Photo ID # e05.26.08_019_BRI_UNK_0070U_1
Car #: #57?...  19?....  14?....  57?....
Driver (s) : Kenny Brightbill
Location: Unknown
Date: Late 60's or very early 70's
Photographer: Dennis Bender
Photo provided by: Ralph Richards
Comments: Great photo of a modified under construction.  Not sure if this is a new frame for a used body, or what the circumstances were for this photo, but the car has the look of the #57 and/or the #19 the Kenny Brightbill drove.... which may have become the Bob Toreky #14... and may even have become the Billy Mathew's orange #57 sportsman that ran at Flemington around 1974.
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12/20/04 Jerry Reider This is indeed a picture of Kenny Brightbill's # 19 coach. As I recall, this picture would have to have been taken sometime between 1973 and 1976, when Kenny was the car owner and driver. The car has a red and blue stripe on the roof. When the car was previously owned by Bob Wertz and the number was 57 the stripe on the roof was blue and yellow as seen in this picture.
06/28/08 George Pavlisko These are the kinds of pictures that are NEEDED to help us muddle through a restoration or an update. That picture shows me how to form a hood. Great Project.
01.19.10 John G. Kase This is actually the 1972 preseason pic of the 57 coach, repainted for the season in white w/red/blue numbers and letters. It was the backup car to the new 57 coach, and later sold to Bob Toreky.