pleated upholstery for roll bar padding. (He had a friend in the upholstery business.)  The number of the car was appropriately "302". Instead of using numbers,  it was spelled out "Twee Oh Too" in large script on the sides of the car with a little picture of Tweedy Bird next to it. 
(Freeport had alot of super sharp little coupe creations built for that track that I'll never forget.   It was a very special place as the fifth of a mile track.   In my opinion, it was ruined when it was enlarged to a quarter mile track and the Nascar mods brought in. The rest is history as they say.)
George LeBlanc
"The Polish Pirateship"  Many of the famous yellow #303's that Freddy Dmuchowski has driven over the years at EWS, NES and Bridgeport. "The Polish Pirateship" Story :A homebuilt coupe From the early years of the 303 had two crossed polish flags on the hood.   The tradition carried over the years and got changed to a Polish and Pirate flag crossed,   Hence the name "The Polish Pirateship". John Romano Jr.
"THE ONLY THING MONEY CAN'T BUY IS POVERTY" On Leroy Amy's / Jerry Wildrick's cars This was the saying on Leroy Amy's last car when I bought it, and I thought it was a pretty cool line. so I made sure it was on all my cars since. 

I proved this one wrong, I got poor every saturday night!

Jerry Wildrick - Sussex, N.J.
Black hump-back Halloween-style cat on the 'C" pillar with the word "Spooker" over it Pete Hulbert of Binghamton, NY - Raced an orange Gremlin modified in the mid 70's at Five Mile Point,  Penn Can (track champ one year in early seventies) & Twin Valley Speedway in Chenango Forks, NY, which was only open for two seasons. (Does anyone remember Twin Valley's dusty Sunday afternoon shows?) ? Brian Moore, Oxford, NY
"Desperado" Dave Kelly's #17 and Pete Madsen's #82 (not sure other than it was a pretty cool Eagles song at the time!) Paul Madsen
"Just Passin' Thru" cartoon guy On the back of the #no55 of Big Ron Barnstat at Bridgeport (not sure, but was he called Mr. Boogety or something like that? - 3Wide) Todd Jenkins
"Stump Jumper" #909 driven by Bobby Santos and Jerry Dostie Called the Stump Jumper in honor of the competition (Kozella #15) with the woodchoppers leaving stumps. (See note below) Jim Brewer
"Woodchopper Special" Kozella #15 (driven by Ernie Gahan, Bugs  Stevens, Fred Desarro, and others) The Kozellas were in the lumber business Jim Brewer
"Super Dog"  (Snoopy on a surf board that was painted on the hood scoop) Richard "Toby" Tobias Jr. In the 80's, at Bridgeport Speedway,  Richard "Toby" Tobias Jr. gave new life to "Super Dog", which was made famous by his father in the 60's as mentioned below. Rob Sweeten
"No Guts No Bucks" was on the #10 gremlin. Ray Liss #10 Gremlin RACRRAY
"Brightbills Donkey Farm - WE HAUL ASS" Brightbill's #19 (70's) (They did... and still do!) 3Wide
Cartoon of a Pygmy holding a bone or a wrench I think... Jimmy Horton #43 (mid 70's) The "Pygmy" on the back of the Gremlin was the name that John Burnett gave a young Jim Horton (16 yrs old?) when he was running sportsman.  Jim had an afro hairstyle then, and was often covered with grease from always working on racecars.  3Wide
The "Polecat" with a painting of a skunk on the decklid.   Dave Piscopo's #39 driven by Al Tasnady Not sure, but I'm told that Al Tasnady actually drew the skunk (as shown above) that was used to paint the trunk.

(From Dave Piscopo): 3 wide is correct. Al Tasnady did name the car and did the drawing. Tom Backus painted the car and the polecat. Dave Piscopo
"427 Sometimes" Will Cagle #24 throughout 60's Doug D
"GO FIRST CLASS" Buzzie 00 Doug D,   Jim Brewer
"ORGASMATRON" 1980  air intake #112  Gary Balough Doug D
"bestis"... (caveman on one side of car ..peace loving hippie on other side giving two peace signs with halo) 1974 or 75...Gary Balough,Ferraiuolo Bros #73 Doug D
"The Little Devil" (#00 and always yellow with red numbers. These cars had a cartoon of a Devil holding a pitchfork) 58 - 67, Moe Harden (Williams Grove, Lincoln, Susquehanna, Hagerstown.  Jim Brewer
"The Little Hog" (cartoon of a pig) Pee Wee Poblett #46 (Williams Grove, Lincoln, and Susky.  Years were 1960-61) Jim Brewer
"The Big Donkey" Al Tasnady #707 (Reading, Flemington, Middletown, and Nazareth) (Paul Deasey told me a few months ago that at one point the #707 would run great and then awful, then great and then awful...   Al Tasnady said "This thing is like a big donkey!" because it does what it wants. 3Wide) Jim Brewer
Daffy Duck cartoon on his deck lid Jackie Hamilton #6 (Reading, Flemington, East Windsor, and Nazareth) Jim Brewer
"Road Hog" (cartoon of the butt of a pig looking over its shoulder sitting on the rear axle of a car with slicks for tires) Reds Kagle #5 '66 Chevelle (Hershey Stadium in 1968)

