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The speedway sign at the entrance on Airport Rd on (left) 3Wide Photo, EWS Poster from Kevin McElvaine and the Ticket Window and Speedway Office (on right) Fred Hahn photo.

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View from the turn 4 stands...
1995 East Windsor Video
From A Stan Fan (MHM Video)!

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Check out these great video clips from Jeff Christenson
East Windsor Speedway - October 4th, 1991:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
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A Rainy Saturday...

A few photos from a visit to East Windsor - Dec, 2009
East Windsor Speedway Diorama - 1970
From Alan Sakowsky & Stew Stratton

Take a trip back to 1970... and walk the pit road before the races... 
walk the pits prior to the action... and then check out the full field of modifieds as they get ready to take the green on just another Friday Night at East Windsor Speedway.
A Visit.
From Alan Moore

Alan Moore took one last visit to East Windsor Speedway for all of us
(Click on the Starter's Stand for Alan's story and photos from his 12/31/07 visit to EWS)
Abandoned Track
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Abandoned Track Photos from Early 2006
Houses To Be Built

"Houses To Be Built Story"
(from 11/3/05)
"New Jersey's Newest Auto Racing Speedway!"
As found in Illustrated Speedway News - 10/27/64

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"Largest Field Ever/Stands Filled" for June 13th 1965 Opener!
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        Ed Lang    02.18.21

           I started my racing here in a old Johnny Harroll coupe wrecked it a lot built a new gremlin won a race in it tried modified for a while then moved south

            #25 Eddie Lang

Moe Blotz    05.22.18

The first summer East Windsor was operating, my brother, his high school buddy, and I were present for the first Independence Day racing weekend. Don Jones had hired a sky diver to jump from an aircraft carrying a bag of fireworks that he would ignite on his way to landing in the infield. Was Bill Singer handling PA then? The announcer turned the mic over to a gentleman who was with the planned entertainment and was monitoring the position of the aircraft carrying the skydiver. The pilot had reported his position to his contact in the PA booth and the guest announcer relayed to the crowd that the aircraft was over the track, "I can see him somewhere over  there". Wherever he was pointing, none of us could see. As the skydiver jumped and pulled the igniter cord in the fireworks bag, nobody in the bleachers had any idea where to look for him. We never saw any fireworks and the skydiver never landed in the infield, but wound up in the field behind the concession stand. 

Bob Pickell turned up at the track driving a red coach for someone, I do not recall who. During warmups, while everyone else was packing down the groove down low, Bob put his tail end up near the outer guard rail and splattered mud onto the fence. When Bob's heat race came up, his starting position was in the rear and some of us knew what to expect. When the green flag flew, Bob hung his tail end out and passed half the field using the high groove while the rest of them were fighting over space on the inside. Ptooo, damn could he drive.

Horace Drake    11.22.16

In 1966 Don Jones ask me to dress as a women and run in the powder puff  so me being half crazy said OK .   Well, the car I had to run was not my regular ride and Annamae Pouch almost beat me.  Then she pulled my helmet off and said that she knew it was me.   What a fun time.  I give Billy Jr. a picture of that incident. 
Horace Drake

Roger L. Grubb     11.09.15

I remember attending stock car racing at EWS with my buddies back in the 60's. I can remember stopping by a fish market down toward Hightstown on Friday evenings, picking up a cooked fish plate to go, and then heading out to the speedway. My favorite driver was Bob Pickell out of Flemington. I remember the 72 Pee Wee and several of the other drivers, but Bob was my man back then. I also remember the "Indian" Flagman, who I thought was so cool.

I actually worked for Don Jones and some of his associates at the speedway for sometime, it was kind of fun to work there and attend the races. The Jones (y) became familiar with my ability to ride my bicycle doing "wheelies" back then (when I was a kid) and I can remember being contacted years later (when I had my drivers license) by them to come to the track and perform doing wheelies at a race event. I had hung up my bicycle riding years earlier, so I declined the offer. 

I moved away from Jersey after I got out of the service, but I have many fond memories of going to EWS on Friday's and also going to other speedways in PA, NJ and NY with my Dad.

Thanks so much for the memories, Roger L. Grubb, Alabama and now Pensacola, FL.

Steve Makocy     10.10.14

I started racing are Middletown and Nazareth in the mid 80s I went to east Windsor and went from being a fast driver to learning to be a fast racer.  Don't know if any one realizes how hard is to beat Doug Billy, Jimmy, Newt and more on the same night.   I have over 50 2nds and 3rds in 4 years and am more proud of that than winning Syracuse.  It was the best time on my career.   Steve Makocy

Fred  07.27.14

I grew up going to EWS. I also went to other tracks back in the 70's but EWS was the best. I can remember the night Pee Wee took his race car and drove it out of the pits and onto the road. EW cops had a lot to say about that one. The best thing I remember was the 777 winning like crazy and the next year the rules were changed because of him.

