Photo ID # f03.11.09___A_HAG_FLM_0080_1
Car #: #A
Driver (s) : Tom Hager
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1980's
Photographer: Ace Lane Jr.
Photo provided by: Billy Schenck
Comments: Batting 1000!  From what we hear Tom Hager drove the A car one time and won the the feature...  Gotta like that average!

Along with Tom in victory lane is Barry Schenck (known as Big B) and Dom Ragno in the Burnett Race Cars jacket.
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03.16.09 Zsolnay I believe that was the first race of 1980.
03.24.09 Dom Ragno This was opening day.  Tom lapped the entire field except for Glenn Fitzcharles in the Sessley #16.  Could not drive the car anymore because of sponsor money with his own #76 car.

Newt Hartman drove the car the year before when I became partners with Barry.  Newt got his first and only modified win that year.
03.28.09 Tom Hager Ran the car opening day in the heat race, finished 3rd. Told Barry we need to make changes, and he said "Like what?".. I said "we have to change the chassis and fatten the injectors up 2 to 3 flats" and he said he couldn't do that because he wouldn't know where he would be at... I said "we are at the races, that's where we need to be at".. and I said "I Quit!" Went into Double O Joe, had a few hotdogs and hamburgers, calmed down and realized I shouldn't stick a guy at the race track. So I went back. Barry said we made all the changes, we are ready to go. I said "I don't trust you"... so I put 3 more flats in the injectors. I could see he changed the height of the coil springs, so I knew he did that much. We drew #15, and 6 laps I was leading. The rest is history! The following week I showed up then knew I was done.
04.03.09 Zsolnay Hey Dom, I thought Larry Kline drove the "A" in 1979. That was his first modified year and I believe he came in 4th in points.
04.06.09 Tom Ragno This photo was actually opening day 1981. Newt Hartman drove the car in 1980 and Larry Kline drove the car in 1979 which was before my uncle became partners with Barry.
04.07.09 ragno Larry came in 4th in points in 1982.  I started with Barry in 1980.  We had an experimental Burnett car with torsion bar front and rear huge engine setback with a Mustang body .