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GREASE! Hosted By:  Cemetery Jim

December 20th, 2005


.... from Cemeteryjim

T'was the week before Christmas - and all through the State
- The Speedways were suffering -a terrible fate

Flemington's gone, and Windsor, boo hoo
- and Old Bridge and Vineland, and Alcyon, too

The Coupes and the coaches - all nestled in scrap
- The whole Modified scene - has turned into crap

In the 60s you got - a thousand to win
- In a car that you had - maybe five thousand in

Now the car, backup car, truck - trailer and equipment too
- a hundred grand is easy for a guy to go through

Today, if you win the feature, you win three grand
- in the sixties your five grand put a thousand in hand

Back then we used to run three nights a week
- Now all tracks run Saturday, you can't make ends meet

And what about drivers? where are the new stars?
- Are there actually people inside of those cars?

Where are McLaughlin, and Olsen, and Tas?
- and Schneider, and Opperman, the guys on the gas?

Sure we've got Horton, Pouch, and Brightbill
- but when they retire who'll be stars? tell me, who will?

I watched Mel Kenyon and Sleepy Tripp battle to win
- in USAC Midgets , I'll see nothing like that again.

I hope Santa has loaded in the back of his sleigh
- The racing we loved so much, back in the day

You climbed in your chariot, in T-Shirt and jeans
- and drove your heart out, that's what racing means



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