Lee Taylor    02/13/12

  • I remember being right behind Mike Lyons when he went out of the first turn and into the parking lot. He ran over a wheel and disappeared. I also remember starting a heat race behind Brett Hearn and he didn't make 1 lap and was upside down.  I remember thinking, "Welcome to Windsor Brett."

Craig Bastian  04/03/09

  • I lived on N. Main St in Hightstown from 68-78, you could hear the cars and the announcer from our house. I went with my dad when I was young, then with my friends as a teen. Worked fro Dusty Malsbury for a while, he had old pictures in the garage of his racing days. We got caught sitting in the trees by turn three once, cops made our parents come get us, great memories, sad to see it's gone now.

Mike   02/29/08

  • I grew up around East Windsor Speedway with my brother Bryan.  We would sit with my uncle at the front gate, checking coolers for bottles or with my other uncle at the ticket window. My father worked at EWS every Friday night and drove the Water Truck and Load Lugger. I remember my father letting me steer the truck around the race track while he was watering it before the race and then venturing over to the concession stand, where my Aunt was working, and snack on a hamburger and a Mountain Dew.  EWS has always been part of my families life and the friendships that were made will never be forgotten. Don Jones gave my father and uncles the opportunity to work for him and we shall always be thankful. In Loving Memory of Uncle Righty. Thank you EWS!

Ryan    08/27/07

  • I'm Ryan- I'm 14,  I used to go to East Windsor Speedway every Friday with my grandma, aunt, and Cousin Jess who posted earlier.   I used to sit in turn 1 with my friend Zach Tilghman back then we were like 8 and we had this little race track that is still there to this day.  I went back and took a whole bunch of pictures of the speedway, and it made me realize how good it was back then.   I go to NES but and Bridgeport but nothing can top Windsor.   I usually got to walk around the track every night after the races with my grandpop Jack Simmons, and steal all the car parts and mud plugs thats had fell off cars.  It truly is sad to see what has happened to Windsor knowing that it was part of my childhood and will always be.

Kenneth Hoffman   07/30/07

  • My family (the Hoffman's) grew up around East Windsor Speedway. Seeing the track closed hurts. I Definitely miss the sound of the cars on a Friday night and being with friends in turn 4. Kids these days only know of going to the movies, mall, and things like that. Thankfully myself and family including my two brothers grew up around the speedway. Thanks to my father who was on multiple race teams at EWS (Bob Hoffman), Hunting Fishing and the races have been passed down to us. East Windsor may be gone but not forgotten.

Jessica Greczyn    07/20/07

  • I'm Jessica Greczyn and my grandfather was Jack Simmons, the Promoter for EWS.  I was raised in a dirt track family who included my father, Steve Greczyn, and my uncle, John Simmons, and of course my grandfather, Jack Simmons.   From the point where I could go I was going to EWS every Friday night.  I met some of the most amazing people in the world.  I have not been there since my grandfather passed away, and personally I feel that if he was here with us today this would not be happening to that track. The track was his life as it was our families. My favorite memories of EWS was always the July 4th fireworks. My grandfather would always come out and sit in the grand stands with my family and I and watch them which made them very special to me.  I tried to pull in today but I could not do it, it is too emotional to go there and see what they have done (aka wrecked it) and to think of what my grandfather would have thought.  I am hoping to go there within the next week and get some clay off of the track and distribute it to my family. As much as NES is a wonderful track, I believe many will agree with me, its not the same. EWS started a revolution and although we all knew this day would come, it seemed to come too soon.

JM    03/11/07

  • I remember the track when there were nights of 150 cars in the pits. I guess my favorite memory was of the Fall Daniel Classic 100 lap race they used to run. For me it was Windsor on Friday, Flemington on Saturday and Nazareth on Sunday. Those were the days. At the time I don't think any of us realized how lucky we were to have so many great tracks and drivers. East Windsor will never be forgotten. I saw some of the best racing there...JM

Chris Bennett       03/11/07

  • I would have to say in my era, the best part of east Windsor would be watching Billy Pauch up against the boards. He was so incredible at that track it would take your breath away. Many drivers past through the pit gates there but Billy the kid left an impression on many.

