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Dick Cozze Passes

10/12/14:  Sad news has reached us that car owner Dick Cozze has passed.  Mr. Cozze owned some of the most successful modifieds throughout the 60's & 70's with drivers Al Tasnady, Stan Ploski, Budd Olsen, Bobby Pickell and others.  Mr. Cozze also owned the Chevy Impala that was driven in the Daytona 500 in the late 60's by Bobby Pickell.  

The Cozze Coupe and Cozze Coach (1970/71) at Flemington Speedway - Bill Young photo.  We remember Al Tasnady driving both the coupe and the coach and remember Stan Ploski behind the wheel of the #44 coupe.  Bobby Pickell also drove the coach in 1971. (Bill Young photo.)

Bob Pickell with the Cozze Bros #80 at Daytona in 1967 (photographer unknown) and Bob Pickell with car owner Dick Cozze in victory lane with photographer Ken Golden at Nazareth in 1974 (Bob Snyder photo).

Dick Cozze with driver Bob Pickell (mid 70's - photographer unknown).

The #44's would continue into the mid to late 70's with Dick's sons Rick and Frank getting behind the wheel, both with the familiar #44.

Rick Cozze in possibly his rookie season (1972?) with the Cozze Coach and Frank Cozze in his rookie season in 1974 at Flemington. (Left photo by Hank Winecker - right photo by Bill Young, provided by Kevin Budden.)

Dick Cozze joins son Rick in victory lane (SS Sprints) in this Sept 2010 New Egypt photo, and joins son Frank (right photo) in this Aug 2011 victory lane photo (Modified.)  - Photos by 3Wide.

Dick Cozze shares a winning moment with son Frank in victory lane after winning the 2008 Syracuse 200. (Bob Yurko Photo)

Dick Cozze in victory lane with his grandson Frankie Jr at New Egypt in May 2009.  - Photos by 3Wide.

Our condolences to the fine Cozze racing family on the passing of Mr. Cozze.
 He will never be far away from victory lane....
For service information, and for more information on the life of Mr. Cozze, please click on the link below: 

Modified/Sprint Racer and Winner Paul "Sandy" Rochelle Passes

09/20/14:  We are very sad to hear of the passing of Paul "Sandy" Rochelle.  Paul, driving the red #37 coupe at Nazareth (left), the Kozimore #37J (center left) at Flemington, the light blue #CL22 (center right, also at Flemington) or the #18 Sprinter (right) was always a driver that both my father and I rooted for in the mid 70's.  If Paul won, we were both happy, as were the many, many other Paul Rochelle fans.  After winning in the modified ranks, Paul would later go on to great success driving in the URC Sprint Series where he was a multi-time champion.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Paul Rochelle.

Racer Wayne Young Passes

9/3/14:  We have received the sad news that racer Wayne Young has passed away.  Visitors of our site are sure to remember the interesting cars that Wayne campaigned in the 60's & 70's at many of the area speedways.  Our condolences go out to Wayne's brother racing photographer Jim Young, as well as to the entire Young family, and friends of Wayne Young.
Additional Information:

70's - 80's Wall Stadium Racer Rick Sendzik Passes

9/1/14:  Sad news has reached us of the passing or 70's & 80's Wall Stadium racer Rick Sendzik.  Rick (shown above in the 1977 photo) raced the #66 and the #6 cars, and will be remembered as a very popular competitor, and a friend to many in the racing community.  Our condolences go out to the Family and friends of Rick Sendzik.
Additional Information:

Racer Gary Kolenz Passes

08.24.14:  Sad news has reached us on the passing of 70's Flemington racer Gary Kolenz.  Many will remember Gary behind the wheel of his red #19 sedan, as well as his behind the scenes efforts working on many other cars over the years. 
Our condolences on the passing of Gary Kolenz.

Paul Kuhl Passes

Ace Lane Jr. Photo - Ace Lane Jr. provided.

7/22/14 - We have received word that Paul Kuhl has passed away.  

When I think of the magical days and nights that we all spent at Flemington, it usually begins with Bill Singer's voice welcoming us to "Flemington Fair Speedway - Modified Country USA" followed by Paul pulling the Challenger onto the speedway, to take his lap around the speedway with the American Flag waving in the breeze... while the National Anthem played over the PA.

I know that I find myself often wishing that I could go back to the show, even if was just for one more time...  I am grateful for what will always be known as the Paul Kuhl era at Flemington and the lifetime of memories that were created under Paul's watch.

I hope Bill is up in the crow's nest looking out over an infield full of racecars and "racestars..." and I hope Paul is pulling the Challenger out onto the frontstretch to take that lap.

Bill Young Photo (Y&B Photo) - Herb Hoskins Collection

My condolences go out to the Kuhl Family on the passing of Paul Kuhl.

Joe Macfarlan and Family

Service information below:

Flemington & EWS Racer Ed O'Neal Passes

(L) Ed heads out for action in the Vintage Division at New Egypt Speedway in this 2009 photo - 3Wide Photo.  (R) Ed in sportsman action at Flemington in 1981 - Jack Kromer photo.

Ed was a strong runner in the very tough Sportsman Division at Flemington and East Windsor Speedway in his self owned #63e racers and for the past few years could always be found behind the wheel of his blue vintage racer (bottom photo).  Ed always found a way to make sure there was fun in everything he did and he and his spirit will be missed by the racing community. 

