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Photo ID # b03.06.05_074_OLS_UNK_0070WELD_1
Car #: #74
Driver (s) : Walt Olsen
Location: Unknown
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Kevin Budden
Comments: Walt Olsen in the Wisneski..., Wesne... oh well, you guys will help us out with the owner's name, but we are pretty sure that this is a Weld car!
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03/06/05 Barry Miller This car was the Frank Wiechecki #74. After Walt drove it they painted the car pink and Al Graeber drove it and later Bobby Braxton.  It was a Weld car and Bobby Braxton later destroyed it during warmups in the first turn at Reading. He ran up over the right rear of another car and he went as high as the wire fence in the first turn and he landed between the first and second turn.  It was one of the worst flips I had ever seen but he was not injured.

I believe he did this in his first race in the car.  He won the heat and he was really hooked up that night.  He flipped during the warmups before the feature and he was fast.  I think that he probably would have won the feature that night if that did not happen. I believe that was during the '77 season.                
03/18/05 Scott Pacich There is a picture on the Reading Web site www.rsca-racing.com under photographs #4, under mishaps of what might be the flip. The 74 is backwards and in the air off what looks like the second turn. Kenny Brightbill and Kenny Weld (in the 11) are also involved. Three Weld cars in one accident. How rare is that? http://www.rsca-racing.com/ReadingFairgrounds/ReadingFairground/Accidents/mishap_14.html
03/25/05 "k" I watched Walt during almost his entire career. I think he was an underrated racer, he worked hard in/on his racers, he was/is a man with great integrity and honesty.
I am not sure if folks realize how hard the teams work on the race cars on the road, often late into the night. Walt and his team would often worked on Fred Fable's #5 after a hard Friday night of racing, and turn it around to be ready for a Saturday night show. Then on a Sunday race again and be back to work on Monday morning, early.
His wife, Betty, has always been by his side rooting him on and often driving home in the middle of the night. A racer that is still involved, role modeling and making sure drivers are safe. Great Memories!