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Photo ID # b03.05.05_039_DiG_MOR_0060F_1
Car #: #39
Driver (s) : NA
Location: Morrisville,PA
Date: 1967 or 68
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Nick DiGiuseppe
Comments: Comment from Nick DiGiuseppe:  Here is a picture of my dad Sam DiGiuseppe welding on the Al Tasnady's / Piscopo's 39.  He did alot of welding on that car, late into the night at the old garage on Hall Ave.

I remember going to see Dick Havens car being built at the garage off Tyburn Road, I am not sure if dad welded on that car but I do know he supplied some welding rods to the effort.

He also help Ray Neary and Fred Menschner on the 21.  I can remember my dad sending me over to the garage behind the Morrisville Post Office to drop off welding rods to Fred.   Pop had a jig that he made to form all the rounded bumpers on the #39 and I know they used it on the 21 also.
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