Our condolences go out to the friends and family of Ed O'Neal.

For service information, please click the link:

Wall Stadium Champ Joe Severage Passes

Joe Severage in victory lane at the Wall Stadium in this 1970's image provided by the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (photographer unknown)
Word has reached us from the folks from the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club that racer and champion, Joe Severage has passed away.  A gentleman racer who seemed to always find a way to be near the front, as the checkered flag was in sight.

With the checkered flag in hand, Joe won the the Modified Track Championship at Wall back in 1975 driving the West Park Auto Wreckers #7. 
We are saddened by the passing of Joe Severage and extend our condolences to the many friends and to the Severage Family.

Long Time Flemington Favorite Joe Coverdale Passes

Joe Coverdale in victory lane at the Flemington Fair Speedway - Ace Lane Jr Photo
Sad news has reached us of the passing of sportsman and modified racer Joe Coverdale.  We'll always remember Joe rolling out onto the frontstretch at Flemington Speedway in his familiar #J9 racers, and hearing Bill Singer announcing to all, "Ad Man - Joe Coverdale in the #J9."  Joe was a feature event winner in the very tough sportsman division in the mid 80's and then became a steady runner in the modified division.  Joe's cars were always some of the best looking racers, and what I remember most, is that everybody was a Joe Coverdale fan.

Our condolences go out to the friends and family of Joe Coverdale.

Racing Great Gary Bettenhausen Passes

Photo By:  Bob Yurko - Provided by Bob Yurko.
Growing up in the 60's & 70's there were only a handful of names that instantly commanded respect in the racing world and one of those is "Bettenhausen."  Sad news has reached us of the passing of legendary racer Gary Bettenhausen who I was fortunate to see race at Trenton, Langhorne and Indianapolis.  Gary was a top runner in open wheel on dirt and on asphalt.  The triumph and tragedy that this great racing family endured is one that needs to always be remembered and respected.  It's a sad day for sprint car and Indy car fans around the country.

I am grateful for having seen Gary race, and for the many memories I'll always have of my father and I rooting for Gary to make his way to the front.  We watched as we thought Gary would win the Indy 500 in 1972 after leading most of the race only to be sidelined late in the going with a mechanical issue.  All who saw him race will always remember the excitement that Gary Bettenhausen provided behind the wheel...

Rest in Peace Gary Bettenhausen.

Race Driver/Car Owner Dale Clickner Passes

Modified car owner Dale Clickner stands next to his #32A in this mid 70's at East Windsor Speedway. (Bob Scott photo)

Wiesemeyer behind the wheel of the Clickner's #32A (left) and Bob Ayres in action at Flemington (1976) Ace Lane Sr photo - Russ Dodge provided (L) & Wayne Bechtel photo - Frank Miller provided (R).

We've received word that 1950's, 60's & 70's Modified car owner Dale Clickner has passed away.  Dale was originally from the Edison NJ area and had recently moved to Maryland.  A driver in the early years, Dale would continue on in the sport with drivers Bob Wiesemeyer, Paul Ielmini, Dom Buffalino, Bob Ayres and others piloted the #32A race cars at East Windsor, Flemington and other area speedways.

Our condolences go out to the friends and family of Dale Clickner, and we'll always remember the #32A.!/Obituary

Richie Cass
Richie Cass in victory lane at New Egypt Speedway in this May 24th, 2008 photo.

e received word that racer, winner, and true racing "personality" Richie Cass has passed away.  

Richie did his talking both on and off the track...  On the track he was a winner, winning in anything he drove including many top runs at East Windsor Speedway where the "Richie Cass Hauls Ass" slogan was often seen and heard from his tons of fans after witnessing another dominating performance by Richie.  Off the track, Richie was always a showman... always where the action and attention was.  His bright red, white and blue stars and stripes uniform was just a clue of Richie's always on the go, always up to something... "always making folks laugh" personality.

We are saddened by the loss of Richie, but we take comfort in knowing that the stories and the memories created by Richie will never be forgotten.

Viewing for friends and family will be held at Peppler Funeral Home, 114 S. Main St., Allentown on Wednesday, January 22nd from 1 - 3 and 5 8 pm followed by a Service at 8pm where friends and family are welcome to share their fond memories of Richie.  A military burial will be held at BG William C. Doyle Veterans Cemetery in Wrightstown, NJ on Friday January 24, 2014.
For more information, and/or to confirm hours of viewing, call the Peppler Funeral Home at:
(609) 259-7391

Winners of the 2014 Flemington Speedway Historical Society "TAS Awards"

Left to Right:  Ace Lane Jr. accepting for his father photographer Ace Lane Sr., modified driver Stan Ploski, long time Flemington Staff Member Wendy Kennedy accepting for announcer Bill Singer, car owner Ken Brenn Sr., and modified driver Sammy Beavers.   (Dave Pratt image/dsp photoz)

Nominees for the Flemington Speedway's Most Influential Persons Award (also known as the TAS Award named in honor of the late Al Tasnady) were determined through a nomination process.  Winners are then determined through ballots cast by current members of the Flemington Speedway Historical Society (FSHS).  Past winners include Al Tasnady, Paul Kuhl and Billy Pauch.

Congratulations to all of this year's winners and their families!

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