November 4th, 2023
Images from 3Wide

Terry Van's #74

Inside one of the racing museum buildings

Gary Balough directs the team

Ray Liss cool ceation

View from the cockpit

Former John Meyer Sportsman car

2023 Mid Atlantic Sprint Series Champion Buddy Schweibinz

"Fill'r up."

Swap meet area was hoppin...

"Down goes Frazier!"

I'm into my 6th decade and still feel compelled to stop and look at Hot Wheels!

Shiny patina.


Check out the wing on the Pine Barren Express

(Not wind tunnel approved....)

...what you don't ever want to see in your rear view mirror.

Time to take a walk in the woods.

Probably 75 years ago, this was somebody's brand new car....

Final fin resting spot

Sir Mix-A-Lot Special....

"Roadworthy Rescue" candidate

By the looks of the hood, I think this one was something special

...spared somehow...

Room to work

70's kit car

2 Door Chevelle

Time to change the belt....

Pumpkin Air Cannon

Time to look at the show cars.

'69 Camaro

'64 Chevy II

...Don't think I saw one Tesla all day long.

Cool colors

Show cars in every direction.... far as the eye could see...

...and even farther still.

39(?) Chevy

Early 70's Pontiac Grand Prix

68 Camaro

Plumber's special

How did this one survive?  Early/mid 80's Toyota

Mid 70's Olds Cutlass

'70 Dodge Challenger Convertible

Reminded by of the Flemington Pace Car only that had a white top and I think white interior.



This one looks like it "dropped" in

Mid 80's Square Chevy 6 Footer

In case you couldn't tell... I like old Chevy trucks, and this one was my favorite of the show.

The last of the shoebox Nova's


Rusty... crusty... Bricklin

Cool license plate

No sign of Al Cowlings....

Former Lenny Boyd #22

An originally Weld - Built by Walt Olsen and restored by Mark Braun

Kenny and Stan

The "Tampa Terror" Will Cagle

Gary Balough, Billy Osmun and Kenny Brightbill

Fender Scooter

Time to grab a seat and watch the show cars head out.

For those who weren't around, the advertised price for a stripped down brand new 1970 Maverick was $1999!

Still like the ramp trucks...

1970 Monte Carlo

Buick Grand National

Newer Chevy 6' Silverado

...Another of my show favorites

Studebaker Truck

Pin's the cool meter if you ask me....

COE Creation


Another nice 80's 6' Chevy

Olds Cutlass

Rat Rod

Another Gremlin that somehow eluded the Sawzall.

Just the right attitude...

Embracing the rust.

Not worried about rust...

Time to head out....

Another great Pumpkin Run!

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