(An identically painted car #55 was driven by Jimmy Hahn at Hershey but it was a '55 Chevy)

Jim Brewer
"Super Dog" (Snoopy was behind the side window on the three window coupe) Also, had a picture of a dog flying that had a cape on like super man. Dick Tobias #17 (Reading in 1968-69) and occassionally EWS & Flem in the late 60's Jim Brewer 

Bob Hoffman

Always had a picture of a skunk with the name "Lil Stinker" on the trunk of his cars. It always had to painted by the same guy. Billy Desckovick Scott Pacich
"The Woodchopper Special" painted on the doors. Sonny Kozella owned Modifieds driven by (Bugs Stevens, Fred DeSarro) Scott Pacich
"Ole Bones" on the roof above the front window, plus a set of dice painted somewhere on the cars. Dave Kneisel Scott Pacich
"Ahh Dyno-mite!" on the back of the car. Craig McCaughey Came from the TV show Good Times. Scott Pacich
"Gene's Machine" Richie Evans in reference to long time sponsor   Gene DeWitt. Scott Pacich
"SO LONG DARLIN"  ACROSS THE TOP OF THE TRUNK #88 Coupe driven by RALPH SMITH in the mid to late 1950's Ralph Richards
"The Varmit" Clyde Suydam-#37v Tom Berry
"Union Maid" Bucky Barker- # 828 Bucky Barker was a member of the operating engineers Union 828, hence the # and "Union Maid" was a play on words instead of "Union Made".  Tom Berry Tom Berry
"Keep it Lit" Craig Macaughey- # 301 Tom Berry
The Polish Prince Stan Ploski- #278 Tom Berry
"The Hunkie Special" Joe Closak  #16 Tom Berry
"Sweet Sixteen" Herbie Tillman #16 Tom Berry
"Scottie Dog " #28 Tighe Scott Scotties Fashions Tom Berry
"Hemi Cuda" #69- Jim Shampine, Jean Guy Chartrand Tom Berry
Black and White Mouse- #3x Mousey Kempster drivers last name Tom Berry
Stump Jumper #11x- Dave Hollenbach (had dice painted on the decklid too!)-3Wide Tom Berry
Red Hart - #1 driven by Jack Hart 50's- 60's-Old Bridge, Wall drivers last name Tom Berry
Candy Cane Racers- #35a-35b-Wally Dallenbach, Richie Massing early 60's- Old Bridge, Vineland, Wall Tom Berry
Maul Missle- #111-Jackie McLauglin, Budd Olsen- late 50's, early 60's Tom Berry
"Belvidere Bandit" (Car also had "Yosemite Sam" painted on the nose piece)  #71e Carl VanHorn (Town Carl was from in NJ?) and the Tom Berry


"Yosemite Sam" painted on the nose piece of the "Belvidere Bandit" (see above entry) #71e Carl VanHorn Yosemite Sam was referring to the "Bandit" as he was known to take the money and run! Bob Hummer Sr.
Black Stallion #81 driven by Sam Beavers, Billy Osmun and others- Black Horse Racing, owned by( John Norcia Norcia's truck bed business is located on Black Horse Lane in North  Brunswick NJ (from R&M Scott) Tom Berry
Mushroom Special 6jr Ken Wismer Sr. Tom Berry
"It ain't easy being Green" Bobby Green #69 (A popular 70's saying from Kermit the frog from the Muppets) Tom Berry
"Baby Bonnie" Lorenz Alwine in a white #2 '34 Ford sedan "bug", (sat on the pole at Langhorne in 1961) & was run regularly at Williams Grove and Port Royal from 1961 until 1964 A lot of people thought the car was named for his wife or daughter, but the big Pontiac engine powering the car came from a Bonneville Jim Brewer
"Velvet Jet" Leroy Felty, #7, 1965-67 (sponsored by Hackenburg Chevy) & ran at illiams Grove, Selinsgrove, Susky, and occasionally Port Royal. Jim Brewer
"Pink Panther" (There was always a cartoon of the pink guy somewhere on the car) Kramer Williamson's #73 cars, ran at Williams Grove Larry Kline road with the Pink Panther for awhile too!  3Wide Jim Brewer
"Hemi Hummer"  #49 driven by Milt Miller at Williams Grove, Port Royal, Selinsgrove, Bedford, South Penn, Hershey Stadium, and Hagerstown in the late 60's The cars were always injected Chrysler Hemi powered Jim Brewer
"A Chicken with a a Cowboy Hat  Waving a Flag" Pauch's #L run what ya brung car It said," We fly at the chicken mans track" Tommy Kosch
Cartoon of Garfield hiding a bone behind his back Pauch in the DeBlasio #5 Tommy Kosch
" I saw it " with a light bulb on the car Peppy Fernandez Tommy Kosch
"GREEN STUFF" Joe Polliachek's #74 I think because he spent alot of it on his cars (and because his car was green) Tommy Kosch
"Cherokee" written over the windshield Diz Dean drove alight blue 36 Chevy coupe owned by Herb Vail #7 Tommy Kosch
A wild goose painted next to the number. #102 coupe & sedan of Charlie Mundy (Old Bridge, Wall, Langhorne - 1957 - 1962) Ed Duncan
"Flying Hunkie" Les Katona K3 Falcon Todd Lewis
"We Cheat Cuz We Need The Money" Tom Wills SS at EWS (on the rear spoiler) Todd Lewis
"The Kremlin Gremlin" Bill Dubovick's narrow-bodied Gremlin #XL-1 (70's - 80's) I believe Bill was referring to his nationality. Spilly
"Mellow Yellow" Bob "Flap" Pfister #31X yellow Gremlin (EWS/FLM) Spilly
"Sammy Beavers and the Black Horse Gang!" #81 Run Whatcha Brung "Cadillac Elite" (FLM/80's) Spilly
"Sod Buster" Gary Bouc's #32 I'm guessing that Gary and/or his family was in the farming business