Sarah S.       03/07/07 (Mercerville NJ)

  • My cousin and I just turned 17 and are disgusted to see what has happened to East Windsor speedway.  We pretty much grew up at that track.  Every Friday we would go with our parents and meet up with other family members to watch our Uncle's modified run.  In our eyes that was what life was.  But never forget the cheese fries that were still good with a little track dirt on the side!  School for five days ending with a race Friday night.  Yes, we go to New Egypt Speedway now but it is nothing like the time we spent at East Windsor.  In our opinion those houses have no right to be there because the track was there years before they were, but opinions won't help in this matter. I guess everyone will only have their memories of the track and new ones to come from other tracks.

John Reuter    02/02/06

  • 1) watching a great Len Sammons memorial with Brightbill, Horton, and Hoffman swapping position on every lap.
  • 2) The Syracuse qualifiers in the70's with Cagle,Buzzie,Jack Johnson.
  • 3)The first time going there and seeing Ploski,Havens,Schnieder,PeeWee,etc.
  • 4) Going to the first All Star Sprint Car show there,only 17 cars but the track was blistering fast and I watched Rahmer and Kaufmen go into the first turn side by side flat out without lifting.
  • 5)  Stan in the 24,Osmun in the 81,Sammy in the 43,then Balough came from nowhere and smoked
  • 6) PeeWee always causing controversy.
  • 7) Jan Opperman showing up in the Deasey 707, meeting Him,and thinking He was as larger then life just with the way He talked to You.
  • 8) Jan coming to a super sprint race in the 70's and not racing cause He was being harassed by the State Police.
  • 9) Thinking Don Jones was racings best friend and worst enemy in the same person.
  • 10) Some big guy running down and disrupting victory lane pictures while Les Katona was holding the flag.

Steven    01/04/06

  • I have many fond memories of the "bull ring"...the weekly Friday night trek up the GSP to 539...the wood monster sucking cars in...Chic flipping the 77h down the front stretch... rebirth of the 7a...Hoffman fans fighting with the Pauch fans...Horton fans saying he's the best ever...everyone hating Johnny Leach fans...everyone loving Darryl...Horton and Gizmo, well what can I say about that....victories...the competition between Pauch and Cossaboone to see who could rim ride the highest... a hair dresser driving a Small Block Modified...no weight limit...twin twenties...Horton starting mid pack going to the front, then having a flat and going to rear and winning...paid heat races...$2k to win...Don Jones well being Don Jones. I was only there for the 86' 87' and 88' seasons.

Bob Hoffman    12/31/05

  • Working on the fire jeep and surveying the the wreck when Jimmy Horton hit the Jeep on the last lap of the feature.
  • The great race of Dave Hollenbaugh and Billy Osmon lap after lap side by side during the feature. Billy coming over after the race and shaking Daves hand and saying how much he enjoyed the race with both of them running each other clean. Bob Hoffman

MVCGVC74     12/23/05

  • Freddy D in the #303 - I think the longest racing time between East Windsor and NES. The first racer he ran was numbered 303.  It was the cubic in of the motor, (Oldsmobile). Was a track champ I think two years.  Lots of good racing at the track. Too bad that we must plant new houses.

Bob Hoffman    12/22/05

  • Yes, there was a junk yard right where you ember.
  • Ridding my bike down to the pit entrance and talking to Don Jones brother who was at the gate by the road.
  • Dons brother taking me in to see my first stock car race and buying food and drinks for a very happy kid. taking over the pit gate entrance for Don's brother.
  • Working the food stand for several years.
  • Working on Several race teams.
  • Being in the pits and helping my gym coach and one other crew member keep away every one away from Peewee Griffin's hauler after Pee Wee and Joe Kelly had problems on the track.

