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GREASE! Hosted By:  Cemetery Jim

April 17th, 2005

From Your Host:  Cemetery Jim

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A Moment in History Trivia Question:
The First "Winged" Modified Feature Win

McLaughlin Wings Way To Triumph
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Jackie McLaughlin "winged" his way to victory in the 25 lap NASCAR Sportsman-Modified stock car feature last night. Starting 8th, breaking past early leader Bill Wark, in the 4th lap and blowing off everyone on the track as he lapped several tail-end cars

Driving the Jordan duece with wing on the roof, McLaughlin semed headed for a heat win, but Don Hughes flashed by to cop that one. In the feature Jackie was not to be denied though, and notched his second feature here this year.

The scrap for second was tight & tense, lasted many laps,before Al Tasnady got by Joie Bradley, then Olsen dueled with Joie before taking third.; the race was the year's most dramatic, ten cars running bumper to bumper from Bradley back. It was this way from the second lap on when Clyde Cox crashed into the guard rail to halt the action, but the restart led to 24 uninterupted laps. Positions kept changing during that time,and the crowd was on edge throughout.

Photo finishes highlighted the first two heats, Hughes over McLaughlin, and Bill Wark over Al Tasnady. Olsen powered his way out front in the third heat, and took it without much effort. It was contested from 2nd on back.

The 14 car consy, biggest in weeks, was a standout, a 4-car struggle existing to the last four feet when Bill Cramer leading, with Les Farley, and Charlie Cregar on his bumper,bounced off the rail, placed forth to lose a feature starting spot.Cregar had raced back to his Studebaker agency for a brake drum after breaking down in the first heat, returned in time to qualify in the consy, and run the feature.
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OK gang...same deal as last week... Name the track for 1 point - Name the year for a 2 point bonus!

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Name Score
Bill Skinner 3 POINTS
Sherri Dornberger 3 POINTS
John A. Shipley 3 POINTS
Ed Duncan 1 POINT



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