Photo ID # I12.05.12_COZ_COZ_FLM_2012F_1
Car #: #NA
Driver (s) : Frank Cozze and his father, Dick Cozze
Location: Cocco's Coffee Shop - Flemington, NJ
Date: 12/4/12
Photographer: Lenny Swider
Photo provided by: Lenny Swider
Comments: Comment:  Dick Cozze and his son Frank were the "Guest Speakers" for the Flemington Speedway Historical Society (FSHS) Meeting - - on 12/4/12 and what a great night it was.

What an opportunity to listen to Dick Cozze and his son tell us the stories... Building a car and taking it to Daytona where Bobby Pickell qualified for the big race in 1967 - total cost $7000, including the car, and all the expenses to get down and back. (I know a few guys that went down just to watch Speedweeks and had a hotel bill for close to $2k...) About how Al Tasnady was a good chassis man and had a lot of influence on car set up, and how he'd drive seated way back in the cockpit with arms stretched straight out, with no power steering... About how Stan Ploski was the first driver he had in one of his cars... along with Bob Pickell, Al Tasnady, Budd Olsen... And a statement from the heart about his former driver, Bob Pickell.

Frank's stories about racing around in yard cars at the family business and about rolling a little convertible and hoped his dad didn't find out. About how in the early years he had pre-made front clips already made so he could wreck on Saturday at Flemington and weld on a new clip and have it ready to go for Nazareth on Sunday.and driving (and wrecking) for Jerry Verona.... and driving for Wally Marks (about not having a lap built so Wally tied him in with a piece of rope... and about running races at Middletown and why it wasn't a good idea to get on Will Cagle's bad side.... and about how Wally got together with the DeBlasio Bros on what would become the #5 eventually... About how the King #44 ended up with the numbers one over top of each other instead of the traditional way, and about how Cos is the only one that letters their cars and about how Cos will always letter his cars until either he stops racing or Cos puts down the brush. Stories about Syracuse, about finally winning at Syracuse... and also about the year he finished 3rd to the Batmobile... and about Gary Balough knowing he had everybody covered....  That's just a few of the stories...

You meet some fine people in this racing game and they don't come any finer than Dick and Frank Cozze.

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