(I think it might have just referred to the power plant and that it could easily tear up the turf!   Gary's still making them fast as he built the motor in Gary Butler's NES Championship winning car this year - 3Wide)

"No Stems, No Seeds, Quality Stuff" Craig McCaughey's # 301 1976? John Larsen
"Lookin' Good" (with a cane, a top hat, & a pair of gloves painted on the back deck) George Van Varick's # 17g Gremlin driven by Mike Grbac, Paul "Sandy" Rochelle in'76 John Larsen
"Keep the dew on the pumpkin" The Alfrey/Grbac  #47 driven by Mike Grbac & Stan Ploski in '74 John Larsen
"don't GET BENT!!!" Emmett Alfrey #47 driven by Mike Grbac in '75 (everywhere) John Larsen
"The Underdog" (painted on the back) Ronnie Guinther's # 33 at FLM/Reading in '74 John Larsen
"Hooked on a Feeling" (John Larsen's sportsman # 7L. 1984) John Larsen
"No Money - No Help - No Problem" # 177 driven by Mike Howardson at NES 2003 Rookies renumbered to #7L and driven (and
crashed) by me at Bridgeport!
John Larsen
"Saturday Night Special" written on it with a revolver drawn on it & a bullet dropping out of it Cass and O Neill 75c Racing team Sportsman driven by Richie Cass - EWS/Bridgeport late 70's early 80's Bob Hoffman
"Friday Night Fever" and a picture of a broken heart in 1/2 with a wrench under it! Cass and O Neill 75c Racing team Modified driven by Charlie O'Neill- EWS, Flem, Bridgeport, Penn Nat Bob Hoffman
Cartoon of "Fred Flintstone" and the words "yaba-daba-do" painted on the nose peace #R7 driven by Bob Hummer Jr, Brett Hearn, "Jumpin Jack Johnson", Stan Ploski, Newt Hartman, Jeff Hetzler, John Strupp, Dean Gulick, & Dave Blaney (Nascar) Fred Flintstone worked at the "Slate Gravel Pit!"  (The #R7's were sponsored 100% by Foul Rift Sand & Gravel) Bob Hummer Sr.
Painting of a "Bulleye"   on the back and had "please push" written on the back and the  car was named "The Pink Banana" #032 owned by Walt Davidison & Ronnie Vorhees - PINK Hudson Hornet run at EWS late 60's -    Additional info about the car:   The car was powered by an Oldsmobile V8 with an automatic transmission.  Walt and Ron had a lot of fun with that car, but it made a lot of guys mad that made the mistake of trying to push
that tank . 
Bob Hoffman
"The TNT-bird" Billy DeCoster's beautiful turquoise # 8 modified at Alcyon in the late 50s Jim Murrow
"MORTIFIED" (instead of Modified) painted on the hood Sonny Dornberger's modifieds in the mid 50s The #999 was owned by a guy named cramer.  I believe he was from Liberty Corners NJ.    Dornberger prepped the cars.  The #999 also had MORTIFIED written on the hood.  Ricky Rutt Jim Murrow
"The Old Gray Fox" yellow # 2A of Gray haired Jimmy Metzler at Flemington in the late 50s The car had a real stuffed gray Fox on the roof! Jim Murrow
"Wells Fargo" #23 Pete Kantorsky - 1934 Ford coach, 1962- Lincoln, Dorsey, Mason-Dixon The size of the body compared to the Central PA. bugs may have been the reason for the name Larry Jendras Jr
"Love is just a bed full of sweat" #61 Richie Evans - Pinto - 1974 - Beltsville Speedway (MD) Larry Jendras
"The Flying Dutchman" #999 driven by Otto Harwi, owned by Sonny Dornberger Tom Bilger
"Galloping Grey Ghost " #28 sedan driven by Sammy Beavers way back at Nazareth speedway John Hanna
"10-Cents Car" This car had a picture of a Dime with the cent sign next to it and was   known as the "Juke Box Special" This white & copper colored coupe was driven by Mousey Kempster in 1961 at Old Bridge & was from Long Island, N.Y    Ed Duncan