Kevin Mc    12/20/05

  • My two heroes Pee Wee and Tex in the early 70s. No last names are needed.
  • Ploski in the yellow #24. My first villain.
  • Does anyone recall at one time there being a junkyard in the parking lot of EWS in the corner nearest to Rt 33?
  • watching the racers towing past my house on Old York Rd on Fridays and bugging dad to get moving cuz the races were gonna start soon.
  • Sitting in Don Stives modified when I was maybe 7 or 8 in the pits after the races one night
  • Standing by the gate behind the flagstand at the end of the night and trying to be the first one on the track to get to the pits.
  • Walking there when I was older and couldnt find a ride from someone.
  • Hating Jimmy Horton in the red #3 cuz he won every week in the late 70s.
  • Then feeling guilty years later when I saw he was actually a decent guy.
  • Sammy Beavers #33 Cadillac Seville. All time coolest race car
  • John Kurowskis Turtle car.
  • That guy who ran the souvenir stand that had an asphalt mod painted on the side of his van
  • Howie Cronce winning a feature and destroying the car in a bad wreck right at the checkered flag
  • Mike Lyons going out of the park in turn 1
  • The Onka #12 lite weight car. didnt it burn to the ground in hot laps eventually?
  • My first funnel cake was at EWS
  • Jack Johnson invading and winning the opener around 1980
  • Neighbors getting closer every year.
  • Hoffman in the 60Over
  • That first week with stock mufflers. how weird was that?
  • Going there in the late 80s and seeing the place just PACKED every week. For a time EWS seemed like the must see race track.
  • Seeing ALL the heavy hitters there on the same track. Those were some great features
  • Awesome car counts in the 80s. 40, 45 , 50 mods showing up.
  • Great fireworks every year
  • Richie Cass in the baby blue 75c
  • Newt Hartman in the 24
  • Moving back to NJ and finding EWS in the middle of suburbia..
  • Going to races there in 2001 & 2002 watching lackluster shows with dismally small car counts and thinking every time I went that it may be the last race I would ever see there. Knowing the end was near and not really caring because mgmt apparently didnt care so why should I?
  • Reading from 3200 miles away that EWS was finally actually going away and thinking that Ive probably known this was gonna happen eventually as far back as the early 80s.
  • If someone can get their hands on some EWS clay, Id really like a chunk of it

Robert Stives  12/11/05

  • I am not sure if the guy driving the Jeep in the photo (above) was Jake MacFarland or not.  It looks alot like him.  Jake gave me a ride home everyday when I was a junior in high school.  We both worked at NAPA store in Princeton.  Jake didn't talk much about racing.  Driving the Jeep was simply a part-time job he had to have to make ends meet. He was killed in a freak accident at EWS when his Jeep and a racecar collided.  The Jeep rolled over ejecting him. He died from injuries sustained when he landed in the infield as I understand it. He was one of the many people who played an important, but often unnoticed, part of producing the show of local stockcar racing every weekend.

Gglenn923  12/08/05

  • Stan Ploski driving Deasey's 707 with the Ford 427 "Cammer" motor.
    Flemington officials wouldn't allow it, saying it wasn't a stock production motor.
    East Windsor did and Stan won something like 18 features in one season at East
    Windsor with this car.

Bill Braga Sr.  Pequannock, NJ  12/03/05

  • One of the great race tracks in the northeast.  I was lucky to not only be at opening night at the fast half mile, but I was also at the final event, the first race won by Russ Hoak car no.9 June 11, 1965, and the last race won by Doug Hoffman in car no. 5 Aug.23 2002.  Many great drivers such as Pee Wee Griffin , Doug Hoffman, Billy Pauch, Jimmy Horton, Sammy Beavers, Kenny Brightbill, Will Cagle, Bob Malzahn, Al Tasnady, and many others.  A total of 452 big block races and 559 small block races were run at east Windsor and I enjoyed many of them, thanks for the memories......
  • My father and I went to East Windsor quite often in the mid to late 70's. I was a big Sammy Beavers fan in those days and watching Sammy muscle the Norcia 81 around the 1/2 mile is something I'll never forget.
  • My favorite memory of the speedway actually happened behind the grandstands. I was around 9 or 10 years old and my dad and I were in our usual seats between the starters stand and turn 1.  I guess I drank too much soda on this particular night because I kept having to go to the bathroom. It seemed like the 10th time that I had to go and my dad said go by yourself as long as you can get back here without getting lost. I assured him I could, so off I went. On the way back from the troths, I soon realized I didn't know how to get back so I decided to walk up to the announcers booth.  I knocked on the door and Bill Singer was in there with another guy. I told this other guy my name and that I was lost. Bill Singer let me sit right next to him and said to me at the next yellow we'll get your dad up here. He gave me his ciger band which I wore as a ring the rest of the night. At the next yellow Bill announced as only he could; "Bill Braga Sr. come to the announcers booth, we have Billy up here".    So my dad came up to the booth to find me sitting next to Bill Singer with my new "ring".   When we got back to our seats he pleaded with me not to tell my mother what had happenend.  I kept the secret for many years until I told the story to my mother. We all had a good laugh over that one.
  • It's stories like this that make it such a shame that East Windsor, Flemington, Nazareth, Reading....... are gone. I have 2 kids of my own now, and I hope all the time that I'll have the chance to rescue them from an announcers booth at Bridgeport, New Egypt, Orange County etc..... Thanks for the memories EWS.
    Bill Braga Jr.

Skeeter (from Hamilton)    11/27/05

  • What about Johnny pullin that heavy cart across those stones selling his popcorn and other goodies? And the racing? I've seen a lot of great racin at that track. Too bad it's gone.

