Through the Fence...

From our friend, George Koyt

I miss my friend George who enjoyed short track racing more than anyone I knew.  He and his wife Margaret traveled the country throughout the 70's and 80's visiting speedways in many different states.  His "home tracks" included Flemington, East Windsor, Orange County, Harmony, Nazareth, Reading as well as Langhorne and Trenton.  George also helped out each Saturday at "The Vault" at New Egypt Speedway where he would display his various racing items and his collection of photos that he and Margaret had taken throughout the years. 

We lost George on Thanksgiving Day in 2010.

George's Family knew how much George enjoyed the races, and after his passing, they wanted to make sure that George's images would be seen by those they matter the most to...  The drivers, the crews and mostly, us... the fans in the stands..., because, that's what George was... a fan in the stands, with his Kodak 110... or similar camera..., watching the action as we would... and capturing the scenes that now make up our memories.  Not all the images are in perfect focus... and the subject may not always be centered in the frame...  and to me, that's part of what makes them so special.  They are photos from the fan's view... through the catch fence... seeing exactly what we would see too... if we could all have a chance to go back to our favorite track... to our favorite seats... and enjoy another night at the races...

We're thankful that George took his camera along for all of us...

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Gary Balough & Margaret

Pee Wee Griffin

Sammy, Billy, Gary, Mike & Ace...

Will Cagle & Flemings Auto Parts

Chuck Gravett (sp?)

Lenny Sammons

Joe Hall - "Hang On!"

Budd Olsen

Pauch, Laureno and Beavers

not sure...

Jan Opperman & Mike Grbac

Will Cagle X 2

Gary Balough

Turtle Car

Lee McBride

Bob Nixon

Leon Altemose

Dave Sassaman

John Chemidlin

Bill McCarroll

Ron Stashuk

Dave Kneisel

Charlie J

Jerry Kenny Cranmer

Don Stives

Lee or Larry Taylor

Charlie Voohees

Vern Garozzo

Phil Horner

Dave Stanton

Debbie Gunther

Marc Cook

Gordon Aldrich

Cal Slocum

John Komjati

Larry Taylor

Larry Bowers

RJ Brown

Stan Janiszewski

Horace Drake

Don Kollinger

Stan Ploski?

Larry Burtis

Kim Jamison

Richie Cass

Billy Matthews

Gerald Chamberlain

Randy Wilmore

Bob Gettel

Billy Osmun(?)

Wally Weaver

Tommy King

Art Lawshe

Haines Tull

Ray Kozimore

Walt Crary

Wayne Bullock

Jay Stong

Kenny Laureno

Augie Falcone

Doug Cranstoun

Rick Cozze

Mike Grbac

Ken Johnson

Fred DeGroot

Skip Dyrda

George Pelyak

Doug Hoffman

Max Isles

Bob Toreky

Bruce Thompson

Tim Pauch

Bob Toreky

Bill Humphrey

Bob Nixon

Jim Baker

Larry Voss

Gary Butler

Gary Butler

Mike Kostic

Earl Elzer

Bob Pickell

not sure...

Roger Laureno

Don Stives

George Ault

Joe Sulpy

Bill Thomas

Dick Taylor

Horace Drake

Ray Shea

Freddie White

Gary Balough

Mike Lahey

Merv Treichler

Ray Liss

Sonny Strupp

Scott Pursell

Warren Frye

Leroy Amy


Gil Hearne

Mike Kostic


more on the way...

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