Photo ID # f02.16.09_056_HEI_EWS_0080WELD_1
Car #: #56
Driver (s) : Gary Heiber
Location: East Windsor Speedway
Date: September 21, 1980
Photographer: Bob Becker
Photo provided by: Bob Becker
Comments: Comment from Bob:  Joe, here's another I took in the pits at EWS on Sept 21, 1980. Gary Heiber in his #56 Weld car.
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02.16.09 Bruce Thomas Everything about these cars just want to make you say. Hmmmm. Yep! I sure am still living in the past, because just looking at how this car's attitude is, the way it's sitting, the line's to the body, the way it's hung on the frame, those big drag tire's , and the open headers is as good as it gets as a modified to me. I'm sure a lot will agree.
02.16.09 Michael Kent ...right down to the kling racing engines sticker on the hood!
01.23.09 Brian Loutrel And let's not forget the Kenny Weld chassis, either.