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This time we're going to do something a little different.  I'm going to give you the details of a race night decades ago, and I want you to write in your guess of the year, and the speedway.

Those of you who watch NASCAR on TV know Wally Dallenback Jr. who is one of the announcers, as well as a former Nextel Cup driver. What you may, or may not know is that his Dad, Wally Dallenbach Sr. is from NJ and was quite a star in Modifieds locally, before moving on to Indy cars.

What follows is a report from a racing trade paper... You guess the year and the speedway.

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Dallenbach Doubles, Sets ( of speedway???) Speedway Record

Wally Dallenbach surpassed Elton Hildreth's record of 12 feature wins in one season at ( of speedway)  Speedway on Labor Day, but - like baseball's Roger Maris - his name will go into the track record books with an asterisk alongside it.

For the second time this year, Dallenbach swept both ends of the "Twin 35" show in a pair of real thrillers. He notched the record-tying 12th victory in the opener, then made it 7 in a row and 13 for the year in the finale.

However, Hildreth's 12 wins came in an 18 race season, and Dallenbach's nightcap victory was the 19th feature of this year - thus the asterisk ruling by promoter (left blank on purpose... sorry, no clues!) .

Elton Hildreth ran second, Richie Massing took third, Monk Keller forth, and Walt Donald fifth.

In the second 35 lap test, run in reverse order, the lead changed hands three times before Massing - who is related to and runs as a team with Dallenbach - took the lead on the 14th lap. The race was restarted on the 19th lap as Don Stives overturned and the entire top of his car was sheared off, with Don calmly walking off unhurt.

Massing pulled back into the lead on the restart, with Dallenbach second, and Hildreth third. They ran under a blanket with the Bridgeton Flash, (Hildreth), being unable to get by the upstate team on numerous tries. He got an opportunity on lap 32 when Massing spun out, causing another restart, with Dallenbach on the pole and Hildreth second.

Wally pulled right out in front again, however, and when Hildreth went wide, Hoffman and Keller went past to take second and third. This was the way they finished with Hildreth having to settle for forth, and Don Stumpf placing fifth.


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Name Score
Russ Dodge 3 Points
George Perkins 3 Points
John Shipley 3 Points
John Barsuglia 3 points
Ned Stites III 3 points
Bill Skinner 3 points
Ed Duncan 1 Point
Ralph Richards 1 Point
Tom Berry 1 Point
Dick Millar 1 Point
Frank Degnan 1 Point
Sherrie Dornberger 1 point
John Stover 1 point
Walter Onora 1 point
Larry Dacenzo 1 point



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