John Armbruster    11/26/05

  • The Friday night drive there after my dad got home from work and watching the sun set from the grandstands.
  • freezing my butt off there every spring sitting off turn 4.
  • an accident that involved Pee Wee Griffin and another car (somebody help me)that ended up with the cars knocking down the flag stand (before it was raised up), and Tex Enright running down toward the first turn having to signal the cars to slow down with his arms because his flags were broken.
  • Jimmy Horton and Ken Brenn coming down to the finish side by side and colliding sending Horton's 3 sliding forever into the infield and hitting one of the pace jeeps. And then going in the pits later and watching his crew try to load the car up with the rubrail bent against the right rear tire.
  • The pace jeeps and Don Jones' dumpster tow trucks.
  • The daisys that grew everywhere in the summer.
  • Scavaging below the grandstand and making huge poptop chains.
  • Oiled down dirt in the parking lot.
  • Walking over to the pit entrance before the races and looking at the cars
    before they came in. One time, I drew a picture of Chesson's #76, and Stan
    Ploski signed it while waiting to go in.
  • Acella, and all the grandstands being re-painted in earth tones.
  • Watching BIlly Osmun in Scamardella's #121 Grant King copy winning a 100, or 200 lap end of season race, and - specifically - my dad saying nobody could drive through traffic like Billy O. And he was right.
  • The year Lindy took over and the Reading stars came and put on some of the best racing ever. And sitting in front of the little booth in turn 1 and watching the guy operate the old Reading lap counter.
  • The night my dad got hit with a 3" bolt right in the chest while sitting in turn 1.
  • Going down to the fence before the race started and waving to the drivers.
  • Getting to go in the pits after the races, and making the long walk from the flag stand gate across the infield pit road. The clay was always tacky on those humid summer nights.
  • The EWS flags that flew on the infield flag poles.
  • When the had drivers and their cars park behind the grandstand before the
  • One night, Johnny Leach's girlfriend sat in front of us, and I drew a picture of his car for her...and he went on to win his first ever race...I remember giving her the picture and how excited she was. (I wonder, what ever happened to the girl and the picture).
  • My brother and I picking up pieces of clay thrown over the wall, and molding little race cars out of them.
  • Eyes pouring out tears from the alcohol fumes.
  • Pillow cases red in the morning with clay from our hair.
  • Pee Wee Griffin bringing his car out full of beach balls and throwing them to the kids over the catch fence.
  • Pee Wee winning the race and driving straight out of the race track and straight back to the garage on 130 without taking off his helmet so he wasn't killed.
  • My mom making fried chicken to bring on Friday nights.
  • Warren flagging the races
  • Making racetracks for our Matchbox cars in the gravel at the bottom of the grandstands.
    Racing Friday and Sundays!



Rich Pearson (aka Rich from down South)     11/24/05

  • (84?) Doug Hoffman/ Fred Rahmer coming off turn 4 side by side with Fred squeezing Doug into the fence. Doug ultimately wound up cart wheeling down the front stretch. The big memory here is watching Doug walk from turn 4 all the way to turn 2 where Fred was parked during the red. Doug was looking for the 60over paint on Freds car.
  • (95?) Jimmy Horton muscling himself through traffic 3 times in the X car after getting caught up in wrecks several times.
  • (86?) Kirk Horton going end over end down the front stretch, hopping the fence nearly taking out the starters stand and landing upside down on the grass with the motor running wide open.
  • Pre steel fence days when the drivers would grease their wheels.   How cool that looked as the tires shined in the lights. 
  • (92?) The Jet's big debut, on his lid......and not to return.
  • Car counts in the eighties (sometimes 60 SBM's)
  • How bout that track surface?
  • Accella
  • Sad but more memory's and friends made.

Tommy Kosch  11/14/05

  • 1992 Billy Pauch in the Tabloid Graphics 15 going 5 wide up against the first turn fence to make the pass.
  • 70's Jimmy Horton in the Statewide #3 mod getting caught up in a wreck and coming from the rear to beat out Billy Osmun in the Ferrriola Bros. #73 at the line.
  • Andy Belmont flipping the length of the back stretch in the 14 and totally destoying the car.
  • The hamburgers were the best, I couldn't wait to get there to have one. Or my brother filming the water truck in the infield as Ken Carberry flipped out over turn 1.

            God I miss that place. Tommy Kosch

3Wide    11/12/05

  • Al Michalchuk passing 19 cars on the first lap of a sportsman heat race...  Seems most of the guys thought the track was too wet up high so they all took the conservative approach and only used the bottom two grooves.   Al took the #292 coupe to the high side coming out of turn 2 and had the lead by the time they came off turn 4!

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