Allentown Fairgrounds Photos
From photographer Joe Simpkins
Provided by Bobby Pickell Jr.

Here's a few great photos that capture some of the excitement of attending an auto race at the Allentown Fairgrounds in the early 60's.  From what I'm told, all of the photos below are from 1962.

Take your seat under the roof of the main grandstand and enjoy the show...

Click on the each thumbnail below to see the full size photo, along with the "Vault Vitals" and Visitor's Comments" on each.

Joe Simpkins photographs, 1962 Allentown Fairgrounds.


Bob Malzahn, Herby Tillman, Les Farley, others

Jackie McLaughlin #2, others

John Kumernitsky

Herby Tillman & Freddy Adam

Tex give'em the green

Into turn one...

Frontstretch at Allentown

George Sleight, Frankie Schneider, Tommy Sheetz, Herbie Tillman, Jackie McLaughlin,

Harry Charles

Les Farley & Sammy Beavers?

Al Tasnady

Bob Malzahn & Elton Hildreth

Harold's Garage #1

1st Turn Crash

1st Turn Crash (2)

Line'em up

Tommie Elliott & Billy Cramer

Jackie McLaughlin

Thank you to photographer Joe Simpkins for capturing these great images, and thanks to Joe, and Bobby Pickell Jr. for sharing them with us here!

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