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Photo ID # b07.18.05___A_MIC_CRO_0087_1
Car #: #A
Driver (s) : Al Michalchuk
Location: Crosswicks, NJ
Date: 1986 or 87
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Bill Schenck
Comments: Barry Schenck's "A" cars were some of the finest cars ever to take part in short track racing.  The 1987 Modified shown above was no exception and to some, may even be one of the finest.  Sitting on top of it's color matching "Ford Maverick Grabber Blue" trailer, with gold and silver wheels, this car looks almost too good to race.... 

While I don't claim to have any part on motor prep... (That was Al Michalchuk and Fran Horan's department...), and I didn't have anything to do with the body fabrication (I think that was all Billy Schenck's work...), and I know I didn't have anything to do with chassis set up (That was also Billy's deal along with Harry Mesnick), I did have a hand in cleaning the rims, nerve bars and bumpers each week and was even known to touch up the silver with a spray can when needed!

It didn't matter - It was a time before life got too complicated... before work and family demands took hold... A time where I could spend a big part of the time doing what I wanted, where I wanted, when I wanted. 

And working on the "A" car every Tuesday Night was what I wanted to do.

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07/18/05 Scott Pacich That is a beautiful race car!
07/18/05 3-Wide Yea... I guess I really did a great job on those rub-rails!
Kidding aside, Barry's racecars always had a certain style...and I can remember early in the season showing up one weekend to do nothing but prep/detail the trailer.  You could learn a lot of good things hanging out with the A Team.
07/15/08 John L. Carnevale Car was lettered by Billy Nemec; after Jimmie's Signs moved to Florida. He always did it.
12.09.09 Jim Donnelly Joe, I know you love this piece. Best looking Modified ever, anywhere. Jim Donnelly.