Photo ID # K11.26.14_091_BUN_BPT_0076WELD_1
Car #: #91
Driver (s) : Harold Bunting
Location: Bridgeport Speedway?
Date: 1976?
Photographer: Barmore Racing Photo
Photo provided by: Mark Braun
Comments: Comment from Mark:  Harold Bunting, 1976, Barmore Racing Photo, white version, I own the photo.
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11.29.14 Chad Culver

Here's what I learned about the above car (which later became the black #19, then the red #19, and then the blue #19 driven by Harold Bunting, and eventually the #188 driven by Bobby Wilkens) after talking with Harold Bunting (driver of the #19) and Sonny Warrington (Son of Car Owner Dutch Warrington) in 2014:

The #19 Weld car was purchased new from Kenny Weld. Harold Bunting and Dutch Warrington wanted a Weld car after seeing the success of its design. Kenny had just closed his shop and was in the midst of selling the jigs and everything off to Olsen. Bunting and Warrington went to Welds house to discuss purchasing a spare frame that apparently was for Will Cagle or belonged to him. After a short discussion Weld suggested that they needed more than just a frame and agreed to build them a full roller. Harold remembers talking with Kenny and striking the deal for the car in his office above the shop behind his house.

When the car was finished, Warrington and Bunting returned and brought the car back to Delaware to finish. Harold said that Dutch Warrington and Kenny really hit it off and that Dutch ending up buying a bunch of parts, ext from him. Harold said that it was the last car he built with the inboard suspension and camp arms.

The car was White and #91 the first year. It was then changed to #19 and was black one year, red another year and blue yet another year. The car ended up in the hands of Harry Dutton and raced by many Delaware racers throughout the years. Bobby Wilkins had some success in the car as #188  after Walt Breeding changed the suspension to a torsion rear and coil over front.

The car remains restored as it raced in 1984 as the #188. The fact that the car was built so late is probably the reason so few people knew this car even existed. Interesting history of a car that came from a legendary builder/racer.