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Dirt Asphalt

Favorite Dirt Coupe

Gil Hearn's #12

Favorite Asphalt Coupe

Charlie Jarzombek #1

Favorite Dirt Sedan/Coach (Tie!)

Kenny Brightbill/Wertz #57

Ronnie Guinther #33

Favorite Asphalt Sedan/Coach

Dick Barney #14 (Richie Massing driving in photo above.)

Favorite Dirt Gremlin

The Norcia "Black Horse Racing #81"  - Sammy Beavers

Favorite Asphalt Gremlin

John Blewett

Favorite Dirt Pinto

Kenny Brightbill

Favorite Asphalt Pinto

Ferrante #X3 (driven by Charlie Jarzombek)

Favorite Dirt Falcon

Joe Bullock owned #76 (Gerald Chamberlain driver)

Favorite Asphalt Falcon

Maynard Troyer

Favorite Dirt Mustang

Howie Cronce

Favorite Asphalt Mustang

Maynard Troyer

Favorite Dirt Chevette

Frank Cozze

Favorite Asphalt Chevette

Len Boehler #3
Favorite Dirt Vega

Carl Van Horn
Favorite Asphalt Vega

Geoff Bodine

Favorite Dirt Corvair

Bob Hauer

Favorite Asphalt Corvair (Tie):

Eddie Flemke

Bugs Stevens

Favorite Dirt Valiant

Don Kreitz

Favorite Asphalt Valiant

Geoff Bodine

Favorite Dirt "Other"

Favorite Asphalt "Other"

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