Photo ID # K12.24.14_091_WEL_BPT_0076WELD_1
Car #: #91
Driver (s) : Kenny Weld
Location: Bridgeport Speedway
Date: 1975
Photographer: Ace Lane Jr.
Photo provided by: Tim McGuire
Comments: Comment:  Kenny Weld with his revolutionary race car...  Designed, built and driven by Kenny himself, about the only thing that could stop it was the guys writing and enforcing the rules....  Kenny had picked up quite a few wins in the in this car and after winning at both Flemington and then at "Statewide Speedway" (in the same weekend I think), Kenny was told not to bring the car back because of an interpretation of the rules regarding the car having a true reverse gear or not. 

Not long after this, Kenny walked away from Northeast Modified racer while at the very top of the game (as a designer, builder and driver) and begin focusing on the possibilities of being involved in Indy car racing.

A genius in design, the detail of craftsmanship of this particular car and every bend of chassis... every angle of the inner panel and body... the wheels...  nothing was left to chance.  In many ways the chassis has a lot in common with a Sprint car and the body was much wider that other cars of the day.  It is an amazing car... a game changer... and in the course of just a few months, it caused every other driver and every other car owner to rethink their entire approach to short track stock car racing.
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03.19.13 AF-IV

Very well put Joe, couldn’t have said it better. Kenny’s first modified (#29) was the game changer. This one was just UNTOUCHABLE. At Statewide (Bridgeport) in 1975 this car that Gary Balough called the Side Winder made a joke of the field. As John McCaughey said it we all “brought a knife to a gun fight”.

Everyone was scrambling to catch up by the end of the 75 season. The car built in the back yard garage was no longer useful. I believe this car is the reason that 13 cars were built in Indy. I know it’s the reason Gary left to drive for Statewide #3. He didn’t want to race with Weld until the playing field was level.

03.19.13 CM Braun

In what year did Kenny first start racing this car? Kenny started out the 1976 season running the MK Foreign Car #91 that had the original 1974 chassis design. Did he debut this chassis in the later part of 1976 after possibly splitting  with MK? If so, funny how here he is running a lighter chassis than that of the cars he built over the winter of 75-76 to sell. Always thinking of how to keep ahead of the competition. I doubt this chassis would have been reproduced for anyone else as Kenny wanted to liquidate the car building business and put together an Indy car operation. Also, the trick Lanco transmission was in the original car he built in 1974.

03.20.13 Mike Stevens

I remember being at Bridgeport when  Kenny Weld had won four or five in a row with this car.  They put a bounty on him, to be paid to someone who could beat this car.  He was not happy.  I think he sand bagged it and started about last.   After fifteen laps he was well in the lead, all by himself and spun it out.  He then re-started last, winning a thirty lap feature by a straightaway.  

After the race, I went over to look at the car.  Kenny took the time to explain stuff to a young guy trying to learn.  I always found him to be a nice person.