A Fan, An Employee. A Friend

A View of Auto Racing in the 40's, 50's and 60's from the Inside.

By Merit O'Neal

Merit O'Neal was involved in the racing community as a fan, and then as a long time employee and friend of the Marshman Family.  Merit worked for George Marshman (driver, car builder and then later operator of the Sanatoga Speedway and the Hatfield Speedway and the father of Indy racer Bobby Marshman.)  While working for George Merit met many driver's and personalities from those times, many of whom lost their lives in the quest for speed.
Marshman_1955_ALC_MEM.jpg (211799 bytes)
That's Bobby Marshman in the middle, friend Bill Blatt on he left and Merit O'Neal, (whose comments can be found below) standing to the right of Bobby.

We appreciate Merit taking the time to write down his personal experiences with the sport and the people who were creating the history that we are still talking about today.

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Bobby Marshman at speed in 1955.
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Bobby Marshman (in car) and Bill Blatt at Hatfield in 1955.  (Photo by Merit O'Neal)

Marshman_1955_99.jpg (166696 bytes)
Bobby Marshman in the #99

Marshman_1956_1.jpg (63927 bytes)
Bobby Marshman in the #8.
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