"Forever Young"
Flemington Speedway

Rich Young Photos

Original image from the lens of photographer Rich Young.

Photo ID # N07.01_17_K46_SCH_FLM_0075RY_1
Car #: #K46
Driver (s) : Kerry Schloder
Location: Flemington Fair Speedway - Flemington, NJ
Date: 1975
Photographer: Rich Young
Photo provided by: Rich Young & Joe Cryan
Comments: Comment:  Great looking coupe driven by Kerry Schloder.  From the style of the lettering, my guess is that this is another Tom Backes lettered car.  Tom lettered a lot of good looking cars from the Morrisville PA area including the Piscopo #39, the Menschner/Neary #21, the George Taylor owned #93 driven by Dick Havens, etc.
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