A rabbit leaning against a signpost Red Coffin #22,1976-78 Flemington The sign pointed to Lyons Station, Pa. in one direction (where Red lived)  Flemington, N.J. in other direction Rick Shive
A butler holding a drink on a tray.  Underneath picture it said "The Butler did it" Clay Butler #4, Ollie Butler Jr. #5 Later, when Gary Butler #68 started racing, it became "Which Butler did it?" Rick Shive
Oodie Fred Hahn Jr. /Carmen Scarpati, Spts #2D Something about my father being wild behind the wheel. Fred Hahn
A picture of a "Squirrel" Fred Hahn Jr. /Carmen Scarpati, Spts #2D An AARN writer called my father a "squirrel" in his article so my father painted one on the car with "The Squirrel" by it. Fred Hahn
Budweiser Penguin Fred Hahn III, Spts #2 Crew Chief drank a lot... After some say I must have stole my 1st win, we had the penguin put on the hood scoop stealing a checkered flag with "Doobie, Doobie Doo" under him Fred Hahn
"You Can't Get There From Here" on the back panel of Billy Walker's modified , ran Wall NES and Evergreen Billy Walker
"Screaming Yellow Zonker" Before Ken Johnson drove the "64" at Flemington, it was yellow and driven by Ebby Ridge Walter Onora
"THE MUD Duck" Don't remember the drivers name but it was on the hood of a brown #12 The driver of the # 12 Mud Duck was a guy by the name of Pierre Dumond - John Larsen and John McCaughey Bob Caramella
Fist holding onto a bolt of lightning saying "HOLD ON" painted on the top of the quarter
panel behind the window area
"Wildchild" Joe Hall's 06 car (Flemington, EWS mid 70's) Joe always made a fist and hung it out the window on the parade lap before each race Bob Hummer Sr.  Nick Leach
"Als Mercedes" Johnny Leach (late 70's) Nick Leach
"Flip Flop and Fly" Johnny Leach (early 80s) Nick Leach
"Nanners Hotrod" Johnny Leach (late 90s) Nick Leach
"Time Marches On" Johnny Leach (early 2000) Nick Leach
"Fueled by Anger" (written inside car) Doug Hoffman in 2001 (owned by Leach Motorsports) Nick Leach
"Whatever it Takes" (written inside car) Jimmy Horton (owned by Leach Motorsports) early 2002?) Nick Leach
"The Space Machine" Wayne Young (Kane & Bates #51 Metropolitan) Jim Young
GUY WHO LOOKED LIKE "YOSEMITE SAM HOLDING A CAT UP BY ITS TAIL" SON DAVE MICHELS RACERS #60 See, I told you... this cat thing must run in the family!.... 3Wide Doug M
"Mud Buggy" # 11A driven by John Koedatich at Flemington and Nazareth. John Larsen
"Ole Blue" Found on Lenny Boehler's asphalt modifieds driven by many Scott Pacich
"Oradell Belle" #407 modified 1948 driven to feature wins by Tex Enright, Pappy Hough, Lenny Brown and others. We lived in North Jersey and my Dad's shop was in a town called  Oradell Tom Berry
"Easy Money"
Metal Mistress Written on the spoiler of the Burket 27kc in the late 80's and early 90's (named by Pat Burket - Bob's wife) Todd L
Sour Mash Express Seen on some of Wayne Hullfish's  race cars at East Windsor Speedway Todd L
Woodstock (little bird character from the 70's) Ken Brenn's cars Bob Caramella
ballistic missile Jimmy Horton's winning syracuse car 1994. (Wish I had a picture - it's cool..) Bob Caramella
"Orange Crate" George Ammerman's Orange #39 sedan had  written on it. Can't forget about Eddie Mumford's "Orange Krate" 3Wide
Picture of the Roadrunner cartoon on the 1/4 panel with the saying ...."Beep Beep       your Ass" Ferrioullo #73 Gremlin driven by Gary Balough (Mullign frame) Bob Scott

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