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Gary Hepner  06/12/08

I have been a regular at Grandview since 1969. Saw some great racing there in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. The Sunday night midget shows in the 70's, the All Star Outlaw Midgets and URC shows of the 80's were all great. I remember in the 80's going to Nazareth National on a Sunday afternoon than going to Grandview Sunday night to catch the midgets with URC, what a day of racing that was!

The modifieds, than known as sportsman, had some great looking cars such as Mike Erb's yellow #44, Mike Geiser's orange 27X, Altemose's orange cars were always sharp looking too. The late models or hobbie stocks were fun to watch, Dave Posavec's #69 Nova, Harry Fletcher's #57 Malibu, etc. They were all cool looking cars.

Gary Hepner  Schuylkill Haven, Pa.

Barry Miller     04/24/07

Thank you for adding a Grandview memories page to the site. I was on it today and I was surprised to see some pictures on it. I had not been on your site in a few days and I must have overlooked them before.

My grandfather was good friends with Forrest Rogers and he took me to Grandview as soon as the track opened in '63. I have a few memories from that day, I was only 4 years old at the time. I saw a lot of good races there over the years and I did not miss too many shows there until we moved to the Reading area in '73. I can help you out with some of your unknown pictures.

The green number 1 Corvair is Harry Johnston and that is one of my all time favorite Grandview cars. That car was fast and he was always up front, although he never won a feature. In fact I am in that picture. If you enlarge the picture and look towards the rear of the car you will see a young boy in a brown shirt with glasses, that is me. Judging from the picture it is probably '70 or '71 because they still had guardrails for fencing. In '72 they went to boilerplate.

I loved that Nader's Nightmare car but Harry got hurt bad racing at another speedway and he never raced again, I think this was the only year he raced. The car was sold to Dennis Thomas and it became a red number 18 but I will always remember it as this car.

The 33 coupe is Buck Williams, he use to race flatheads at Reading and I went to high school with his son. The 25 coach is Carl Busher. He was a middle of the pack runner but occasionally he would run up front. One night Dave Kelly's car broke in the heat and he got in the 25 and had it up front in the feature.

I look forward to seeing more Grandview pictures in the future. I have someone who is making me a CD of some old Grandview photos and I cannot wait to get it. Bye for now, keep those great old pictures coming.
Your Friend in Morocco,  Barry Miller

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