New Egypt Speedway "Mostly" Off Track Photos
August 23rd 2008

..."Get Back Here!".... (Those that were watching at the time will know what we're talking about as the push truck decided to leave the scene... without the driver.)

The Outlaw Stocks have quickly become a favorite with the fans with driver's like Klimeczak, McLaughlin, Collamer, Mongeau and Ludwig (pictured above in the #94).

Recent Southern Regional HS grad, now Brookdale Community College student Dan Collamer in victory lane.

Don Shipley heads in after timed dashes... does Dan Stout.

Spider man hitches a ride...

Not sure who this one belonged to, but it was getting a lot of attention in the pits...

...nothing fancy... an on/off switch, a tach, a temp gauge, an oil pressure gauge, a "motivational message" on the dash... and a slide handle on the right side to release the oil slick and box of nails to slow down the competition behind.

Thanks to "Burket's Building & Grounds", Randy Yaple has been able to return to New Egypt Speedway...  How many of you remember Bob Burket's #27C from the 90's at East Windsor?  Thanks Bob - You're backing a winner with Yaple!

The Micro Sprints sponsored by Lawrence Collision were on display in the picnic area, but where are the drivers???'s 3 of them being interviewed up in the tower during intermission... That's Erika Palmai talking with Nick, Nandi Palmai seated and Stefanie Palmai on the right.  Both Erika and Stefanie run at Bridgeport on Friday Nights, and young Nandi races at Airport Speedway in Deleware on Saturdays.

Dick Cozze and Rick Cozze in victory lane.

Rick captured the first SS Sprint Feature of the night in the Easton Auto Salvage #44.

Billy Bauer's helmet gets a little attention prior to the call for the Super Stock feature...

Jason Bubeck gets ready to put the helmet on and go racing.

Kenny Hammond ended up on his side earlier in the night, and with he help of some tin snips and a hard working crew, the #9H was ready to head out for the 2nd feature.

John Romano's office.  That's Rodney getting a good view of the action from the top of the hood.

Last week, Lee Taylor was leading the feature and flipped... This week he was running 2nd... and flipped.  The car was pretty twisted and we hope to see Lee keep the sunny side up and make it to victory lane in the near future.

Speaking of flips... Check out the # on the tail and the # on the wing...  Brian got upside down in the first feature, but the crew did what they had to in order to get him back out for the 2nd!

Nothing fancy in the Outlaw Stock pits... Just good guys that get together and do what they gotta do each week to go racin'.

The only thing to do with a Chevette...  Make a racecar out of it.

...Of course you need something suitable to haul it...  "THE BEAST."

Uncle Lee Allen evaluates the front end of nephew Chris Allen's car....  Official diagnosis:  It's bent!

Willie O darts into the pits during a yellow for the team to take a quick look under the hood...

Willie was able to make it out without losing a lap, but later pulled in with mechanical difficulties.

Your Sportsman Feature event winner:  Gary Butler

Real popular victory lane as Super Stock winner Todd Cray gets interviewed.

Todd always invites the kids over to the car for a victory lane shot!

Here's Todd and family in victory lane.

Tom Wycoff pulls the #77 into victory lane after winning the SS Sprint Feature event.  Tom has our site's logo over the rear wheel, and if you look close, you'll see that it say's "Body by Beep" in light blue lettering just above it...  "Beep" is actually Micro Sprint driver Erika Palmai (who is pictured a few photos above being interviewed by Nick Leach). Congratulations on your win Tom!

... and here's Tom with Nandi Palmai from Palmco Race Car Prep.  Former Flemington and EWS racer Nandi nowadays does a lot behind the scenes to help guys get their cars race ready week after week in his raceshop located in Allentown, NJ.

Remember we mentioned "Jaws" last week...

Well, here's Rich Mongeau... Shark fin and all, in victory lane after winning the 2nd Outlaw Feature of the night in his very own "Land Shark!"

In case you missed last weeks:
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