"Forever Young"
Nazareth Speedway

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Rich Young Photos

Original images from the lens of photographer Rich Young - All images provided by Rich Young.

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Buzzie Reutimann

Bob Rossell

Roy Pauch

Pee Wee Griffin

Fran Purcell

Maynard Forrette

Rene Charland

Lee Hendrickson

Bob Rossell

Larry Voss

Dick Clark

Wayne Reutimann

Leon Manchester

Ernie Gahan

Ed Farley

Harry Charles

Freddy Adam

Joe Kelly

John Kumernitsky

Walt Bettler

Whip Mulligan

Bill Deskovick

Charlie Jarzombek

Jackie Evans

Hal Reifinger

Dick Havens

Bill Wimble

Frank Curtis

Andy Romano

Wyatt Jacobus

Don Hendershot

Peppy Fernandez

Sonny Strupp

Ken Wismer Jr.

Tighe Scott

Frankie Schneider & Bobby Bottcher

Fred DeGroot

Lew Hahn Hann

Ken Beck

Sammy Beavers

Pee Wee Griffin


Jackie Hamilton

Bucky Barker

Glenn Ehrhardt

Al Kleedorfer

Bill Tanzosh

Don Miller

Sammy Beavers

Bill Wilson

Bobby Pickell

Stan Friedman leads the pack...

Frankie Schneider leads the pack...

Charlie Shire leads the pack...

Through turn 4...

Billy Deskovick

Joe Poliacik

Pee Wee Griffin

Carl Van Horn

Leon Manchester

Stan Ploski

Al Becker

Billy Deskovick

Terry Meitzler

Terry Reimert

AJ Seiple and Jimmy Horton

Frankie Schneider

Jack Duffy


Rags Carter

Loren Holland Sr.

Butch Tittle

Jack Duffy & Buzzie Reutimann

Pasko? Kozimore?

Bob Malzahn

LeRoy Amy

Horace Drake

Dave Kneisel

Johnny Haroll

Elton Hildreth

Barry Kutz

Del George

Leon Harrison

Bob Malzahn

Stan Friedman

Charlie Shire

Don Hendershot

Bob Pickell

Carl Van Horn

Buzzie Reutimann

Stan Ploski

Wayne Reutimann

Newt Hartman

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